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Understanding the impact of age, gender, height and body mass index on children's balance.

This research aimed to understand the influence of age, gender, height and body mass index (BMI) on balance ability in children aged four to 12 years. The secondary aim was to develop normative values for three balance tests on the Balance Master system.

Enhancing the efficiency of energy harvesting from salt gradient with ion-selective nanochannel.

The development of nanofluidic energy harvesting system plays a fundamental role in harvesting osmotic power from Gibbs free energy within salt concentration gradient, which is considered as a future clean and renewable energy source. In this study, a silica-nanochannel based nanofluidic energy harvesting system was fabricated and its output power density could reach 705 W/m2 under suitable KCl concentration bias which exceeded-by almost two orders of magnitude-the results obtained by previous work. The enh...

Testing environmental Kuznets curve for the USA under a regime shift: the role of renewable energy.

The goals of this paper are to examine whether the environmental Kuznets curve (EKC) holds and to investigate whether renewable energy consumption can decrease CO emissions in the USA using monthly data spanning the period 2000:M01-2018:M07. For these purposes, the paper employs a cointegration test with a regime shift and observes the long-run coefficients before and after the regime shift. The findings support the presence of the EKC. The findings also indicate that renewable energy consumption has negati...

Substance use and misuse among sexual and gender minority youth.

Sexual and gender minority youth are at greater risk for substance use and misuse compared to their heterosexual and cisgender peers. This select review of the literature found that recent studies continue to document disparities in substance use. These disparities are partially explained by general and unique stressors as well as social, interpersonal, and cultural factors experienced by sexual and gender minority youth. There are many gaps in the literature, including limited research on protective factor...

Test-retest reliability and minimal detectable change for measures of balance and gait in adults with cerebral palsy.

Walking and balance often begin to deteriorate in ambulant adults with cerebral palsy (CP) in early adulthood. The decline in walking and balance imposes a more sedentary lifestyle, increases falls risk, negatively affects health, participation, and quality of life, and ultimately results in increased disability. Available research is not sufficient to guide interventions to improve walking and balance in this population. To advance research in this area, there is a need for measures of gait and balance wit...

Review on China's wind power policy (1986-2017).

As an important renewable energy source, wind power plays a key role in mitigating climate change and has become one of the fastest growing clean energies globally. In China, wind energy development has been a vital component of national energy transformation strategy. Over the years, the Chinese government has introduced a series of policies to promote the development of wind power and also to regulate this emerging industry. Base on examining all the key policy documents on wind power issued by the Chines...

Energy Balance in Critically Ill Children With Severe Sepsis Using Indirect Calorimetry: A Prospective Cohort Study.

Energy needs in critically ill children are dynamic and variable. Data on energy balance in children with severe sepsis using indirect calorimetry (IC) is lacking. Thus, we planned to study the energy needs and balance of this cohort.

Research on food-related chronic diseases in Latin America and the Caribbean: Are we building the evidence for gender-equitable approaches?

Gender continues to be largely neglected in the global response to the noncommunicable disease epidemic. The objectives of this study were to examine current practice and barriers faced by Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) researchers in addressing gender in research on healthy food environments, and to identify future topics for gender-sensitive and gender-transformative research.

Power fluctuations in turbulence.

To generate or maintain a turbulent flow, one needs to introduce kinetic energy. This energy injection necessarily fluctuates and these power fluctuations act on all turbulent excited length scales. If the power is injected using forces proportional to the velocity, such as those common in shear flows, or with a force acting at the largest scales only, the spectrum of these fluctuations is shown to have a universal inertial range, proportional to the energy spectrum.

Recent Advances in the Characterization of Skeletal Muscle and Whole-Body Protein Responses to Dietary Protein and Exercise during Negative Energy Balance.

In a review published in 2012, we concluded that higher-protein diets preserve muscle mass during energy deficit via stimulated mammalian target of rapamycin complex 1 signaling, coincident increased muscle protein synthesis (PS), inhibited ubiquitin-mediated proteolysis, and suppressed muscle protein breakdown (PB). Since then, there have been significant advances in understanding the fundamental effects of higher-protein diets, with or without exercise training, on muscle and whole-body protein homeostasi...

Energy balance but not competitive environment corresponds with allostatic load during development in an Old World monkey.

Primates develop slowly relative to their body size, a pattern posited to result from ecological risk aversion. Little is known, however, about how energy balance contributes to allostatic load in juveniles. Using data collected over 8 consecutive months, we examined variation in energy balance (as measured by urinary C-peptide) and how energy balance, life history status, and social competition related to allostatic load (as measured by deviation from baseline fecal glucocorticoid metabolites, dfGCs) in 41...

Reaching full potential: bioelectrochemical systems for storing renewable energy in chemical bonds.

The growing abundance of wind and solar power has driven interest in utilizing this renewable energy to make chemicals. One of the most efficient and sophisticated frameworks to solar-to-chemical conversion is bioelectrochemical systems that electrochemically couple inorganic catalysts and microorganisms. In particular, microbial electrosynthesis systems and biohybrid systems have used CO and electricity or light, respectively, to synthesize organic acids at energy efficiencies that exceed natural photosynt...

Instability training, assessing the impact of level of difficulty on balance: A randomized clinical trial.

Most human movements are executed while in a state of postural instability. For this reason, instability training is a highly-specific method that is intended to improve balance and postural control. This research aimed to determine the effect of instability training on the balance of individuals with similar baseline abilities, who initiated training within different stability conditions.

An optimization method for energy structures based on life cycle assessment and its application to the power grid in China.

The optimization of energy structures, aimed at saving energy and reducing emissions, is an important precautionary measure against climate change. This study considers different environmental impacts of power systems, and investigates ways to optimize power structures and decrease their potential environmental impact. A multi-objectives optimization model of energy structures was created based on life cycle assessment (LCA). This model covers several environment impacts, rather than only focusing on carbon...

Acute Effects of Exercise Intensity on Insulin Sensitivity under Energy Balance.

Exercise is known to improve insulin sensitivity (SI), however studies to date have been confounded by negative energy deficits following exercise.

Effect of Circadian Rhythm on Metabolic Processes and the Regulation of Energy Balance.

The circadian timing system or circadian clock plays a crucial role in many biological processes, such as the sleep-wake cycle, hormone secretion, cardiovascular health, glucose homeostasis, and body temperature regulation. Energy balance is also one of the most important cornerstones of metabolic processes, whereas energy imbalance is associated with many diseases (i.e., obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease). Circadian clock is the main regulator of metabolism, and this analysis provides an overview o...

Gender, power, and violence: A systematic review of measures and their association with male perpetration of IPV.

Harmful gender norms, views on the acceptability of violence against women, and power inequities in relationships have been explored as key drivers of male perpetration of intimate partner violence (IPV). Yet such antecedents have been inconsistently measured in the empirical literature. This systematic review aimed to identify which measures of gender inequitable norms, views, relations and practices are currently being used in the field, and which are most closely tied with male IPV perpetration.

Solar-Driven Water-Gas Shift Reaction over CuOx/Al2O3 with 1.1% of Light-to-Energy Storage.

Hydrogen production from coal gasification provides a cleaning approach to convert coal resource into chemical energy, but the key procedures of coal gasification and thermal catalytic water-gas shift (WGS) reaction in this energy technology still suffer from high energy cost. We herein propose to adopt solar-driven WGS process instead of traditional thermal catalysis aiming to reduce energy consumption of production greatly; it is interestingly found that, under light irradiation, the CuOx/Al2O3 delivers e...

Expression of genes related to liver fatty acid metabolism in fat-tailed and thin-tailed lambs during negative and positive energy balances.

Fat-tailed sheep breeds can tolerate periods of negative energy balance without suffering from elevated concentration of plasma non-esterified fatty acid (NEFA). This ability was attributed to unique metabolism of fat-tailed adipose depot, whereas role of liver as an influential organ in fatty acid metabolism was not evaluated yet. Hence, current study was conducted to evaluate the effects of negative and positive energy balances on liver expression of genes related to fatty acid metabolism in fat-tailed an...

Women in Health Academia: Power Dynamics in Nursing, Higher Education and Research.

Power - or the wielding of power - is an evitable and necessary component of the way organisations function. This is because power forms the basis of 'getting things done', 'making a difference' and achieving outcomes - the common goal of all organisations (Blake & Mouton, 1968; Vine, 2004). Power is further broken down into two types: 'power to' or the ability to achieve objectives; and 'power over' or the influence one has over the behaviours and actions of others (Hawks, 1991, p. 755). This article is pr...

Lateral hypothalamic Mc3R-expressing neurons modulate locomotor activity, energy expenditure and adiposity in male mice.

The central melanocortin (Mc) system plays a crucial role in the control of energy balance. While the decreased energy expenditure and increased adiposity of Mc-3 receptor (Mc3R)-null mice suggest the importance of Mc3R-regulated neurons in energy homeostasis, the roles for specific subsets of Mc3R neurons in energy balance have yet to be determined. Because the lateral hypothalamic area (LHA) contributes to the control of energy expenditure and feeding, we generated Mc3rcre mice to determine the roles of L...

A Power Supply Technology for a Low-Power Online Monitoring Sensor Based on Electric Field Induction.

In order to provide a safe and stable power supply for low-power online monitoring sensors of transmission lines, a method of harvesting space electric field energy by using the impedance conversion characteristics of the transformer and the reactive compensation characteristics of the capacitor is proposed. The method effectively solves the key problem that the power of energy harvesting based on electric field induction is limited by the transformer excitation reactance and is difficult to upgrade. In thi...

Prospects of thermal power plants switching from traditional fuels to coal-water slurries containing petrochemicals.

The amount of thermal and electric energy produced by coal combustion increases nonlinearly, because the production capacities and consumption of the corresponding energy are on the rise. The prospects of excluding coal from the picture are slim, because it has been traditionally considered one of the most attractive fuels in terms of cost and heat of combustion. What we need is major changes in the energy industry towards environmentally effective use of coals and their processing wastes. In this research,...

Auto-switchable dual-mode seawater energy extraction system enabled by metal-organic frameworks.

HHarvesting energy directly in ocean by electrochemical device is essential for driving underwater appliances such as underwater vehicles or detectors. Due to the extreme environments undersea, it is important, but very difficult so far, to use the devices with both a high energy density and power density simultaneously. Inspired by marine organisms which have switchable energy extraction modes either through aerobic respiration for long-term living or via anaerobic respiration to provide instantaneously hi...

High Power Density Tower-like Triboelectric Nanogenerator for Harvesting Arbitrary Directional Water Wave Energy.

Wave energy is one of the most available energy sources in ocean. In this work, a design of high power density triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG) based on a tower structure is proposed for harvesting wave energy from arbitrary directions. Such tower-like TENG (T-TENG) consists of multiple units made of PTFE balls and 3D printed arc surface coated with melt adhesive reticulation nylon film. The power generation model coupled with the kinetic model for the T-TENG is proposed and discussed. The T-TENG can effe...

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