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Trump and the GOP agenda: implications for retirement policy.

Policymakers need to act to protect Americans' retirement security. A significant portion of Americans are at risk of not being able to maintain their standard of living in retirement and research suggests that this percentage is likely to grow. This commentary provides background on the current state of American retirement, highlights recent efforts to reform retirement policy, and predicts what to expect under President Donald Trump. Retirement has not been a major focus of national policymakers in recent...

A Marxist therapist treats a Trump-supporting client: A tale of politics and psychotherapy.

When there are politically polarizing events taking place in the world, can it be useful for a therapist to disclose his or her political views within the context of a psychotherapeutic dyad? This paper examines this question through the example of a Marxist therapist working with a politically conservative patient in the polarized political atmosphere following Donald Trump's election to the Presidency of the United States. Also explored are the patient's dynamics that might have made it particularly salie...

Draining the swamp while making America great: senior dissonance in the age of Trump.

In his surprise election as President, Donald Trump enjoyed disproportionate electoral support from older voters, many of whom saw in Trump a person who would work to reverse demographic, economic, and cultural forces that had transformed American life as they had long seen it. Yet, Trump's campaign and incumbency has also been very much about gutting the Washington policy establishment of officials, bureaucrats, and lobbyists (aka, the Swamp) which, for over half a century, has been instrumental in enactin...

Undermining the ACA through the executive branch and federalism: what the Trump administration's approach to health reform means for older Americans.

The ACA has survived multiple existential threats in the legislative and judicial branches, including dozens of congressional attempts at repeal and two major Supreme Court cases. Even as it seems that the ACA is here to stay, what the law accomplishes is far from settled. The Trump administration is using executive powers to weaken the law, in many cases the same powers that President Obama used to strengthen the effects of the reform. States have responded by seeking flexibility to pursue reforms, such as...

Erratum for Sanders et al., "FusoPortal: an Interactive Repository of Hybrid MinION-Sequenced Genomes Improves Gene Identification and Characterization".

Validation Study of the Thumb Ossification Composite Index (TOCI) in Idiopathic Scoliosis: A Stage-to-Stage Correlation with Classic Tanner-Whitehouse and Sanders Simplified Skeletal Maturity Systems.

The new simplified thumb ossification composite index (TOCI) based on ossification of the thumb epiphyses and adductor sesamoid has demonstrated simplicity, excellent reliability, and high accuracy for predicting skeletal maturity, comparable with the Sanders simplified skeletal maturity system (SSMS). It was our belief that, because the terminology of the SSMS system has been commonly used for skeletal maturity prediction in idiopathic scoliosis in publications over the past decade, the clinical applicabil...

Findings on 7000 mri of the iam: To scan or not to scan? : A retrospective cohort study.

The pick-up rate of new vestibular schwannoma was 1.6%, in keeping with current literature. After correction for non-significant incidentals, the incidental pick up rate was 11%. When we exclude the clinically non-significant findings of sinus and mastoid opacifications, we found that except for ischaemic changes, the pick-up of new vestibular schwannomas was still the most common important finding, justifying our scan requests. Incidental findings may lead to patient anxiety and require further utilisation...

First Prenatal Diagnosis of a Niemann-Pick Disease Type C2 Revealed by a Cystic Hygroma: A Case Report and Review of the Literature.

The importance of fetal nuchal translucency was highlighted in the early 1990s as a useful first-trimester marker to identify fetal chromosomal abnormalities. Here, we report the prenatal diagnosis of a fetus with Niemann-Pick disease type C initially identified by first-trimester ultrasonographic markers and eventually confirmed by extensive genetic evaluation.

Adult Niemann-Pick disease type C in France: clinical phenotypes and long-term miglustat treatment effect.

Niemann-Pick disease type C (NP-C) is a neurodegenerative lysosomal lipid storage disease caused by autosomal recessive mutations in the NPC1 or NPC2 genes. The clinical presentation and evolution of NP-C and the effect of miglustat treatment are described in the largest cohort of patients with adolescent/adult-onset NP-C studied to date.

Food policy in the era of Trump - limits to deregulation.

Early Changes in Health Insurance Coverage under the Trump Administration.

Global Climate Change and the "So What?" Issue: Reversing the Impact of Donald Trump.

Depressive and socially anxious symptoms, psychosocial maturity, and risk perception: Associations with risk-taking behaviour.

Risk-taking behaviour and onset of mental illness peak in adolescence and young adulthood. This study evaluated the interconnectedness of the domains of risk-taking behaviour, mental health (symptoms of depression and social anxiety), psychosocial maturity, risk perception, age, and gender in a sample of 306 adolescents and young adults. Participants between the ages of 16 and 35 completed online self-report measures assessing risk-taking behaviour, depressive symptoms, socially anxious symptoms, psychosoci...

Progress and Challenges in Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Measurement in the First Year of the Trump Administration.

Methyl dihydrojasmonate and lilial are the constituents with an "off-label" insect repellence in perfumes.

Insect repellents are widely used to fend off nuisance mosquitoes and, more importantly, to reduce or eliminate mosquito bites in areas where viruses and other vector-borne diseases are circulating. Synthesized more than six decades ago, DEET is the most widely used insect repellent. Plant-derived compounds are used in a plethora of commercial formulations and natural recipes to repel mosquitoes. They are also used as fragrances. We analysed Bombshell® to identify the constituent(s) eliciting a previously ...

Survival angst: Reading Hothead Paisan in the Trump era.

This essay considers Diane DiMassa's 1990s comic book series Hothead Paisan: Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist alongside the recent rise and visibility of White supremacist movements following the 2016 United States election. While Hothead's acts of queer revenge primarily target White heterosexual cismen, several issues feature Hothead taking aim at neo-Nazis and the KKK. Exploring the way in which Hothead's relationship to debility and capacity is mediated by her gender, sexuality, and race, the essay argues th...

A Bone to Pick with a Lung Disease.

What are the implications for practice that arise from studies of medication taking? A systematic review of qualitative research.

Despite several decades of evidence supporting the benefits of taking medications in various diseases and healthcare settings, a significant proportion of prescribed treatments are not taken. This review sought to synthesise qualitative research exploring experiences of medication taking around the world, and to determine whether there were consistent messages arising from these studies.

The impact of biomarkers analysis in the diagnosis of Niemann-Pick C disease and acid sphingomyelinase deficiency.

Although representing two distinct disease entities, Niemann-Pick disease type C (NP-C) disease and acid sphingomyelinase deficiency (ASMD) share several phenotypic features. The lack of biomarkers was responsible in the past of diagnostic delay. Recently, plasma oxysterols, cholestan-3β,5α,6β-triol (Triol) and 7-ketocholesterol (7-KC) and lysosphingolipids, Lyso-sphingomyelin (Lyso-SM) and Lysosphingomyelin-509 (Lyso-SM-509), have been proposed as diagnostic biomarkers. We aimed to assess the diagnostic...

Cyclodextrin-Based Macromolecular Systems as Cholesterol-Mopping Therapeutic Agents in Niemann-Pick Disease Type C.

Over the last decade, cyclodextrins (CDs) have gained considerable attention as a potential therapeutic intervention in the treatment of the rare genetic condition Niemann-Pick type C disease (NPC). However, the oligosaccharide in its monomeric form suffers from serious side effects, especially from a pharmacokinetic and biodistribution standpoint. CD-based macromolecular systems hold great promise to overcome such limitations and might provide an improved therapeutic approach in reducing cholesterol accumu...


A minimally invasive (sinus tarsi) approach with percutaneous K-wires fixation for intra-articular calcaneal fractures in children.

The aim of this study was to analyze the management of displaced intra-articular calcaneal fractures in children at our pediatric orthopedic and to determine the results following open reduction via minimally invasive sinus tarsi approach and fixation with Kirschner wires (K-wires). Overall, 25 available cases of calcaneal fractures in children with mean age of 9.8 years were treated by open reduction from January 2010 to December 2015. All patients were followed up from 12 to 30 months (mean: 19 months). C...

A quasi-experimental study of a mandatory calorie-labelling policy in restaurants: Impact on use of nutrition information among youth and young adults in Canada.

In 2017, Ontario became the first Canadian province to require calorie amounts on menus/menu boards of chain restaurants. The province of British Columbia (BC) implemented a voluntary nutrition information initiative in which calorie and sodium information were available upon request. A quasi-experimental design was used to examine the use of nutrition information in Ontario (mandatory calorie labelling), compared to BC (voluntary policy) and three other provinces with no formal menu labelling policy ('cont...

Large pericardial effusion and tamponade in young male with Niemann-Pick disease type C.

Application of a simple methodology to analyze Hydroxypropyl-β-Cyclodextrin in urine using HPLC-LS in early Niemann-Pick disease type C patient.

A new methodology, based on high resolution liquid chromatography with light scatterin detector, is applied to analyze Hydroxypropyl-beta-Cyclodextrin (HPβCD) in urine samples of a child affected by Niemann-Pick Type C disease. The treatment not only stopped disease progression, but has also increased the life expectancy and quality of our patient. The pharmacokinetic of HPβCD in the patient was studied with a 92.8% of HPβCD recovered. At 88 h, no HPβCD was found in the urine. During the treatment, HP...

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