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Implementation and Effectiveness of an Online Responsible Vendor Training Program for Recreational Marijuana Stores in Colorado, Oregon, and Washington State.

Six US states have implemented retail sales of recreational marijuana. Training in responsible sales practices has been effective in the alcohol market. An online responsible marijuana vendor (RMV) training was produced and implemented with stores in a randomized trial.

Late-life Living and Care Arrangements of Older Filipino-New Zealanders.

To explore the living and care arrangement plans of older Filipino immigrants in New Zealand.

Abuse and depression among Filipino foreign domestic helpers. A cross-sectional survey in Hong Kong.

The objectives of this study are to (1) explore physical and verbal abuse experience, perpetrators of abuse and abuse reporting behaviours of Filipino foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong and (2) examine associations between their abuse experience and depression level.

Permanently online and permanently connected: Development and validation of the Online Vigilance Scale.

Smartphones and other mobile devices have fundamentally changed patterns of Internet use in everyday life by making online access constantly available. The present paper offers a theoretical explication and empirical assessment of the concept of online vigilance, referring to users' permanent cognitive orientation towards online content and communication as well as their disposition to exploit these options constantly. Based on four studies, a validated and reliable self-report measure of online vigilance w...

NEV supply chain coordination and sustainability considering sales effort and risk aversion under the CVaR criterion.

In a two-echelon new energy vehicle (NEV) supply chain consisting of a risk-neutral manufacturer and a risk-averse retailer, the coordination and sustainability problem is investigated. The risk-averse retailer, who makes sales effort and undertakes the incurred effort cost, decides the order quantity and sales effort level under the Conditional Value-at-Risk (CVaR) criterion. We derive the optimal centralized decisions of a vertically integrated supply chain where the retailer is owned by the manufacturer....

Movement imagery as a predictor of online control in typically developing children.

The ability to mentally represent actions is suggested to play a role in the online control of movement in healthy adults. Children's movement imagery ability and online control have been shown to develop at similar nonlinear rates. The current study investigated the relationship between movement imagery and online control in children by comparing implicit and explicit movement imagery measures with the ability to make online trajectory corrections. Imagery ability was a significant predictor of children's ...

Self-ownership, relational dignity, and organ sales.

Material property has traditionally been conceived of as separable from its owner and thus alienable in an exchange. So it seems that you could sell your watch or even your kidney because it can be removed from your wrist or abdomen and transferred to another. However, if we are each identical to a living human animal, self-ownership is impossible for self-separation is impossible. We thus cannot sell our parts if we don't own the whole that they compose. It would be incoherent to own all of your body's par...

E-cigarettes in airports and on flights: Europe and the US.

While progress has been made to create smoke-free airports, sales of e-cigarettes at airports and airplanes and the presence of advertisements might detract from these smoke-free policies. The objective of this study is to describe the presence of policies, advertising, sales and use of e-cigarettes in airports and on flights in Europe and the US.

Trends in Unit Sales of Flavored and Menthol Electronic Cigarettes in the United States, 2012-2016.

The use of flavored tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), is common in the United States, and flavored products are particularly appealing to young people. The objective of this study was to describe national and state trends in flavored and menthol e-cigarette unit sales.

The latent structure of major depressive symptoms and its relationship with somatic disorder symptoms among Filipino female domestic workers in China.

Emerging research have investigated the factor structure of major depressive disorder (MDD) symptoms based on DSM-5 nomenclature. However, to date, results have been inconsistent on what symptom-structure best represent MDD. This study examines the best fitting MDD among four competing models in a sample of overseas Filipino domestic helpers (N = 232). The results show that a two-factor model (Model 2b; Krause et al., 2010) provided the best fit. The model consist of two factors: somatic and non-somati...

Law enforcement practices in the first two states in U.S. to legalize recreational marijuana.

There is a lack of research regarding law enforcement practices where recreational marijuana sales are legal. Given that legalization of recreational marijuana is expanding, lessons learned from areas with existing legalization can help inform future practices. This pilot study is an evaluation of enforcement of marijuana laws in the first two states in the U.S. to legalize sales of recreational marijuana, Colorado and Washington, several years post legalization.

Response: Iodine Status in Filipino Women of Childbearing Age ( 2018;33:372-9, Michael E. Serafico et al.).

Letter: Iodine Status in Filipino Women of Childbearing Age ( 2018;33:372-9, Michael E. Serafico et al.).

Core curriculum illustration: colonic intussusception due to pedunculated lipoma.

This is the 48th installment of a series that will highlight one case per publication issue from the bank of cases available online as a part of the American Society of Emergency Radiology (ASER) educational resources. Our goal is to generate more interest in and use of our online materials. To view more cases online, please visit the ASER Core Curriculum and Recommendations for study online at .

Problematic Online Betting Among Turkish Adolescents.

Problematic online betting among adolescents has attracted considerable public attention internationally for the last two decades. Although the online betting prevalence rate in Turkey is unclear, some reports indicate that it could be more pervasive than is currently estimated. The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of problematic online betting, common behaviors of youth related to betting, and to identify the effect of family on online betting among Turkish adolescents. We surveyed 6116 ad...

Difference between recommended retail price and sales price for tobacco products in independent and convenience (small) retailers before and after the introduction of standardised tobacco packaging in the UK.

Recommended retail price (RRP) is a marketing strategy used by tobacco companies to maintain competitiveness, communicate product positioning and drive sales. We explored small retailer adherence to RRP before and after the introduction of the Standardised Packaging of Tobacco Products Regulations in the UK (fully implemented on 20 May 2017) which mandated standardised packaging of cigarettes and rolling tobacco, set minimum pack/pouch sizes and prohibited price-marking.

Evaluation of the Impact of Shandong Illegal Vaccine Sales Incident on Immunizations in China.

A case of illegal vaccine sales in Shandong province, China, (hereinafter, the incident), which caused a lack of confidence among vaccination recipients and public panic, was uncovered in March 2016. We conducted a study comprising two cross-sectional surveys: at two months (May 2016) and seven months (October 2016) after the incident. The study aimed to evaluate the impact on immunizations; investigate the variation of the immunization coverage of the National Immunization Program Vaccines (NIPV) and the s...

Perspectives of online surveys in dermatology.

The striking rise in the Internet utilization worldwide has led to major changes in the methods of data collection and processing. Online surveying has been used to assess different health services, explore patients' perceptions and measure interventions. The discipline of dermatology is one of the fields that gained benefits from surveying patients and dermatologists online, however, some disadvantages such as the low response rate and participation bias were suggested. This review summarizes the applicati...

The relationship between pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) and the cost of therapies in the US pharmaceutical market: A policy primer for clinicians.

Pharmaceutical benefit managers (PBMs) are playing an increasingly important role in establishing access to pharmaceutical products for patients. PBMs set retail prices for pharmaceutical products, negotiate "rebates" from manufacturers based on total sales volume of products, and achieve several types of postsale price concessions and payments from pharmacies. All of these activities describe a complex flow of funds that has not been transparent to clinicians or to patients. In this article, we describe th...

Emotional labor and depressive mood in service and sales workers: Interactions with gender and job autonomy.

Emotional labor is strongly correlated with negative consequences in psychological well-being and mental health status in workers. We investigated the associations of emotional labor with depressive mood and perceived usual stress level according to gender and its interactions with job autonomy in service and sales workers. The data from 2,055 service and sales workers from the Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (KNHANES) conducted from 2007 to 2009 were analyzed. High emotional labor w...

Engagement in an Online Cultural Competency Training.

Engagement with online cultural competency training has not been well studied. We examined knowledge, attitudes, and skills differences among medical students, physicians, and other professionals in an online cultural competency education program.

Infertility patients' need and preferences for online peer support.

This study sought to determine the level of interest in online peer support among infertility patients, factors associated with such interest, and preferences for features of an online peer support network. A sample of 236 men and 283 women ( = 519) seeking fertility treatment were recruited from four clinics in Ontario and Quebec, Canada. Participants completed an anonymous online questionnaire assessing demographics, perceived stress and fertility characteristics, in addition to interest in and prefer...

Differences in Nursing Faculty Satisfaction Teaching Online: A Comparative Descriptive Study.

Many students today desire an education that can be completed without attending traditional classroom settings. Nursing administrators are responding by increasing the number of online course offerings, which has resulted in more nursing faculty asked to transition coursework from traditional to online classes, often without support.

Cigarette brand diversity and price changes during the implementation of plain packaging in the United Kingdom.

Plain packaging of cigarettes appeared in the UK in July 2016 and was ubiquitous by May 2017. The change coincided with another legislative change, raising the minimum pack size from 10 to 20 cigarettes. Laws imposing plain packaging on cigarette packs remove another promotional route from tobacco companies but the effect of such laws on brand diversity, pricing, and sales volume is unknown. This study aimed to 1) describe and quantify changes in brand diversity, price segmentation and sales volumes and 2) ...

Examining factors affecting patients trust in online healthcare services in China: The moderating role of the purpose of use.

With the development of Web 2.0 technologies, an increasing number of websites are providing online healthcare services, and they have potential to alleviate problems of overloaded medical resources in China. However, some patients are reluctant to trust and continue using online healthcare services, partly due to the immature development of healthcare websites. Previous research has argued that online trust is significantly associated with the risk or benefit perceived by users. This study aims to extend p...

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