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Age at Immigration and Substance Use and Problems Among Males and Females at the U.S.-Mexico Border.

Although substance use and problems among Mexican Americans are associated with both immigration to the United States and living at the U.S.-Mexico border, little is known about relationships between age at immigration and substance use by gender within the border context. The purpose of this study was to analyze the association of age at immigration with heavy alcohol use, alcohol use disorders (AUD), and drug use among Mexicans Americans living both on and off the U.S.-Mexico border.

Health consequences of the US Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) immigration programme: a quasi-experimental study.

The effects of changes in immigration policy on health outcomes among undocumented immigrants are not well known. We aimed to examine the physical and mental health effects of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) programme, a 2012 US immigration policy that provided renewable work permits and freedom from deportation for a large number of undocumented immigrants.

The Intersection of National Immigration and Healthcare Policy.

Immigration policy and health care policy remain principal undertakings of the federal government. The two have recently been pursued independently in the judicial and legislative arenas. Unbeknownst to many policymakers, however, national immigration policy and health care policy are linked in ways that, if unattended, could undermine the well-being of a significant portion of the US population, specifically medically underserved rural and urban populations. Using current data from a workforce report of th...

Socio-economic status and risk for suicide by immigration background in Norway: A register-based national study.

The relative importance of socio-economic factors on risk for suicide in the immigrant population may differ from that for the native population; however, few studies have addressed this issue on a national basis. With a nested case-control design and data from Norwegian population registers we identified 11,409 suicide cases in the years 1992-2012 and 191,785 sex-birthdate-matched controls. The influence of socio-economic factors on the risk for completed suicide was assessed through conditional logistic r...

Interior Immigration Enforcement and Political Participation of U.S. Citizens in Mixed-Status Households.

The 2000s have witnessed an expansion of interior immigration enforcement in the United States. At the same time, the country has experienced a major demographic transformation, with the number of U.S. citizens living in mixed-status households-that is, households where at least one family member is an unauthorized migrant-reaching 16 million. U.S. citizens living in mixed-status households are personally connected to the struggles experienced by their unauthorized family members. For them, immigration poli...

Testimony in Support of Indiana Senate Bill 334, A Bill to Prohibit Prenatal Discrimination by Prohibiting Abortion Based on Sex Selection or Genetic Abnormality.

Diaphragm Remodeling during Application of PEEP: A Case of Normal Physiologic Adaptation Gone Awry?

Symbolic violence and disempowerment as factors in the adverse impact of immigration detention on adult asylum seekers' mental health.

The first objective of this qualitative component of a mixed-methods study is to provide a descriptive account of adult asylum seekers' experience of detention in Canadian immigration detention centers. The second objective is to identify the main underlying factors accounting for their reported feelings of distress.

Mandate Repeal Provision Ends Health Care Calm.

Marketplace enrollment for 2018 has been robust in the face of several obstacles, but the ACA faces a new threat after the Senate's vote to repeal the individual mandate.

Contributing to the debate on categorising shared sanitation facilities as 'unimproved': An account based on field researchers' observations and householders' opinions in three regions, Tanzania.

Health risks associated with poor sanitation behaviours continue to be reported mostly from low-income countries (LICs). Reports show that various factors limit many people from accessing and using improved latrines, forcing some to opt for sharing latrines with neighbours, others practicing open defecation. Meanwhile, debate prevails on whether shared latrines should be categorised as unimproved according to WHO/UNICEF-JMP criteria. We contribute to this debate based on results from a study undertaken in t...

Self-represented witnessing: the use of social media by asylum seekers in Australia's offshore immigration detention centres.

The act of witnessing connects audiences with distant suffering. But what happens when bearing witness becomes severely restricted? External parties, including the mainstream news media, are constrained from accessing Australia's offshore immigration detention centres. The effect is that people seeking asylum are hidden from the public and excluded from national debates. Some detainees have adopted social media as a platform to communicate their stories of flight, and their experiences of immigration detent...

Immigration, global health, and human rights.

National Health Accounts: A Framework For Understanding Health Care Financing.

Over the course of the past century, the challenges facing the United States in its consumption of health care goods and services have not changed very much. What is being consumed, who is paying for it, and how much is affordable are questions that arise in every cycle of the debate-if they ever go dormant. National Health Accounts are one tool to use in the search for answers to these questions and to the challenges behind the questions. The accounts cannot (and do not pretend to) address every aspect of ...

US Immigration: A Shrinking Vision of Belonging and Deserving.

Immigration is the most likely reason for the generational change in melanoma incidence in Queensland, Australia.

Household Immigration Status Had Differential Impact On Medicaid Enrollment In Expansion And Nonexpansion States.

Recent research has shown that concern about the apprehension and deportation of undocumented immigrants can affect how members of their households who are eligible for public benefits choose to participate in public programs. The extent to which this "chilling effect" broadly affects adults' Medicaid enrollment nationally remains unclear, in part because of the difficulty of isolating undocumented immigrants in survey data. In this study we identified households that likely included undocumented immigrants...

Health, Social Movements, and Australian Immigration Detention.

Immigration Versus Immigrant: The Cycle of Anti-Immigrant Policies.

The Threat of Synthetic Smallpox: European Perspectives.

This article explores how advances in synthetic biology, and the potential threat of deliberately recreating and spreading smallpox, are affecting the multilateral debate on the remaining variola virus stocks. It draws on in-depth, semi-structured interviews with 10 high-profile, European-based experts in biosecurity and synthetic biology. Four overarching themes affecting the retention or destruction debate are discussed, relating to biosecurity, dangerous knowledge, accidental releases, and eradication. W...

The great debate series: surgical treatment of aortic valve abnormalities in children.

This article is the latest in an EJCTS series entitled 'The Great Debates'. We have chosen the topic of aortic valve (AoV) surgery in children, with a focus on infants and neonates. The topic was selected due to the significant challenges that AoV problems in the young may present to the surgical team. There are many areas of active controversy, despite the vast accumulated world experience. We have tried to incorporate many of these issues in the questions posed, not claiming to be all-inclusive. The indiv...

Evaluating the capacity of California's publicly-funded universities to provide medication abortion.

To explore the capacity of the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) student health centers to provide medication abortion (MA), to identify gaps in resources required to implement proposed Senate Bill 320, which would mandate the provision of MA on UC and CSU campuses, and to explore California student health center staff perspectives on the benefits and challenges of providing MA.

Health worker migration and migrant healthcare: Seeking cosmopolitanism in the NHS.

The U.K.'s National Health Service (NHS) is critically reliant on staff from overseas, which means that a sizeable number of U.K. healthcare professionals have received their training at the cost of other states, whose populations are urgently in need of healthcare professionals. At the same time, while healthcare is widely seen as a primary good, many migrants are unable to access the NHS without charge, and anti-immigration political trends are likely to further reduce that access. Both of these topics ha...

Creating a 'hostile environment for migrants': the British government's use of health service data to restrict immigration is a very bad idea.

In January 2017, the UK Government made public a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Department of Health, National Health Service (NHS) Digital and the Home Office. This Memorandum allows for the more expedited sharing of a patient's non-clinical data, specifically from the NHS England to the Home Office. The Government justified the MoU as in the 'public interest to support effective immigration enforcement'. In this review, we seek to unpack this justification by providing, first, a background ...

Thermodynamics of finite systems.

A little over ten years ago, Campisi, and Dunkel and Hilbert, published papers claiming that the Gibbs (volume) entropy of a classical system was correct and that the Boltzmann (surface) entropy was not. They claimed further that the quantum version of the Gibbs entropy was also correct, and that the phenomenon of negative temperatures was thermodynamically inconsistent. Their work began a vigorous debate of exactly how the entropy, both classical and quantum, should be defined. The debate has called into q...

Beyond the Extraction Debate.

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