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Quality and effectiveness of counselling at antiretroviral therapy centres in India: capturing counsellor and beneficiary perspectives.

Ensuring the quality and effectiveness of counselling is imperative for enabling people living with HIV to cope with treatment adherence. Countrywide assessment of antiretroviral therapy (ART) centres was undertaken to assess the quality and effectiveness of counselling. The insights gained from the assessment are expected to build an improved understanding of the counselling aspect and contribute to informing decisions strengthening the counselling provided at ART centres.

Impact of glass shape on time taken to drink a soft drink: A laboratory-based experiment.

Glassware design may affect drinking behaviour for alcoholic beverages, with glass shape and size influencing drinking speed and amount consumed. Uncertainty remains both about the extent to which these effects are restricted to alcohol and the underlying mechanisms. The primary aim of the current study was to examine the effect of differently shaped glasses on time taken to drink a soft drink. The secondary aim was to develop hypotheses about mechanisms concerning micro-drinking behaviours and perceptual e...

Soft Drink Consumption During and Following Exercise in the Heat Elevates Biomarkers of Acute Kidney Injury.

The purpose of this study was to test the hypothesis that consuming a soft drink (i.e., a high fructose, caffeinated beverage) during and following exercise in the heat elevates biomarkers of acute kidney injury (AKI) in humans. Twelve healthy adults drank 2 L of an assigned beverage during 4 h of exercise in the heat (35.1 ± 0.1°C, 61 ± 5% relative humidity) in counterbalanced soft drink (Soft Drink) and water (Water) trials, and ≥1 L of the same beverage after leaving the laboratory. Stage 1 AKI (i.e...

Rising trend of substance abuse in Pakistan: a study of sociodemographic profiles of patients admitted to rehabilitation centres.

In Pakistan, the prevalence of drug addiction is increasing at an alarming rate. However, the risk factors, which are increasing vulnerability towards addiction, remain largely elusive. The major objective of this investigation was to study the sociodemographic variables common in addicted patients in order to identify vulnerable cohorts and risk factors, which increase predisposition towards substance abuse.

Crisis support services in night-time entertainment districts: Changes in demand following changes in alcohol legislation.

Night time entertainment districts (NEDs) are predominantly frequented by youth who drink alcohol before and after entry. Centres where people binge drink alcohol make use of emergency services at a greater rate than those places where alcohol is not present. Previous UK government research suggests that lengthening the hours for alcohol sales has led to a spreading of emergency service use across the night, with services required later in the night. In Queensland, the State Government has introduced more r...

The role of energy drink consumption in the intention to initiate marijuana use among adolescents.

The current study aims to examine whether energy drink consumption is associated with intentions to try marijuana among adolescents who have never tried marijuana, and whether the effects of energy drink consumption on the intention to try marijuana vary between adolescents who have previously tried alcohol or cigarettes and those who have not.

From Child Protection to Paradigm Protection-The Genesis, Development, and Defense of a Scientific Paradigm.

A scientific paradigm typically embraces research norms and values, such as truth-seeking, critical thinking, disinterestedness, and good scientific practice. These values should prevent a paradigm from introducing defective assumptions. But sometimes, scientists who are also physicians develop clinical norms that are in conflict with the scientific enterprise. As an example of such a conflict, we have analyzed the genesis and development of the shaken baby syndrome (SBS) paradigm. The point of departure of...

Drink drivers' views of a voluntary alcohol interlock programme for drink driving offenders in Sweden.

A permanent alcohol interlock programme was introduced in Sweden in 2012. The programme is voluntary and allows drink driving offenders to keep their driving licenses if they install alcohol interlocks in their vehicles. The duration of the programme is one or two years, depending on the severity of the drink driving offence. This study aims to improve our knowledge of drink drivers' views of the programme, among both participants and those who chose not to participate. These views were collected through pa...

Pharmacological treatments for opiate and alcohol addiction: a historical perspective of the last 50 years.

Addiction pharmacotherapy aims to prevent drug abstinence symptoms, reduce drug craving and relapse, and normalize physiologic functions disrupted by chronic use of the drug. During the last 50 years, there has been an enormous revolution in pharmacotherapy for drug addiction. From abstinence as practically the only treatment option available, there are now multiple drugs on the market that have proved their efficacy in treating opiate and alcohol disorders. The present review will focus on the pharmacologi...

A Practical Guide to Performance Improvement: Beginning the Process.

This article discusses the history and background of performance improvement (PI) processes and describes the creation of the foundational document for a PI project: the project charter. It is important for PI teams to create a complete charter before the project begins to give structure to the project. Teams involved in PI should use the charter as a roadmap for project completion because it helps to keep the team focused on issues within the scope of the project. This article reviews the steps to begin cr...

Using a Collective Impact Approach to Prevent Prescription Opioid Misuse, Addiction, and Overdose Deaths.

Should pretest genetic counselling be required for patients pursuing genomic sequencing? Results from a survey of participants in a large genomic implementation study.

We assessed the decision-making of individuals pursuing genomic sequencing without a requirement for pretest genetic counselling. We sought to describe the extent to which individuals who decline genetic counselling reported decisional conflict or struggled to make a decision to pursue genomic testing.

Soft drink consumption and periodontal status in pregnant women.

Periodontal disease is associated with metabolic syndrome, and during pregnancy, it is linked to pre-eclampsia and preterm birth. We hypothesized that soft drink consumption, which has also been associated with metabolic disorders, may also be linked to periodontal disease. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the association between soft drink consumption and periodontal status in pregnancy.

Relationships: The Key to Effective Teams.

Interprofessional teams are a relatively new organizational structure for the delivery of health care. Appointing people as members of a team does not prepare them for working together efficiently. The building of trust and the development of specific skills are required for teams to reach their full potential in the delivery of quality care. J Contin Educ Nurs. 2018;49(11):498-499.

Gender differences in the order of appearance of elbow ossification centres.

The predictable order of appearance of elbow secondary ossification centres in children is important in interpreting elbow radiographs, most commonly in the context of trauma. The usual sequence of appearance of these ossification centres is given by the acronym CRITOL, but exceptions have been described and are recognised as normal variants.

Faster escalation from first drink to first intoxication as a risk factor for binge and high-intensity drinking among adolescents.

Age of first drink is a key risk factor for adolescent high-risk alcohol use. The current study examined whether speed of escalation from first drink to first intoxication is an additional risk factor, and whether these two factors are associated with binge and high-intensity drinking among adolescents.

The importance of non-technical performance for teams managing postpartum haemorrhage: video review of 99 obstetric teams.

Little is known about how teams' non-technical performance influences clinical performance in obstetric emergencies like postpartum haemorrhage.

Exploring the Differences between Adolescents' and Parents' Ratings on Adolescents' Smartphone Addiction.

Smartphone addiction has recently been highlighted as a major health issue among adolescents. In this study, we assessed the degree of agreement between adolescents' and parents' ratings of adolescents' smartphone addiction. Additionally, we evaluated the psychosocial factors associated with adolescents' and parents' ratings of adolescents' smartphone addiction.

Is There An Association Between Audit Results and Patient Experiences at Breast Centres in North Rhine-Westphalia?

To ensure and improve the quality of care, patients with breast cancer in North Rhine-Westphalia are supposed to be treated in certified breast centres only. To obtain this certification, every 3 years all centres must undergo an auditing process. They also have to participate in an annual patient survey. While some studies have evaluated the benefit of certified centres regarding the quality of care offered, here we evaluate the relationship between the audit results and the experiences of patients.

Sugary Drink Consumption Among NYC Children, Youth, and Adults: Disparities Persist Over Time, 2007-2015.

Sugary drink consumption is associated with many adverse health outcomes, including weight gain, diabetes, and other chronic conditions. These beverages are widely marketed and ubiquitously available. This analysis explores sugary drink consumption across all age groups among New York City (NYC) residents using representative survey data. Three population-based representative surveys of NYC residents of different age groups were analyzed. Adult participants, youth participants, and caregivers of child parti...

Comparing dialysis centre mortality outcomes across Australia and New Zealand: identifying unusually performing centres 2008-2013.

Comparing the mortality profiles of dialysis centres is important to ensure that high standards of care are maintained. We compare the performance of dialysis centres in Australia and New Zealand in their treatment of haemodialysis patients, accounting for the competing risks of kidney transplantation and transfer to peritoneal dialysis.

How does self-esteem affect mobile phone addiction? The mediating role of social anxiety and interpersonal sensitivity.

Low self-esteem is an important factor influencing mobile phone addiction, which has been well documented. However, little research focused on the mechanism underlying the association between self-esteem and mobile phone addiction. We hypothesized that social anxiety and interpersonal sensitivity may mediate the relationship between self-esteem and mobile phone addiction. Six hundred and fifty three (353 girls among them) college students with the mean age of 19.94 (SD = 1.34) were recruited for the stu...

Variation in outcomes among 24/7 percutaneous coronary intervention centres for patients resuscitated from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.

Patients treated at 24/7 percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) centres following out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) have better outcomes than those treated at non-24/7 PCI centres. However, variation in outcomes between 24/7 PCI centres is not well studied.

From telescope to binoculars. Dyadic outcome resulting from psychological counselling for infertile couples undergoing ART.

This longitudinal study aims to evaluate the effect of psychological counselling on quality of life, marital satisfaction and need for parenthood in couples undergoing fertility treatments (ART).

Relationship between anxiety, depression, sex, obesity, and internet addiction in Chinese adolescents: A short-term longitudinal study.

Associations between anxiety, depression and adolescent Internet addiction have been well documented in the literature; however, few published studies have examined these relationships considering the developmental trajectory courses of adolescent Internet addiction as well as the individual differences over time. Using a sample of 1545 Chinese adolescents and 3 waves of data over six months, we examined the longitudinal associations between anxiety and depression and Internet addiction, considering sex and...

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