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The Galaxy platform for accessible, reproducible and collaborative biomedical analyses: 2018 update.

Galaxy (homepage:, main public server: is a web-based scientific analysis platform used by tens of thousands of scientists across the world to analyze large biomedical datasets such as those found in genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and imaging. Started in 2005, Galaxy continues to focus on three key challenges of data-driven biomedical science: making analyses accessible to all researchers, ensuring analyses are completely reproducible, and making it simpl...

Galaxy HiCExplorer: a web server for reproducible Hi-C data analysis, quality control and visualization.

Galaxy HiCExplorer is a web server that facilitates the study of the 3D conformation of chromatin by allowing Hi-C data processing, analysis and visualization. With the Galaxy HiCExplorer web server, users with little bioinformatic background can perform every step of the analysis in one workflow: mapping of the raw sequence data, creation of Hi-C contact matrices, quality assessment, correction of contact matrices and identification of topological associated domains (TADs) and A/B compartments. Users can c...

Galaxy Correlation Functions Provide a More Robust Cosmological Standard Ruler.

We show how a characteristic length scale imprinted in the galaxy two-point correlation function, dubbed the "linear point," can serve as a comoving cosmological standard ruler. In contrast to the baryon acoustic oscillation peak location, this scale is constant in redshift and is unaffected by nonlinear effects to within 0.5 percent precision. We measure the location of the linear point in the galaxy correlation function of the LOWZ and CMASS samples from the Twelfth Data Release (DR12) of the Baryon Oscil...

Expanded functionality, increased accuracy, and enhanced speed in the de novo genotyping-by-sequencing pipeline GBS-SNP-CROP.

GBS-SNP-CROP is a bioinformatics pipeline originally developed to support the cost-effective genome-wide characterization of plant genetic resources through paired-end genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS), particularly in the absence of a reference genome. Since its 2016 release, the pipeline's functionality has greatly expanded, its computational efficiency has improved, and its applicability to a broad set of genomic studies for both plants and animals has been demonstrated. This note details the suite of impro...

Is Self-Interacting Dark Matter Undergoing Dark Fusion?

We suggest that two-to-two dark matter fusion may be the relaxation process that resolves the small-scale structure problems of the cold collisionless dark matter paradigm. In order for the fusion cross section to scale correctly across many decades of astrophysical masses from dwarf galaxies to galaxy clusters, we require the fractional binding energy released to be greater than v^{n}∼(10^{-(2-3)})^{n}, where n=1, 2 depends on local dark sector chemistry. The size of the dark-sector interaction cross sec...

Quantifying the survival uncertainty of Wolbachia-infected mosquitoes in a spatial model.

Artificial releases of Wolbachia-infected Aedes mosquitoes have been under study in the past yearsfor fighting vector-borne diseases such as dengue, chikungunya and zika.Several strains of this bacterium cause cytoplasmic incompatibility (CI) and can also affect their host's fecundity or lifespan, while highly reducing vector competence for the main arboviruses. We consider and answer the following questions: 1) what should be the initial condition (i.e. size of the initial mosquito population) to have inva...

Near field focusing by edge diffraction: publisher's note.

This publisher's note corrects an error in the reference section of Opt. Lett.43, 4053 (2018)OPLEDP0146-959210.1364/OL.43.004053.

Microwave-assisted Rydberg electromagnetically induced transparency: publisher's note.

This publisher's note corrects an error on page 1 in Opt. Lett.43, 1822 (2018).OPLEDP0146-959210.1364/OL.43.001822.

Ultra-broadband tunable continuous phase masks using optical aberrations: publisher's note.

This publisher's note corrects errors in Eq. (2) of Opt. Lett.43, 5480 (2018)OPLEDP0146-959210.1364/OL.43.005480.

Off-axis quartz-enhanced photoacoustic spectroscopy using a pulsed nanosecond mid-infrared optical parametric oscillator: publisher's note.

This publisher's note corrects an affiliation error in Opt. Lett.41, 4118 (2016)OPLEDP0146-959210.1364/OL.41.004118.

Raman scattering enhancement of a single ZnO nanorod decorated with Ag nanoparticles: synergies of defects and plasmons: publisher's note.

This publisher's note corrects an error in the funding section in Opt. Lett.43, 2244 (2018)OPLEDP0146-959210.1364/OL.43.002244.

Constraining a Thin Dark Matter Disk with Gaia.

If a component of the dark matter has dissipative interactions, it could collapse to form a thin dark disk in our Galaxy that is coplanar with the baryonic disk. It has been suggested that dark disks could explain a variety of observed phenomena, including periodic comet impacts. Using the first data release from the Gaia space observatory, we search for a dark disk via its effect on stellar kinematics in the Milky Way. Our new limits disfavor the presence of a thin dark matter disk, and we present updated...

Aberration correction in holographic optical tweezers using a high-order optical vortex: publisher's note.

This publisher's note identifies an error in the author affiliations of Appl. Opt.57, 3618 (2018)APOPAI0003-693510.1364/AO.57.003618.

Performance evaluation of perfect optical vortices transmission in an underwater optical communication system: publisher's note.

This publisher's note identifies an error in the paper title of Appl. Opt.57, 9148 (2018)APOPAI0003-693510.1364/AO.57.009148.

Development of a flow-through USP 4 apparatus drug release assay for the evaluation of amphotericin B liposome.

AmBisome is a liposomal formulation of amphotericin B (Amp B), a complex parenteral antifungal product with no US FDA approved generic version available to date. For generic Amp B liposomal product development, examination of the drug release profile is important for product quality control and analytical comparability evaluation with the reference listed drug. Yet, there is no standardized in vitro drug release (IVR) assay currently available for Amp B liposomes. In this study, we describe the development ...

P-TEFb and Brd4: actors of the transcription pause release as therapeutical targets.

Most cell physiology events are dictated by the integration of perceived signals and the elaboration by cells of adapted answers via the execution of proper transcriptional programs. In order to ensure an optimal control of these answers, many regulation mechanisms have been selected throughout the evolution, thus allowing to fine-tune transcript expression. The transcriptional pause and its release by P-TEFb (Positive Transcription Elongation Factor) have been evidenced two decades ago. Since then, the imp...

A note by any other name: Intonation context rapidly changes absolute note judgments.

Absolute pitch (AP) judgments, by definition, do not require a reference note, and thus might be viewed as context independent. Here, we specifically test whether short-term exposure to particular intonation contexts influences AP categorization on a rapid time scale and whether such context effects can change from moment to moment. In Experiment 1, participants heard duets in which a "lead" instrument always began before a "secondary" instrument. Both instruments independently varied on intonation (flat, i...

Bridging the Chromosome-Centric and Biology and Disease Human Proteome Projects: Accessible and automated tools for interpreting biological and pathological impact of protein sequence variants detected via proteogenomics.

The chromosome-centric human proteome project (C-HPP) seeks to comprehensively characterize all protein products coded by the genome, including those expressed sequence variants confirmed via proteogenomics methods. The closely related biology and disease human proteome project (B/D-HPP) seeks to understand the biological and pathological associations of expressed protein products, especially those carrying sequence variants which may be drivers of disease. To achieve these objectives, informatics tools are...

Sketch and Speak: An Expository Intervention Using Note-Taking and Oral Practice for Children With Language-Related Learning Disabilities.

This preliminary study investigated an intervention procedure employing 2 types of note-taking and oral practice to improve expository reporting skills.

Design strategies for chemical-stimuli-responsive programmable nanotherapeutics.

Chemical-stimuli-responsive nanotherapeutics have gained great interest in drug delivery and diagnosis applications. These nanotherapeutics are designed to respond to specific internal stimuli including pH, ionic strength, redox, reactive oxygen species, glucose, enzymes, ATP and hypoxia for site-specific and responsive or triggered release of payloads and/or biomarker detections. This review systematically and comprehensively addresses up-to-date technological and design strategies, and challenges nanomate...

Genotyping-by-sequencing identifies date palm clone preference in agronomics of the State of Qatar.

Understanding the genetic diversity in a crop population is key to its targeted breeding for desired traits, such as higher yields, better fruit quality and resistance to disease and changing climates. Date fruits represent a major crop in the Middle East and are key to achieving future food independence in arid countries like Qatar. We previously determined the genome of the date palm Phoenix dactylifera and showed that date palm trees world-wide divide into two distinct subpopulations of Eastern and Weste...

Biodiesel production over a catalyst prepared from biomass-derived waste date pits.

Date palms are predominately produced in arid regions and the date pits, or seeds, produced from them are sometimes considered to be a waste. Date pits, ground to powder following an oil extraction, were used to synthesize a renewable heterogeneous catalyst. The green carbon catalyst was modified by an alkaline earth metal oxide (CaO). The oil extracted from date pits was transformed into biodiesel. The biodiesel process was optimized and the optimal yield was 98.2 wt% at a reaction temperature of 70 °...

Synergistic control of neurotransmitter release by different members of the synaptotagmin family.

Quantal neurotransmitter release at nerve terminals is tightly regulated by the presynaptic Ca concentration. Here, we summarise current advances in understanding how the interplay between presynaptic Ca dynamics and different Ca release sensors shapes action potential-evoked release on a timescale from hundreds of microseconds to hundreds of milliseconds. In particular, we review recent studies that reveal the synergistic roles of the low Ca affinity/fast release sensors synaptotagmins 1, 2 and 9 and the h...

Trace Urine Albumin and Mortality: Kangbuk Samsung Health Study.

The importance of a trace albumin on the urine dipstick test is not well known and is frequently disregarded in clinical practice. The aim of this study is to investigate the role of trace albuminuria in predicting all-cause mortality in Korean adults.

Gaia Sky: Navigating the Gaia Catalog.

In this paper, we present Gaia Sky, a free and open-source multiplatform 3D Universe system, developed since 2014 in the Data Processing and Analysis Consortium framework of ESA's Gaia mission. Gaia's data release 2 represents the largest catalog of the stars of our Galaxy, comprising 1.3 billion star positions, with parallaxes, proper motions, magnitudes, and colors. In this mission, Gaia Sky is the central tool for off-the-shelf visualization of these data, and for aiding production of outreach material. ...

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