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Reassessing standards of vascular access device care: a follow-up audit.

This article reports on the findings of a repeat audit of vascular access devices (VADs) in a district general hospital undertaken 4 years after a previous audit. The first demonstrated poor standards of care and low compliance with evidence-based guidelines, indicating that a change in practice was necessary. A strategy of training, education and standardisation for intravenous devices was introduced, with the goal of transforming practice to raise standards and improve compliance. The findings of the foll...

Crime but not punishment? Children are more lenient toward rule-breaking when the "spirit of the law" is unbroken.

Even early in development, children understand how rules work, and they harshly evaluate rule violators. Furthermore, we know that adults make nuanced evaluations about rule violations; in many situations, they believe that it can be acceptable to violate the technical language of a rule (the "letter of a rule") if doing so does not violate the reason why the rule was created (the "spirit of the rule"). Distinguishing between the letter and spirit of a rule is critical for a developed normative understandin...

Use of dermal gel pads in preventing and managing pressure ulcers in ICU: an audit.

Most of the pressure ulcers (PUs) that developed in the intensive care unit (ICU) of an acute trust were medical-device related. While use of a dermal pad was recommended as part of its pressure ulcer prevention strategy, staff were concerned that it tended to tear or split while in use. An alternative gel pad (Dermisplus® Prevent, Frontier Medical), that was cost-effective and appeared to be more robust, was identified. A 4-week non-comparative audit involving 37 patients was therefore undertaken to inves...

Psychometric Properties of the AUDIT, AUDIT-C, CRAFFT and ASSIST-Y among Swedish Adolescents.

Not enough is known about the psychometric properties of screening instruments for problematic alcohol consumption among adolescents. The aim of the current study was to evaluate and compare the performance of the screening instruments: Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT), AUDIT-C, CRAFFT, and the alcohol domain of Alcohol, Smoking and Substance Involvement Screening Test-Youth (ASSIST-Y) among adolescents and to suggest optimal cut-offs indicating problematic use.

Basic Self-Disturbances Related to Reduced Anterior Cingulate Volume in Subjects at Ultra-High Risk for Psychosis.

Alterations of the "pre-reflective" sense of first-person perspective (e.g., of the "basic self") are characteristic features of schizophrenic spectrum disorders and are significantly present in the prodromal phase of psychosis and in subjects at ultra-high risk for psychosis (UHR). Studies in healthy controls suggest that neurobiological substrate of the basic self involves cortical midline structures, such as the anterior and posterior cingulate cortices. Neuroimaging studies have identified neuroanatomic...

Rural Emergency Laparotomy Audit.

Emergency laparoscopy/laparotomy is associated with high levels of mortality. The aim of this study was to determine whether outcomes following emergency laparoscopy/laparotomy in rural and regional South Australian hospitals were comparable to those reported in the National Emergency Laparotomy Audit and Perth Emergency Laparotomy Audit.

Implementing error rate checks to improve the data quality in the Victorian Audit of Surgical Mortality.

The Victorian Audit of Surgical Mortality (VASM) is part of the Australian and New Zealand Audit of Surgical Mortality, aiming to identify factors associated with surgical mortality. A quality assurance method was utilised to rectify system issues through error rate checks of VASM data points. This method ensured data collected and entered in the audit database were accurate.

Review and audit of the post-surgical MRI breast: Pictorial essay.

Audit of contrast-enhanced breast MRI performed over a 3-year period in a single institution to describe and summarise the changes seen after surgery and radiation therapy for primary breast cancer, breast augmentation and oncoplastic surgery. Seventy women were identified and reviewed (100 breast MRIs in total). The most common change seen was haemosiderin deposition. The early changes of skin thickening, oedema, seroma and background parenchymal enhancement decreased with time leaving residual breast shri...

The Physical Examination on Admission to the Acute Psychiatric Unit -complete Audit cycle

While suicide and injury account for increased mortality, a large volume of premature deaths in psychiatry are due to medical conditions. The Royal College of Psychiatrists recommend that every new psychiatric admission should have a thorough physical examination within 24 hours of their admission. We randomly reviewed charts of 50 new admission to the Acute Psychiatric Unit to check the adherence to these guidelines. Forty patients (80%) had complete physical examination, nine patients (18%) had incomplete...

A review of Gloger's rule, an ecogeographical rule of colour: definitions, interpretations and evidence.

Gloger's rule is an ecogeographical rule that links animal colouration with climatic variation. This rule is named after C.W.L. Gloger who was one of the first to summarise the associations between climatic variation and animal colouration, noting in particular that birds and mammals seemed more pigmented in tropical regions. The term 'Gloger's rule' was coined by B. Rensch in 1929 and included different patterns of variation from those described by Gloger. Rensch defined the rule in two ways: a simple vers...

2015 UK software audit of hepatobiliary scintigraphy.

This audit investigated hepatobiliary function imaging in UK hospitals, reviewing protocol differences in acquisition and processing parameters and the effect on calculated gallbladder ejection fraction (GBEF).

Utility of temperature-sensitive indicators for temperature monitoring of red-blood-cell units.

The 30-min rule has been used to maintain a core temperature (CT) of red-blood-cell (RBC) units below 10°C during transportation. We evaluated the utility of temperature-sensitive indicators (TIs) to monitor the surface temperature (ST) of RBC units and to explore whether TIs can help with compliance with the 30-min rule by extrapolating or correlating temperature change with time.

An audit and service evaluation of the use of cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) in a paediatric dentistry department.

CBCT exposes the paediatric patient to a higher x-ray dose and risk than normal dental radiographs. This study has two components: an audit and service evaluation. The audit aims to assess whether the use of CBCT in a Paediatric Dentistry department at a London hospital complies with European guidelines (SEDENTEXCT). The service evaluation aims to explore the influence of CBCT on treatment planning.

Longitudinal Drinking Patterns and Their Clinical Correlates in Million Veteran Program Participants.

A variety of measures have been developed to screen for hazardous or harmful drinking. The Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test-Consumption (AUDIT-C) is one of the screening measures recommended by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. Annual administration of the AUDIT-C to all primary care patients is required by the U.S. Veterans Affairs Health System. The availability of data from the repeated administration of this instrument over time in a large patient population provides an opportunity to ev...

Mobile Apps in neurosurgery: a systematic review, quality audit and survey of Canadian neurosurgery residents.

In the past decade, smartphone applications (or 'Apps') have experienced remarkable development across all fields of medicine, including neurosurgery. However, due to a lack of regulatory oversight and peer-review, there is a clear need for comprehensive review and audit of the existing available Apps. In this study, we aimed to systematically review existing mobile Apps in neurosurgery, evaluate their clinical use by neurosurgery residents in Canada, and perform a quality audit of the most popular Apps.

Kasha's rule: a reappraisal.

This work revises some anomalous cases reported in the literature, which seemingly violate Kasha's rule. To the contrary, apart from azulene, the remaining molecules fulfill Kasha's rule. Kasha's rule must be stated just as in the seminal paper (M. Kasha, Discuss. Faraday Soc., 1950, 9, 14-19): "The emitting electronic level of a given multiplicity is the lowest excited level of that multiplicity". Therefore, Kasha's rule focuses on the emission (photophysics) for complex molecules, in condensed phase, for ...

Calculated Decisions: Ottawa Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Rule

The Ottawa subarachnoid hemorrhage rule is used to rule out subarachnoid hemorrhage in patients with headache.


Bougies dilation is considered an effective technique for the treatment of simple benign esophageal strictures. The "rule of three" has been advocated to prevent reported adverse events such as bleeding and perforation. However, adherence to this rule has increased the cost and duration of treatment.

Effects of temperature, precipitation and carbon dioxide concentrations on the requirements for crop irrigation water in China under future climate scenarios.

Maize, rice, wheat and soybean-the major staple food crops in China-have a crucial role in national food security and economic development. Predictions of changes in the requirements for irrigation water in food crop production under climate change may provide scientific support for the optimum allocation of water resources and measures to mitigate climate change. We conducted a spatial grid-based analysis using projections of future climate generated by a bias-correction and spatial disaggregation multi-mo...

Why Cities Survive and Companies Die.

As systems evolve over time, their natural tendency is to become increasingly more complex. Studies in the field of complex systems have generated new perspectives on the application of management strategies in health systems. Much of this research appears as a natural extension of the cross-disciplinary field of systems theory. This article is the 5th in a series of articles that focuses on why technological complexity is increasing and strategies nurse administrators can use to successfully implement chan...

Evaluation of AUDIT Consumption Items New Adaptation to Improve the Screening of College Students Binge Drinking.

The strong presence of Binge Drinking (BD) amongst university students, as well as the consequences associated with the same and the changes taking place over recent years regarding its conceptualization make it necessary to examine the usefulness of screening instruments used to detect this drinking pattern. This study examines the usefulness of a briefer adaptation of the AUDIT proposed by Cortés, Giménez, Motos, and Sancerni (2017a).College students self-administered the AUDIT, the revised items 2 and ...

Psychometric properties of the Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test (AUDIT) in adolescents and young adults from Suthern Mexico: Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test (AUDIT) in young Mexicans.

Alcohol abuse is a worldwide health problem because of its association with high rates of morbidity, mortality and interpersonal conflicts. In Mexico, young people are the group most severely affected by high levels of alcohol intake. This study attempts to evaluate the psychometric characteristics of the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) in the Mexican youth population since validation studies do not exist to date.

Comparison of Surveillance of Surgical Site Infections by a National Surveillance Program and by Institutional Audit.

Reported incidence of surgical site infections (SSI) after colonic surgery varies widely. These variations depend not only on patient- and surgery-related parameters but are influenced by type and quality of follow-up. The aim of the study was to compare SSI assessed by two independent prospective surveillance systems, a national surveillance program based on recommendations of the National Healthcare Safety Network (Swissnoso) versus an international audit system, the ERAS Interactive Audit System (EIAS; E...

Defining end user requirements for a field-based molecular detection system for wildlife forensic investigations.

The increasing use of non-laboratory-based DNA and protein detection methods promise to provide rapid investigative intelligence and support sample prioritisation. Primarily developed for human forensic or medical applications, current systems may also show utility in the field of wildlife forensic science. However, it is currently unknown whether the requirements of the wildlife forensic community can be met by current non-laboratory based tools. Given the diverse array of stakeholders and sample types com...

Fixator-assisted nailing of tibial fractures: New surgical technique and presentation of first 30 cases.

Intramedullary nailing is considered a "gold standard" for treatment of tibial shaft fractures. However, some types of fractures are typically considered as "difficult for nailing". This group includes the periarticular fractures, fractures of both bones at the same level, comminuted and segmental fractures of the tibia. Fixator-assisted nailing (FAN) is an effective method treatment of these types of fractures. The main requirements for the ideal reduction device are an ease of its installation and an abil...

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