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A tribute to professor Jonathan C Peter.

Emeritus Professor Jonathan Clemence Peter passed away in Wynberg, Cape Town, on April 02, 2018, after an illness confronted with quiet courage and dignity. A beloved father, husband, neurosurgeon, leader, teacher, mentor and friend, he is remembered with deep respect and affection throughout the world of paediatric neurosurgery.

Lead and copper release from full and partially replaced harvested lead service lines: Impact of stagnation time prior to sampling and water quality.

Partial lead service line replacement (PLSLR) results in the addition of a new galvanic connection and can increase lead concentrations at the tap. Focus has been given to minimizing lead release after PLSLR, but little information is available on the impact of lead remedial actions on copper concentrations, especially before passivation occurs. The impact of water quality (decreased chloride-to-sulfate mass ratio from 0.9 to 0.3; addition of orthoP; pH increase to 8.3) on lead and copper concentrations was...

UV-mediated solid-state cross-linking of electrospinning nanofibers of modified collagen.

The modified collagen with double bonds was electrospun into nanofibers membrane cured with photo-initiated polymerization under UV irradiation. The morphology and chemical structures were characterized by SEM and FTIR. Both the water resistance and mechanical properties were improved after UV-crosslinking. Then 5-Fluorouracil (5-FU) was used as a model drug to prepare drug-loaded collagen nanofiber membrane cured with photo-initiated polymerization under UV irradiation. In vitro release results showed that...

The magnitude and impact of tobacco marketing exposure in adolescents' day-to-day lives: An ecological momentary assessment (EMA) study.

Research indicates that tobacco marketing contributes to higher pro-tobacco attitudes and behaviors among adolescents, but no studies have been able to assess the impact of real-world tobacco marketing exposures in real-time. The purpose of this study was to examine the magnitude and impact of tobacco marketing exposure on adolescents using ecological momentary assessment (EMA). Our primary hypotheses were that (1) youth would most frequently report tobacco marketing at the retail points-of-sale and (2) gre...

DCCN Appoints Dr Brigitte Cypress to the Editorial Board.

Gold Nanostars Coated with Mesoporous Silica are Effective and Non-Toxic Photothermal Agents Capable of Gate Keeping and Laser Induced Drug Release.

Herein, a novel drug photo-release system based on gold nanostars (AuNSts) coated with a mesoporous silica shell and capped with paraffin as thermo-sensitive molecular gate, is reported. Direct measurements of the surface temperature of a single gold nanostar irradiated by a tightly focused laser beam, are performed via a heat-sensitive biological matrix. The surface temperature of an AuNSt increases by hundreds of degrees Celsius even at low laser powers. AuNSts coated with a mesoporous silica shell using ...

Contemporary Aspects of Marketing in Clinical Trials Including Segments of IT and Technology Transfer.

The aim of this paper is to present the marketing strategy and the application of management (marketing management) and advertising in order to increase the efficiency of innovative approach in clinical trials that include and involve the use of new technologies and transfer of technologies.

Jonathan Shepherd: 'People are entitled to their own opinions but not their own facts'.

A Comparative Review of Marketing Authorization Decisions in Switzerland, the EU, and the USA.

In this study we compared Swissmedic's (SMC's) regulatory marketing authorization decisions to those of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European drug regulatory authorities (EU). We investigated the overall similarity of the regulatory decisions, approval, and postmarketing withdrawal rates in the 3 jurisdictions. In case regulatory decisions diverged, we analyzed the reasons for rejection of marketing authorization applications (MAAs).

Lacosamide efficacy and tolerability in clinical practice - Post marketing analysis from a single dedicated epilepsy center.

Post marketing analysis of anti-epileptic drug (AED) efficacy and tolerability is of great value to the clinician since it is more representative of clinical practice than clinical trial data. We analyzed our experience with lacosamide (LCM) in patients treated after marketing.

Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticles Appending Photo-Responsive Units for Controlled Drug Delivery, Release and Imaging.

Carriers that can afford tunable physical and structural changes are envisioned to address critical issues in controlled drug delivery applications. Herein, we report photo-responsive conjugated polymer nanoparticles (CPNs) functionalized with donor-acceptor Stenhouse adduct (DASA) and folic acid units for controlled drug delivery, release and imaging. Upon visible light (λ = 550 nm) irradiation, CPNs undergo structure, color, and polarity changes simultaneously that swell and open-up CPNs to release encap...

Reduced Graphene Oxide Embedded Polymeric Nanofiber Mats: An 'On-Demand' Photothermally-Triggered Antibiotic Release Platform.

The steady increase of antimicrobial resistance in different pathogens requires the development of alternative treatment strategies next to the oral delivery of antibiotics. A photo-thermally activated platform based on reduced Graphene Oxide (rGO)-embedded polymeric nanofiber mats for on-demand release of antibiotics upon irradiation in the near-infrared is fabricated. Crosslinked hydrophilic nanofibers, obtained by electrospinning a mixture of poly(acrylic acid) (PAA) and rGO, show excellent stability in ...

Children's home and school neighbourhood exposure to alcohol marketing: Using wearable camera and GPS data to directly examine the link between retailer availability and visual exposure to marketing.

Neighbourhood alcohol availability has been associated with alcohol consumption by children, despite children rarely acquiring alcohol from retailers. This study explores one potential reason for this finding, by evaluating the relationships between neighbourhood alcohol availability and children's actual exposure to alcohol marketing.

Release of phosphorus from sediments under wave-induced liquefaction.

The endogenous release of nutrients from marine or lacustrine sediment is an important factor in water eutrophication. Overlying water dynamic actions (waves) may lead to sediment resuspension and even sediment liquefaction, especially under strong wind-induced waves, which may subsequently lead to the release of nutrients from sediments and contribution to water eutrophication. A wave flume simulator was used to study changes in the phosphorus concentrations in the overlying water at different consolidatio...

Mineralization of pentachlorophenol by ferrioxalate-assisted solar photo-Fenton process at mild pH.

This work reports the use of ferrioxalate complexes to assist solar photo-Fenton treatment of pentachlorophenol (PCP) in aqueous medium at mild pH, which inhibits the precipitation of iron hydroxides and allows working at a low iron dosage. The experimental parameters were optimized by assessing the effect of initial concentrations of HO (0-2.5 mM) and Fe(II) (2-10 mg/L), pH (3.0-9.0) and iron/oxalic acid molar ratios (1:0-1:13.5) on total organic carbon (TOC) removal. Ferrioxalate-assisted solar photo-...

State-Level Guidance and District-Level Policies and Practices for Food Marketing in US School Districts.

State agencies play a critical role in providing school districts with guidance and technical assistance on school nutrition issues, including food and beverage marketing practices. We examined associations between state-level guidance and the policies and practices in school districts regarding food and beverage marketing and promotion. State policy guidance was positively associated with districts prohibiting advertisements for junk food or fast food restaurants on school property. Technical assistance fr...

Quantifying the Nature and Extent of Children's Real-time Exposure to Alcohol Marketing in Their Everyday Lives Using Wearable Cameras: Children's Exposure via a Range of Media in a Range of Key Places.

Children's exposure to alcohol marketing is typically measured using self-report data, television viewing data or street marketing audits, which are subject to bias and often do not provide quantifiable measures of daily exposure. This article describes an innovative methodology to capture the world in which children live using wearable cameras.

Single bead investigation of a clinical drug delivery system - A novel release mechanism.

Microgels, such as polymeric hydrogels, are currently used as drug delivery devices (DDSs) for chemotherapeutics and/or unstable drugs. The clinical DDS DC bead® was studied with respect to loading and release, measured as relative bead-volume, of six amphiphilic molecules in a micropipette-assisted microscopy method. Theoretical models for loading and release was used to increase the mechanistic understanding of the DDS. It was shown that equilibrium loading was independent of amphiphile concentration. Th...

Biocompatible, drug-loaded anti-adhesion barrier using visible-light curable furfuryl gelatin derivative.

Recently, many of studies have been attempted to determine how to decrease adhesion. To effectively prevent adhesion, decrease in unnecessary surgical procedures, prevention of contact with other tissue, and drug treatment for inflammation are required. However, current anti-adhesion materials have disadvantages. To solve current problems, we prepared a biocompatible drug-loaded anti-adhesion barrier using a visible-light curable furfuryl gelatin derivative. We used riboflavin as a photo-initiator in the ph...

The Lulun Project's social marketing strategy in a trial to introduce eggs during complementary feeding in Ecuador.

The Lulun Project incorporated a social marketing strategy that accompanied a randomized controlled trial (RCT) of a food-based intervention that introduced eggs into the complementary feeding diet of Ecuadorian infants. This strategy was designed to promote behaviour change, in this case, egg consumption, through voluntary prosocial behaviour, empowerment, and brand loyalty. A three-phase social marketing strategy (design, campaigns, and evaluation) contributed to our successful RTC by applying techniques ...

Visible Light Activation of Nucleophilic Thiol-X Addition via Thioether Bimane Photocleavage for Polymer Crosslinking.

On-demand photo-uncaging of reactive thiols have been employed in engineering biomaterial scaffolds for regulation of cellular activities. A drawback of the current photo-uncaging chemistry is the utilization of high energy UV light or 2-photon laser light, which may be harmful to cells and cause undesired side reactions within the biological environment. We introduce an effective approach for the caging of thiol using monobromobimane, which can be removed under irradiation of light at λ = 420 nm and in th...

An anthraquinone-enzyme-peptide hybrid as a photo-switchable enzyme.

A purpose-designed anthraquinone-horseradish peroxidase (HRP)-cell penetrating peptide hybrid 1 showed high and effective cell permeability. Furthermore, 1 exhibited enzymatic activity without photo-irradiation, whereas significant self-degradation and loss of enzymatic activity occurred upon photo-irradiation in living cells.

Retail Stores Policies for Marketing of Lobsters in Sardinia (Italy) as Influenced by Different Practices Related to Animal Welfare and Product Quality.

The aim of the present study was to evaluate the marketing policies of lobsters as influenced by different practices related to product quality in seven supermarkets located in Italy. Retailers were divided in two categories: large scale and medium scale. The two groups were compared to screen for differences and to assess differences in score distribution attributed to different practices related to product quality. Our results showed no statistical differences ( > 0.05) between the two categories. Lobster...

Alcohol Advertising on Social Media: Examining the Content of Popular Alcohol Brands on Instagram.

There is considerable evidence that exposure to alcohol marketing increases the likelihood of adolescents initiating and engaging in alcohol consumption. There is a paucity of research, however, specifically examining industry generated alcohol marketing occurring on social media/networking platforms.

Photo-Fenton and Riboflavin-photosensitized Processes of the Isoxaflutole Herbicide.

The pro-herbicide Isoxaflutole (IXF) hydrolyses spontaneously to diketonitrile (DKN) a phytotoxic compound with herbicidal activity. In this work, the sensitized degradation of IXF using Riboflavin (Rf), a typical environmentally friendly sensitizer, Fenton and photo-Fenton processes have been studied. The results indicate that only the photo-Fenton process produces a significant degradation of the IXF. Photolysis experiments of IXF sensitized by Riboflavin is not a meaningful process, IXF quenches the Rf e...

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