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"Evaluation of the losartan solubility in the biowaiver context by shake-flask method and intrinsic dissolution".

This study aimed at evaluating the shake-flask use as a universal method to evaluate drug solubility in a biowaiver context as proposed by FDA, EMA and ANVISA. The solubility of losartan was determined in three buffers using the shake-flask method, intrinsic dissolution (ID) and Quantum Chemistry. Moreover, the evaluation of a losartan dissolution profile from coated tablets was conducted. The losartan low solubility in pH 1.2 and high solubility in pH 6.8 was observed using the shake-flask method. However,...

Symbolic perceptions of methamphetamine: Differentiating between ice and shake.

Although public perceptions of methamphetamine (meth) consider all forms of the drug as the same, this is not true among those who use it. Our aim is to examine how those who use meth perceive two forms of meth (ice and shake) using the theoretical framework of symbolic boundaries.

Discrepancy Between Neurosurgery Morbidity and Mortality Conference Discussions and Hospital Quality Metric Standards.

Medical institutions use quality metrics to track complications seen in hospital admissions. Similarly, morbidity and mortality (M&M) conferences are held to peer review complications. The purpose of this study was to compare the complications identified in a cohort of patients within 30 days of neurosurgical intervention with those captured in a cohort of M&M conferences.

A Descriptive Study of Decision-Making Conversations during Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Family Conferences.

Little is known about how decision-making conversations occur during pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) family conferences (FCs).

Implementation status of morbidity and mortality conferences in Swiss hospitals: a national cross-sectional survey study.

To determine the implementation status and current practice of morbidity and mortality conferences (M&MCs) in Switzerland.

How common are cognitive errors in cases presented at emergency medicine resident morbidity and mortality conferences?

Cognitive errors are a major contributor to medical error. Traditionally, medical errors at teaching hospitals are analyzed in morbidity and mortality (M&M) conferences. We aimed to describe the frequency of cognitive errors in relation to the occurrence of diagnostic and other error types, in cases presented at an emergency medicine (EM) resident M&M conference.

Don't fall for predatory conferences either.

Meetings and Conferences.

Meetings and Conferences.

News and Notes: Conferences.

Student Evaluations of Teachers and Courses: Time to Wake Up and Shake Up.

Process optimization involving critical evaluation of oxygen transfer, oxygen uptake and nitrogen limitation for enhanced biomass and lipid production by oleaginous yeast for biofuel application.

Lipid accumulation in oleaginous yeast is generally induced by nitrogen starvation, while oxygen saturation can influence biomass growth. Systematic shake flask studies that help in identifying the right nitrogen source and relate its uptake kinetics to lipid biosynthesis under varying oxygen saturation conditions are very essential for addressing the bioprocessing-related issues, which are envisaged to occur in the fermenter scale production. In the present study, lipid bioaccumulation by P. guilliermondii...

Upcoming RANZCP conferences.

The effects of polymer concentration, shear rate and temperature on the gelation time of aqueous Silica-Poly(ethylene-oxide) "Shake-gels".

Aqueous mixtures of silica and Poly(ethylene-oxide) (PEO) are known as "Shake-gels" due to the formation of reversible gels when subject to an applied force, such as shaking. This shear-thickening effect can be observed using a rheometer, via distinct and abrupt increases in the viscosity of the material. Preliminary experiments qualitatively showed that the time elapsed before this occurs, termed the gelation time, varied depending on the conditions used. This paper reports on a systematic study into the e...

Gram-scale production of recombinant microbial enzymes in shake flasks.

Heterologous production of recombinant proteins is a cornerstone of microbiological and biochemical research as well as various biotechnological processes. Yields and quality of produced proteins have a tremendous impact on structural and enzymology studies, development of new biopharmaceuticals and establishing new biocatalytic processes. Majority of current protocols for recombinant protein expression in Escherichia coli exploit batch cultures with complex media, often providing low yields of the target p...

Fostering Local Health Department and Health System Collaboration Through Case Conferences for At-Risk and Vulnerable Populations.

In case conferences, health care providers work together to identify and address patients' complex social and medical needs. Public health nurses from the local health department joined case conference teams at federally qualified health center primary care sites to foster cross-sector collaboration, integration, and mutual learning. Public health nurse participation resulted in frequent referrals to local health department services, greater awareness of public health capabilities, and potential policy inte...

Calendar of conferences in Australia and New Zealand.

Conferences in Australia and New Zealand.

Optimization of Fermentation Conditions and Bench-Scale for Improvement of a Novel Glycoprotein GP-1 Production by Streptomyces kanasenisi ZX01.

GP-1 is a novel glycoprotein produced by Streptomyces kanasenisi ZX01 that was isolated from soil near Kanas Lake with significant bioactivity against tobacco mosaic virus. However, extremely low fermentation production has largely hindered further research and market applications on glycoprotein GP-1. In this study, response surface methodology was used to optimize fermentation conditions in a shake flask for higher glycoprotein GP-1 production. When the optimized fermentation conditions were inoculum volu...

Sustaining an efficient and effective CHO cell line development platform by incorporation of 24-deep well plate screening and multivariate analysis.

Efficient and effective cell line screening is paramount towards a successful biomanufacturing program. Here we describe the implementation of 24-deep well plate screening of CHO lines as part of the cell line development platform at AbbVie. Incorporation of this approach accelerated the identification of the best candidate lines for process development. In an effort to quantify and predict process performance comparability, we compared cell culture performance in 24-deep well plates (24-DWP) and in shake f...

Effect of intermittent opening of breathable culture plugs and aeration of headspace on the structure of microbial communities in shake-flask culture.

In this study, we found that opening breathable culture plugs for 30 s during periodic and aseptic sampling affects the community structure of cultured soil microbes. Similar effects were observed using an automatic aeration flask system that mimics aseptic opening of the breathable culture plug during sampling, but without interruption in shaking. Thus, the observed changes in the microbial consortia appear to be due exclusively to the intermittent ventilation of the flask headspace. To elucidate the mech...

Stability of an aluminum salt-adjuvanted protein D-conjugated pneumococcal vaccine after exposure to subzero temperatures.

Accidental exposure of a vaccine containing an aluminum-salt adjuvant to temperatures below 0°C in the cold chain can lead to freeze damage. Our study evaluated the potential for freeze damage in a licensed aluminum-salt-containing protein-D-conjugated pneumococcal vaccine (PHiD-CV; Synflorix, GSK) in conditions that included static storage, single subzero-temperature excursions, and simulated air-freight transportation. Several parameters were assessed including freezing at subzero temperatures, aluminum-...

Patient-unrelated Risk Factors for the Development and Treatment Course of Anastomotic Failure in Colorectal Surgery - Results of Structured M+M Conferences.

Background There are numerous published studies on patient-related risk factors for the development of anastomotic failure. We therefore investigated the influence of patient-unrelated risk factors for the development and course of treatment of anastomotic failure in colorectal surgery. Patient Sample From May 1, 2015, until December, 31, 2016, n = 179 post-colorectal surgery patients were analysed. Overall, n = 14 patients suffered from anastomotic failure. These patients' course of treatment was a...

Is it my turn to speak? An analysis of the dialogue in the family-physician intensive care unit conference.

Apply turn analysis to family conferences in the pediatric intensive care unit.

Joint American Nuclear Society and Health Physics Society Conference: Applicability of Radiation Response Models to Low Dose Protection Standards.

Seventy-five years after the Hanford Site was initially created as the primary plutonium production site for atomic weapons development under the Manhattan Project, the American Nuclear Society and the Health Physics Society are sponsoring a conference from 30 September through 3 October 2018, in Pasco, Washington, titled "Applicability of Radiation Response Models to Low Dose Protection Standards." The goal of this conference is to use current scientific data to update the approach to regulating low-level ...

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