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Site-specific alert criteria to detect patient related errors with 3D EPID transit dosimetry.

To assess the sensitivity of various EPID dosimetry alert indicators to patient related variations and to determine alert threshold values that ensure excellent error detectability.

Individual investment decision behaviors based on demographic characteristics: Case from China.

Predicting and analyzing behaviors of investors is of great value to financial institutions. This paper uses survey data from about 9,000 individual investors across China to explore the predictability of decision behaviors by studying demographic characteristics that are relatively easy to obtain. After applying Pearson's chi-squared test, Spearman rank correlation test, and several data mining methods, we verified that demographic characteristics are closely linked to decision behaviors, and it would be a...

Pharmacogenomic clinical decision support design and multi-site process outcomes analysis in the eMERGE Network.

To better understand the real-world effects of pharmacogenomic (PGx) alerts, this study aimed to characterize alert design within the eMERGE Network, and to establish a method for sharing PGx alert response data for aggregate analysis. Seven eMERGE sites submitted design details and established an alert logging data dictionary. Six sites participated in a pilot study, sharing alert response data from their electronic health record systems. PGx alert design varied, with some consensus around the use of activ...

Real-world effects of rear cross-traffic alert on police-reported backing crashes.

Several parking assistance systems are available to help drivers back up. Rear cross-traffic alert warns drivers when they are reversing and cross-traffic approaches the rear of their vehicle, as might happen when backing out of a perpendicular parking space in a lot. The goal of this study was to examine the effect of rear cross-traffic alert on backing crashes.

How effective are trained dogs at alerting their owners to changes in blood glycaemic levels?: Variations in performance of glycaemia alert dogs.

Domestic dogs are trained to a wide variety of roles including an increasing number of medical assistance tasks. Glycaemia alert dogs are reported to greatly improve the quality of life of owners living with Type 1 diabetes. Research into their value is currently sparse, on small numbers of dogs and provides conflicting results. In this study we assess the reliability of a large number of trained glycaemic alert dogs at responding to hypo- and hyper-glycaemic (referred to as out-of-range, OOR) episodes, and...

The Allergy Alert Test: Introduction of a Protocol Suitable to Provide an Alert Signal in p-Phenylenediamine-Allergic Hair Dye Users.

Contact dermatitis to hair dyes remains a health concern. Regulations in many countries require consumer self-testing for hair dyes, but no standardized procedure exists.

Slow-fast analysis of a multi-group asset flow model with implications for the dynamics of wealth.

The multi-group asset flow model is a nonlinear dynamical system originally developed as a tool for understanding the behavioral foundations of market phenomena such as flash crashes and price bubbles. In this paper we use a modification of this model to analyze the dynamics of a single-asset market in situations when the trading rates of investors (i.e., their desire to exchange stock for cash) are prescribed ahead of time and independent of the state of the market. Under the assumption of fast trading com...

The ICE-AKI study: Impact analysis of a Clinical prediction rule and Electronic AKI alert in general medical patients.

Acute kidney injury (AKI) is assoicated with high mortality and measures to improve risk stratification and early identification have been urgently called for. This study investigated whether an electronic clinical prediction rule (CPR) combined with an AKI e-alert could reduce hospital-acquired AKI (HA-AKI) and improve associated outcomes.

Influence of rainfall intensity and slope on suspended solids and phosphorus losses in runoff.

Suspended solids (SS) and phosphorus (P) losses in rainfall generated runoff can lead to the deterioration of surface water quality. Simulated rainfall experiments were conducted to investigate the effects of rainfall intensity (30, 50, 65, and 100 mm h) and land slope (0°, 5°, and 10°) on SS and P losses in runoff from experimental rigs containing bare land soil and soil planted with grass (tall fescue). In addition, total phosphorus (TP), particulate phosphorus (PP), and dissolved phosphorus (DP) los...

Post-fire nitrogen balance of Mediterranean shrublands: direct combustion losses versus gaseous and leaching losses from the post-fire soil mineral nitrogen flush.

Fire is a major factor controlling global carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) cycling. While direct C and N losses caused by combustion have been comparably well established, important knowledge gaps remain on post-fire N losses. Here we quantified both direct C and N combustion losses as well as post-fire gaseous losses (N O, NO and N ) and N leaching after a high intensity experimental fire in an old shrubland in central Spain. Combustion losses of C and N were 9.4 Mg C ha and 129 kg N ha , respectively, represen...

Improvement of appropriate pharmacological prophylaxis in hospitalised cancer patients with a multiscreen e-alert system: a single-centre experience.

Thromboprophylaxis use among medical inpatients, including cancer patients, is suboptimal. We aimed to evaluate the impact of a novel multiscreen version (v2.0) of an e-alert system for VTE prevention in hospitalised cancer medical patients compared to the original software.

State dependence of stimulus-induced variability tuning in macaque MT.

Behavioral states marked by varying levels of arousal and attention modulate some properties of cortical responses (e.g. average firing rates or pairwise correlations), yet it is not fully understood what drives these response changes and how they might affect downstream stimulus decoding. Here we show that changes in state modulate the tuning of response variance-to-mean ratios (Fano factors) in a fashion that is neither predicted by a Poisson spiking model nor changes in the mean firing rate, with a subst...

World Health Organization Early Warning, Alert, and Response System in the Rohingya Crisis, Bangladesh, 2017-2018.

The Early Warning, Alert, and Response System (EWARS) is a web-based system and mobile application for outbreak detection and response in emergency settings. EWARS provided timely information on epidemic-potential diseases among >700,000 Rohingya refugees across settlements. EWARS helped in targeting new measles vaccination campaigns and detecting outbreaks of acute jaundice syndrome.

Primary care provider adherence to an alert for intensification of diabetes blood pressure medications before and after the addition of a "chart closure" hard stop.

To evaluate provider responses to a narrowly targeted "Best Practice Advisory" (BPA) alert for the intensification of blood pressure medications for persons with diabetes before and after implementation of a "chart closure" hard stop, which is non-interruptive but demands an action or dismissal before the chart can be closed.

Capital Gains: Attracting Investors Without Losing Independence.

Can physicians line up venture capital without letting go of their independence? It's not so easy.

Can we feel like being neither alert nor sleepy? The electroencephalographic signature of this subjective sub-state of wake state yields an accurate measure of objective sleepiness level.

Accurate measurement of objective level of sleepiness can have important implications for experimental and field studies of sleep deprived individuals. We proposed to accurately quantify changes in sleepiness level with single electroencephalographic (EEG) measures obtained from EEG spectra consisting of 16 spectral powers within the frequency interval from 1 to 16 Hz. The EEG signal was recorded every other hour from 19:00 of Friday to 19:00 of Sunday in 48 study participants. The differential spectra we...

Dog alerting and/or responding to epileptic seizures: A scoping review.

Recently, there has been a rising interest in service dogs for people with epilepsy. Dogs have been reported as being sensitive to epileptic episodes in their owners, alerting before and/or responding during or after a seizure, with or without specific training. The purpose of this review is to present a comprehensive overview of the scientific research on seizure-alert/response dogs for people with epilepsy. We aimed to identify the existing scientific literature on the topic, describe the characteristics ...

General Component Analysis (GCA): A new approach to identify Chinese corporate bond market structures.

PCA has been widely used in many fields to detect dominant principle components, but it ignores the information embedded in the remaining components. As a supplement to PCA, we propose the General Component Analysis (GCA). The inverse participation ratios (IPRs) are used to identify the global components (GCs) and localized components (LCs). The mean values of the IPRs derived from the shuffled data are taken as the natural threshold, which is exquisite and novel. In this paper, the Chinese corporate bond m...

Uncertainty analysis of remediation cost and damaged land value for brownfield investment.

Flexible land management that allows risk-based remediation approaches can increase local financial assistance in brownfield development investments. The evaluation of brownfields investment has always been mired in uncertainty because of the complexity of contamination and land policy. To clarify the uncertainty in investment costs resulting from a flexible risk-based land management, this research analyzes the uncertainty of remediation costs (I) and damaged land value (I). Sizable statistical data for 30...

Ambiguity preferences for health.

In most medical decisions, probabilities are ambiguous and not objectively known. Empirical evidence suggests that people's preferences are affected by ambiguity. Health economic analyses generally ignore ambiguity preferences and assume that they are the same as preferences under risk. We show how health preferences can be measured under ambiguity, and we compare them with health preferences under risk. We assume a general ambiguity model that includes many of the ambiguity models that have been proposed i...

Sudden Death of Physicians in China: A Red Alert.

Establishing company level fishing revenue and profit losses from fisheries: A bottom-up approach.

A third of global fish stocks are overexploited and many are economically underperforming, resulting in potential unrealized net economic benefits of USD 51 to 83 billion annually. However, this aggregate view, while useful for global policy discussion, may obscure the view for those actors who engage at a regional level. Therefore, we develop a method to associate large companies with their fishing operations and evaluate the biological sustainability of these operations. We link current fish biomass level...

The Ostom-i™ Alert Sensor: a new device to measure stoma output.

Context-dependent sensitivity to losses: Range and skew manipulations.

The assumption that losses loom larger than gains is widely used to explain many behavioral phenomena in judgment and decision-making. It is also generally accepted that loss aversion is a stable, traitlike individual difference characterizing people's sensitivity to gains and losses. This interpretation was recently challenged by Walasek and Stewart (2015), who showed that by manipulating the range of the gains and losses used in the accept-reject task it is possible to find loss aversion, loss neutrality,...

Preparation and Response for Flooding Events in Beef Cattle.

Flooding appears to be occurring at an increased frequency and severity, resulting in significant losses to the beef cattle industry. Responding to the needs of beef cattle is a resource-intense occurrence and beyond that provided by most local jurisdictions. It is incumbent on livestock producers to develop continuity of operations or emergency plans designed to limit the financial losses and compromised animal welfare that occur when livestock are exposed to flood conditions. Livestock producers and the v...

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