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Basic properties and classification of Mueller matrices derived from their statistical definition.

Starting from the statistical definition of the Mueller matrix, we derive the relationships between basic properties, such as the number of contact points of the characteristic ellipsoid with the Poincaré sphere and the rank of the covariance matrix. This approach enables the comprehensive classification of any experimental depolarizing Mueller matrix into one of six possible classes, thus making possible phenomenological interpretation in terms of a specific fluctuating Jones generator or of a finite sum ...

Experimental evidence for partial spatial coherence in imaging Mueller polarimetry.

We demonstrate experimentally the validity of the partial spatial coherence formalism in Mueller polarimetry and show that, in a finite spatial resolution experiment, the measured response is obtained through convolving the theoretical one with the instrument function. The reported results are of primary importance for Mueller imaging systems.

Polar decompositions of negative-determinant Mueller matrices featuring nondiagonal depolarizers.

We generalize an existing algebraic procedure for the polar decomposition of Mueller matrices with negative determinants [Opt. Commun.281, 2406 (2008)OPCOB80030-401810.1016/j.optcom.2007.12.076] to the case of nondiagonal depolarizer matrix factors. The generalized procedure is applied to experimental Mueller matrices illustrating its potential for the phenomenological interpretation of complex polarimetric data.

On the depolarization in granular thin films: a Mueller-matrix approach.

We describe a general method to disclose the information hidden in Mueller matrices experimentally obtained from depolarizing samples. Although spectroscopic Mueller-matrix ellipsometry allows for a model-free characterization of inhomogeneous samples, i.e., independently from any assumption on the sample structure, the interpretation of the obtained results is often challenging. The proposed method combines three different decomposition techniques applied to the measured Mueller matrices in transmission an...

"Yes, we can!" review on team confidence in sports.

During the last decade, team confidence has received more and more attention in the sport psychology literature. Research has demonstrated that athletes who are more confident in their team's abilities exert more effort, set more challenging goals, are more resilient when facing adversities, and ultimately perform better. This article reviews the existing literature in order to provide more clarity in terms of the conceptualization and the operationalization of team confidence. We thereby distinguish betwee...

Team building: conceptual, methodological, and applied considerations.

Team building has been identified as an important method of improving the psychological climate in which teams operate, as well as overall team functioning. Within the context of sports, team building interventions have consistently been found to result in improvements in team effectiveness. In this paper we review the extant literature on team building in sport, and address a range of conceptual, methodological, and applied considerations that have the potential to advance theory, research, and applied int...

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Full four-dimensional and reciprocal Mueller matrix bidirectional reflectance distribution function of sintered polytetrafluoroethylene.

We measured the Mueller matrix bidirectional reflectance distribution function (BRDF) of a sintered polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) sample over the scattering hemisphere for six incident angles (0°-75° in 15° steps) and for four wavelengths (351 nm, 532 nm, 633 nm, and 1064 nm). The data for each wavelength were fit to a phenomenological description for the Mueller matrix BRDF, which is an extension of the bidirectional surface scattering modes developed by Koenderink and van Doorn [J. Opt. Soc. Am. A.15,...

Job satisfaction among mental healthcare professionals: The respective contributions of professional characteristics, team attributes, team processes, and team emergent states.

The aim of this study was to determine the respective contribution of professional characteristics, team attributes, team processes, and team emergent states on the job satisfaction of 315 mental health professionals from Quebec (Canada).

Proposal of a Classification System for the Assessment and Treatment of Prominent Ear Deformity.

Prominent ear is the most common external ear deformity. To comprehensively treat prominent ear deformity, adequate comprehension of its pathophysiology is crucial. In this article, we analyze cases of prominent ear and suggest a simple classification system and treatment algorithm according to pathophysiology.

Mueller matrix polarimetry on a Young's double-slit experiment analog.

In this Letter we describe an experiment in which coherent light is sent through a calcite crystal that separates the photons by their polarization. The two beams are then let to superpose, and this recombined beam is used to measure the Mueller matrix of the system. Results are interpreted according to our recent formalism of coherent superposition in material media. This is the first experimental implementation of a Young's experiment with complete polarimetry, and it is demonstrated that our method can b...

A battery-less and wireless wearable sensor system for identifying bed and chair exits in a pilot trial in hospitalized older people.

Falls in hospitals are common, therefore strategies to minimize the impact of these events in older patients and needs to be examined. In this pilot study, we investigate a movement monitoring sensor system for identifying bed and chair exits using a wireless wearable sensor worn by hospitalized older patients. We developed a movement monitoring sensor system that recognizes bed and chair exits. The system consists of a machine learning based activity classifier and a bed and chair exit recognition process ...

A Measure of Team Resilience: Developing the Resilience at Work Team Scale.

This study develops, and initial evaluates, a new measure of team-based resilience for use in research and practice.

Factors Influencing Team Behaviors in Surgery: A Qualitative Study to Inform Teamwork Interventions.

Surgical excellence demands teamwork. Poor team behaviors negatively affect team performance and are associated with adverse events and worse outcomes. Interventions to improve surgical teamwork focusing on frontline team members' nontechnical skills have proliferated but shown mixed results. Literature on teamwork in organizations suggests that team behaviors are also contingent on psycho-social, cultural and organizational factors. This study examines factors influencing surgical team behaviors in order t...

Critical dimension metrology of a plasmonic photonic crystal based on Mueller matrix ellipsometry and the reduced Rayleigh equation.

A computationally efficient algorithm based on the reduced Rayleigh equation, combined with an optimization scheme, is used to accurately retrieve the morphological parameters of a two-dimensional plasmonic photonic crystal from angle-resolved spectroscopic Mueller matrix ellipsometric measurements. The numerical method is successfully tested against experimental data and gives morphological parameters consistent with SEM and AFM measurements.

Using Teams to Improve Outcomes and Performance.

Mastering the use of teams in healthcare organizations can maximize outcomes and optimize the use of resources. Most work in healthcare organizations is done by teams, whether it's the clinical team taking care of patients on a unit, the leadership team accountable for operations of the organization, or a team formed to solve a specific problem, improve quality, or plan an event. Effective teams make organizations successful; ineffective teams can create more problems than they solve. This article describes...

Leader evaluation and team cohesiveness in the process of team development: A matter of gender?

Leadership positions are still stereotyped as masculine, especially in male-dominated fields (e.g., engineering). So how do gender stereotypes affect the evaluation of leaders and team cohesiveness in the process of team development? In our study participants worked in 45 small teams (4-5 members). Each team was headed by either a female or male leader, so that 45 leaders (33% women) supervised 258 team members (39% women). Over a period of nine months, the teams developed specific engineering projects as p...

Comparative sensitivity and inhibitor tolerance of GlobalFiler® PCR Amplification and Investigator® 24plex QS kits for challenging samples.

In cases such as mass disasters or missing persons, human remains are challenging to identify as they may be fragmented, burnt, been buried, decomposed, and/or contain inhibitory substances. This study compares the performance of a relatively new STR kit in the US market (Investigator® 24plex QS kit; Qiagen) with the GlobalFiler® PCR Amplification kit (Thermo Fisher Scientific) when genotyping highly inhibited and low level DNA samples. In this study, DNA samples ranging from 1 ng to 7.8 pg were ampli...

A mixed methods study of emotional exhaustion: Energizing and depleting work within an innovative healthcare team.

This mixed methods study documents emotional exhaustion experiences among care team members during the development of an innovative team approach for caring for adults with serious illness. A mixed methods study design was employed to examine depleting work experiences that may produce emotional exhaustion, and energizing aspects of the work that may increase meaningfulness of work, thus reducing emotional exhaustion. The population studied included team members involved in care for adults with serious illn...

Designing a more efficient, effective and safe Medical Emergency Team (MET) service using data analysis.

Hospitals have seen a rise in Medical Emergency Team (MET) reviews. We hypothesised that the commonest MET calls result in similar treatments. Our aim was to design a pre-emptive management algorithm that allowed direct institution of treatment to patients without having to wait for attendance of the MET team and to model its potential impact on MET call incidence and patient outcomes.

Why and When Hierarchy Impacts Team Effectiveness: A Meta-Analytic Integration.

Hierarchy has the potential to both benefit and harm team effectiveness. In this article, we meta-analytically investigate different explanations for why and when hierarchy helps or hurts team effectiveness, drawing on results from 54 prior studies (N = 13,914 teams). Our findings show that, on net, hierarchy negatively impacts team effectiveness (performance: ρ = -.08; viability: ρ = -.11), and that this effect is mediated by increased conflict-enabling states. Additionally, we show that the negative rel...

Relapsing Polychondritis is a Lung Disease: My Story.

Relapsing polychondritis is a rare autoimmune disease that can be fatal. This systemic condition with a predilection for cartilage can inflame the trachea, the distal airways, ear and nose, blood vessels, eyes, kidneys, and brain. If relapsing polychondritis is not diagnosed early and treated effectively, there can be irreversible damage to the cartilage that can lead to tracheal or bronchial collapse, blindness, and deafness. I am a physician and a clinical investigator. I have severe relapsing polychondri...

Individual versus interprofessional team performance in formulating care transition plans: A randomised study of trainees from five professional groups.

Health professions trainees' performance in teams is rarely evaluated, but increasingly important as the healthcare delivery systems in which they will practice move towards team-based care. Effective management of care transitions is an important aspect of interprofessional teamwork. This mixed-methods study used a crossover design to randomise health professions trainees to work as individuals and as teams to formulate written care transition plans. Experienced external raters assessed the quality of the ...

Monitoring loads and non-contact injury during the transition from club to National team prior to an international football tournament: A case study of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2015 Asia Cup.

Injured and non-injured national team footballers were compared for external and internal loads during transition from club to National team training camp.

Assessment of tissue polarimetric properties using Stokes polarimetric imaging with circularly polarized illumination.

Tissue depolarization and linear retardance are the main polarization characteristics of interest for bulk tissue characterization, and are normally interpreted from Mueller polarimetry. Stokes polarimetry can be conducted using simpler instrumentation and in a shorter time. Here we use Stokes polarimetric imaging with circularly polarized illumination to assess the circular depolarization and linear retardance properties of tissue. Results obtained were compared with Mueller polarimetry in transmission and...

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