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Retraction Note to: High Heels Increase Women's Attractiveness.

Retraction Note to Arch Sex Behav.

ALG3 contributes to the malignancy of non-small cell lung cancer and is negatively regulated by MiR-98-5p.

Alpha-1,3-mannosyltransferase (ALG3) is an oncoprotein associated with multiple malignancies. We aimed to investigate the role and potential mechanisms of ALG3 in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

Retraction Note to: Mitochondrial bioenergy alterations in avian HD11 macrophages infected with infectious bronchitis virus.

The Editor-in-Chief has retracted this article [1]. Figures 1A, 1D and 2B (bottom right) are identical with Figures 1A, 1H and 1B respectively in another article [2] which reports a study in a different species. In addition, Table 1 contains data presented in a third article [3], which also reports a study in a different species. The Editor-in-Chief therefore no longer has confidence in the validity of the data and the conclusions drawn. Tereza C. Cardoso disagrees with this retraction. Helena L. Ferreir...

Retraction Note: Desflurane anesthesia worsens emergence agitation in adult patients undergoing thyroid surgery compared to sevoflurane anesthesia.

The Editor-in-Chief has retracted this article [1]. The ethics committee approval was granted for an observational study and the need for patient consent was waived. However, the study design described is a randomized controlled trial and therefore patient consent should have been obtained. All authors agree with this retraction.

Retraction Note: Increased biomass productivity in green algae by tuning non-photochemical quenching.

This paper has been retracted.

Retraction Note: Sepsis-induced elevation in plasma serotonin facilitates endothelial hyperpermeability.

This article has been retracted.

Retraction Note to: Comparative analysis of the Corynebacterium glutamicum transcriptome in response to changes in dissolved oxygen levels.

The authors have retracted this article.

Retraction Note: The hidden cost of genetic resistance to HIV-1.

An amendment to this paper has been published and can be accessed via a link at the top of the paper.

Retraction Note: CCR5-∆32 is deleterious in the homozygous state in humans.

An amendment to this paper has been published and can be accessed via a link at the top of the paper.

Retraction Note: Resveratrol rescues hyperglycemia-induced endothelial dysfunction via activation of Akt.

An amendment to this paper has been published and can be accessed via a link at the top of the paper.

Retraction Note: Flexible Field Emitter for X-ray Generation by Implanting CNTs into Nickel Foil.

The Editors-in-Chief have retracted this article [1] because it significantly overlaps with previously published articles by the same authors [2, 3].

Defining a new immune deficiency syndrome: MAN2B2-CDG.

We describe the first case of MAN2B2 deficiency in a patient with immune dysregulation, developmental delay, and stroke. Altered mannosylation profile was restored in patient cells upon transduction of wild-type MAN2B2.

Retraction Note to: IL‑2 augments the sorafenib‑induced apoptosis in liver cancer by promoting mitochondrial fission and activating the JNK/TAZ pathway.

[This retracts the article DOI: 10.1186/s12935-018-0671-3.].

PilT and PilU are homohexameric ATPases that coordinate to retract type IVa pili.

Bacterial type IV pili are critical for diverse biological processes including horizontal gene transfer, surface sensing, biofilm formation, adherence, motility, and virulence. These dynamic appendages extend and retract from the cell surface. In many type IVa pilus systems, extension occurs through the action of an extension ATPase, often called PilB, while optimal retraction requires the action of a retraction ATPase, PilT. Many type IVa systems also encode a homolog of PilT called PilU. However, the func...

Retraction: Multidrug-Resistance Related Long Non-Coding RNA Expression Profile Analysis of Gastric Cancer.

Retraction Note: Dietary patterns and their associations with socio-demographic and lifestyle factors in Tasmanian older adults: a longitudinal cohort study.

An amendment to this paper has been published and can be accessed via a link at the top of the paper.

Retraction Note to: LATS2 overexpression attenuates the therapeutic resistance of liver cancer HepG2 cells to sorafenib‑mediated death via inhibiting the AMPK-Mfn2 signaling pathway.

[This retracts the article DOI: 10.1186/s12935-019-0778-1.].

Retraction Note to: Effect of miR-451 on the Biological Behavior of the Esophageal Carcinoma Cell Line EC9706.

The Editor-in-Chief has retracted this article [1] because Figure 8 overlaps with Figure 6b of [2] and Figure 6 overlaps with Figure 3 of [3] and Figure 3 of [4].

Are You In or Are You Out? Provider Note Sharing in Pediatrics.

 The OpenNotes initiative launched an international movement aimed at making health care more transparent by improving communication with, and access to, information for patients through provider note sharing. Little has been written either on provider note sharing in pediatric and adolescent populations or on the impact of system default settings versus voluntary provider note sharing.

CD200/CD200 receptor axis in psoriasis vulgaris.

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory multisystem disease with imbalance between the Th17 and T regulatory sub-populations. CD200/CD200R is an anti-inflammatory/immune-suppressive axis that might contribute to its pathogenesis given its relation to the Tregs induction. The current study aimed to investigate the status of the CD200/CD200R axis in the blood of psoriasis vulgaris patients versus healthy controls.

Retraction: The "Other Face" of Research Collaboration?

The last two decades have witnessed the rising prevalence of both co-publishing and retraction. Focusing on research collaboration, this paper utilizes a unique dataset to investigate factors contributing to retraction probability and elapsed time between publication and retraction. Data analysis reveals that the majority of retracted papers are multi-authored and that repeat offenders are collaboration prone. Yet, all things being equal, collaboration, in and of itself, does not increase the likelihood of...

The type IV pilus protein PilU functions as a PilT-dependent retraction ATPase.

Type IV pili are dynamic cell surface appendages found throughout the bacteria. The ability of these structures to undergo repetitive cycles of extension and retraction underpins their crucial roles in adhesion, motility and natural competence for transformation. In the best-studied systems a dedicated retraction ATPase PilT powers pilus retraction. Curiously, a second presumed retraction ATPase PilU is often encoded immediately downstream of pilT. However, despite the presence of two potential retraction A...

ER transmembrane protein TMTC3 contributes to O-mannosylation of E-cadherin, Cellular Adherence and Embryonic Gastrulation.

Protein glycosylation plays essential roles in protein structure, stability and activity such as cell adhesion. The cadherin superfamily of adhesion molecules carry O-linked mannose glycans at conserved sites and it was recently demonstrated that the genes contribute to the addition of these O-linked mannoses. Here, biochemical, cell biological and organismal analysis was used to determine that TMTC3 supports the O-mannosylation of E-cadherin, cellular adhesion and embryonic gastrulation. Using genetically...

Echocardiogram Analysis using Motion Profile Modeling.

Echocardiography is a widely used and cost-effective medical imaging procedure that is used to diagnose cardiac irregularities. To capture the various chambers of the heart, echocardiography videos are captured from different angles called views to generate standard images/videos. Automatic classification of these views allows for faster diagnosis and analysis. In this work, we propose a representation for echo videos which encapsulates the motion profile of various chambers and valves that helps effective ...

The popliteal surface axis may define hip anteversion.

This study aims to investigate the usability and reliability of our new axis in a three-dimensional modelling work and demonstrate if it is a reproducible method for anteversion measurement that sufficiently correlates with other computed tomography (CT)-derived gold standards including trans- epicondylar axis (TEA) and posterior condylar axis (PCA).

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