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The predictive ability of the expected utility-entropy based fund rating approach: A comparison investigation with Morningstar ratings in US.

In this paper, we propose an alternative fund rating approach based on the Expected Utility-Entropy (EU-E) decision model, in which the measure of risk for a risky action was axiomatically developed by Luce et al. We examine the ability of this approach as an alternative fund rating approach for its ability to potentially mitigate the drawbacks of the risk measure used in Morningstar ratings, and investigate the ability of the EU-E model based and Morningstar ratings to predict mutual fund performance. Over...

Writing for publication- implications of text recycling and cut and paste writing.

Increased use and availability of electronic text matching software (such as ithenticate ) to screen submissions to peer reviewed journals, means that Editors are increasingly being made aware of potential cases of plagiarism (Debnath 2016). While there are no true figures for academic plagiarism within submissions to peer-reviewed journals (Gasparyan et al 2017), anecdotally upwards of 25% of all submissions require some level of follow up and investigation. The text matching details provided by software s...

The Financial Burden Of Paid Home Care On Older Adults: Oldest And Sickest Are Least Likely To Have Enough Income.

Paid home care can significantly improve the lives of older adults with disabilities and their families, but recipients often incur substantial out-of-pocket spending. We simulated the financial burden of paid home care for a nationally representative sample of non-Medicaid community-dwelling adults ages sixty-five and older. We found that 74 percent could fund at least two years of a moderate amount of paid home care if they liquidated all of their assets, and 58 percent could fund at least two years of ...

Genetic toxicology in silico protocol.

In silico toxicology (IST) approaches to rapidly assess chemical hazard, and usage of such methods is increasing in all applications but especially for regulatory submissions, such as for assessing chemicals under REACH as well as the ICH M7 guideline for drug impurities. There are a number of obstacles to performing an IST assessment, including uncertainty in how such an assessment and associated expert review should be performed or what is fit for purpose, as well as a lack of confidence that the results ...

"What's fair to an individual is not always fair to a population": A qualitative study of patients and their health professionals using the Cancer Drugs Fund.

To understand the values attached to cancer treatment at the end of life (EoL) to inform policy decisions around the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) EoL criterion.

Wuchereria bancrofti-infected individuals harbor distinct IL-10-producing regulatory B and T cell subsets which are affected by anti-filarial treatment.

Despite worldwide mass drug administration, it is estimated that 68 million individuals are still infected with lymphatic filariasis with 19 million hydrocele and 17 million lymphedema reported cases. Despite the staggering number of pathology cases, the majority of LF-infected individuals do not develop clinical symptoms and present a tightly regulated immune system characterized by higher frequencies of regulatory T cells (Treg), suppressed proliferation and Th2 cytokine responses accompanied with increas...

High-throughput identification of human SNPs affecting regulatory element activity.

Most of the millions of SNPs in the human genome are non-coding, and many overlap with putative regulatory elements. Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have linked many of these SNPs to human traits or to gene expression levels, but rarely with sufficient resolution to identify the causal SNPs. Functional screens based on reporter assays have previously been of insufficient throughput to test the vast space of SNPs for possible effects on regulatory element activity. Here we leveraged the throughput and...

The expanding family of noncanonical regulatory cell subsets.

The overwhelming body of research on regulatory lymphocytes has focused on CD4 CD25 Foxp3 T cells (regulatory T cells); however, the last 5 years have witnessed inspiring progress in our understanding of regulatory B cells, regulatory CD8 T cells, regulatory γδ cells, and, more recently, regulatory innate lymphoid cells(ILCregs). This review focuses on these so-called noncanonical regulatory cell subsets. We primarily survey existing information on the phenotype, function, sustaining factors, and clinical...

Predictive analysis of first Abbreviated New Drug Application submission for new chemical entities based on machine learning methodology.

Generic drug products are approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) through Abbreviated New Drug Applications (ANDA). The ANDA review and approval involves multiple offices across the FDA. Forecasting ANDA submissions can critically inform resource allocation and workload management. In this work, we employed machine learning methodologies to predict the time to first ANDA submissions referencing new chemical entities (NCE) following their earliest lawful ANDA submission dates. Drug product info...

Adherence of Mexican physicians to clinical guidelines in the management of breast cancer: Effect of the National Catastrophic Health Expenditure Fund.

To assess the adherence of physicians to the Medical-Care Guidelines for Malignant Breast Tumors in Mexico, before and after the allocation of federal subsidies from the Catastrophic Health Expenditure Fund (FPGC by its Spanish initials) to accredited hospitals, a strategy implemented with the view of offering free treatment to women with breast cancer (BC).

Preconception and antenatal carrier screening for genetic conditions: The critical role of general practitioners.

General practitioners (GPs) provide advice to women and couples before and during pregnancy to optimise the health and wellbeing of couples and their child. Genetic carrier screening can identify the chance of couples having children with recessively inherited genetic conditions. The 2018 federal budget announced Mackenzie's Mission, a $20 million Medical Research Future Fund project investigating how such screening could be offered to all couples who wish to access it.

The prevalence of tattooing and motivations in five major countries over the World.

Tattoos are common in Western countries [1, 2]. There is a growing interest in tattoos in other parts of the globe such as Latin America [3] but overall data are scarce. We report an international online survey among a representative sample of the general population from five major countries (Brazil 209 million inhabitants, China 1 386 million, France 67 million, Russia 144 million and United-States, USA, 325 million) [4]. The data collection procedure was identical to previous studies [1,5,6] and has been...

Antimicrobial resistance surveillance from clinical submissions in UK horses.

Regulation and Innovation: Role of Regulatory Science in Facilitating Pharmaceutical Innovation.

Regulatory science is defined as science and research intended to inform decision making in a regulatory framework. This issue of Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics and the papers herein deal with the expansive topic of regulatory science and its role in fostering innovation and accelerating access to medicines. Regulatory health authorities, industry, and multiple stakeholders have a shared objective in advancing regulatory science to keep up with the ever-increasing pace of biomedical science.

Integrative construction of regulatory region networks in 127 human reference epigenomes by matrix factorization.

Despite large experimental and computational efforts aiming to dissect the mechanisms underlying disease risk, mapping cis-regulatory elements to target genes remains a challenge. Here, we introduce a matrix factorization framework to integrate physical and functional interaction data of genomic segments. The framework was used to predict a regulatory network of chromatin interaction edges linking more than 20 000 promoters and 1.8 million enhancers across 127 human reference epigenomes, including edges tha...

Is it time to fund routine NHS usage of PSMA PET-CT?

Nutrition status of nulliparous married Indian women 15-24 years: Decadal trends, predictors and program implications.

In India, 66% of 8 million married adolescents (~5.3 million) are nulliparous and likely to conceive soon. Among married young women aged 20-24 years about 9.1 million are nulliparous. This group remains relatively less reached in maternal nutrition programs. Current estimates of their nutritional status and predictors of body mass index (BMI) are unavailable. Thinness (BMI

Comparison of single and module-based methods for modeling gene regulatory networks.

Gene regulatory networks describe the regulatory relationships among genes, and developing methods for reverse engineering these networks is an ongoing challenge in computational biology. The majority of the initially proposed methods for gene regulatory network discovery create a network of genes and then mine it in order to uncover previously unknown regulatory processes. More recent approaches have focused on inferring modules of co-regulated genes, linking these modules with regulatory genes and then mi...

Association of Chiropractic Colleges Call for Scientific Submissions.

Indole-3-glyoxyl tyrosine: synthesis and antimalarial activity against Plasmodium falciparum.

More than 40% of the world's population, across 105 countries, live in malaria endemic areas. It is estimated that about 500 million cases of malaria and half a million deaths occur per year.

Identification of Multidimensional Regulatory Modules through Multi-graph Matching with Network Constraints.

The accumulation of large amounts of multidimensional genomic data provides new opportunities to study multilevel biological regulatory associations. Identifying multidimensional regulatory modules (md-modules) from omics data is crucial to provide a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory mechanisms of biological systems.

Industrial perceptions of medicines regulatory harmonization in the East African Community.

Medicines regulatory harmonization has been recommended as one way to improve access to quality-assured medicines in low- and middle-income countries. The rationale is that by lowering barriers to entry more manufacturers will be enticed to enter the market, while the capacity at the national medicines regulatory authorities is strengthened. The African Medicines Regulatory Harmonization Initiative, agreed in 2009, is developing regional platforms with harmonized regulatory procedures for the registration o...

Optimization of the treatment of rotavirus infection in children by using bacillus clausii.

Introduction: Rotavirus infection is a leading place in the structure of acute intestinal infections in children. Rotavirus is excreted in 40-60 % of children hospitalized with gastroenteritis all over the world. Every year, 2 million patients are hospitalized with a severe form of RVI, 25 million need medical help from a doctor and 111 million cases are treated at home. The aim: The purpose of our study was to optimize the treatment of rotavirus infection in children by using Bacillus clausii.

Awareness of Occupational Hazards and Utilization of Safety Measures among Welders in Aksum and Adwa Towns, Tigray Region, Ethiopia, 2013.

At present, it is estimated that more than one million workers are employed as welders worldwide with more than three million performing welding as part of their work duties.

Wildlife, human and environmental costs of using lead ammunition: An economic review and analysis.

A proposed European Union (EU)-wide restriction on the use of lead gunshot for shooting in and over wetlands estimated that the societal benefits of a restriction outweighed costs, despite few identified benefits being quantified economically. A subsequent Annex XV Investigation Report on the evidence of impacts of lead ammunition in terrestrial environments concluded that additional measures to control its use are warranted, although to date this has not been further evaluated. To help inform this process,...

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