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The heterogeneous effects of exchange rate and stock market on CO2 emission allowance price in China: A panel quantile regression approach.

This paper studies the heterogeneous effects of exchange rate and stock market on carbon emission allowance price in four emissions trading scheme pilots in China. We employ a panel quantile regression model, which can describe both individual and distributional heterogeneity. The empirical results illustrate that the effects of explanatory variables on carbon emission allowance price is heterogeneous along the whole quantiles. Specifically, exchange rate has a negative effect on carbon emission allowance p...

Deep architectures for long-term stock price prediction with a heuristic-based strategy for trading simulations.

Stock price prediction is a popular yet challenging task and deep learning provides the means to conduct the mining for the different patterns that trigger its dynamic movement. In this paper, the task is to predict the close price for 25 companies enlisted at the Bucharest Stock Exchange, from a novel data set introduced herein. Towards this scope, two traditional deep learning architectures are designed in comparison: a long short-memory network and a temporal convolutional neural model. Based on their pr...

Asymmetric impact of oil prices on stock returns in Shanghai stock exchange: Evidence from asymmetric ARDL model.

This study scrutinized the asymmetric impact of oil prices on stock returns in Shanghai stock exchange with data (January 2000 to December 2018) by using asymmetric ARDL model. The examined results of asymmetric autoregressive distributed lag model indicate that cointegration exists between the oil prices and the stock returns. Results of asymmetric autoregressive distributed lag model confirm that both in the long run and the short run increase in oil prices have a negative impact on the stock returns of S...

Provider responses to online price transparency.

Price transparency initiatives have recently emerged as a solution to the lack of health care price information available to consumers. This paper uses the staggered and nationwide diffusion of a leading internet-based price transparency platform to estimate the effects of price transparency on provider prices. I find a 1-4% reduction in provider prices for homogenous services, laboratory tests, but find no price response for differentiated services, office visits. Price responses are driven by active consu...

Stabilization of carbon sequestration in a Chinese desert steppe benefits from increased temperatures and from precipitation outside the growing season.

The carbon (C) dynamics of desert steppes play an important role in the C budget of temperate steppes. Using the Terrestrial Ecosystem Regional model (TECO-R) model for desert steppes, we examined the dynamics and potential driving mechanisms for C stocks at different temporal and spatial scales from 2000 to 2017 in northern China. The ecosystem C density averaged 2.73 kg C m and soil organic C accounted for 91.6%. The grassland biome stored 2.85 kg C m, which is higher than the shrub biome (2.19 kg C...

Anomaly detection in Bitcoin market via price return analysis.

The Bitcoin market becomes the focus of the economic market since its birth, and it has attracted wide attention from both academia and industry. Due to the absence of regulations in the Bitcoin market, it may be easier to bring some kinds of illegal behaviors. Thus, it raises an interesting question: Is there abnormity or illegal behavior in Bitcoin platforms? To answer this question, we investigate the abnormity in five leading Bitcoin platforms. By analyzing the financial index, i.e. the normalized logar...

Food and Beverage Price Promotions: an Untapped Policy Target for Improving Population Diets and Health.

The price of foods and beverages is a critical driver of food choice, particularly among families and households with limited food budgets. Policies targeting unhealthy food and beverage price promotions represent an untapped policy target for improving population diets and health. Here we review policy options for reducing the frequency and influence of price promotions on unhealthy foods and beverages (high in one or more of salt, sugar and saturated fat), and demonstrate their potential to complement oth...

Antismoking Advertisements and Price Promotions and Their Association With the Urge to Smoke and Purchases in a Virtual Convenience Store: Randomized Experiment.

Point of sale (POS) advertising is associated with smoking initiation, current smoking, and relapse among former smokers. Price promotion bans and antismoking advertisements (ads) are 2 possible interventions for combating POS advertising.

The frequency and magnitude of price-promoted beverages available for sale in Australian supermarkets.

Price promotions are used to influence purchases and represent an important target for obesity prevention policy. However, no long-term contemporary data on the extent and frequency of supermarket price promotions exists. We aimed to evaluate the frequency, magnitude and weekly variation of beverage price promotions available online at two major Australian supermarket chains over 50 weeks.

Stock Returns, weather, and air conditioning.

This study investigates the relationship between stock returns and local weather through a new channel-the influence of the air-cooling system installed in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). To our knowledge, we are the first to employ the use of air conditioning to examine whether and how weather, especially excessively high temperature, and other factors affect stock returns. Using data for 1885-1914, we show that lower Dow Jones Average (DJA) returns were significantly associated with hotness before the...

Sugar-based beverage taxes and beverage prices: Evidence from South Africa's Health Promotion Levy.

A growing number of jurisdictions are introducing taxes on sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) in efforts to reduce sugar intake, obesity, and associated metabolic conditions. A key dimension of the impact of such taxes is how they induce changes in the prices of the taxed beverages and their un-taxed substitutes. At present these taxes have typically been based solely on volume. More recently, however, due to the potential to target the source of SSBs' health harms and to incentivize product reformulation, SS...

Price dispersion of generic medications.

Generic pharmaceuticals should have very little price dispersion. Economics' Law of One Price suggests that identical goods, in the absence of trade frictions and under conditions of free competition and price flexibility, should sell for the same price, and the FDA ensures that generics are identical. In this study, we examine whether generic pharmaceuticals indeed have the low price dispersion that theory predicts, and if not, whether the dispersion seen for pharmaceuticals used to treat neuropsychiatric ...

Institutions for health care price setting and regulation: A comparative review of eight settings.

Price setting and regulation serve as instruments to control volumes of services, while providing incentives for quality, coverage, and efficiency. In recognition of its complexity, many countries have established specific entities to carry out price setting and regulation.

Cost analysis of registered brands of oral antidepressant drugs in Pakistan: A descriptive analysis.

: Depression is a global public health threat and its treatment constitutes drugs in psychopharmacology, a domain that is rapidly growing with addition of newer agents in market that are of high cost. Therefore, present study aims to investigate number of registered brands and price variation of oral antidepressants in Pakistan. : A descriptive observational study was carried out to analyze the cost of Oral antidepressants in Pakistan. Pharma guide 2019 was used to derive cost of antidepressants marketed in...

Impact of improved price transparency on patients' demand of healthcare services.

Evidence is limited and mixed as to how improved price transparency affects patients' demand for healthcare. Price transparency usually affects both the supply and the demand side of healthcare. However, in Japan-where healthcare providers cannot compete on prices-we can examine an independent impact of price transparency on patients' demand for healthcare. The aim of this study is to investigate the impact of improved price transparency on patients' demand for healthcare. We conducted an experiment by pres...

Single Cigar Price and Availability in Communities With and Without a Cigar Packaging and Pricing Regulation.

Single cigars are available for sale throughout the tobacco retail environment, are often sold for prices as low as 49 cents, and are available in flavors that appeal to youth. Since 2012, 151 municipalities in Massachusetts have enacted a minimum cigar packaging and pricing regulation that increases the price of a single cigar to a minimum of $2.50 and the price of multi-packs of 2 cigars to a minimum of $5.00. We used pricing data collected from retailers across the state to measure the effect of the regu...

Price Promotions by Food Category and Product Healthiness in an Australian Supermarket Chain, 2017-2018.

To examine the prevalence and magnitude of price promotions in a major Australian supermarket and how they differ between core (healthy) and discretionary (less healthy) food categories. Weekly online price data (regular retail price, discount price, and promotion type) on 1579 foods were collected for 1 year (April 2017 to April 2018) from the largest Australian supermarket chain. Products audited were classified according to Australian Dietary Guidelines definitions of core and discretionary foods and acc...

Book ReviewsSmith and Aitkenhead's Textbook of Anaesthesia (7th edn) Edited by Jonathan Thompson, Iain Moppett, Matthew Wiles Elsevier 2019 Price £79.99. Pp 960 ISBN 978 0 7020 7500 1Handbook of Emergency Ophthalmology Edited by Brit Long, Alex Koyfman Springer 2018 Price £89.99. Pp 293 ISBN 978 3 319 78944 6Critical Matt Morgan Simon and Schuster 2019 Price £16.99 Pp 270 ISBN 978 1 4711 7303 5

Estimated Changes in Manufacturer and Health Care Organization Revenue Following List Price Reductions for Hepatitis C Treatments.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers rarely reduce drug list prices, but 3 expensive treatments for hepatitis C experienced significant list price reductions in 2018. Understanding the impetus for these price reductions could inform policies to reduce drug spending.

Importance of reasons for stocking adult vaccines.

To identify the most important reasons underlying decisions to stock or not stock adult vaccines.

Understanding price growth in the market for targeted oncology therapies.

The causes of oncology drug price growth remain unclear. Analyzing corresponding trends in revenue can help understand these causes. This study seeks to assess changes over time in prices, patient counts, and drug-level revenues in the US market for oncology therapies and to investigate whether price growth is driven by an increased ability by pharmaceutical firms to capture profits.

Book Reviews Vijay Nambi Elsevier 2018 Price £88.99 . Pp 185 ISBN 9780323548359 Neurotrauma: A Comprehensive Textbook on Traumatic Brain Injury and Spinal Cord Injury Kevin KW Wang Oxford University Press 2018 Price £107.50 . Pp 536 ISBN 978 0 190279431 Families in the Intensive Care Unit: A Guide to Understanding, Engaging and Supporting at the Bedside Edited by Giora Netzer Springer 2018 Price

Book ReviewsHandbook of Clinical Skills (2nd edn) Edited by Peter Kopelman and Jane Dacre CRC Press 2019 Price £24.99. Pp 408 ISBN 9780815366911Asthma: Clinician's Desk Reference J Graham Douglas, Kurtis S Elward CRC Press 2019 Price £59.99. Pp 342 ISBN 9781138113466Chestnut's Obstetric Anesthesia: Principles and Practice (6th edn) Edited by David H Chestnut, Cynthia A Wong, Lawrence C Tsen et a

How has Beijing's urban weight and composition changed with socioeconomic development?

A city's in-use stock comprises the built environment and manufactured products, which shape a city's weight and play vital roles in human activities. However, researchers have not accurately quantified urban weight and its composition, or how stock types change during urbanization. We quantified Beijing's in-use stock from 1978 to 2015 by bottom-up material-flow analysis for building, infrastructure, and manufactured product stocks, with 11 sub-types (e.g., roads), and 54 accounting items (e.g., expressway...

Marketwide Price Transparency Suggests Significant Opportunities For Value-Based Purchasing.

The extent of price variation across a local market has important implications for value-based purchasing. Using a new data set containing health care prices for nearly every insurer-provider-service triad across a large local market, we comprehensively examined variation in fee-for-service paid commercial prices in Massachusetts for 291 predominantly outpatient medical services. Prices varied considerably across hospital service areas. Prices for medical services at acute hospitals were, on average, 76 pe...

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