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An overview of microbial indigo-forming enzymes.

Indigo is one of the oldest textile dyes and was originally prepared from plant material. Nowadays, indigo is chemically synthesized at a large scale to satisfy the demand for dyeing jeans. The current indigo production processes are based on fossil feedstocks; therefore, it is highly attractive to develop a more sustainable and environmentally friendly biotechnological process for the production of this popular dye. In the past decades, a number of natural and engineered enzymes have been identified that c...

Surgical Wound Misclassification to Clean From Clean-Contaminated in Common Abdominal Operations.

Wound classification helps predict wound-related complications and is useful in stratifying surgical site infection reporting. We sought to evaluate misclassification among commonly performed surgeries that are at least clean-contaminated.

Validity of temperature, duration, and vessel seal on 24-hour urinary hydration markers.

The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of storage temperature, duration, and storage vessel seal on 24 h urinary hydration markers. Twenty-one males (n = 8) and females (n = 13) (mean±SD; age, 24±5 y; body mass, 68.9±24.2 kg; height, 160.2±32.1 cm) without a history of renal disease or currently taking any medications or supplements known to affect the accuracy of urinary hydration markers were enrolled in this study. Participants provided a 24 h urine sample in a clean container with each ...

Appropriate amounts proportions of lidocaine gel, indigo carmine and lipiodol mixture for preoperative marking in video-assisted thoracic surgery.

Preoperative marking is necessary in thoracoscopic wedge resections of lung nodules expected to be invisible or nonpalpable during surgery. Recently, lidocaine gel was added to a dye solution containing indigo carmine and lipiodol to promote micelle formation, but the optimal mixing ratio was not determined. Thus, an in vitro experiment was performed to identify the optimal mixing ratio of lidocaine gel, indigo carmine and lipiodol. To fixed volumes of indigo carmine and lipiodol of 0.5 ml each, 0.1, 0.2, ...

Utilisation of appropriately treated wastewater for some further beneficial purposes: a review of the disinfection method of treated wastewater using UV radiation technology.

Due to world population growth, global climate change and the deteriorated quality of water, water supply struggles to keep up the clean water demand to meet human needs. Ultraviolet (UV) technology holds a great potential in advancing water and wastewater treatment to improve the efficiency of safe treatment. Over the last 20 years, the UV light disinfection industry has shown a tremendous growth. Therefore, reuse of wastewater contributes significantly to an efficient and sustainable water usage. Disinfec...

A Guiding Nightlight Decreases Fear of Falling and Increases Sleep Quality of Community-Dwelling Older People: A Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation.

Even though poor lighting at nighttime is an important risk factor for falls (and most falls occur during the night), lighting interventions to improve nightly lighting from bed to bathroom are rarely evaluated for fall prevention.

Desymmetrisation reactions of indigo with Grignard reagents for the synthesis of selective antiplasmodial 1,3ꞌ-3-aryl-2,2ꞌ-diindol-3ꞌ-ones.

The nucleophilic addition of organomagnesium and organolithium species to the cheap and robust natural dye indigo led to desymmetrisation of the heterocyclic nucleus via a Grignard addition-dehydration procedure. Twenty-seven diversely-functionalised [1H,3ꞌH]-3-substituted-2,2ꞌ-diindol-3ꞌ-ones were synthesised by this methodology, with several showing submicromolar inhibition and exquisite selectivity against P. falciparum parasites (3D7 and Dd2 strains) in vitro. This work demonstrates the utility of...

The importance of including position and viewing direction when measuring and assessing the lighting conditions of office workers.

Light and alertness studies have applied different measurement methodologies to determine lighting conditions. However, it has been demonstrated that researchers rarely measure or describe the lighting conditions of their studies in sufficient detail to generalize conclusions or derive universal guidelines.

Efficacy and safety of indigo naturalis ointment in Treating Atopic Dermatitis: A randomized clinical trial.

Indigo naturalis, a herbal medicine with a history of use dating back to ancient times, may be a good alternative topical treatment for atopic dermatitis (AD).

Effect of Correlated Colour Temperature and Illuminance Levels on User's Visual Perception under LED Lighting in Taiwan.

This study aimed to utilize the characteristics of light-emitting diode (LED) lighting, including the adjustable correlated colour temperature (CCT) and illuminance levels, to evaluate the effects of various CCT and illuminance level combinations on visual perception and their patterns under different lighting conditions. Five white light balances with different CCTs were created together with four levels of illuminance. Based on the patterns of visual perception, when the CCT increased with the illuminance...

Placement and sales of tobacco products and nicotine replacement therapy in tobacco-free and tobacco-selling pharmacies in Northern California: an observational study.

Although tobacco is the leading preventable cause of death in the USA, it is routinely sold in pharmacies. In 2008, San Francisco became the first city in the USA to pass a tobacco-free pharmacy ordinance. Over the next decade, 171 municipalities enacted similar policies, and in 2018, Massachusetts banned tobacco sales in pharmacies. Our objective was to assess the perceived effects of tobacco-free pharmacy policies on displays, sales, customer visits and counselling.

Short- and long-term outcomes of Indigo naturalis treatment for inflammatory bowel disease.

Indigo naturalis (IN) is a traditional Chinese herbal medicine reported to be effective in inducing remission in ulcerative colitis (UC). We conducted a retrospective observational study to investigate the efficacy and safety of IN for induction and maintenance therapy in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Cytotoxic comparison of macrolide antibiotics and their chlorinated disinfection byproduct mixtures.

Erythromycin (ERY), azithromycin (AZI) and telithromycin (TEL) are widely-used macrolide antibiotics that are frequently detected in various water environments, including resource water and drinking water. In the performed chlorination disinfection process, at least 10, 20 and 200 new disinfection byproducts of ERY, AZI and TEL, respectively, were observed (the mixtures of the disinfection byproducts of ERY, AZI and TEL were named ERY-M, AZI-M and TEL-M, respectively). There is limited information available...

Travel health-related activities and services provided by community pharmacies in Selangor, Malaysia: A cross-sectional analysis.

Millions of tourists visit Malaysia annually while a large number of Malaysians travel overseas. Taking care of travellers' healthcare needs is important aspect of the healthcare system. Community pharmacies are ideally positioned to provide travel health-related services. However, studies are lacking in this area. Therefore, this study aims to explore the nature and type of travel health-related services provided by Malaysian community pharmacies.

Regulating pharmacists as contraception providers: A qualitative study from Coastal Kenya on injectable contraception provision to youth.

Young people worldwide are often reticent to access family planning services from public health facilities: instead, they choose to get contraception from private, retail pharmacies. In Kenya, certain contraceptives are available in pharmacies: these include injectables, which can be dispensed but not administered, according national guidelines. However, Kenya struggles with enforcement of its pharmacy regulations and addressing illegal activity. Therefore, in this qualitative study, we assessed private pha...

Ex Vivo Comparison of Antibacterial Efficacy of Conventional Chemomechanical Debridement Alone and in Combination with Light-Activated Disinfection and Laser Irradiation Against Enterococcus Faecalis Biofilm.

Intracanal disinfection plays an important role in endodontic treatment success. Enterococcus faecalis (E. faecalis) is a resistant microorganism responsible for endodontic infections. We aimed to assess the bactericidal effects of three disinfection methods on E. faecalis biofilm.

Turning a Smartphone Selfie Into a Studio Portrait.

We introduce a novel algorithm that turns a flash selfie taken with a smartphone into a studio-like photograph with uniform lighting. Our method uses a convolutional neural network trained on a set of pairs of photographs acquired in a controlled environment. For each pair, we have one photograph of a subject's face taken with the camera flash enabled and another one of the same subject in the same pose illuminated using a photographic studio-lighting setup. We show how our method can amend lighting artifac...


Aim is to report the outcome of immediate and direct revascularization by mechanical thrombectomy in acute limb ischemia (ALI) due to thrombosed popliteal artery aneurysm (PAA). Two patients with acute limb ischemia due to PAA thrombosis were admitted at our hospital, and immediately treated by mechanical thrombectomy (Indigo System). First patient had a complete recanalization after thrombectomy, while the second one required urokinase infusion (12 hours) due to a sub-optimal result. After revascularizatio...

The impact of law enforcement on dispensing antibiotics without prescription: a multi-methods study from Saudi Arabia.

: Dispensing of antibiotics without a prescription (DAwP) has been widely practised among community pharmacies in Saudi Arabia despite being illegal. However, in May 2018, the law and regulations were enforced alongside fines. Consequently, we wanted to evaluate the impact of these changes.: A study was conducted among 116 community pharmacies in two phases. Pre-law enforcement phase between December 2017 and March 2018 and a post-law enforcement phase a year later. Each phase consisted of a cross-sectional...

Over the counter: The potential for easing pharmacy provision of family planning in urban Senegal.

This research assessed the potential for expanding access to family planning through private sector pharmacies in Senegal, by examining the quality of the services provided through private sector pharmacies, and pharmacy staff and client interest in private sector pharmacy-based family planning services. This was a cross-sectional, descriptive study conducted in eight urban districts in and around Dakar and two urban districts outside of Dakar employing an audit of 225 pharmacies, a survey with 486 private...

Effects of chlorine disinfection on the membrane fouling potential of bacterial strains isolated from fouled reverse osmosis membranes.

Biofouling of reverse osmosis (RO) membranes is an inevitable issue in wastewater reclamation and limits the application of RO systems. Chlorine disinfection is widely used as a pretreatment to control biofouling. However, the extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) and cellular inclusions released during chlorine disinfection might also cause membrane fouling. Furthermore, little is known regarding the chlorine resistance of bacterial strains found on fouled RO membranes. In this study, four bacterial str...

Perioperative Prophylactic Antibiotics in 1,250 Orbital Surgeries.

Intravenous antibiotic prophylaxis is used for many clean-contaminated surgeries or clean surgeries with an implant, but its value for clean orbital surgery has not been determined. This study investigated infection risks and adverse effects related to antibiotics in patients undergoing orbital surgery.

Predatory bacteria in combination with solar disinfection and solar photocatalysis for the treatment of rainwater.

The predatory bacterium, Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus, was applied as a biological pre-treatment to solar disinfection and solar photocatalytic disinfection for rainwater treatment. The photocatalyst used was immobilised titanium-dioxide reduced graphene oxide. The pre-treatment followed by solar photocatalysis for 120 min under natural sunlight reduced the viable counts of Klebsiella pneumoniae from 2.00 × 10 colony forming units (CFU)/mL to below the detection limit (BDL) (

"Clean Care for All-It's in Your Hands": The 5th of May 2019 World Health Organization SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands Campaign.

Visible-light-driven photocatalytic disinfection mechanism of Pb-BiFeO/rGO photocatalyst.

While the visible-light-driven photocatalytic disinfection techniques for drinking water have recently attracted tremendous attentions, it is necessary to further improve the solar energy utilization efficiency. In this study, we synthesized Pb-BiFeO photocatalysts doped with different amounts of reduced graphene oxide (Pb-BiFeO/rGO). The photocatalytic disinfection efficiencies toward gram-negative Escherichia coli (E. coli) and gram-positive Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) were evaluated under visible...

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