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Social security of aging: problem statement.

The article raises the question of the need to consider aging in the context of social security. The author the author shows the main stages of the humanitarization of social security, the trend of development of theoretical ideas in the direction of «human security», which develops within the framework of «enhanced security». The main object of social security of the elderly people is the safety of physical and psychological health. The object of security is comprised of three components: safety of med...

Antibiotic use on German pig farms - A longitudinal analysis for 2011, 2013 and 2014.

To study antibiotic use in livestock in a temporal context with the development of antimicrobial resistance, long-term changes in antibiotic use must be mapped and their possible causes must be explored. Therefore, the present work assesses the changes in antibiotic use over time in German livestock husbandry. In addition, factors associated with antibiotic use were analyzed to identify possible strategies for further reducing antimicrobial usage. For 2011, 2013 and 2014, antibiotic usage data were collecte...

Emotional security theory: An application to sibling bereavement.

There is a need for guiding theory to understand the experiences and outcomes of bereaved siblings, particularly from a family systems framework. The present study investigated the relevance of emotional security theory in a sample of 72 young adults who experienced sibling bereavement. We investigated (1) whether perceptions of prolonged parental grief predicted key aspects of emotional security (disengagement, preoccupation, and security), and (2) whether emotional security mediated a relation between per...

Correlation between job security as motivation and career maturity among Japanese nursing students.

For nursing students, career maturity -an individual's readiness to cope with career development tasks and make age-appropriate career decisions- is an essential factor influencing their desire to continue the job after qualifying as a nurse. Although job security as motivation to become a nurse might influence the career maturity of nursing students, it has not been demonstrated. In this study I aimed to elucidate the correlation between job security as motivation and career maturity among Japanese nursing...

Adoptive gay fathers' sensitivity and child attachment and behavior problems.

Fathers' sensitivity and child attachment security and externalizing and internalizing problems were investigated among families headed by two adoptive gay fathers. A sample of 68 fathers and their 34 children aged 1-6 years participated in the study. Fathers completed a sociodemographic questionnaire and the Child Behavior Checklist. Parental sensitivity and child attachment security were assessed by independent coders with Q-sort methodology during parent-child interactions at home. Results indicate that...

Public social security burden of musculoskeletal diseases in Brasil-Descriptive study.

To present data on the social security burden of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue (DSOTC) in Brasil in 2014, and evolution of these social security expenditures between 2009 and 2014.

Updating energy security and environmental policy: Energy security theories revisited.

The energy security theories are based on the premises of sufficient and reliable supply of fossil fuels at affordable prices in centralized supply systems. Policy-makers and company chief executives develop energy security strategies based on the energy security theories and definitions that dominate in the research and policy discourse. It is therefore of utmost importance that scientists revisit these theories in line with the latest changes in the energy industry: the rapid advancement of renewables and...

Displacement of social security and social disprotection in Brazil.

After 30 years in force, CF-88 must be salvaged and commemorated but also evaluated in relation to how much social and political resistance it acquired in the execution of its determinations. These determinations not only conflict with those of the dictatorial period preceding it but were also shown to be minimally attractive to neoliberal forces in Brazil in the late 1980s and early 1990s and are now widely recognized as conservative. One of the main recommendations of CF-88 - the subject of this article -...

Integrated assessment of coastal ecological security based on land use change and ecosystem services in the Jiaozhou Bay, Shandong Peninsula, China.

Land use-based development activities can change the quality of coastal environment and the supply pattern of ecosystem services, negatively affecting the ecological security of coastal zones. Coastal ecosystem research has generally used terrestrial ecosystem research models which cannot actually reflect the features of the coastal zone─An independent environmental system combining land and sea. A scientific explanation is lacking for the complex relationship among driving factor of land-based activit...

Synthesizing water quality indicators from standardized geospatial information to remedy water security challenges: A review.

Water is vital not only for food, energy and sanitation but also for ecosystem functioning, human health, socio-economic progress and poverty reduction. Water security exists when all people have physical and economical access to sufficient, safe, and clean water that meets basic needs. However, water security is threatened by growing human population, episodic environmental disasters, indiscriminate land management practices, contaminants, and escalation in geopolitical conflicts.

How to Lead During the Next Health Security Crisis The Public Health Crisis Survival Guide: Leadership and Management in Trying Times , by Joshua M. Sharfstein , Reviewed by Jennifer B. Nuzzo.

The Experience of Medical Communication in Adults with Acute Leukemia: Impact of Age and Attachment Security.

Healthcare providers' (HCPs) communication with cancer patients provides both information and support. Younger patient age and greater difficulty accepting support (attachment security) have been linked to poorer communication experiences with HCPs. The present secondary data analysis examined the impact of age group and attachment security on perceived communication problems with HCPs in adults with acute leukemia (AL).

Security and efficiency enhancement of an anonymous three-party password-authenticated key agreement using extended chaotic maps.

Recently, Lu et al. claimed that Xie et al.'s three-party password-authenticated key agreement protocol (3PAKA) using chaotic maps has three security vulnerabilities; in particular, it cannot resist offline password guessing attack, Bergamo et al.'s attack and impersonation attack, and then they proposed an improved protocol. However, we demonstrate that Lu et al.'s attacks on Xie et al.'s scheme are unworkable, and their improved protocol is insecure against stolen-verifier attack and off-line password gue...

Destroyed by Slavery? Slavery and African American Family Formation Following Emancipation.

This study introduces a new sample that links people and families across 1860, 1880, and 1900 census data to explore the intergenerational impact of slavery on black families in the United States. Slaveholding-the number of slaves owned by a single farmer or planter-is used as a proxy for experiences during slavery. Slave family structures varied systematically with slaveholding sizes. Enslaved children on smaller holdings were more likely to be members of single-parent or divided families. On larger holdin...

Evaluation of Job-Related Anxiety Symptoms Among Brazilian Social Security Medical Experts.

The function of a medical expert within the scope of the Brazilian social security system consists of medically evaluating the examinee to draw a conclusive opinion on the person's working ability capacity and to characterize the disability for social security and assistance purposes. Forensic decisions inevitably converge on two opposite outcomes: concession or refusal. Rejection is against the interests of the candidates, who can direct their disappointment and dissatisfaction at the professional, exposin...

Impact of Hajj on Global Health Security.

With the human society transfers from scattered pieces to a society as a whole and the advent of the aviation era, the occurrence of infectious diseases and their diffusion have led to international health security issues. As the world's largest and irrevocable annual transnational religious movement, the Hajj and its connection with health security concerns have caught attention since the ancient times, because a huge population from all over the world gathers in the holy city of Mecca, which has tropical ...

Living Well in Times of Threat: The Importance of Adjustment Processes to Explain Functional Adaptation to Uncertain Security in Expatriates Deployed in the Sudan.

The present study investigated expatriate humanitarian aid workers' perceptions and responses to uncertain security while deployed in the Sudan. Interviews conducted in Khartoum (n = 7) and Darfur (n = 17) focused on risk perception, concern for personal security, and strategies used to function well in an insecure environment. Despite a high perceived general risk, as well as broad knowledge and experience with security incidents, participants often expressed low concern. General adjustment processes were ...

Critical elements for local Indigenous water security in Canada: a narrative review.

Indigenous communities in Canada are over-represented with respect to poor water quality and water advisories. To date, approaches to solve this water crisis have been founded in the Western Science (WS) context with little to no consultation or dialogue with those communities most impacted, and without regard for culture. A literature review was undertaken to: (i) document Indigenous Knowledge (IK), and perspectives regarding water and (ii) to identify current local water security tools utilized by Indigen...

Chlorella vulgaris as a green biofuel factory: Comparison between biodiesel, biogas and combustible biomass production.

Biofuels are viewed as the answer to safeguard the currently challenged energy security. To this end, the present study provides a comparison between approaches regarding microalgal biomass conversion to bioenergy, with a view on sustainable implementation. The energetic valorization of Chlorella vulgaris biomass cultivated under heterotrophic, sulfur-limited conditions was investigated through the biofuels biodiesel, biogas (biomethane) and combustible dry biomass. The lipid productivity can reach the valu...

90th Anniversary Commentary: Obesity among Offspring of US Immigrants: After 20 Years, a Need to Safeguard Children from the Obesogenic Environment.

Nuclear and Radiological Source Security Culture Assessment of Radioactive Material Users at a University.

Securing radioactive sources has become increasingly important given the rising threat of radiological terrorism. While radiation safety has long been established in most applicable industries, the importance of nuclear and radiological source security has lagged behind in nonnuclear material specific industries, such as academic institutions and medical facilities. To evaluate the attitudes and behaviors regarding nuclear security culture, an assessment of nuclear and radiological material practices was de...

Peer support and food security in deaf college students.

The purpose of the study was to investigate whether peer support and demographic characteristics predicted food security among deaf college students.

Systematic review of the effects of agricultural interventions on food security in northern Ghana.

Food insecurity and poverty rates in Ghana are highest in the districts from latitude 8° N upwards. These have motivated several interventions aimed at addressing the food insecurity via promoting agricultural growth. An assessment of the overall impact of these interventions on food security is necessary to guide policy design and future interventions.

Multiple non-climatic drivers of food insecurity reinforce climate change maladaptation trajectories among Peruvian Indigenous Shawi in the Amazon.

Climate change is affecting food systems globally, with implications for food security, nutrition, and the health of human populations. There are limited data characterizing the current and future consequences of climate change on local food security for populations already experiencing poor nutritional indicators. Indigenous Amazonian populations have a high reported prevalence of nutritional deficiencies. This paper characterizes the food system of the Shawi of the Peruvian Amazon, climatic and non-climat...

Building walls or opening borders? Global immigration policy attitudes across economic, cultural and human security contexts.

Using data from the World Values Survey for 51 countries, we conduct a multi-level analysis with mixed effects multinomial logistic regression models to explore the effects of economic context, cultural context, and national security events on immigration policy attitudes. Analyses of attitudes towards immigration to date have been limited in key respects: the scope has been mostly restricted to Western Europe and the Americas; limited attention has been paid to institutional and sociopolitical features of ...

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