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Communication about chronic pain and opioids in primary care: Impact on patient and physician visit experience.

Patients and physicians report that communication about chronic pain and opioids is often challenging, but there is little empirical research on whether patient-physician communication about pain affects patient and physician visit experience. This study video recorded 86 primary care visits involving 49 physicians and 86 patients taking long-term opioids for chronic musculoskeletal pain, systematically coded all pain-related utterances during these visits using a custom-designed coding system, and administ...

Religious People Are Trusted Because They Are Viewed as Slow Life-History Strategists.

Religious people are more trusted than nonreligious people. Although most theorists attribute these perceptions to the beliefs of religious targets, religious individuals also differ in behavioral ways that might cue trust. We examined whether perceivers might trust religious targets more because they heuristically associate religion with slow life-history strategies. In three experiments, we found that religious targets are viewed as slow life-history strategists and that these findings are not the result ...

Breast lesions diagnosed by ultrasound-guided core needle biopsy: Can shearwave elastography predict histologic upgrade after surgery or vaccuum assisted excision?

To compare breast stiffness based on shear-wave elastography (SWE) quantitative parameters with histopathologic results diagnosed by ultrasound (US)-guided core needle biopsy (CNB) to determine their association with upgrade rates after surgical excision or follow-up US as well as clinico-radiologic differences between upgrade and non-upgrade groups.

A role for epistemic trust in speech-language pathology: A tutorial paper.

This paper provides an introduction to epistemic trust for speech-language pathologists (SLPs). 'Epistemic trust' describes a specific form of trust that an individual places in others when learning about the world, particularly the social world. To date, the relevance of epistemic trust to SLP clinical practice has received little theoretical or empirical attention. The aim of this paper is to define epistemic trust and explain its relationship with parent-child attachment and mentalization which have, in ...

Who are more responsive? Mixed-methods comparison of public and private sector physicians in rural Bangladesh.

Responsiveness of physicians (ROPs) reflects the social actions by physicians to meet the legitimate expectations of health care users. Responsiveness is important since it improves understanding and care seeking by users, as well as fostering trust in health systems rather than replicating discrimination and entrenching inequality. Given widespread public and private sector health care provision in Bangladesh, we undertook a mixed-methods study comparing responsiveness of public and private physicians in r...

Is health literacy associated with greater medical care trust?

To examine the relationship between health literacy and trust in physicians and in the healthcare system.

Measuring trust in vaccination: A systematic review.

Vaccine acceptance depends on public trust and confidence in the safety and efficacy of vaccines and immunization, the health system, healthcare professionals and the wider vaccine research community. This systematic review analyses the current breadth and depth of vaccine research literature that explicitly refers to the concept of trust within their stated aims or research questions. After duplicates were removed, 19,643 articles were screened by title and abstract. Of these 2,779 were screened by full te...

Evaluating the expected effects of disclosure of patient safety incidents using hypothetical cases in Korea.

To introduce disclosure of patient safety incidents (DPSI) into a specific country, evidence of the effectiveness of DPSI is essential. Since such a disclosure policy has not been adopted in South Korea, hypothetical cases can be used to measure the effectiveness of DPSI. We evaluated the effectiveness of DPSI using hypothetical cases in a survey with a sample of the Korean general public. We used 8 hypothetical cases reflecting 3 conditions: the clarity of medical errors, the severity of harm, and conducti...

High social trust associated with increased depressive symptoms in a longitudinal South African sample.

Several studies have documented a protective association between social trust and mental and physical health, but gaps in knowledge remain. Debates regarding the contextual versus individual nature of social trust are ongoing; research from low- and middle-income countries is lacking, and study designs have been limited for causal inference. To address these gaps, we examined the association between social trust and depressive symptoms using three waves of the National Income Dynamics Study, a longitudinal ...

Should we excise? Are there any clinical or histologic features that predict upgrade in papillomas, incidental or non-incidental?

The clinical decision to excise intraductal papilloma (IDP) without atypia diagnosed on biopsy remains controversial. We sought to establish clinical and histologic predictors (if any) which may predict upgrade in IDP. 296 biopsies (in 278 women) with histologic diagnosis of IDP without atypia were retrospectively identified and placed into Incidental (no corresponding imaging correlate), or Non-incidental (positive imaging correlate) groups. 253/296 (85.5%) cases were non-incidental, and 43/296 (14.5%) wer...

The Role of Work-Related Factors in the Development of Psychological Distress and Associated Mental Disorders: Differential Views of Human Resource Managers, Occupational Physicians, Primary Care Physicians and Psychotherapists in Germany.

: This study analyses the perceived relevance of stress-dimensions in work-settings from the differential views of Human Resource Managers (HRM), Occupational Physicians (OP), Primary Care Physicians (PCP) and Psychotherapists (PT) in Germany.: Cross-sectional study design, using a self-report questionnaire. Descriptive measures and explorative bivariate methods were applied for group-comparisons. Results are presented as rankings of perceived importance and as polarity profiles of contrasting views.= 627 p...

Geometry of Trust: Why We Need to Distinguish Between Horizontal and Vertical Trust.

Can you trust the parametric standard errors in nonlinear least squares? Yes, with provisos.

Questions about the reliability of parametric standard errors (SEs) from nonlinear least squares (LS) algorithms have led to a general mistrust of these precision estimators that is often unwarranted.

Honor among thieves: The interaction of team and member deviance on trust in the team.

In this article, we examine member trust in deviant teams. We contend that a member's trust in his or her deviant team depends on the member's own deviant actions; although all members will judge the actions of their deviant teams as rational evidence that they should not be trusted, deviant members, but not honest members, can hold on to trust in their teams because of a sense of connection to the team. We tested our predictions in a field study of 562 members across 111 teams and 24 organizations as well ...

What constitutes responsiveness of physicians: A qualitative study in rural Bangladesh.

Responsiveness entails the social actions by health providers to meet the legitimate expectations of patients. It plays a critical role in ensuring continuity and effectiveness of care within people centered health systems. Given the lack of contextualized research on responsiveness, we qualitatively explored the perceptions of outpatient users and providers regarding what constitute responsiveness in rural Bangladesh. An exploratory study was undertaken in Chuadanga, a southwestern Bangladeshi District, in...

What Is Trust? Ethics and Risk Governance in Precision Medicine and Predictive Analytics.

Trust is a ubiquitous term used in emerging technology (e.g., Big Data, precision medicine), innovation policy, and governance literatures in particular. But what exactly is trust? Even though trust is considered a critical requirement for the successful deployment of precision medicine initiatives, nonetheless, there is a need for further conceptualization with regard to what qualifies as trust, and what factors might establish and sustain trust in precision medicine, predictive analytics, and large-scale ...

VA Announces Plan to Improve Worst-Performing Medical Centers.

General trust impedes perception of self-reported primary psychopathy in thin slices of social interaction.

Little is known about people's ability to detect subclinical psychopathy from others' quotidian social behavior, or about the correlates of variation in this ability. This study sought to address these questions using a thin slice personality judgment paradigm. We presented 108 undergraduate judges (70.4% female) with 1.5 minute video thin slices of zero-acquaintance triadic conversations among other undergraduates (targets: n = 105, 57.1% female). Judges completed self-report measures of general trust, cau...

Mucocelelike Lesions in the Breast: Radiologic and Clinicopathologic Correlations With Upgrade Rate.

The purpose of this article is to investigate the radiologic and clinicopathologic findings of mucocelelike lesions (MLLs) and the rate of pathologic upgrade with factors predicting it.

Understanding Older Adult's Perceptions of Factors that Support Trust in Human and Robot Care Providers.

As the population of older adults increase so will the need for care providers, both human and robot. Trust is a key aspect to establish and maintain a successful older adult-care provider relationship. However, due to trust volatility it is essential to understand it within specific contexts. This proposed mixed methods study will explore what dimensions of trust emerge as important within the human-human and human-robot dyads in older adults and care providers. First, this study will help identify key qua...

On-line Ratings of Spine Surgeons: Analysis of 208 surgeons.

Observational study OBJECTIVE.: To evaluate the online ratings of spine surgeons and variables that may affect online ratings.

Generalized and particularized trust for health between urban and rural residents in Japan: A cohort study from the JAGES project.

Previous studies on trust and health have not fully considered the nature of trust in relation to types of trust and socio-cultural background. The present study aimed to examine whether generalized trust (trust in general people; GT) and particularized trust (trust in particular people; PT) in urban and rural areas had different associations with health. This prospective cohort study on older adults used panel data obtained in 2010 and 2013. Surveys were conducted in 24 municipalities in Japan. Of 20,209 r...

The effects of exposure to images of others' suffering and vulnerability on altruistic, trust-based, and reciprocated economic decision-making.

In this paper we explored the effects of exposure to images of the suffering and vulnerability of others on altruistic, trust-based, and reciprocated incentivized economic decisions, accounting for differences in participants' dispositional empathy and reported in-group trust for their recipient(s). This was done using a pictorial priming task, framed as a memory test, and a triadic economic game design. Using the largest experimental sample to date to explore this issue, our integrated analysis of two onli...

Family physicians' perspectives on interprofessional teamwork: Findings from a qualitative study.

The aim of this study was to describe family physicians' perspectives of their role in the primary care team and factors that facilitate and hinder teamwork. A qualitative study was conducted employing individual interviews with 19 academic/community-based family physicians who were part of interprofessional primary care teams in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Professional responsibilities and roles of physicians within the team and the facilitators and barriers to teamwork were investigated. Interviews were au...

Association of suicidal risk with ratings of affective temperaments.

Ratings of particular temperament-types with the TEMPS-A autoquestionnaire have been associated with suicidal risk, and combinations of such ratings may enhance the association. However, the predictive value of scores for individual temperaments and combinations remains to be quantified.

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