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Smoke shop misclassification may cloud studies on vape shop density.

Sexual Risk Behaviors and Perceptions of Men Who Go to Gay Sex Parties in New York City: Comparisons Between Three HIV Groups.

Men who have sex with men (MSM) who attend group-sex events often engage in risky sexual behaviors that contribute to the high human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) incidence among this population. We conducted an online survey with 211 New York City MSM who attended sex parties in the prior year and asked them to describe their behaviors and perceptions of risk. We compared responses from HIV-positive-undetectable men (n = 36), HIV-negative men on pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP; n = 62), and HIV-negative ...

Synopsis of Commelina L. (Commelinaceae) in the state of Rio de Janeiro, reveals a new white-flowered species endemic to Brazil.

A synopsis for the genus Commelina in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is presented here, including a new species, ten new synonyms, five designated lectotypes, two designated epitypes and an excluded name. Commelina huntii, a new species, is remarkable due to the combination of rusty to rusty-brown hairs at the margin of its leaf-sheaths, connate spathes, white flowers with auriculate medial petal, ovaries with sparse black papillae and dehiscent fruits. Additionally, we provide an identification key, ...

Vape Shop Density and Socio-demographic Disparities: A U.S. Census Tract Analysis.

Vape shops are an emerging business specializing in the sales and promotion of e-cigarette, e-juice and other vaping products. This study sought to evaluate the associations between vape shop density and socio-demographic characteristics at the U.S. census tract level.

Canada announces plans to legalise recreational marijuana.

FAANP announces New Fellows.

Old voters on new dimensions: Why do voters vote for pensioners' parties? the case of the Netherlands.

This article analyses the electoral support of the Dutch pensioners' party 50Plus. Due to its open electoral system and aging population, the Netherlands is a key case to study pensioners' parties (Hanley, 2011). Our study shows that this pensioners' party appeals to voters that are characterized by their age and their dependence on the welfare state, as well as their policy positions on new lines of political conflict. In particular their position on the new economic dimension (which concerns welfare state...

The International Rare Diseases Research Consortium Announces New Vision and Goals.

Demographic, Socioeconomic, and Geographic Factors Leading to Severe Malaria and Delayed Care Seeking in Ugandan Children: A Case-Control Study.

We studied associations between delayed care seeking, demographic, socioeconomic, and geographic factors and likelihood of severe malaria in Ugandan children. The study was based at Jinja Hospital, Uganda. We enrolled 325 severe malaria cases and 325 uncomplicated malaria controls matched by age and residence. Patient details, an itinerary of events in response to illness, household information, and location of participants' residences were captured. Conditional logistic regression was used to determine ris...

Political parties pick up on BVA manifesto.

Online Vape Shop Customers Who Use E-Cigarettes Report Abstinence from Smoking and Improved Quality of Life, But a Substantial Minority Still Have Vaping-Related Health Concerns.

(1) Background: Characteristics and usage patterns of vapers (e-cigarette users) have mainly been studied in web-based convenience samples or in visitors of brick-and-mortar vape shops. We extended this by targeting customers of one particular online vape shop in the Netherlands; (2) Methods: Customers were questioned on their smoking history, current smoking and vaping status, reasons for vaping, perceived harmfulness, and potential health changes due to vaping; (3) Results: Almost everyone (99%, 95% CI 0....

How do the political parties stack up against vets' wishes?

Medicare, Medicaid, and Children's Health Insurance Programs: Announcement of the Extension of Temporary Moratoria on Enrollment of Part B Non-Emergency Ground Ambulance Suppliers and Home Health Agencies in Designated Geographic Locations. Extension of temporary moratoria.

This document announces the extension of statewide temporary moratoria on the enrollment of new Medicare Part B non-emergency ground ambulance providers and suppliers and Medicare home health agencies, subunits, and branch locations in Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Texas, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, as applicable, to prevent and combat fraud, waste, and abuse. This extension also applies to the enrollment of new non-emergency ground ambulance suppliers and home health agencies, subunits, and branch locatio...

Seeking Certainty? Judicial Approaches to The (Non-)Treatment of Minimally Conscious Patients.

A modest, but growing, body of case law is developing around the (non-)treatment of patients in the minimally conscious state. We sought to explore the approaches that the courts take to these decisions. Using the results of a qualitative analysis, we identify five key features of the rulings to date. First, the judges appear keen to frame the cases in such a way that these are rightly matters for judicial determination. Secondly, the judges appraise the types and forms of expertise that enter the courtroom...

Who will get your vote next week?

How do the political parties compare on Brexit and animal welfare issues?

Surgical treatment for the excluded bile leakage from Spiegel lobe after right hemihepatectomy: A case report.

The treatments of excluded bile duct leakage after hepatectomy are not easy and various strategies have been reported, such as surgery, ethanol or fibrin glue injection, and portal vein embolization.

Effects of encapsulated nitrate on growth performance, carcass characteristics, nitrate residues in tissues, and enteric methane emissions in beef steers: Finishing phase.

A finishing feedlot study was conducted with beef steers to determine effects of encapsulated nitrate (EN) on growth performance, carcass characteristics, methane production, and nitrate (NO) residues in tissues. The 132 crossbred steers were backgrounded in a feedlot for 91 d and transitioned for 28 days to the high-concentrate diets evaluated in the present study, maintaining the treatment and pen assignments designated at the start of the backgrounding period. The steers were initially assigned to 22 pen...

A Review of the Impact of Exclusion Criteria on the Generalizability of Schizophrenia Treatment Research.

Treatment research studies employ criteria that determine which patients are eligible to participate and which are not. When such exclusion criteria produce a treatment research sample that is a small and unrepresentative subset of all patients with a particular disease, clinicians may be hesitant to apply the research results in front-line clinical practice. Accordingly, the present paper reviews the English-language literature on exclusion criteria in schizophrenia treatment research and draws initial con...

"Very much in love": The letters of Magda Arnold and Father John Gasson.

Magda Arnold (1903-2002), best known for her pioneering appraisal theory of emotion, belonged to the second generation of women in psychology who frequently experienced institutional sexism and career barriers. Following her religious conversion, Arnold had to contend with the additional challenge of being an openly Catholic woman in psychology at a time when Catholic academics were stigmatized. This paper announces the discovery of and relies upon a number of previously unknown primary sources on Magda Arn...

The Interaction Between Charged Cylinders in Electrolyte Solution. Excluded Volume Effect.

Electrostatic interactions govern the physical properties of charged cylindrical structures in electrolyte solutions. Besides the surface charge on the cylinders, another factor influencing the electrostatic interactions are the mobile ions. The finite size of the mobile ions is included by the excluded volume effect within the lattice statistics, while the electrostatic interactions are considered by means of the mean electrostatic field. In this paper we consider charged parallel cylinders embedded into a...

Effects of Leymus chinensis replacement with whole-crop wheat hay on blood parameters, fatty acid composition, and microbiomes of Holstein bulls.

This study investigated the replacement of Leymus chinensis (LC) with whole-crop wheat hay (WCWH) in the diets of Holstein bulls in the fattening stage and examined the potential effects on blood parameters, fatty acids in rumen fluid and serum, and the rumen microbiomes. In this study, 12 Holstein bulls in the fattening period (body weight = 485.0 ± 40.8 kg) were assigned to 1 of 4 dietary treatments using a 4 × 4 Latin square design. Each experimental period consisted of a 17-d adaptation period and a 5...

Improving Compliance Rates with Health Assessment and Vaccine Documentation to Decrease School Absences: A Community Collaborative.

Students entering North Carolina public schools must have documentation of a health assessment and immunizations by the 30th day of class, or they are excluded from attending school until they submit documentation. A community collaborative was essential in decreasing the number of students excluded from school for noncompliant documentation in the Winston-Salem Forsyth County school district.

Socioeconomic status disparities in late-life disability based on age, period, and cohort in Japan.

Effects of disparities in socioeconomic status (SES) on late-life disabilities have been reported around the world. However, there are only a few studies that have examined age, period, and cohort dependent influences of SES disparities on late-life disabilities. We investigated associations between SES disparities and late-life disability based on the Age-Period-Cohort. We also investigated how macro-economic conditions unique to a period, or a cohort might explain the period or the cohort trends.

Announcing the $100,000 (one hundred thousand US Dollars) Acta Physiologica Award.

It is with pleasure that the Scandinavian Physiological Society announces a $100,000 (one hundred thousand US Dollars) award for the best article published in Acta Physiologica during the last two years. $50,000 of the award is a personal award to the authors, whereas the remaining $50,000 is allocated to support your research. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

The contribution of an asthma diagnostic consultation service in obtaining an accurate asthma diagnosis for primary care patients: results of a real-life study.

Previous studies showed that general practitioners have problems in diagnosing asthma accurately, resulting in both under and overdiagnosis. To support general practitioners in their diagnostic process, an asthma diagnostic consultation service was set up. We evaluated the performance of this asthma diagnostic consultation service by analysing the (dis)concordance between the general practitioners working hypotheses and the asthma diagnostic consultation service diagnoses and possible consequences this had ...

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