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When the market drives you crazy: Stock market returns and fatal car accidents.

This paper provides evidence that daily fluctuations in the stock market have important - and hitherto neglected - spillover effects on fatal car accidents. Using the universe of fatal car accidents in the United States from 1990 to 2015, we find that a one standard deviation reduction in daily stock market returns is associated with a 0.6% increase in fatal car accidents that happen after the stock market opening. A battery of falsification tests supports a causal interpretation of this finding. Our result...

The analysis of medical market in Russia in 2016-2018: main economic indices and research results.

The article presents the main indicators of development of Russian medical market in 2016-2018. The basic data concerning main activities in market of medical services and goods, key figures on patterns and trends of market of medical sphere, pricing policy, organizational forms of medical institutions is presented. The conclusions on the research oт supply and demand in medical market are made. The conclusions related to forecasting and planning of development of Russian medical market in Russia, its pers...

Classification of position management strategies at the order-book level and their influences on future market-price formation.

Financial prices fluctuate as a results of the market impact of the flow of transactions between traders. Reciprocally, several studies of market microstructure have shown how decisions of individual traders or banks, implemented in their trading strategies, are affected by historical market information. However, little is known about the detailed processes of how such trading strategies at the micro level recursively affect future market information at the macro level. Using a special fined-grained dataset...

Impact of market misallocations on green TFP: evidence from countries along the Belt and Road.

Based on the idea of a "Community of Human Destiny," the Chinese government proposed the "Belt and Road" initiative, and clearly proposed to promote green development and strengthen ecological environmental protection. However, a considerable number of countries are resource-rich economies with serious market misallocations. Using the stochastic frontier analysis (SFA) combined with the directional distance function (DDF) framework, this paper measures the green total factor productivity (GTFP) and its item...

Will I Need to Move to Get My First Job?: Geographic Relocation and Other Trends in the Pathology Job Market.

There is an ongoing perception that the pathology job market is poor, which may be discouraging medical students from pursuing the specialty. Academic pathologists believe that jobs are available but relocation may be necessary.

Sleep assessment devices: types, market analysis, and a critical view on accuracy and validation.

: Sleep assessment devices are essential for the detection, diagnosis, and monitoring of sleep disorders. This paper provides a state-of-the-art review and comparison of sleep assessment devices and a market analysis.: Hardware devices are classified into contact and contactless devices. For each group, the underlying technologies are presented, paying special attention to their limitations. A systematic literature review has been carried out by comparing the most important validation studies of sleep track...

The unexpected consequences of generic entry.

Generic drugs are sold at a fraction of the original brand price. Yet, generic entry typically produces a drop in the quantity market share of the molecule losing exclusivity. This effect is economically and statistically significant for a large dataset covering hundreds of prescription drugs sold in the US during the period 1994Q1-2003Q4. This paper proposes the first systematic analysis of what appears to be a market anomaly. We propose a model to characterize the market equilibrium before and after gener...

Cannabis and youth protection in Colorado's commercial adult-use market: A qualitative investigation.

Arguments both for and against the legalization of cannabis often include the issue of youth protection. At the time of writing 5-years after the implementation of the Coloradan recreational cannabis market (CRCM), no statistically significant increase in consumption had been identified. This paper aimed to provide a thick descriptive account of youth prevention objectives stipulated in the pre-implementation phase of the CRCM and compare these with the real-world experience of regulators and other stakehol...

Financial Neutrality Should Replace the Iranian Paid Donor Market.

The article by Feizi and Moeindarbari, two Iranian economists, in this issue [1] serves to put another nail in the coffin in the once touted, but much overrated, so-called Iranian system of paid "regulated" organ donation. The Iranian "market" (the authors' term) was not a result of a strategic plan to address the needs of patients with end stage organ failure; rather, it was a result of the desperate needs of these patients with end stage kidney disease at the time of the catastrophic war between Iran and ...

Modeling aggressive market order placements with Hawkes factor models.

Price changes are induced by aggressive market orders in stock market. We introduce a bivariate marked Hawkes process to model aggressive market order arrivals at the microstructural level. The order arrival intensity is marked by an exogenous part and two endogenous processes reflecting the self-excitation and cross-excitation respectively. We calibrate the model for a Shenzhen Stock Exchange stock. We find that the exponential kernel with a smooth cut-off (i.e. the subtraction of two exponentials) produce...

Quantifying the competitiveness of the electronic health record market and its implications for interoperability.

The objective of this study was to quantify both the competitiveness of the EHR vendor market in the United States of America (US) and the degree of fragmentation of individual Medicare beneficiaries' medical records across the differing EHR vendors found in the US healthcare system.

The labor market in gerontological nursing in Brazil.

to analyze the development of the labor market in Gerontological Nursing in Brazil, between 1970 and 1996.

An improved gray prediction model for China's beef consumption forecasting.

To balance the supply and demand in China's beef market, beef consumption must be scientifically and effectively forecasted. Beef consumption is affected by many factors and is characterized by gray uncertainty. Therefore, gray theory can be used to forecast the beef consumption, In this paper, the structural defects and unreasonable parameter design of the traditional gray model are analyzed. Then, a new gray model termed, EGM(1,1,r), is built, and the modeling conditions and error checking methods of EGM(...

Current state and development trends of domestic medical device market for in vitro diagnostics in the segment of diagnostic reagents and their kits.

The problem of import substitution in the Russian medical device market for in vitro diagnostics (MD) has not been solved, despite a number of measures taken by the government of the Russian Federation since 2011. The reasons hampering this process are the lack of modern analytical equipment of domestic production and deficiencies of the current regulatory system for MD circulation in the market. It is proposed the transition from licensing system of MD registration to notification system as a radical measu...

Suture Lifting: A Review of the Literature and Our Experiences.

In the past 5 years, several absorbable sutures for use in minimally invasive suture lifts have appeared on the market. These newer sutures were preceded by several iterations of nonabsorbable counterparts, all of which were eventually removed from the market because of complications.

Market segmentation and urban CO emissions in China: Evidence from the Yangtze River Delta region.

As the largest CO emitter in the world, China plays a crucial role in global CO emission reduction. Meanwhile, as the largest developing country, China gives top priority to economic development, especially balanced regional development. In order to narrow regional development inequality, China has formulated some economic zone plannings to weaken market segmentation. However, existing studies pay little attention to the impacts of intra-national trade barrier on CO emissions within China. This is the first...

The price and mark up of pharmaceutical drugs supplied on the black market.

Research examining illicit drug markets has shown that price affects consumption and mark ups are extremely high. However, the economics of black market pharmaceutical supply remains unknown, despite increasing harms due to pharmaceuticals.

Trends in Prices, Market Share, and Spending on Self-administered Disease-Modifying Therapies for Multiple Sclerosis in Medicare Part D.

Before 2009, only 4 self-administered disease-modifying therapies (DMTs) were approved for the treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS). Since then, 7 new agents have entered the market.

The Effect of Hospital Market Competition on the Adoption of Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement.

The use of transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) has grown rapidly. The purpose of this study was to assess whether hospital market competition was associated with the use of TAVR.

Improving the Rate of Translation of Tissue Engineering Products.

Over 100 000 research articles and 9000 patents have been published on tissue engineering (TE) in the past 20 years. Yet, very few TE products have made their way to the market during the same period. Experts have proposed a variety of strategies to address the lack of translation of TE products. However, since these proposals are guided by qualitative insights, they are limited in scope and impact. Machine learning is utilized in the current study to analyze the entire body of patents that have been publis...

Employment in the neighborhoods of Barcelona: health effects of an active labor market program in Southern Europe.

The aim of this study was to analyze the changes in self-perceived health status and mental health among participants in an active labour market policy (ALMP) of Barcelona, and to assess whether the results differed according to the participants' social characteristics and their program trajectories.

The ship recycling market in Brazil - The Amazon potential.

Despite the considerable Brazilian coastline and vast water transportation cargo and passenger capacity, Brazil currently does not have a satisfactory amount of research aimed at ship recycling markets, especially in the Amazon region. This study aims to characterize this market in Brazil through research and data filtering related to national vessel fleets. Fleet data were obtained from the National Agency of Waterway Transportation (ANTAQ). Quantitative spatialization of the fleet was based on geostatisti...

Metamizole (Dipyrone) and the Liver: A Review of the Literature.

Metamizole, also known as dipyrone, was introduced to the market nearly a century ago. Due to its excellent analgesic, antipyretic, and spasmolytic properties combined with its mostly favorable gastrointestinal tolerability, the drug was extensively applied worldwide during the first decades after its market introduction. Although rare, agranulocytosis is a well-known adverse event of metamizole and led to its withdrawal from the market in a number of countries beginning in the 1960s. Nevertheless, metamizo...

Climate oscillations effects on market prices of commercially important fish in the northern Alboran Sea.

Climate oscillations affect fish population dynamics, ecological processes and fisheries activities in marine ecosystems. In the western Mediterranean, several atmospheric indices associated with pressure oscillations have been identified as the main drivers of the abundance or availability of certain resources exploited by fisheries. The main aim of this study was to explore the association between the potential effects of the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) and the Arctic Oscillation (AO) on the first sa...

A systematic review and thematic synthesis of Canada's LGBTQ2S+ employment, labour market and earnings literature.

The last two decades have witnessed a considerable growth in the literature focusing on LGBTQ2S+ employment, labour market inequality, and income. During the same period, Canada has emerged as a trailblazer in employment protections for both sexual and gender minorities. Unfortunately, the Canadian literature on LGBTQ2S+ employment outcomes and experiences is disperse and underdeveloped.

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