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An air-breathing enzymatic cathode with extended lifetime by continuous laccase supply.

We present a novel concept of an air-breathing enzymatic biofuel cell cathode combined with continuous supply of unpurified laccase-containing supernatant of the white-rot fungus Trametes versicolor for extended lifetime. The air-breathing cathode design obviates the need for energy-intensive active aeration. In a corresponding long-term experiment at a constant current density of 50 µA cm, we demonstrated an increased lifetime of 33 days (cathode potential above 0.430 V vs. SCE), independent of en...

WASP (Write a Scientific Paper): The right to privacy.

The data protection directive of the EU was set up to allow the freedom of movement of people between member states. This has the consequence of allowing the freedom of transfer of data between member states in research. The paper discusses three cases discussed during the project to see whether RECs can refuse research based on concern for data protection in some member states. Since the directive is not, as commonly thought, intended to protect the rights and freedoms of individuals - something which is t...

The effects of increasing longevity and changing incidence on lifetime risk differentials: A decomposition approach.

Increasing longevity can distort time trends in summary measures of health and mortality, such as the lifetime risk of getting diseased. If not observing a cohort, this lifetime risk is calculated with cross-sectional data on age-specific incidence and survival. In those instances, incidence and survival may work in opposite directions resulting in lifetime risk estimates where, reductions in incidence might be offset by a simultaneous longevity increase. The proposed method decomposes the difference betwee...

Interactive effects of cumulative lifetime traumatic brain injuries and combat exposure on posttraumatic stress among deployed military personnel.

Growing research links Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) with greater posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms. Much of this research has focused on the influence of the presence or severity of a single TBI while neglecting the potential cumulative effects of multiple TBIs incurred across an individual's lifetime on combat-related PTSD. The present study addressed this gap using a sample of 157 military service members and 4 civilian contractors who underwent structured TBI interviews at a military hospital...

Lifetime acute suicidal affective disturbance symptoms account for the link between suicide-specific rumination and lifetime past suicide attempts.

Suicide-specific rumination, defined as rumination about one's suicidal thoughts, intentions, and plans, and Acute Suicidal Affective Disturbance (ASAD) have each been proposed as relevant and proximal predictors of suicidal behavior. The purpose of the current study was to examine relations between suicide-specific rumination, ASAD, and previous number of lifetime suicide attempts, particularly whether ASAD accounted for the association between suicide-specific rumination and previous lifetime suicide atte...

Sex and Race Differences in Lifetime Risk of Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction and Heart Failure with Reduced Ejection Fraction.

Background -Lifetime risk of heart failure has been estimated to range from 20% to 46% in diverse sex and race groups. However, lifetime risk estimates for the two HF phenotypes, HF with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF) and HF with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF), is not known. Methods -Participant-level data from 2 large prospective cohort studies, the Cardiovascular Health Study (CHS) and the Multiethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA), were pooled excluding individuals with prevalent HF at baseline....

Time-domain fluorescence lifetime imaging by nonlinear fluorescence microscopy constructed of a pump-probe setup with two-wavelength laser pulses.

We propose a time-domain approach for fluorescence lifetime measurements using nonlinear fluorescence microscopy constructed of a pump-probe setup with two-wavelength laser pulses. Nonlinear fluorescence signals generated by fluorescence reduction due to stimulated emission were detectable through a lock-in technique. Changing the time delay between the two-wavelength pulses enables acquisition of a time-resolved nonlinear fluorescence signal, which directly reflects the fluorescence lifetime of the sample ...

Photoexcited Muon Spin Spectroscopy: A New Method for Measuring Excess Carrier Lifetime in Bulk Silicon.

We have measured excess carrier lifetime in silicon using photoexcited muon spin spectroscopy. Positive muons implanted deep in a wafer can interact with the optically injected excess carriers and directly probe the bulk carrier lifetime while minimizing the effect from surface recombination. The method is based on the relaxation rate of muon spin asymmetry, which depends on the excess carrier density. The underlying microscopic mechanism has been understood by simulating the four-state muonium model in Si ...

Labour trafficking: Challenges and opportunities from an occupational health perspective.

In this essay for the collection on Human Trafficking, Exploitation, and Health, Elena Ronda-Perez and colleague discuss ways occupational health services can detect and address labour trafficking.

Crystallization kinetics of an amorphous pharmaceutical compound using fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM).

Pharmaceutical scientists are increasingly interested in amorphous drug formulations especially due to their higher dissolution rates. Consequently, thorough characterization and analysis of these formulations are becoming more and more important for the pharmaceutical industry. Here, fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM) was used to monitor the crystallization of an amorphous pharmaceutical compound indomethacin. Initially, we identified different solid indomethacin forms, amorphous, γ- and α-c...

Member Input: The Challenge of Staffing in Ambulatory Infusion Settings.

The Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) has conducted several member surveys that included questions about staffing but has not established nurse-patient ratios, given the number and complexity of variables that must be considered. The 2016 ONS member survey showed that staffing was the most frequently cited challenge in the practice setting. With the implementation of ONS Communities in 2017, members have the opportunity to network and connect about issues. Staffing in chemotherapy infusion centers has been a f...

Do people with intersecting identities report more high-risk alcohol use and lifetime substance use?

We examined protective and non-protective effects of disadvantaged social identities and their intersections on lifetime substance use and risky alcohol consumption.

Excited-State Dynamics of a DNA Duplex in a Deep Eutectic Solvent Probed by Femtosecond Time-Resolved IR Spectroscopy.

To better understand how the solvent influences excited-state deactivation in DNA strands, femtosecond time-resolved IR (fs-TRIR) pump-probe measurements were performed on a d(AT)9⋅d(AT)9 duplex dissolved in a deep eutectic solvent (DES) made from choline chloride and ethylene glycol in a 1:2 mole ratio. This solvent, known as ethaline, is a member of a class of ionic liquids capable of solubilizing DNA with minimal disruption to its secondary structure. UV melting analysis reveals that the duplex studied...

JNPT Congratulates Members Honored With 2018 Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy Awards.

European Social Work Research Association SIG to Study Decisions, Assessment, and Risk.

The increasing interest in professional judgement and decision making is often separate from the discourse about "risk," and the time-honored focus on assessment.

Associations between self-reported lifetime history of traumatic brain injuries and current disability assessment in a population sample of Canadian adults.

This study describes the association between history of lifetime traumatic brain injury (TBI) and current disabling functional restrictions among Ontario adults.

Consistency in Adults' Self-Reported Lifetime Use of Illicit Drugs: A Follow-Up Study Over 13 Years.

Surveys are considered the best source of data available on the prevalence of illicit drug use in the general adult population. The objective of the present study was to examine the consistency in self-reported lifetime use of illicit drugs.

Effect of leader-member exchange on nurses'sense of calling in workplace.

To investigate the effect of leader-member exchange on nurses'sense of calling in workplace based on self-determination theory.A total of 381 nurses were randomly selected from five tertiary general hospitals in Zhejiang province, China from October to December, 2016. They were subjected to a survey using the Leader-Member Exchange Scale, Job Autonomy Scale, Core Self-Evaluation Scale, and Calling Scale. The mediating effect was used to test the procedures and the data were subjected to hierarchical regress...

Independent associations and effect modification between lifetime substance use and recent mood disorder diagnosis with household food insecurity.

Poor mental health and substance use are associated with food insecurity, however, their potential combined effects have not been studied. This study explored independent associations and effect modification between lifetime substance use and mood disorder in relation to food insecurity. Poisson regression analysis of data from British Columbia respondents (n = 13,450; 12 years+) in the 2007/08 Canadian Community Health Survey was conducted. Measures included The Household Food Security Survey Module (7.3% ...

Lifetime Marijuana Use and Subclinical Atherosclerosis: The Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults (CARDIA) Study.

Unlike tobacco, the effect of marijuana smoke on subclinical atherosclerosis, a surrogate measure for cardiovascular disease, is not known. This study aimed to determine the association between lifetime exposure to marijuana and measures of subclinical atherosclerosis in mid-life.

Enhancing the kinetic stability and lifetime of organic light-emitting diodes based on bipolar hosts by spiroconjugation.

We examined how to enhance the lifetime of organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) based on bipolar host molecules ET-HT, where ET and HT refer to electron and hole-transporting units, respectively, by analyzing their thermodynamic and kinetic stabilities. Our DFT calculations reveal that the thermodynamic stability of ET-HT is determined by that of its anion, which is difficult to improve by chemical modifications of ET and HT. The kinetic stability of ET-HT can be enhanced by the spiroconjugation between ET...

Eleven-year Cumulative Incidence and Estimated Lifetime Prevalence of Urolithiasis in Korea: a National Health Insurance Service-National Sample Cohort Based Study.

The purpose of this study was estimation of the cumulative incidence and lifetime prevalence of urolithiasis in Korea.

Lifetime Trauma, Perceived Control, and All-Cause Mortality: Results From the Midlife in the United States Study.

To investigate whether lifetime-trauma exposure predicts all-cause mortality and whether this association is mediated or moderated by perceived control.

Lifetime number of years of menstruation as a risk index for postmenopausal endometrial cancer in the Norwegian Women and Cancer Study.

Lifetime number of years of menstruation (LNYM) reflects a woman's cumulative exposure to endogenous estrogen and can be used as a measure of the combined effect of reproductive factors related to endometrial cancer (EC) risk.

Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM) as a Tool to Investigate Hypoxia-Induced Protein-Protein Interaction in Living Cells.

Fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) is widely used as a method to investigate protein-protein interactions in living cells. A FRET pair donor fluorophore in close proximity to an appropriate acceptor fluorophore transfers emission energy to the acceptor, resulting in a shorter lifetime of the donor fluorescence. When the respective FRET donor and acceptor are fused with two proteins of interest, a reduction in donor lifetime, as detected by fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM), can be t...

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