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Implementation of a reformulated Roche® bilirubin Gen.3 reagent did not affect the relationship between BiliChek transcutaneous and Roche total serum bilirubin.

Determine whether introduction of a reformulated bilirubin reagent, the Roche bilirubin Gen.3 assay, changed the relationship between BiliChek transcutaneous bilirubin (TcB) and total serum bilirubin (TSB).

Distribution Characteristics of Mercury in Reed Leaves from the Jiapigou Gold Mine in the Songhua River Upstream.

At the Jiapigou gold mine of the Songhua River upstream, reed leaves (), soil, and water samples were collected from June (summer) and September (autumn) 2016 for the determination of mercury. Moreover, the mercury concentrations in the air were determined synchronously. Furthermore, the level of mercury pollution in the reed leaves was determined by a single factor pollution index method, and the relationships among mercury concentrations in the reed leaves and environmental factors were analyzed to resear...

Using phytoremediation by decaying leaves and roots of reed (Phragmites austrates) plant uptake to treat polluted shallow groundwater in Kuwait.

Phytoremediation is the use of plants and their associated microorganisms, to remove or degrade biochemically the pollutants from the soil and groundwater environment. It is an emerging technology for water/soil/agricultural remediation, which offers a low-cost flexible technique suitable for use against a number of different types of contaminants in a variety of media. This research illustrates that this technology can be used to reduce the concentration of pollutants in Kuwait shallow groundwater to impro...

Barking mad: The vocalisation of the John Dory, Zeus faber.

Studies on the behavioural function of sounds are very rare within heterospecific interactions. John Dory (Zeus faber) is a solitary, predatory fish that produces sound when captured, but has not been documented to vocalize under natural conditions (i.e. in the wild). The present study provides the first in-situ recordings of John Dory vocalisations and correlates them to behavioural response of snapper (Pagrus auratus) a common species found through New Zealand. Vocalisations or 'barks', ranged between 200...

Field evaluation of GeneXpert (Cepheid) HCV performance for RNA quantification in a Genotype 1 and 6 predominant patient population in Cambodia.

GeneXpert (Cepheid) is the only WHO prequalified platform for Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Nucleic Acid Amplification Testing that is suitable for point-of-care use in resource-limited contexts. However, its application is constrained by the lack of evidence on genotype 6 (GT6) HCV. We evaluated its field performance among a patient population in Cambodia predominantly infected with GT6. Between August and September 2017, we tested plasma samples obtained from consenting patients at Médecins Sans Frontières' H...

Effect of hemolysis, icterus, and lipemia on three acetaminophen assays: Potential medical consequences of false positive results.

We evaluated the effect of hemolysis, icterus and lipemia on 3 acetaminophen assays: namely the Syva® EMIT®, the Microgenics DRI® assay, and the Roche assay on a Roche Cobas® c501 or an Integra 800 analyzer.

Magnetic map navigation in a migratory songbird requires trigeminal input.

Recently, virtual magnetic displacement experiments have shown that magnetic cues are indeed important for determining position in migratory birds; but which sensory system(s) do they use to detect the magnetic map cues? Here, we show that Eurasian reed warblers need trigeminal input to detect that they have been virtually magnetically displaced. Birds with bilaterally ablated ophthalmic branches of the trigeminal nerves were not able to re-orient towards their conspecific breeding grounds after a virtual m...

Age-related alterations in reactive stepping following unexpected mediolateral perturbations during gait initiation.

A common technique to regain stability following an unexpected perturbation is reactive stepping, aimed to control the accelerated center of mass (COM). Many older adults (OA) struggle to execute the fast, coordinated stepping strategy required to arrest COM movement within the base of support (BOS) during these unexpected events, likely due to age-related physiological declines. Recent ecological data also suggests that many falls in OA occur due to errors in transferring or shifting body weight during act...

Dorothy Reed, flitting pathologist.

Straightforward Preparation of Naphtodianthrone-Rich Ethanolic Extracts from Wild St. John's Wort.

Separation of naphtodianthrones (NTs) from Hypericum perforatum L. (aerial part of St. John's Wort) is still topical due to some hard-to-beat medicinal attributes of these bioactive compounds. Unfortunately, their low bioavailability (0.06%-0.4%) complicates the extraction process. Therefore, developing straightforward and lower-cost methodologies for NT separation is still a priority. In support of this purpose, for preparing NT formulations from flowers and leaves of wild St. John's Wort (hyperici herba),...

Evaluation of BD Vacutainer® Barricor™ blood collection tubes for routine chemistry testing on a Roche Cobas® 8000 Platform.

Barricor™ Vacutainers® are a novel non-gel separator blood collection tube. These tubes enable faster pre-analytical processing which could reduce turnaround time and be beneficial in an acute care setting. We sought to evaluate the bias, stability, and integrity of plasma generated from these tubes compared to Plasma Separator Tubes™ (PST) for 50 routine chemistry analytes on a Roche Cobas® 8000 analyzer.

Stepping over an obstacle in patients with lumbar spinal stenosis: Trunk and lower extremities of kinematic and muscle activation normalized by double limb support. A preliminary study.

Patients with LSS tend to adopt a flexed lumbar posture and trunk position, particularly when stepping over an obstacle, as this activity alters the biomechanical demands placed on the trunk and lower extremities.

Applying predictive models to decipher rhizobacterial modifications in common reed die-back affected populations.

The microbiota inhabiting the soil, as well as the rhizosphere, represents a key determinant of several plant functions. Like for humans, dysbiosis of the plant-associated microbiota may be a co-causal agent in disease with still obscure eziology. In the last decades, the common reed Phragmites australis has been deeply studied for its disappearance from natural stands, but no clear causative agents have been identified and no laboratory models of such "reed die-back syndrome" (RDBS) have been developed. In...

John D. Biggers (1923-2018).

John D. Biggers, one of the true pioneers in the field of reproductive biology, passed away at his home in Lexington, Massachusetts on April 7, 2018. His scientific career spanned seven decades, with more than 175 peer-reviewed papers and many reviews and book chapters published beginning in 1951 and continuing through 2016. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

Costs of breeding far away from neighbors: isolated host nests are more vulnerable to cuckoo parasitism.

A series of parasitic and anti-parasitic strategies has evolved during the long-term coevolution between cuckoos and their hosts. The first stage of the arms race is host nest choice by cuckoos, followed by nest defense by hosts. This study examined nest defense strategies of the Oriental reed warbler (Acrocephalus orientalis) in relation to parasitism by the common cuckoo (Cuculus canorus). Attack rate of Oriental reed warblers against common cuckoo dummies was 100% and neighboring individuals participated...

2018 Health Physics Society Military Health Physics Section John C. Taschner Leadership Award: Presented to CAPTAIN JOHN J. CARDARELLI II at the 63rd Annual Meeting of the Health Physics Society Cleveland, Ohio 15-19 July 2018.

Measurement Differences Between Two Immunoassay Systems for LH and FSH: A Comparison of Roche Cobas e601 vs. Abbott Architect i2000sr.

Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) regulate the growth and reproductive activity of gonadal tissue and determine the concentration of LH is essential for the prediction of ovulation. Collectively, FSH and LH are important measurements to ascertain the causes of infertility as well as diagnosing disorders such as polycystic ovary syndrome and pituitary and gonadal dysfunction. This study compares the correlation between LH and FSH measurements during examination with two differen...

Management of Flat Pigmented Spitz and Reed Nevi in Children.

Roche splashes $2.4 billion on Foundation Medicine's cancer platform.

Anticipatory postural responses prior to protective steps are not different in people with PD who do and do not freeze.

Protective stepping after a loss of balance is related to falls. Anticipatory postural responses (APAs) prior to protective stepping can impact step performance, may be larger in people with PD, and have been suggested to be related to freezing of gait (FOG). However, whether people with PD and FOG (PD + FOG) exhibit larger APAs than people with PD and no FOG (PD-FOG) is unknown.

Serological profile of John Cunningham virus (JCV) in patients with multiple sclerosis.

Treatment options for multiple sclerosis (MS) have changed over the last few years, bringing about a new category of drugs with more efficient profiles. However, these drugs have come with a whole new profile of potential adverse events that neurologists have to learn well and quickly. One of the most feared complications of these MS treatments is progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy caused by the reactivation of the John Cunningham virus (JCV).

Protective effects of St. John's wort in the hepatic ischemia/reperfusion injury in rats.

The purpose of this study was to investigate possible protective effects of St. John's wort in the hepatic ischemia/reperfusion injury.

Patrice Harris: stepping forward into the AMA.

Gaming as a Stepping Stone to Understanding Complexity.

Moving from the second to the third generation Roche PTH assays: what are the consequences for clinical practice?

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