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Utilization of X-ray Computed Tomography for the Exclusion of a Specific Caliber and Bullet Type in a Living Shooting Victim.

A bystander claimed to have been shot by a police officer, and CT scans were used to match qualitative and quantitative aspects of the unremoved bullet with police issued 9 mm Luger ammunition. CT scan methodology proved a valid approach for the measurement of bullets based on calculated measurement capability and correlation with "gold standard" physical measurement by vernier caliper. Measurements regarding length and base diameter, as well as length/diameter ratio, were insufficient to unambiguously iden...

Optimization of the prescription isodose line for Gamma Knife radiosurgery using the shot within shot technique.

This work explores how the choice of prescription isodose line (IDL) affects the dose gradient, target coverage, and treatment time for Gamma Knife radiosurgery when a smaller shot is encompassed within a larger shot at the same stereotactic coordinates (shot within shot technique).

Police and mental health responses to mental health crisis in the Waikato region of New Zealand.

New Zealand police report a high level of involvement with people in mental health crisis, something that has been reported in the international literature in recent decades. Involvement of police represents a coercive pathway to care and is likely to be associated with use of force. The aim of this study was to investigate the clinical, legal, and social characteristics of individuals subject to police response in the Waikato region of New Zealand. Data were also collected on characteristics of police resp...

Injuries Associated with Police Use of Force.

Use of Force [UOF] by police can result in serious injuries and fatalities. The risk of significant injuries associated with different force modalities is poorly defined. We sought to determine the incidence of police UOF and compare the likelihood of significant injury with different force modalities.

Role of the Chief Nurse Officer in Ensuring Person- and Family-Centered Care.

Person- and family-centered care (PFCC) is a philosophy that has been espoused for decades and yet is rarely embedded in health care organizations. Difficulties dispelling the numerous myths about what PFCC is, as well as daunting challenges to designing and implementing it, have hindered progress. The chief nurse officer is well-positioned to assume organizational leadership in successfully navigating this effort. This article provides 9 specific steps a chief nurse officer should take to create a culture,...

Experiences of police contact among young adult recreational drug users: A qualitative study.

While young adults who engage in recreational drug use are at increased risk of contact with police, their experiences of police contact have been largely overlooked.

EMS Vs. Police Transport: Should we allow police officers to transport trauma patients?

Unexpected metal in the pelvis.

A 69-year-old woman with right-sided flank pain, probably based on a ureteropelvic junction obstruction, underwent JJ-catheter placement under fluoroscopic guidance. X-ray showed an appendix filled with shot pellets. This phenomenon has been described earlier in Eskimo hunters, who were known to accidently swallow shot pellets lodged in hunted animals. Shot pellet accumulation can result in appendicitis perforata or lead poisoning.

Assessing Differences In Anthropometric And Fitness Characteristics Between Police Academy Cadets And Incumbent Officers.

The physical fitness of police officers must be developed in new cadets and sustained in incumbent officers. The aims of this study were to profile and compare the anthropometric and fitness characteristics of police academy cadets and incumbent officers of varying ages from a single police force. Retrospective data for 84 police academy cadets (♂=66, mean age=27.96±5.73 yrs; ♀=18, mean age=30.50±5.76 yrs) and 80 incumbent police officers (♂=73, mean age=39.43±8.28 yrs; ♀=7, mean age=37.86±3.67 ...

Estimating road traffic injuries in Jinja district, Uganda, using the capture-recapture method.

Road traffic injuries (RTIs) are commonly under-reported in low-and-medium-income countries. This study aimed to estimate the number of RTIs and determine the magnitude of under-reporting by traffic police and hospital registries. A two-source capture-recapture method was applied to RTI data from police and hospital registries. Seven matching variables; sex of the injured, date, place, time, day of crash and road user type were used to get the matched cases. Police independently reported 46 RTIs and the hos...

Police contacts, arrests and decreasing self-control and personal responsibility among female adolescents.

Female involvement in the juvenile justice system (JJS) has increased rapidly in recent years. Although deficits in self-control and responsibility are associated with delinquency and higher rates of police contacts and arrests, much of this research has focused on males and/or selected samples of youth who already have a history of JJS involvement. Furthermore, little is known about the extent to which police contacts and arrests may disrupt normative psychosocial maturation.

How Viennese scientists fought the dogma, propaganda and prejudice of the 1930s.

Evidence for the effectiveness of police-based pre-booking diversion programs in decriminalizing mental illness: A systematic literature review.

People with mental illnesses are at a significantly greater risk of police arrest than the general population. This pattern of arrests has been associated with a phenomenon referred to as the criminalization of mental illness such that people with mental illnesses are inappropriately diverted to the criminal justice system rather than to treatment. To decrease arrests of people with mental illnesses experiencing a crisis, pre-booking diversion programs have been developed to intervene at the point of police...

Lessons from a study of DNA contaminations from police services and forensic laboratories in Switzerland.

In Switzerland, the DNA profiles of police officers collecting crime scene traces as well as forensic genetic laboratories employees are stored in the staff index of the national DNA database to detect potential contaminations. Our study aimed at making a national inventory of contaminations to better understand their origin and to make recommendations in order to decrease their occurrence. For this purpose, a retrospective questionnaire was sent to both police services and forensic genetic laboratories for...

Shot-noise-limited Doppler-broadened noise-immune cavity-enhanced optical heterodyne molecular spectrometry.

Shot-noise-limited Doppler-broadened (Db) noise-immune cavity-enhanced optical heterodyne molecular spectrometry (NICE-OHMS) has been realized by implementation of balanced detection. A characterization of the system based on Allan-Werle plots of the absorption coefficient, retrieved by fitting a model function to data, shows that the system has a white noise equivalent absorption per unit length per square root of bandwidth of 2.3×10  cm Hz, solely 44% above the shot noise limit, and a detection sen...

Bounded authority: Expanding "appropriate" police behavior beyond procedural justice.

This paper expands previous conceptualizations of appropriate police behavior beyond procedural justice. The focus of the current study is on the notion of bounded authority-that is, acting within the limits of one's rightful authority. According to work on legal socialization, U.S. citizens come to acquire three dimensions of values that determine how authorities ought to behave: (a) neutral, consistent, and transparent decision-making; (b) interpersonal treatment that conveys respect, dignity, and concern...

Epidemiological aspects of drowning and non-fatal drowning in the waters of Amsterdam.

We examined who, when, and where people non-fatally drowned of drowned in Amsterdam between January 2011 and December 2015 so that in the future more targeted and effective measures can be taken to prevent drowning. Data on non fatal drownings (N = 515, fire department database) were combined with the forensic medicine data on drowning fatalities (N=88). Who drowns in Amsterdam? The majority of those who drowned were men (82%). A high percentage of the people who drowned were under the influence of alcohol ...

Occupational and Ergonomic Factors Associated With Low Back Pain Among Car-patrol Police Officers: Findings from the Quebec Serve and Protect Low Back Pain Study.

Low back pain (LBP) is frequent and burdensome among police officers, but occupational and ergonomic factors associated with LBP and its chronic symptoms have never been studied among these workers using a biopsychosocial model. This study aimed at exploring such factors associated with acute/subacute LBP and chronic low back pain (CLBP) among car-patrol police officers.

The effect of range and ammunition type on fracture patterns in porcine postcranial flat bones.

Pig half-carcasses were shot in scapulae, ribs and mandibles with either 0.243 hunting rifle using high velocity expanding ammunition (N = 30) or AK47 using full metal jacketed (FMJ) ammunition (N = 12) from a range of either 5 or 20 m. Fracture patterns related to distance of fire and ammunition type were compared on de-fleshed, macerated, and reconstructed bones. For expanding ammunition, location of fracture on ribs affected the resulting pattern. Scapulae shot from 5 m presented a comminuted patte...

What were the medical police?

The article presents new ways of interpreting the concept "medical police," which was used in the West in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Alternative understandings of the medical police in Europe, distinct from those offered by George Rosen and Michel Foucault, the preeminent twentieth-century thinkers on the topic, were derived by studying related treatises written in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, and Portugal. Records indicate that these treatises were not an exclusively German phe...

High-Fidelity Single-Shot Singlet-Triplet Readout of Precision-Placed Donors in Silicon.

In this work we perform direct single-shot readout of the singlet-triplet states in exchange coupled electrons confined to precision-placed donor atoms in silicon. Our method takes advantage of the large energy splitting given by the Pauli-spin blockaded (2,0) triplet states, from which we can achieve a single-shot readout fidelity of 98.4±0.2%. We measure the triplet-minus relaxation time to be of the order 3 s at 2.5 T and observe its predicted decrease as a function of magnetic field, reaching 0.5 s ...

Shot noise and electronic properties in the inversion symmetric Weyl semimetal resonant structure.

Using the transfer matrix method, the authors combine the analytical formula with numerical calculation to explore the shot noise and the conductance of massless Weyl fermions in the Weyl semimetal resonant junction. By varying the barrier strength, the structure of the junction, the Fermi energy and the crystallographic angle, the shot noise and the conductance can be tuned efficiently. For a quasiperiodic supperlattice, in complete contrast to the conventional junction case, the effect of the disorder str...

Exposure to Sublethal Ammonia Concentrations Alters the Duration and Intensity of Agonistic Interactions in the Crayfish, Orconectes rusticus.

Crayfish extract information from chemical stimuli during social interactions. Commercial fertilizers increase background ammonia concentrations which may interfere with chemical communication. Background pollution can disrupt perception of chemical stimuli in three ways: masking, sensory impairment, physiological impairment or in combination. We investigated whether exposure to ammonia alters agonistic behavior. Crayfish pairs exposed to 0.9 mg/L ammonia fought for a longer duration, while crayfish expose...

Comparing learning curves of two established "single-shot" devices for ablation of atrial fibrillation.

We compared the contour of learning curves of two "single-shot" devices used for pulmonary vein isolation (PVI) for safety and procedural data.

A longitudinal assessment of the road to mental readiness training among municipal police.

Police agencies increasingly implement training programs to protect mental health. The Road to Mental Readiness (R2MR) program was designed by the Canadian military to increase mental health resilience. A version of R2MR was adapted for municipal police by the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC). The current research was designed to assess the R2MR program, as adapted and delivered by the MHCC, in a municipal police sample. Participants were 147 Canadian police agency employees (57% women) who receive...

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