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FraudBuster: Reducing Fraud in an Auto Insurance Market.

Nonstandard insurers suffer from a peculiar variant of fraud wherein an overwhelming majority of claims have the semblance of fraud. We show that state-of-the-art fraud detection performs poorly when deployed at underwriting. Our proposed framework "FraudBuster" represents a new paradigm in predicting segments of fraud at underwriting in an interpretable and regulation compliant manner. We show that the most actionable and generalizable profile of fraud is represented by market segments with high confidence...

Food fraud and the perceived integrity of European food imports into China.

Persistent incidents of food fraud in China have resulted in low levels of consumer trust in the authenticity and safety of food that is domestically produced. We examined the relationship between the concerns of Chinese consumers regarding food fraud, and the role that demonstrating authenticity may play in relieving those concerns.

Depression in the wives of convicted men: prevalence and associated factors.

To estimate the prevalence of depression and to identify the main risk factors associated with depression in wives of convicted men.

Spanish group defeats Shkreli in Chagas voucher race.

Sunlight and Other Disinfectants: Disclosure Obligations under the Federal Securities and Drug Regulatory Regimes.

Drug development requires patience. Beyond the inherent uncertainty of the development process itself, U.S. drug developers must comply with the regulatory approval process overseen by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Because this process takes time, drug development also costs money. Drug companies seeking to raise funds in U.S. capital markets must navigate the securities regime governed by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC). Despite their similar roles as protectors of consumers and p...

A guide to manufacturing CAR T cell therapies.

In recent years, chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) modified T cells have been used as a treatment for haematological malignancies in several phase I and II trials and with Kymriah of Novartis and Yescarta of KITE Pharma, the first CAR T cell therapy products have been approved. Promising clinical outcomes have yet been tempered by the fact that many therapies may be prohibitively expensive to manufacture. The process is not yet defined, far from being standardised and often requires extensive manual handling ...

Development of a Hazard Classification Scheme for Substances Used in the Fraudulent Adulteration of Foods.

Food fraud, the intentional misrepresentation of the true identity of a food product or ingredient for economic gain, is a threat to consumer confidence and public health and has received increased attention from both regulators and the food industry. Following updates to food safety certification standards and publication of new U.S. regulatory requirements, we undertook a project to (i) develop a scheme to classify food fraud-related adulterants based on their potential health hazard and (ii) apply this s...

Paediatrician convicted of manslaughter must be erased from register, rules High Court.

Moving pharma contracting into the era of accountability.

Generative adversarial network based telecom fraud detection at the receiving bank.

Recently telecom fraud has become a serious problem especially in developing countries such as China. At present, it can be very difficult to coordinate different agencies to prevent fraud completely. In this paper we study how to detect large transfers that are sent from victims deceived by fraudsters at the receiving bank. We propose a new generative adversarial network (GAN) based model to calculate for each large transfer a probability that it is fraudulent, such that the bank can take appropriate measu...

The limits of the decentred state: the case of policing insurance claims fraud.

Existing research clearly shows that the public-private divide is continuously being challenged, recast and transformed. However, this article argues that a sharp distinction between public and private continues to operate as an important norm for professionals involved in the investigation of insurance claims fraud in Sweden. It shows how power within private insurance companies and the police authority is organized around the public-private divide, which is in turn mobilized to justify repression and to g...

Pharmacogenomics and the Placebo Response.

There is perhaps no more important time in the history of placebos to consider their role in clinical trials and in medicine. Increasingly well-designed pharmaceutical and academic clinical trials testing promising and established drug and surgical interventions have failed to "beat" the placebo response. The collateral damage resulting from these failures is staggering; novel treatments, many with compelling mechanisms of action and promising Phase 2 trial results, never reach the patient, adversely affect...

Ethical aspects in medical publishing in Belgium.

Medical publishing has become a pivotal aspect of all stages of career development in medicine in Belgium. Publication pressure is therefore present from the stage of the medical student to the level of the head of an academic medical service. This pressure represents a real danger to commit scientific misconduct, ranging from minor missteps to severe fraud. Recent surveys have shown that scientific misconduct and publication fraud represent an important problem in medical publishing, more than in other sci...

How the Criminalization of Pregnancy Robs Women of Reproductive Autonomy.

In 2003, the South Carolina Supreme Court upheld the conviction of Regina McKnight, an African American woman who was convicted at the age of twenty-two for committing "homicide by child abuse." She became the first woman in the United States to be arrested, prosecuted, and convicted for experiencing a stillbirth. Rather than an outlier case in the annals of American jurisprudence that stretched law beyond reason while restraining compassion and justice, McKnight's conviction inspired similar prosecutions o...

Enhancing patient-level clinical data access to improve trial outcomes, promote evidence-based practice and incentivize therapeutic innovation.

Clinical trials are crucial to determining the human safety and efficacy of new therapeutic interventions and innovations. Extraordinary amounts of human experiential data are generated over the course of any clinical drug or therapeutics trial. However, much of these data is never made publicly accessible, either archived openly in accessible formats or venues, published in peer-reviewed journals, or provided to researchers for analysis and scrutiny. Improved, reliable data sharing is essential to inform c...

Differences in child sexual abuse cases involving child versus adolescent complainants.

While adolescents report the highest rates of sexual abuse victimization, few studies have investigated how child sexual abuse (CSA) cases involving adolescent complainants may differ from cases involving child complainants. The current study draws on 3,430 allegations of CSA in Canada to compare abuse characteristics and judicial outcomes in cases involving adolescent complainants to cases involving child complainants. Adolescent complainants were more likely than child complainants to be abused by a stran...

Adaptive and Platform Trials in Remote Damage Control Resuscitation.

The traditional approach to clinical trial design requires assuming precise values for multiple unknown parameters, resulting is a trial design that is unlikely to perform well if one or more of those assumptions turn out to be incorrect. During conduct of the trial, trial characteristics are often held fixed, even if incoming data suggest that one or more design assumptions were incorrect. This leads to an increased risk of a failed trial. In contrast, an adaptive clinical trial is designed to take advanta...

Trial registration in pediatric surgery trials.

Prospective clinical trial registration serves to increase transparency and to mitigate selective reporting bias. An assessment of adult surgical trials revealed poor trial registration practice with incomplete provision of information in registries and inconsistent information in the corresponding publication. The extent and completeness of pediatric surgical trial registration are unknown. We aimed to determine the proportion and adequacy of clinical trial registration in pediatric surgery trials publishe...

DNA barcoding reveals the mislabeling of fish in a popular tourist destination in Brazil.

The consumption of raw fish has increased considerably in the West, since it is said to be potentially healthier than processed fish (for containing omega 3 and 6, essential amino acids and vitamins). However this potential benefit, as well as the taste, value and even the risk of extinction are not the same for all species of fish, constituting grounds for fraud. Using the principles of the DNA barcode we revealed mislabelling of fish in Japanese restaurants and fishmarkets in Florianópolis, a popular tou...

The meteoric rise and dramatic fall of Theranos: lessons learned for the diagnostic industry.

In this piece we discuss and reflect on the conclusion of the Theranos saga in the light of its fraud conviction. Theranos (founded in 2003 by Elizabeth Holmes) was supposed to disrupt the diagnostic testing industry by developing technology which could perform dozens of tests using a tiny amount of blood from a finger-prick. As a result, Ms. Holmes rose to fame, becoming the world's youngest female self-made billionaire and was plastered across magazine covers. However, in 2014, Theranos began to fall apar...

Multicenter Randomized Controlled Crossover Trial Comparing Hemodynamic Optimization Against Echocardiographic Optimization of AV and VV Delay of Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy: The BRAVO Trial.

BRAVO (British Randomized Controlled Trial of AV and VV Optimization) is a multicenter, randomized, crossover, noninferiority trial comparing echocardiographic optimization of atrioventricular (AV) and interventricular delay with a noninvasive blood pressure method.

Prevalence of clinical trial status discrepancies: A cross-sectional study of 10,492 trials registered on both and the European Union Clinical Trials Register.

Trial registries are a key source of information for clinicians and researchers. While building OpenTrials, an open database of public trial information, we identified errors and omissions in registries, including discrepancies between descriptions of the same trial in different registries. We set out to ascertain the prevalence of discrepancies in trial completion status using a cohort of trials registered on both the European Union Clinical Trials Register (EUCTR) and

False confessions: How can psychology so basic be so counterintuitive?

Recent advances in DNA technology have shined a spotlight on thousands of innocent people wrongfully convicted for crimes they did not commit-many of whom had been induced to confess. The scientific study of false confessions, which helps to explain this phenomenon, has proved highly paradoxical. On the one hand, it is rooted in reliable core principles of psychology (e.g., research on reinforcement and decision-making, obedience to authority, and confirmation biases). On the other hand, false confessions a...

Changes of attachment characteristics during psychotherapy of patients with social anxiety disorder: Results from the SOPHO-Net trial.

Within a randomized controlled trial contrasting the outcome of manualized cognitive-behavioral (CBT) and short term psychodynamic therapy (PDT) compared to a waiting list condition (the SOPHO-Net trial), we set out to test whether self-reported attachment characteristics change during the treatments and if these changes differ between treatments.

Author accepted manuscript: Trial-by-trial modulations in the orienting of attention elicited by gaze and arrow cues.

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