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How Intense Policy Demanders Shape Postreform Politics: Evidence from the Affordable Care Act.

The implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been a politically volatile process. The ACA's institutional design and delayed feedback effects created a window of opportunity for its partisan opponents to launch challenges at both the federal and state level. Yet as recent research suggests, postreform politics depends on more than policy feedback alone; rather, it is shaped by the partisan and interest-group environment. We argue that "intense policy demanders" played an important role in definin...

Evaluating the capacity of California's publicly-funded universities to provide medication abortion.

To explore the capacity of the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) student health centers to provide medication abortion (MA), to identify gaps in resources required to implement proposed Senate Bill 320, which would mandate the provision of MA on UC and CSU campuses, and to explore California student health center staff perspectives on the benefits and challenges of providing MA.

Draft Genome Sequence of the Siderophore-Degrading Soil BacteriumStrain LU.

Here, we present the draft genome ofstrain LU, a soil bacterium capable of degrading the trihydroxamate siderophore deferrioxamine B to its constituent monohydroxamic acids. Genome size was 6,399,828 bp, with a GC content of 61.5%. This draft genome consists of 35 scaffolds, with anof 389,921 bp.

Nociception, pain, consciousness, and society: A plea for constrained use of pain-related terminologies.

This focus article addresses the issue of the proper use of terminology in pain research. A review and some revisions on the definitions of pain and nociception, in relation to consciousness is presented. From a behavioral viewpoint, it is argued that pain is a conscious assessment of the failure of the organism to protect the body from injury (actual or potential); while continuously-ongoing sub/pre-conscious nociceptive processes protect the body from injuries. Thus, pain perception/behavior requires a su...

Draft Genome Sequence of an Active Heterotrophic Nitrifier-Denitrifier,UM1.

Here, we present the draft genome sequence ofUM1, a metal-resistant heterotrophic nitrifier-denitrifier capable of synthesizing nitrite from pyruvic oxime. The size of the genome is 7,402,815 bp with a GC content of 64.8%. This draft assembly consists of 38 scaffolds.

The dominance of finance in healthcare: political action of unlimited capital in the 21st century.

This article gives, first, a historical account of the action of capital in healthcare in contemporary Brazil and then introduces a debate on the dominance of finance ('financial dominance') in healthcare based on one case to examine: the hypertrophy of the structure for intermediation in private healthcare existing in Brazil, using the theses of José Carlos de Souza Braga as its principal reference. The article highlights the nebulous nature of what happens at the interface between the public and private ...

Draft Genome Sequences ofandStrains Isolated from Spacecraft-Associated Surfaces.

We report here the draft genome sequences of four strains isolated from spacecraft-associated surfaces exhibiting increased resistance to stressors such as UV radiation and exposure to HOThe draft genomes of strains 1P01SC, FO-92, 50v1, and 2P01AA had sizes of 5,500,894 bp, 4,699,376 bp, 3,174,402 bp, and 4,328,804 bp, respectively.

The reconstruction of 2,631 draft metagenome-assembled genomes from the global oceans.

Microorganisms play a crucial role in mediating global biogeochemical cycles in the marine environment. By reconstructing the genomes of environmental organisms through metagenomics, researchers are able to study the metabolic potential of Bacteria and Archaea that are resistant to isolation in the laboratory. Utilizing the large metagenomic dataset generated from 234 samples collected during the Tara Oceans circumnavigation expedition, we were able to assemble 102 billion paired-end reads into 562 million ...

The Association Between the Use of the Education Benefits from the G.I. Bill and Veterans' Health.

There is limited knowledge on the impact of education on veterans' health in the United States. This study specifically examines the relationship between the education benefits from the G.I. Bill and veterans' health.

Draft genome resources for the phytopathogenic fungi Monilinia fructicola, M. fructigena, M. polystroma and M. laxa, the causal agents of brown rot.

Fungi in the genus Monilinia are known to cause devastating brown rot disease of stone and pome fruits. Here, we report the draft genome assemblies of four important phytopathogenic species: Monilinia fructicola, Monilinia fructigena, Monilinia polystroma, and Monilinia laxa. The draft genome assemblies were 39 Mb (M. fructigena), 42 Mb (M. laxa), 43 Mb (M. fructicola), and 45 Mb (M. polystroma) with as few as 550 contigs (M. laxa). These are the first draft genome resources publicly available for M. laxa, ...

The Second Society for Simulation in Healthcare Research Summit: Beyond our Boundaries.

In this article, we report on the Second Society for Simulation in Healthcare Research Summit held in 2017. This meeting succeeded the First Research Summit from 2011 with the goal of advancing the scope of healthcare simulation research. During the one and a half day summit, some of the world's leading experts in simulation, healthcare, and simulation in healthcare convened to discuss ideas about what research goals would be most beneficial to the healthcare simulation community, and what could be done to ...

Draft Genome Sequencing of Extended Spectrum β-Lactamase Enterobacter aerogenes Isolates from Swine and Human.

The draft genome sequences of two Enterobacter aerogenes HN503E2II and PN108E5IIB isolated from two Cameroonian abattoirs, are reported here.

Effective infection prevention and control: the nurse's role.

Healthcare-associated infections and antimicrobial resistance are significant threats to public health. As resistant organisms continue to emerge and evolve, and antimicrobial agents become less effective, infection prevention and control remains a vital aspect of maintaining public health, particularly among vulnerable patient groups such as older people and young children. Because of the increasing complexity of healthcare treatments and interventions, patients are becoming increasingly susceptible to hea...

A near complete, chromosome-scale assembly of the black raspberry (Rubus occidentalis) genome.

The fragmented nature of most draft plant genomes has hindered downstream gene discovery, trait mapping for breeding, and other functional genomics applications. There is a pressing need to improve or finish draft plant genome assemblies.

Draft Genome Sequence of Anaerobic Fermentative BacteriumDY2726D.

Here, we report the draft genome sequence ofDY2726D, isolated from a west Pacific Ocean sediment sample. The genome comprises 4,710,590 bp in 56 contigs, with a G+C content of 31.2%. A total of 3,811 protein-coding sequences were predicted. The genome annotation revealed that DY2726D may represent a marine type of.

A Future-Focused Approach to Behavioral Healthcare.

The Arc Of History Bends Toward Coverage: Health Policy At A Crossroads.

There is a formidable historical arc to health care policy: Every modern US president has sought to expand coverage. Democrats eagerly placed the issue on the agenda. Republicans vociferously opposed Democratic proposals but countered with creative ways to expand coverage on their own terms. Democrats eventually absorbed elements of the latest Republican plan-which Republicans, in turn, attacked, and the cycle began anew. The dynamic interaction between the parties slowly, often haphazardly, expanded health...

Empowering genomic medicine by establishing critical sequencing result data flows: the eMERGE example.

The eMERGE Network is establishing methods for electronic transmittal of patient genetic test results from laboratories to healthcare providers across organizational boundaries. We surveyed the capabilities and needs of different network participants, established a common transfer format, and implemented transfer mechanisms based on this format. The interfaces we created are examples of the connectivity that must be instantiated before electronic genetic and genomic clinical decision support can be effectiv...

Healthcare use for children with complex needs: using routine health data linked to a multiethnic, ongoing birth cohort.

Congenital anomaly (CA) are a leading cause of disease, death and disability for children throughout the world. Many have complex and varying healthcare needs which are not well understood. Our aim was to analyse the healthcare needs of children with CA and examine how that healthcare is delivered.

Oligoarticular Psoriatic Arthritis: Addressing Clinical Challenges in an Intriguing Phenotype.

Details continue to emerge on psoriatic arthritis, expanding our understanding of its pathogenesis and clinical features. This has led to the evolution of management guidelines, which now recognize additional disease manifestations. In this rapidly changing area, it is timely to review the latest evidence and discuss whether management strategies are meeting patients' needs.

Draft Genome Sequence ofsp. Strain M8, Which Can Degrade a Broad Range of Nitriles.

sp. strain M8 is a nitrile-degrading bacterium isolated from acrylonitrile-contaminated sites. This strain produces the enzymes for sequential nitrile degradation, cobalt-type nitrile hydratase, and amidase in large amounts. Its draft genome sequence, announced here, has an estimated size of 6.3 Mbp.

Toward Live Virtual Constructive Simulations in Healthcare Learning.

This article explores the combination of live, virtual, and constructive (LVC) simulations in healthcare. Live, virtual, and constructive simulations have long existed in the military, but their consideration (and deployment) in medical and healthcare domains is relatively new. We conducted a review on LVC- its current application in the military domain -and highlight an approach, challenges, and present suggestions for its implementation in healthcare learning. Furthermore, based on the state of the art in...

Amending the EU Withdrawal Bill: a safeguard for health.

Draft Genome Sequence ofStrain Acr-14, Isolated fromCoral.

A lacuna exists in our understanding of the genetic makeup ofbacteria, due to scarcity of genome sequences. We report here the first draft genome sequence of  Acr-14, a type strain isolated from the coralThis sequence will foster an understanding of the genetic makeup and role of hosts in shaping gene repertoires.

Draft Genome Sequence of a Polymyxin B-Resistant Sequence Type 195 Clinical Isolate offrom India.

has emerged as a troublesome nosocomial pathogen worldwide. We report here the draft genome sequence of polymyxin B-resistant sequence type 195 (ST195)strain GU71, isolated from a tertiary care hospital in the city of Guwahati, Assam, India.

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