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Fireworks-Related Injury in Children.

Many children are attracted to the color, noise, light, and excitement generated by fireworks. Both home and public displays of fireworks are a festive part of American culture, enjoyed on holidays, during sporting events, and on a variety of other occasions. However, fireworks pose a risk of serious injury to children and youth. Each year, thousands of children sustain major and minor injuries due to fireworks, with many resulting in permanent disability. Regulations concerning private sales and use of fir...

Polyautoimmunity - The missing ingredient.

Analysis of the Composition of Atmospheric Fine Particles (PM) Produced by Burning Fireworks.

Burning fireworks is one of the sources of atmospheric fine particles (PM). The Chinese Spring Festival in Quanzhou City was taken as an example to study the effects of burning fireworks on the occurrence of PM, and provide information on protection against air pollution caused by special pollution sources. The results showed that the concentrations of SO, PM, and PM increased appreciably, and the concentration of PM increased most significantly during the fireworks burning period. The peak daily average co...

Shared Platform for Antibiotic Research and Knowledge: A Collaborative Tool to SPARK Antibiotic Discovery.

The discovery of urgently needed antibiotics is hindered by challenges to information sharing. To help address this challenge, The Pew Charitable Trusts launched SPARK: the Shared Platform for Antibiotic Research and Knowledge. SPARK is an online, publicly available, interactive database designed to help scientists build on previous research and generate new insights to advance the field's understanding of Gram-negative permeability. This Viewpoint details how data are selected and integrated into the plat...

In memory of Dr. Nancy M. Petry.

Chemical characteristics of haze particles in Xi'an during Chinese Spring Festival: Impact of fireworks burning.

Fireworks burning releases massive fine particles and gaseous pollutants, significantly deteriorating air quality during Chinese Lunar New Year (LNY) period. To investigate the impact of the fireworks burning on the atmospheric aerosol chemistry, 1-hr time resolution of PM samples in Xi'an during the winter of 2016 including the LNY were collected and detected for inorganic ions, acidity and liquid water content (LWC) of the fine aerosols. PM during the LNY was 167±87μg/m, two times higher than the China ...

Potentially missing data was considerably more frequent than definitely missing data in randomized controlled trials: A methodological survey.

Missing data for the outcomes of participants in randomized controlled trials (RCTs) are a key element of risk of bias assessment. However, it is not always clear from RCT reports whether some categories of participants were followed-up or not (i.e., do or do not have missing data) nor how the RCT authors dealt with missing data in their analyses.

An Irregular Rhythm with Missing P Waves.

An electrocardiogram on a life insurance applicant with a history of surgically repaired congenital heart disease displays an irregular rhythm with occasional missing P waves.

No Ordinary Addiction Scientist: Remembering Nancy Petry.

Considerations of multiple imputation approaches for handling missing data in clinical trials.

Missing data exist in all clinical trials and missing data issue is a very serious issue in terms of the interpretability of the trial results. There is no universally applicable solution for all missing data problems. Methods used for handling missing data issue depend on the circumstances particularly the assumptions on missing data mechanisms. In recent years, if the missing at random mechanism cannot be assumed, conservative approaches such as the control-based and returning to baseline multiple imputat...

SeQuiLa: An elastic, fast and scalable SQL-oriented solution for processing and querying genomic intervals.

Efficient processing of large-scale genomic datasets has recently become possible due to the application of 'big data' technologies in bioinformatics pipelines.We present SeQuiLa - a distributed, ANSI SQL compliant solution for speedy querying and processing of genomic intervals that is available as an Apache Spark package. Proposed range join strategy is significantly (~22x) faster than the default Apache Spark implementation and outperforms other state-of-the-art tools for genomic intervals processing.

A comparison of different methods to handle missing data in the context of propensity score analysis.

Propensity score analysis is a popular method to control for confounding in observational studies. A challenge in propensity methods is missing values in confounders. Several strategies for handling missing values exist, but guidance in choosing the best method is needed. In this simulation study, we compared four strategies of handling missing covariate values in propensity matching and propensity weighting. These methods include: complete case analysis, missing indicator method, multiple imputation and co...

Characterizing the composition and evolution of firework-related components in air aerosols during the Spring Festival.

To examine the impacts of fireworks, size-resolved PM samples were collected using a single-particle aerosol mass spectrometer before, during and after the Spring Festival in a megacity in Chengdu, China. Chemical composition and atmospheric behavior of urban particles were studied. Ten major single particle types were resolved with ART-2a algorithm including elemental and organic carbon (ECOC), EC, OC, levoglucosan (LEV), high molecular weight organic molecules (HOM), hard metal (HM), K rich, Na rich and S...

Missing data treatments matter: an analysis of multiple imputation for anterior cervical discectomy and fusion procedures.

The presence of missing data is a limitation of large datasets, including the National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (NSQIP). In addressing this issue, most studies utilize complete case analysis, which excludes cases with missing data, thus potentially introducing selection bias. Multiple imputation, a statistically rigorous approach that approximates missing data and preserves sample size, may be an improvement over complete case analysis.

Sensitivity Analysis for Not-at-Random Missing Data in Trial-Based Cost-Effectiveness Analysis: A Tutorial.

Cost-effectiveness analyses (CEA) of randomised controlled trials are a key source of information for health care decision makers. Missing data are, however, a common issue that can seriously undermine their validity. A major concern is that the chance of data being missing may be directly linked to the unobserved value itself [missing not at random (MNAR)]. For example, patients with poorer health may be less likely to complete quality-of-life questionnaires. However, the extent to which this occurs cannot...

Intraluminal Pressure Triggers Myogenic Response via Activation of Calcium Spark and Calcium-Activated Chloride Channel in Rat Renal Afferent Arteriole.

Myogenic contraction of renal arterioles is an important regulatory mechanism for renal blood flow autoregulation. We have previously demonstrated that integrin-mediated mechanical force increases the occurrence of Ca sparks in freshly isolated renal vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs). To further test whether generation of Ca sparks is a downstream signal of mechanotransduction in pressure induced myogenic constriction, the relationship between Ca spark frequency and transmural perfusion pressure was inve...

Use of behavioural and physiological responses for scoring sound sensitivity in dogs.

Sound sensitive dogs have exaggerated responses to sound stimuli that can negatively impact the welfare of the dog. Behavioural reactions combined with the response to sound involve a marked autonomic imbalance towards sympathetic predominance and release of cortisol. The purpose of the present study was to evaluate, in the laboratory, the cardiac autonomic modulation using heart rate variability (HRV) analysis, serum cortisol levels and behavioural parameters in response to sounds of fireworks in dogs with...

A Bayesian framework for health economic evaluation in studies with missing data.

Health economics studies with missing data are increasingly using approaches such as multiple imputation that assume that the data are "missing at random." This assumption is often questionable, as-even given the observed data-the probability that data are missing may reflect the true, unobserved outcomes, such as the patients' true health status. In these cases, methodological guidelines recommend sensitivity analyses to recognise data may be "missing not at random" (MNAR), and call for the development of ...

The impact of nonsyndromic cleft lip with or without cleft palate on oral health-related quality of life.

Nonsyndromic cleft lip with or without cleft palate (NSCL±P) compromises oral health, leading to missing or malformed teeth, and hampering oral hygiene. Apart from anatomic damages, NSCL±P also culminates in an impact on the routine quality of life with social privation and psychological embarrassment.

Probabilistic Guaranteed Gradient Learning-Based Spark Advance Self-Optimizing Control for Spark-Ignited Engines.

In spark-ignited (SI) engines, the spark advance (SA) controls the combustion phase that has a significant impact on the efficiency. Online self-optimizing control (SOC) of SA to maximize the indicated fuel conversion efficiency (IFCE) forms a stochastic optimization problem for a static map due to the stochasticity of combustion. Gradient-based optimization algorithms using periodic dithers are effective methods of dealing with such problems. However, decision sequences corrupted by periodic dithers are un...

Reaffirming the link between chronic phantom limb pain and maintained missing hand representation.

Phantom limb pain (PLP) is commonly considered to be a result of maladaptive brain plasticity. This model proposes that PLP is mainly caused by reorganisation in the primary somatosensory cortex, presumably characterised by functional degradation of the missing hand representation and remapping of other body part representations. In the current study, we replicate our previous results by showing that chronic PLP correlates with maintained representation of the missing hand in the primary sensorimotor missin...

Media and age-coded representations of later life: An analysis of selected print advertisements of English-language magazines in India.

This study examines the representation of older adults in print advertisements in an English-language magazine in post-reform India. Employing content analysis, this study finds a growing disenchantment of the Indian media with the image of a "happy joint family." A higher proportion of older adults are now portrayed alone or with younger adults compared to earlier portrayals with people of all age groups in an ad. Further, the portrayal of older adults as both parent and grandparent in the same ad has also...

U.S. Small-area Life Expectancy Estimates Project: Methodology and Results Summary.

Statistically reliable, abridged, period life tables were produced for 88.7% of U.S. census tracts (65,662). A battery of tests revealed that the census-tract life table functions followed expected patterns; their distribution about state and U.S. values showed no aberrations; and their weighted mean values compared well with state- and national-level estimates. The weighted mean life expectancy at birth for the 65,662 census tracts was 78.7 years compared with the official U.S. estimate of 78.8 years in mi...

Is It Necessary to Intubate the Cecum to Examine the Whole Colorectum During Endoscopic Polypectomy?

BACKGROUND The official guidelines are unclear about whether endoscopic polypectomy should intubate the whole cecum or just intubate the location of the endoscopy inspection. Therefore, the objective of this study was to provide a new perspective of assisting endoscopists make better decisions and decrease the missing detection rate in clinical practice. MATERIAL AND METHODS We retrospectively reviewed records of 8923 patients who underwent endoscopic polypectomy, and 394 participants were included after sc...

Correction to: Cellular mechanisms responsible for cell-to-cell spreading of prions.

In the original publication, part of acknowledgement text was missing. The complete acknowledgement section should read as follows.

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