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Association of Weight Gain Acceleration With Risk of Retinopathy of Prematurity.

Early slow postnatal weight gain, a surrogate for low insulinlike growth factor 1 (IGF-1) levels, is predictive of retinopathy of prematurity (ROP). While low IGF-1 levels inhibit retinal vessel growth, a later rise theoretically activates vascular endothelial growth factor, causing neovascularization. Rate of rise of IGF-1 level is represented by weight gain acceleration (WGA) and may be used to evaluate risk of ROP.

Feasibility of rapid on-site cytologic evaluation of lung cancer by a trained pulmonologist during bronchoscopy examination.

Rapid on-site cytologic evaluation (ROSE) in bronchoscopy is a useful ancillary technique. ROSE is usually performed by a cytopathologist or cytotechnologist. However, because of staff shortages and reduced availability, ROSE cannot be performed in every hospital. We aimed to evaluate the accuracy of ROSE when performed by a trained pulmonologist, comparing the diagnosis results with the final diagnosis of cytopathologists.

i4mC-ROSE, a bioinformatics tool for the identification of DNA N4-methylcytosine sites in the Rosaceae genome.

One of the most important epigenetic modifications is N4-methylcytosine, which regulates many biological processes including DNA replication and chromosome stability. Identification of N4-methylcytosine sites is pivotal to understand specific biological functions. Herein, we developed the first bioinformatics tool called i4mC-ROSE for identifying N4-methylcytosine sites in the genomes of Fragaria vesca and Rosa chinensis in the Rosaceae, which utilizes a random forest classifier with six encoding methods th...

Comparison of the effects of different maturity composts on soil nutrient, plant growth and heavy metal mobility in the contaminated soil.

Numerous studies on the remediation of metal-contaminated soil by compost focus on the remediation efficiency of compost, however, they have not delved into the issue of nutrients and metal speciation. In this study, the application of municipal solid wastes primary compost (MSW-C), secondary compost (MSW-SC) and the aging compost (MSW-AC) has been conducted in heavy metal contaminated soil remediation. Eight different treatments were carried out to compare the effect of three different maturity composts an...

Using Small-Sided Games in Field Hockey: Can They Be Used to Reach Match Intensity?

Duthie, GM, Thomas, EJ, Bahnisch, J, Thornton, HR, and Ball, K. Using small-sided games in field hockey: Can they be used to reach match intensity? J Strength Cond Res XX(X): 000-000, 2019-Small-sided games (SSGs) are commonly used in field hockey to replicate or overload physical and tactical competition demands; however, little evidence is available regarding if specific SSG formats achieve this. This research investigated how speed and acceleration differed between 5-minute SSG formats (2v2, 3v3, and 4v4...

Technical note: A novel approach to estimate dry matter intake of lactating dairy cows through multiple on-cow accelerometers.

The objective of this study was to evaluate the feasibility of using multiple 3-dimensional accelerometers to estimated individual dry matter intake (DMI) of lactating dairy cows. Twenty-four Holstein cows in late lactation were assigned into 2 groups, a calibration group (n = 12) and a validation group (n = 12). All cows were fitted with 3 sensors that recorded 3-dimensional acceleration (i.e., x, y, and z) at 10-s intervals, 1 on the lateral side of the left hind leg and 2 attached directly to a halter ov...

Compare the effect of aromatherapy using lavender and Damask rose essential oils on the level of anxiety and severity of pain following C-section: A double-blinded randomized clinical trial.

Background Anxiety is the most common psychological reaction in women during labor. Similar to numerous other surgeries, postoperative pain is also reported following cesarean section (C-section). According to the (Gate) Control Theory, there is a relationship between pain and psychological problems such as anxiety. Accordingly, the present study aimed to compare the effect of aromatherapy using lavender and Damask rose essential oils on the level of anxiety and severity of pain following C-section. Methods...

Dominant yeasts associated to mango (Mangifera indica) and rose apple (Syzygium malaccense) fruit pulps investigated by culture-based methods.

The biotechnological potential of yeasts associated to different habitats in Colombia has been poorly studied, especially the yeasts associated with different plant structures. Fruit pulps are interesting substrates mainly for the growth of yeast species, that can positively affect the productivity and quality of some bioeconomic species. Therefore, the objective of this study was to identify the dominant yeast species associated with mango and rose apple fruit pulps in Cali, Colombia. A total of 90 isolate...

Microtensile bond strength of root canal dentin treated with adhesive and fiber-reinforced post systems.

Nowadays, demand for esthetic restorations has risen considerably; thus, nonmetal esthetic posts made of either high-strength ceramics or reinforced resins, such as fiber-reinforced resin posts, have become more and more popular. Important characteristics of fiber-reinforced posts involve a modulus of elasticity similar to dentin and their ability to be cemented by an adhesive technique. A total of 36 maxillary incisors were divided into four groups. In this study, four adhesively luted fiber-reinforced (gl...

Characterizing Swisher Little Cigar-Related Posts on Twitter in 2018: Text Analysis.

Little cigars are growing in popularity in the United States, and Swisher is the market leader. The contexts and experiences associated with the use of Swisher-related products is understudied, but such information is available via publicly available posts on Twitter.

Health Benefits In 2019: Premiums Inch Higher, Employers Respond To Federal Policy.

The annual Kaiser Family Foundation Employer Health Benefits Survey found that in 2019 the average annual premium for single coverage rose 4 percent to $7,188, and the average annual premium for family coverage rose 5 percent to $20,576. Covered workers contributed 18 percent of the cost for single coverage and 30 percent of the cost for family coverage, on average, with considerable variation across firms. Fifty-seven percent of firms offered health benefits to at least some of their workers. While som...

Characterising KandyPens-related posts to Instagram: implications for nicotine and cannabis use.

This study analysed posts to Instagram related to KandyPens, an open-system pod mod e-cigarette company, marketing its products as aromatherapy devices. The objective was to determine themes, corresponding user profiles and references to types of e-liquid solutions used with KandyPens.

Honoring the Moral Concerns of Caregivers Afraid of Giving Morphine.

: Updated several times a week with posts by a wide variety of authors, AJN's blog Off the Charts allows us to provide more timely-and often more personal-perspectives on professional, policy, and clinical issues. Best of the Blog will be a regular column to draw the attention of AJN readers to posts we think deserve a wider audience. To read more, please visit:

A New Approach to Comprehensive Growth and Nutrition Assessment in Children.

A new approach to comprehensive growth and nutrition assessment of infants, children, and adolescents that is etiology based and relatively simple to implement is now available. It encompasses five domains: anthropometry (growth measurements), assessment of change in growth (growth dynamism), duration of the growth abnormalities, etiology of the nutritional imbalance, and impact of the nutritional state on functional outcomes. Its increased use will help to standardize the screening, diagnosis, and document...

A pilot study examining risk behavior in facebook posts for maltreated versus comparison youth using content analysis.

Social Media use is highly prevalent among contemporary adolescents yet, no studies have examined the similarity in risk content (e.g., substance use, sexual behaviors) between the online posts of maltreated youth and their friends.

Abnormal linear growth in paediatric adrenal diseases: Pathogenesis, prevalence and management.

Abnormal adrenal function can interfere with linear growth, potentially causing either acceleration or impairment of growth in paediatric patients. These abnormalities can be caused by direct effects of adrenal hormones, particularly glucocorticoids and sex steroids, or be mediated by indirect mechanisms such as the disturbance of the growth hormone-insulin-like growth factor-1 axis and aromatization of androgens to oestrogens. The early diagnosis and optimal treatment of adrenal disorders can prevent or mi...

Substance Use Among Young Mothers: An Analysis of Facebook Posts.

Substance use among young pregnant women is a common and significant public health concern associated with a number of adverse outcomes for both mothers and infants. Social media posts by young women can provide valuable, real-world insight into their perceptions of substance use immediately before and during pregnancy.

Should Trolleys Be Scared of Mice? Replies to Evans and Brandt (2019); Białek, Turpin, and Fugelsang (2019); Colman, Gold, and Pulford (2019); and Plunkett and Greene (2019).

Growth of Sphagnum is strongly rhythmic: Contribution of the seasonal, circalunar and third components.

Among the bryophytes, biological growth rhythms have not yet been identified due to a lack of long-term precision observations. Here we carry out precision field monitoring of the growth of the peat moss Sphagnum riparium using the recent geotropic curvature method. For four years, using the observation intervals of 2-5 days, we measured 116 469 shoots and received 4 493 estimates of growth rates. We found three rhythmic growth components. The seasonal rhythm of growth has a period of about 180 days, wh...

Surface treatment effects on bond strength of CAD/CAM fabricated posts to root canal dentin.

To compare the effect of different surface treatments on the bond strength of CAD/CAM fabricated resin-based and prefabricated fiber posts to root canal dentin.

Acromegaly is characterized by increased release of growth hormone (GH) and, consequently, Insulin-Like Growth Factor I (IGF-I), most often by a pituitary adenoma. Prolonged exposure to excess hormone leads to progressive somatic disfigurement and a wide range of systemic manifestations that are associated with increased mortality. Transsphenoidal adenomectomy is the treatment of choice of GH-secreting pituitary tumors but surgical cure is not achieved in around 50% of patients, then adjuvant treatment is n...

Effect of sampling rate on acceleration and counts of hip- and wrist-worn ActiGraph accelerometers in children.

Sampling rate (Hz) of ActiGraph accelerometers may affect processing of acceleration to activity counts when using a hip-worn monitor, but research is needed to quantify if sampling rate affects actual acceleration (mg's), when using wrist-worn accelerometers and during non-locomotive activities.

Osteohistology and Life History of the Basal Pygostylian, Confuciusornis sanctus.

More than a thousand specimens of Confuciusornis sanctus have been recovered from the Early Cretaceous Jehol Group of Northeastern China. Here, we investigate the bone microstructure of 33 long bones sampled from 14 C. sanctus specimens in an attempt to assess the life history patterns of this basal pygostylian bird. Analysis of the histology of various skeletal elements (femur, humerus, tibia, radius, and ulna) revealed differences in the histology of their bone walls. Based on the osteohistology, we coded...

Effect of Bleaching and Ca(OH)2 Dressing on the Bond Strength of Fiberglass Posts to Root Dentine.

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of the intracoronary bleaching and calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)) dressing use, on the bond strength (BS) of fiberglass posts to root dentine.

"I will kill myself" - The series of posts in Facebook and unnoticed departure of a life.

Social media has connected the world and transformed the concept of social interaction and traditional communication. However, the concern is rising as people started using the platform for sharing fake news, violent intentions and activities including suicide and homicide. In this paper, I report the case of a media worker in Bangladesh who committed suicide after sharing series of Facebook posts mentioning her intensions to commit suicide. Thousands of her Facebook friends and followers noticed the posts;...

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