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Concurrent credit portfolio losses.

We consider the problem of concurrent portfolio losses in two non-overlapping credit portfolios. In order to explore the full statistical dependence structure of such portfolio losses, we estimate their empirical pairwise copulas. Instead of a Gaussian dependence, we typically find a strong asymmetry in the copulas. Concurrent large portfolio losses are much more likely than small ones. Studying the dependences of these losses as a function of portfolio size, we moreover reveal that not only large portfolio...

Drug Contamination of U.S. Paper Currency and Forensic Relevance of Canine Alert to Paper Currency: A Critical Review of the Scientific Literature.

Several studies have reported on wide-spread contamination of U.S. paper currency with cocaine and to a lesser extent other illicit drugs. Canines are trained and employed to search for and alert to drugs. Canine alert to currency has been used as evidence that currency has been directly involved in illicit drug trafficking to justify currency seizure and forfeiture. This assertion, particularly when the only evidence is based upon canine alert, has been challenged in the courts considering that most curren...

Nonmodal Clinical Decision Support and Antimicrobial Restriction Effects on Rates of Fluoroquinolone Use in Uncomplicated Infections.

 Medication alert overrides remain persistently high over the past decade, influenced by factors such as "alert fatigue" and lack of provider acceptance.

Blood culture procedures and diagnosis of Malassezia furfur bloodstream infections: Strength and weakness.

The occurrence of Malassezia spp. bloodstream infections (BSIs) in neonatal intensive care unit was evaluated by using pediatric Isolator, BacT/Alert systems and central venous catheter (CVC) culture. The efficacy of BacT/Alert system in detecting Malassezia was assessed by conventional procedures, culturing 1 ml of bottle content before incubation and by studying the survival of Malassezia spp. strains in BacT/Alert bottles. Of the 492 neonates enrolled, blood was collected by pediatric Isolator (290 pati...

How Well Can We Extract the Permanent Displacement from Low-Cost MEMS Accelerometers?

Following the recent establishment of a high-density seismic network equipped with low-cost micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) P-wave-alert-device (P-Alert) by the earthquake early warning (EEW) research group at the National Taiwan University, a large quantity of strong-motion records from moderate-magnitude earthquakes (ML > 6) around Taiwan has been accumulated. Using a data preprocessing scheme to recover the dynamic average embedded within the P-Alert data, we adopted an automatic baseline correcti...

An evidence- and risk-based approach to a harmonized laboratory alert list in Australia and New Zealand.

Individual laboratories are required to compose an alert list for identifying critical and significant risk results. The high-risk result working party of the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (RCPA) and the Australasian Association of Clinical Biochemists (AACB) has developed a risk-based approach for a harmonized alert list for laboratories throughout Australia and New Zealand. The six-step process for alert threshold identification and assessment involves reviewing the literature, rating the a...

The Broad and Johns Hopkins lure deep-pocketed investors.

Performance of the BacT/Alert Virtuo Microbial Detection System for the culture of sterile body fluids: a prospective multi-centered study.

Continuous monitoring blood culture systems are commonly used for sterile body fluid cultures. In this multi-center study, we evaluated the performance of the new generation BacT/Alert Virtuo system compared to the BacT/Alert 3D and conventional culture for the recovery of microorganisms from sterile body fluids.

Ambient PM2.5 in China: its negative impacts and possible countermeasures.

In the recent decades, China has experienced rapid economic development accompanied by increasing concentrations of ambient PM2.5, particulate matter of less than 2.5 micrometers in diameter. PM2.5 is now believed to be a carcinogen, causing higher lung cancer risks and generating losses to the economy and the society. This meta-analysis evaluates the losses generated by ambient PM2.5 in Suzhou from 2014-2016, and predicts losses at different concentrations. Estimations of total losses in Beijing, Shanghai,...

High-Alert Medication Stratification Tool-Revised: An Exploratory Study of an Objective, Standardized Medication Safety Tool.

To develop an objective tool designed to standardize the identification of high-alert medications (HAMs) according to patient safety risk.

Estimating the Excess Mortality Risk during Two Red Alert Periods in Beijing, China.

The magnitude of excess mortality risk due to exposures to heavy air pollution during the red alert periods in Beijing remains unknown. A health impact assessment tool combined with the PM2.5-mortality relationship was applied to estimate the number of excess deaths due to high air pollution exposure during two red alert periods in Beijing, China in December 2015. Daily PM2.5 concentration increased from 80.2 µg/m³ to 159.8 µg/m³ during the first red alert period and from 61.9 µg/m³ to 226 µg/m³ dur...

The effect of time since loss on grief, resilience, and depression among bereaved emerging adults.

Grief research has typically centered on one time point, without considering the impact of multiple losses over time. In this study, 546 bereaved emerging adults were divided into three groups: those who experienced a recent loss (0-2 years ago), a past loss (>2 years ago), or a combination of both recent and past losses. Differences between the groups on resilience, depression, and grief symptomatology were examined. Those who had experienced both losses (recent and past) and recent losses endorsed signifi...

The economic consequences of neurosurgical disease in low- and middle-income countries.

OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to estimate the economic consequences of neurosurgical disease in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). METHODS The authors estimated gross domestic product (GDP) losses and the broader welfare losses attributable to 5 neurosurgical disease categories in LMICs using two distinct economic models. The value of lost output (VLO) model projects annual GDP losses due to neurosurgical disease during 2015-2030, and is based on the WHO's "Projecting the Economic Cost of...

Utility of a Medical Alert Protection System compared to telephone follow-up only for home-alone elderly presenting to the Emergency Department - A randomized controlled trial.

Medical Alert Protection Systems (MAPS) are a form of assistive technology designed to support independent living in the care of elderly patients in the community. We aimed to investigate the utility of using such a device (eAlert! System) in elderly patients presenting to an Emergency Department (ED).

An Equivalent Circuit of Longitudinal Vibration for a Piezoelectric Structure with Losses.

Equivalent circuits of piezoelectric structures such as bimorphs and unimorphs conventionally focus on the bending vibration modes. However, the longitudinal vibration modes are rarely considered even though they also play a remarkable role in piezoelectric devices. Losses, especially elastic loss in the metal substrate, are also generally neglected, which leads to discrepancies compared with experiments. In this paper, a novel equivalent circuit with four kinds of losses is proposed for a beamlike piezoele...

Did Your Evidence-Base Program Work? Share the News! CLUES #5/6: Assess and Alert.

The work of the school nurse does not end with the institution of an evidence-based intervention. The steps of EBP tell us that we must "Assess" the effectiveness of an intervention to determine if it is having the desired effect. When we find success in our EBP changes we must come full circle and share or "Alert" stakeholders and other school nurses by disseminating our work. School nurses can share their success through written and oral presentations to insure that we add to our collective school nursing...

Random species loss underestimates dilution effects of host diversity on foliar fungal diseases under fertilization.

With increasing attention being paid to the consequences of global biodiversity losses, several recent studies have demonstrated that realistic species losses can have larger impacts than random species losses on community productivity and resilience. However, little is known about the effects of the order in which species are lost on biodiversity-disease relationships. Using a multiyear nitrogen addition and artificial warming experiment in natural assemblages of alpine meadow vegetation on the Qinghai-Tib...

A Policy That Encourages Wastage of Expensive Medications-The JW Modifier.

Protection from wintertime rainfall reduces nutrient losses and greenhouse gas emissions during the decomposition of poultry and horse manure-based amendments.

Manure-based soil amendments (herein "amendments") are important fertility sources but differences among amendment types and management can significantly affect their nutrient value and environmental impacts. We conducted a six-month in situ decomposition experiment to determine how protection from wintertime rainfall affected nutrient losses and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in poultry (chicken broiler and turkey) and horse amendments. We measured changes in total nutrient concentration - nitrogen (N), ph...

The Candida auris Alert: Facts and Perspectives.

Winter honey bee colony losses, Varroa destructor control strategies, and the role of weather conditions: Results from a survey among beekeepers.

Sets of treatments that were applied against varroa mites in the Luxembourgish beekeeper community were surveyed annually with a questionnaire between the winters 2010/11 and 2014/15. The average temperature and the precipitation sum of the month, when the respective varroa control method was applied were considered as co-variables when evaluating the efficacy of varroa control regimes. Success or failure of control regimes was evaluated based on the percentage of colonies lost per apiary in the winter foll...

Faster clinical response to the onset of adverse events: A wearable metacognitive attention aid for nurse triage of clinical alarms.

This study evaluates the potential for improving patient safety by introducing a metacognitive attention aid that enables clinicians to more easily access and use existing alarm/alert information. It is hypothesized that this introduction will enable clinicians to easily triage alarm/alert events and quickly recognize emergent opportunities to adapt care delivery. The resulting faster response to clinically important alarms/alerts has the potential to prevent adverse events and reduce healthcare costs.

Well-annotated microRNAomes do not evidence pervasive miRNA loss.

microRNAs are conserved non-coding regulatory factors implicated in diverse physiological and developmental processes in multicellular organisms, as causal macroevolutionary agents and for phylogeny inference. However, the conservation and phylogenetic utility of microRNAs has been questioned on evidence of pervasive loss. Here we show that apparent widespread losses are, largely, an artefact of poorly sampled and annotated microRNAomes. Using a curated dataset of animal microRNAomes, we reject the view tha...

Are people living with HIV less productive at work?

Health problems may cause decreased productivity among working people. It is unclear if this also applies for people living with HIV (PLWH). This cross-sectional study compares data of PLWH of one of the main HIV treatment centres in the Netherlands (n = 298) to data of the general working population from a previously conducted study (n = 986). We investigate whether productivity at work differs between these groups. The questionnaires used in these studies contained a core of identical questions re...

Feeling Is Believing: Inspiration Encourages Belief in God.

Even without direct evidence of God's existence, about half of the world's population believes in God. Although previous research has found that people arrive at such beliefs intuitively instead of analytically, relatively little research has aimed to understand what experiences encourage or legitimate theistic belief systems. Using cross-cultural correlational and experimental methods, we investigated whether the experience of inspiration encourages a belief in God. Participants who dispositionally experie...

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