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Reporting stAndards for research in PedIatric Dentistry (RAPID): a development protocol.

Reporting guidelines can improve the quality of reports of research findings. However, some specialities in healthcare require guidance on areas that are not captured within the existing guidelines and this is the case for Paediatric Dentistry where no such standards are available to guide the reporting of different types of study designs. The 'Reporting stAndards for research in PedIatric Dentistry' (RAPID) group aims to address this need by developing guidelines on reporting elements of research of partic...

The Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy Consortium as a Model for Advancing Research and Dialogue on Rare Severe Adverse Drug Reactions.

Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML) is a rare but serious disease. Caused by the JC virus (JCV), it occurs in individuals with weakened immune systems and is a potential adverse reaction for certain immunomodulatory drugs. The PML Consortium was created to find better methods to predict, prevent, and treat PML. The Consortium brought together the pharmaceutical industry with academic, regulatory, and patient communities to advance research and dialogue on PML through a not-for-profit, collabora...

Comparable walking gait performance during executive and non-executive cognitive dual-tasks in chronic stroke: A pilot study.

Falls are a serious problem among stroke survivors due to subsequent injuries, recovery setbacks, dependence, and mortality. A growing body of dual-task (DT) studies suggests a role of executive functions in gait control and falls, particularly in subacute stroke. However, few studies have compared distinct executive and non-executive tasks, nor their effects on chronic stroke gait.

Gender Representation at Neurological Surgery Conferences.

Women constitute a minority (9.2%) of academic neurosurgeons. We previously found that women in academic medicine are disadvantaged in funding and career advancement opportunities. We hypothesized that women are also underrepresented at neurosurgical society conferences and sought to quantify this.

A Review of Language, Executive Function, and Intervention in Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Difficulties with both executive functions and language skills are common but variable in autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Executive functions and language skills are related to one another, such that vocabulary, syntax, and pragmatics are related to domains of working memory, shifting, and inhibition in ASD, although the directionality of these relationships remains unclear. Moreover, interventions that target pragmatic ability have been found to improve executive function skills, and conversely, executive ...

Reflective pondering is associated with executive control for emotional information: An adolescent prospective study.

In adult populations, rumination and executive control impairments have been highlighted as vulnerability factors for later depression and rumination as a whole construct has recently been linked to lower executive control. However, research with adolescent populations is limited and little is known developmentally of the association between rumination and executive control. A prospective design was used to investigate the relationship between brooding rumination and reflective pondering and executive contr...

Variability of Executive Function Performance in Preschoolers with Developmental Language Disorder.

Although results vary across individual studies, a large body of evidence suggests that children with developmental language disorder (DLD) have domain-general deficits in executive function compared with peers with typically developing language. Poorer performance for children with DLD has been reported on verbal and nonverbal measures of sustained selective attention, working memory, inhibition, and shifting. However, examination of the variability of task scores among both children with and without DLD r...

What are young Indians saying about mental health? A content analysis of blogs on the It's Ok To Talk website.

This study used thematic content analysis to examine submissions to a youth mental health website,, in India.

The effects of a muscarinic receptor 1 gene variant on executive and non-executive cognition in schizophrenia spectrum disorders.

Individuals with schizophrenia who are homozygous at the c.267C > A (rs2067477) single nucleotide polymorphism within the muscarinic M1 receptor gene have been reported to perform less well on the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (WCST). We investigated if rs2067477 genotype variation influenced WCST performance and non-executive cognition cross-diagnostically in a sample of 147 schizophrenia spectrum participants (SSD) and 294 healthy controls. We were unable to detect any significant differences in executi...

More Than IQ: Executive Function Explains Adaptive Behavior Above and Beyond Nonverbal IQ in Youth With Autism and Lower IQ.

Adaptive behavior is a critical metric for measuring outcomes in those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Executive function skills predict adaptive behavior in youth with ASD with average or higher IQ; however, no study has examined this relationship in ASD with lower IQ (IQ ≤ 75). The current study evaluated whether executive function predicted adaptive behavior in school-age youth with ASD with lower IQ, above and beyond nonverbal IQ. We examined adaptive behavior and executive function through infor...

How do breast cancer patients experience multidisciplinary tumor conferences? - A description from the patient perspective.

Aim of this study was to investigate the experiences of breast cancer patients who participated in multidisciplinary tumor conferences (MTCs).

An Exploration of a Website Design Process and Results of a Usability Study.

A transition of content management systems provided Kornhauser Health Sciences Library with an opportunity to redesign the library's website to be more user-friendly, efficient, and visually appealing. A multistage approach was taken: (1) informal interviews of various stakeholders from the library, (2) a redesign using information gained from those stakeholders, and (3) a retrospective comparative usability study. This study was conducted with the goal to inform library staff whether the redesigned website...

Characteristics of Physician Empathetic Statements During Pediatric Intensive Care Conferences With Family Members: A Qualitative Study.

Pediatric intensive care unit care conferences often involve high-stakes decisions regarding critically ill children, resulting in strong family emotions. Families often report the need for physician empathy.

Medical reliability of a video-sharing website: the gingival recession model.

To evaluate the quality of the scientific/clinical information in dentistry delivered by videos hosted by a popular video-sharing website.

History of "Frontal" Syndromes and Executive Dysfunction.

Elements of "frontal" syndromes and executive dysfunction have been pondered by humans since ancient times, perhaps because executive dysfunction often threatens the very characteristics that make us human. This chapter provides a historical account of scientific advancements related to frontal lobe functioning and how the term has transformed over time. From ancient Greek philosophy to early neuroscientific animal studies to the default mode network, knowledge about the neural underpinnings of executive fu...

Evaluation of an Online Website-Based Platform for Cephalometric Analysis.

The purpose of our study was to assess the reproducibility of linear and angular measurements of cephalogram tracings made with an online website-based platform CephX® vs. tracings made using the FACAD® computer software.

Structure of executive functions in young and in older persons.

Using factor analysis, several studies reported that higher-order cognitive control involves separable executive functions. However, the number and definition of the purported functions differed between studies. One possible explanation for this discrepancy is that executive functions don't exhibit a clear factorial structure, i.e., there is no clear dichotomy between executive function tests which are well-correlated (representing a common factor) and those which are poorly correlated (representing distinc...

Conflict of Interest at Plastic Surgery Conferences- Is it Significant?

The Physician Payment Sunshine Act requires biomedical companies to disclose financial relationship between themselves and physicians. We compared the amount of money received by speakers at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) annual conferences with the average plastic surgeon.

Playworlds and Executive Functions in Children: Theorising with the Cultural-Historical Analytical Lenses.

This paper provides a theorisation of developmental conditions to support executive functions (working memory, inhibition and shifting) in children in playworlds settings, where children and teachers play together in collectively created imaginary situations. Vygotsky's general law of development of psychological functions constitutes the general frame for the analysis of the process of development of executive functions (EF) in playworlds, and the theoretical concepts of drama, social situation of developm...

Impact of Social Media on Current Medical Conferences.

 Medical conferences are forums for research, continuing medical education, and networking. Social media is increasingly used for communication and networking due to its low cost and ability to overcome large distances. This study investigates the impact that social media brings to the current conference system.

Allostatic load and executive functions in overweight adults.

Overweight is linked to inflammatory and neuroendocrine responses potentially prompting deregulations in biological systems harmful to the brain, particularly to the prefrontal cortex. This structure is crucial for executive performance, ultimately supervising behaviour. Thus, in the present work, we aimed to test the relationship between allostatic load increase, a surrogate of chronic physiological stress, and core executive functions, such as cognitive flexibility, inhibitory control, and working memory.

Correction to: Does executive function capacity moderate the outcome of executive function training in children with ADHD?

The original version of this article unfortunately contained a mistake. The captions of Figures 1 and 2 were swapped.

IPADAM "Pharmaceutical interventions on the issue of pharmaceutical records and self-medication" quanti survey in 482 French pharmacies.

This study aims to: (i) quantify the number of pharmaceutical interventions (PIs) linked to spontaneous requests for the two oral target molecules, ibuprofen and pseudoephedrine (ii) analyse the causes and proposed solutions (iii) quantify the number of registrations in the patient's pharmaceutical record and identify the various causes of non-registration.

Interventions with potential to target executive function deficits in addiction: current state of the literature.

The inability to stop or reduce substance use despite motivation to do so is thought to result, in part, from self-control failure and can be understood within the framework of dual process models of addiction. These models view addictive behavior as the relative balance between automatic impulses and executive decision processes. This review focuses on treatments that aim to improve executive decision processes which often become dysregulated and ineffective in individuals with substance use disorders. It ...

The conference effect: National surgery meetings are associated with increased mortality at trauma centers without American College of Surgeons verification.

Thousands of physicians attend scientific conferences each year. While recent data indicate that variation in staffing during such meetings impacts survival of non-surgical patients, the association between treatment during conferences and outcomes of a surgical population remain unknown. The purpose of this study was to examine mortality resulting from traumatic injuries and the influence of hospital admission during national surgery meetings.

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