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APS Presidential Plenary 2019: the way of science: serendipity and the illusion of linearity.

The influence of age on the rubber hand illusion.

The rubber hand illusion is a perceptual illusion whereby a model hand is embodied during tactile stimulation. The aim of the present study is to investigate the onset time of the illusion in relation to age. We used two sensors, made using Arduino NANO, in order to record the onset time in which the participants said to start perceiving the illusion. The subjects involved in the experiment were divided in 3 age groups: 16-20, 21-50, and 51-88 years. We observed a clear-cut stronger manifestation of the i...

SMFM 2019: Meeting highlights-Day 2, Fellow's Plenary (Podcast).

Presidential address: Six open questions to genetic epidemiologists.

Given the rapid pace with which genomics and other -omics disciplines are evolving, it is sometimes necessary to shift down a gear to consider more general scientific questions. In this line, in my presidential address I formulate six questions for genetic epidemiologists to ponder on. These cover the areas of reproducibility, statistical significance, chance findings, precision medicine and related fields such as bioinformatics and data science. Possible hints at responses are presented to foster our furth...

The development of the size-weight illusion in children coincides with the development of nonverbal cognition rather than motor skills.

We examined how the strength of the size-weight illusion develops with age in typically developing children. To this end, we recruited children aged 5-12 years and quantified the degree to which they experienced the illusion. We hypothesized that the strength of the illusion would increase with age. The results supported this hypothesis. We also measured abilities in manual dexterity, receptive language, and abstract reasoning to determine whether changes in illusion strength were associated with these fa...

American Pediatric Society 2019 Presidential Address: striving to be a lasting blessing to the community.

When Does One Decide How Heavy an Object Feels While Picking It Up?

When lifting an object, it takes time to decide how heavy it is. How does this weight judgment develop? To answer this question, we examined when visual size information has to be present to induce a size-weight illusion. We found that a short glimpse (200 ms) of size information is sufficient to induce a size-weight illusion. The illusion occurred not only when the glimpse was before the onset of lifting but also when the object's weight could already be felt. Only glimpses more than 300 ms after the onset...

2019 National Society of Genetic Counselors Presidential Address: Empowering Ourselves, and Each Other, to Own our Power and Pioneer our Future as Genetic Counselors.

Creating an Illusion of Movement between the Hands Using Mid-Air Touch.

Apparent tactile motion (ATM) has been shown to occur across many contiguous parts of the body, such as fingers, forearms and the back. More recently, the illusion has also been elicited on non-contiguous part of the body, such as from one hand to the other when interconnected or not interconnected by an object in between the hands. Here we explore the reproducibility of the intermanual tactile illusion of movement between two free hands by employing mid-air tactile stimulation. We investigate the optimal p...

Insect Neurobiology: Optical Illusions at the Cellular Level.

The reverse-phi illusion has been one key to understanding the use of correlation for motion perception in humans and many other animals. A new study finds the source of this illusion at the cellular level in fruit flies.

Gains in health insurance coverage explain variation in Democratic vote share in the 2008-2016 presidential elections.

In the last decade, health care reform has dominated U.S. public policy and political discourse. Double-digit rate increases in premiums in the Health Insurance Marketplaces established by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2018 make this an ongoing issue that could affect future elections. A seminal event that changed the course of policy and politics around health care reform is the 2016 presidential election. The results of the 2016 presidential election departed considerably from polling forecasts. Given ...

Serendipity and spontaneity - Critical components in 40 years of academia.

I was flattered and felt tremendously honored to receive the 2018 Distinguished Career Award (DCA) from SSIB, the society that I always considered my scientific home, my family. Preparing the award lecture, I reflected about defining features of my career. This paper summarizes this very personal retrospective. As you will read, serendipity and more or less spontaneous decisions; i.e., some luck to be in the right place at the right time, and spontaneity to grab an opportunity when it presented itself, play...

Tolerable Acclimation to the Cross-Coupled Illusion through a 10-day, Incremental, Personalized Protocol.

BACKGROUNDArtificial gravity (AG) has the potential to provide a comprehensive countermeasure mitigating deleterious effects of microgravity. However, the cross-coupled "Coriolis" illusion has prevented using a more feasible and less costly short-radius centrifuge, as compared to large, slowly spinning systems.OBJECTIVEWe assessed tolerability of a personalized, incremental protocol to acclimate humans to the cross-coupled illusion, enabling faster spin rates.METHODSTen subjects were exposed to the illusion...

Rubber hands in space: the role of distance and relative position in the rubber hand illusion.

The rubber hand illusion (RHI) is a perceptual phenomenon in which participants experience ownership over a fake model hand through synchronous visuotactile stimulation. Several studies have shown that the illusion occurs only when both hands are in close proximity to each other. In the present study, we systematically examined the role of relative position (lateral, distal) and distance (13-75 cm) of the model hand (with respect to participants' real hand) on illusion experience across both lateral and di...

Neural evidence accounting for interindividual variability of the McGurk illusion.

The McGurk illusion is experienced to various degrees among the general population. Previous studies have implicated the left superior temporal sulcus (STS) and auditory cortex (AC) as regions associated with this interindividual variability. We sought to further investigate the neurophysiology underlying this variability using a variant of the McGurk illusion design. Electroencephalography (EEG) was recorded while human subjects were presented with videos of a speaker uttering the consonant-vowels (CVs) /b...

Asymmetry of pictorial space: A cultural phenomenon.

Art experts have argued that the mirror reversal of pictorial artworks produces an alteration of their spatial content. However, this putative asymmetry of the pictorial space remains to be empirically proved and causally explained. Here, we address these issues with the "corridor illusion," a size illusion triggered by the pictorial space of a receding corridor. We show that mirror-reversed corridors-receding respectively leftward and rightward-induce markedly different illusion strengths and thus convey d...

The Uznadze illusion reveals similar effects of relative size on perception and action.

Milner and Goodale (the visual brain in action, Oxford University Press Inc., Oxford, 1995) proposed a functional dissociation between vision-for-action and vision-for-perception (i.e., the "two-visual system hypothesis", TVSH). Supporting the TVSH, it has been claimed that visual illusions affect perception but not actions. However, at least for the Ebbinghaus illusion, numerous studies have revealed consistent illusion effects on grasping. Thus, whether illusions affect actions remains controversial. To f...

The Illusion of Consensus: A Failure to Distinguish Between True and False Consensus.

When evaluating information, we cannot always rely on what has been presented as truth: Different sources might disagree with each other, and sometimes there may be no underlying truth. Accordingly, we must use other cues to evaluate information-perhaps the most salient of which is consensus. But what counts as consensus? Do we attend only to surface-level indications of consensus, or do we also probe deeper and consider why sources agree? Four experiments demonstrated that individuals evaluate consensus on...

Serendipity and the joy of surgery.

Serendipity and sequencing.

Beware the Alar Base Optical Illusion in Assessment of Unilateral Cleft Lip Nasal Deformity.

After repair of unilateral cleft lip, lateral drift of the alar base is expected and may require revision. Although the alar base appears wider than on the noncleft side, by measurement it could be symmetric or narrow. Is this an optical illusion?

Plenary Symposia.

Corrigendum to "Allyl-isothiocyanate ameliorates the pre-neoplastic changes induced by the fern Dryopteris nigropalaceae on experimental feeding in Guinea pigs" Research in Veterinary Science 124 (2019) 24-31.

Open Medicinal Chemistry.

Hello 2019! ChemMedChem Editor David Peralta looks back at the journal's activities in 2018, as well as upcoming Special Collections, features, and developments for ChemPubSoc Europe in 2019. He also introduces the journal's new Editorial Board co-chair, Prof. Sangyong Jon from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST).

What Will Be Coming in 2019.

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