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Assessment of Evidence-Based Health and Safety Policies on Sudden Death in Secondary School Athletics: A Benchmark Study.

  Implementation of best-practice health and safety policies has been shown to be effective at reducing the risk of sudden death in sport; however, little is known about the extent to which these policies are required within secondary school athletics.

Abortion and student health services expanding the conversation with student perspectives.

College students are known to experience unintended pregnancy and seek abortions. However, few student health centers currently offer abortion services. In this exploratory study, we aimed to expand understanding of student perspectives regarding on-campus abortion services.

Student-driven education; catalyst of change in medical curriculum.

Changing healthcare requires future physicians to have some basic knowledge of fields related to medicine. There is also a growing need for multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary education in the basic medical curriculum. The basic curriculum is currently being revised on the national level, but this is taking a long time. We are using a practical example to discuss how student-driven education could be a catalyst for rapid change in medical education.

Student Perceptions of Classic and Game-Based Online Student Response Systems.

Online student response systems (OSRSs), driven by the Internet and cell phone technology, provide a free, easily accessible method to increase student engagement, facilitate active learning, and provide learners and teachers with instant feedback about learning progress.

Developing reliable measures of the passive torque-angle relationship for shoulder internal and external rotation: Implications for overhead athletics.

1) Thoroughly assess shoulder flexibility by establishing the passive torque-angle relationship for internal and external rotation with the arm in an overhead athletics position (abducted 90°) and 2) test the reliability of four passive torque-angle measures.

10 tips for medical student supervision during clinical placements.

Good supervision during clinical placements is essential for the medical student's learning process. Supervision of medical students can, however, be challenging for doctors and resident physicians, and it can also be challenging for students to request this supervision. Here we give 5 tips for provision of good supervision and 5 tips for requesting good supervision, on the basis of three relevant educational theories - 'self-regulated learning', 'cognitive apprenticeship', and 'communities of practice'.

Aging of hospital physicians in rural Japan: A longitudinal study based on national census data.

The disparity in the number of urban and rural physicians is a social problem in Japan. There may also be a disparity in the age of physicians. This study longitudinally examines both geographic and age distributions of physicians.

Reflections of a student nurse on an Erasmus placement in Germany.

Suzannah Baker, Second Year Student Nurse, Northumbria University, Newcastle, describes her experience of being an Erasmus student, undertaking a placement in a German hospital.

Medical Student Suicide Rates: A Systematic Review of the Historical and International Literature.

Physician suicide rates are reportedly higher than those of the general population, but medical student suicide rates are not well studied. It is difficult to determine whether physician suicide rates can be predicted by medical student risk factors for suicide and to identify those risk factors without knowing medical student suicide rates. The authors systematically reviewed the literature to collate data on medical student suicide rates.

Children's sleep problems are associated with poorer student-teacher relationship quality.

Children's sleep problems are associated with poorer student functioning in the school environment, including impairment in peer relationships; yet, no studies have examined sleep functioning in relation to the student-teacher relationship. The objective of this study was to examine whether child-rated total sleep problems or specific sleep problem domains (bedtime problems, nighttime problems, or daytime sleepiness) were associated with teacher-rated student-teacher closeness and conflict after controlling...

Sex Differences in the Clinical Incidence of Concussions, Missed School Days, and Time Loss in High School Student-Athletes: Part 1.

Sports-related concussion (SRC) injury rates are well established in collegiate athletics through epidemiological studies using the National Collegiate Athletic Association Injury Surveillance System. However, few studies have examined sex differences, time loss, and missed school days in high school athletes, especially at the state level.

Student-faculty relationships and its impact on academic outcomes.

The aim of this review of the literature is to synthesis the knowledge attained about determinants of student-faculty relationships and its impact on student outcomes. While adding to the body knowledge, the researchers discuss the importance, barriers, and facilitators to student-faculty academic relationships in nursing education.

Use of online asynchronous discussion boards to engage students, enhance critical thinking, and foster staff-student/student-student collaboration: A mixed method study.

The ongoing challenges of managing large student enrolments and increasing demand from students for online learning platforms and teaching strategies has helped drive tertiary implementation of asynchronous online discussion boards (AOD). However, supporting and assessing students in such a forum remains contentious.

The Importance of SAS and Student Involvement in the Society from Three of Our Recent Student Representatives.

Student and staff perceptions of alcohol as part of student life in Denmark: A Q methodology study.

Intervening effectively to prevent students' harmful use of alcohol remains a challenge. Harmful alcohol use has been noted as the most dominant public health problem facing universities today. This study sought to investigate the diversity in staff and student perceptions of the contribution alcohol makes to student life in a Danish university setting. Increasing understanding of staff and students' perceptions of how alcohol fits into student life is required to amend future public health intervention for...

Embarking on a Journey of Discovery: Developing Transitional Skill Sets through a Scholarly Concentration Program.

Medical student participation in research enhances appreciation of the scientific literature and the conduct of investigation, and may lead to an interest in academic medicine. Independent medical student research offers frequently overlooked opportunities to develop and assess professional practice abilities, including project design and implementation, interprofessional team communication, and time management. These skills, useful to physicians, are often challenging for medical students to master as they...

What influences student nurses' intention to work with older people? A cross-sectional study.

Studies have reported that student nurses hold positive attitudes towards older people; nevertheless, working with older people has consistently remained one of the least desired career choices among student nurses in most countries.

Exodus From the Classroom: Student Perceptions, Lecture Capture Technology, and the Inception of On-Demand Preclinical Medical Education.

Some medical educators have noted a decline in classroom attendance. Understanding student preferences for content delivery and the relationship between student attendance and learning outcomes may enhance curricular design and best practices for technology-supported learning.

Why do German physicians reject managed care?

Approximately 20 years after the launch of managed care (MC) in Germany, the initial dynamics have turned into an MC backlash with a poor image for MC among physicians and the insured. Factors in MC contract rejection by physicians have not previously been studied systematically.

Prevalence of Burnout Among Physicians: A Systematic Review.

Burnout is a self-reported job-related syndrome increasingly recognized as a critical factor affecting physicians and their patients. An accurate estimate of burnout prevalence among physicians would have important health policy implications, but the overall prevalence is unknown.

Evaluating Clinical Performance of Student Physical Therapists: A Comparison of Student- and Staff-Managed Patient Outcomes After Hip Arthroplasty.

To compare patient outcomes following acute rehabilitation after total hip arthroplasty (THA) of two groups: patients treated by student physical therapists (SPTs) under licensed physical therapist (PT) supervision and by licensed PTs.

Physicians' Participation In Medicaid Increased Only Slightly Following Expansion.

While most primary care physicians treated at least one Medicaid patient in 2013, Medicaid represented a small share of their payer mix. Following Medicaid eligibility expansion in 2014, most physicians maintained or slightly increased their Medicaid participation, with greater increases observed in states that expanded eligibility. Nevertheless, Medicaid patients remained concentrated among relatively few physicians after expansion.

A model-based estimation of inter-prefectural migration of physicians within Japan and associated factors: A 20-year retrospective study.

Despite an increase in the number of physicians in Japan, misdistribution of physicians within the 47 prefectures remains a major issue. Migration of physicians among prefectures might partly explain the misdistribution. However, geographical differences and the magnitude of physicians' migration are unclear. The aim of this study was to estimate the extent of migration of physicians among prefectures and explore possible factors associated with physicians' migration patterns.Using a publicly available gove...

Time to stop making things worse: an imperative focus for healthcare student bullying research.

Student bullying in clinical practice remains a concern, and evidence regarding what works to specifically help the student appears rather piecemeal. At the same time, emergent literature indicates that some bullying interventions can be ineffective for behaviour change, or even deleterious to the staff which they target. Considering the potentially sizeable financial and personal costs associated with continued bullying and undertaking an intervention, it would seem sensible that any selected intervention ...

Comparing teacher and student perspectives on the interplay of cognitive and motivational-affective student characteristics.

For students, cognitive and motivational-affective characteristics are the most powerful prerequisites for successful learning. For teachers, judgments on their students' characteristics shape how they plan and implement instructional activities in order to offer individual learning support. On the student side, research is starting to find out more about the interplay of different characteristics within individual students. On the teacher side, studies still regard teacher judgment accuracy of only single ...

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