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Improving hydrocarbon yield via catalytic fast co-pyrolysis of biomass and plastic over ceria and HZSM-5: An analytical pyrolyzer analysis.

The excessive oxygen content in biomass obstructs the production of high-quality bio-oils. In this work, we developed a tandem catalytic bed (TCB) of CeO and HZSM-5 in an analytical pyrolyzer to enhance the hydrocarbon production from co-pyrolysis of corn stover (CS) and LDPE. Results indicated that CeO could remove oxygen from acids, aldehydes and methoxy phenols, producing a maximum yield of hydrocarbons of 85% and highest selectivity of monocyclic aromatics of 73% in the TCB. The addition of LDPE exhibit...

Factors Affecting Differential Methylation of DNA Promoters in Arsenic-Exposed Populations.

The exposure/biotransformation of inorganic arsenic (iAs) may perturb DNA methylation patterns and subsequently influence disease risk by altering the expression of key genes. Interindividual variation in patterns of DNA methylation can be explained by the influence of environmental, genetic, and stochastic factors. Here, we examined promoter DNA methylation levels with urinary arsenical concentrations and investigated the genetic and nongenetic determinants of DNA methylation in 105 samples collected from ...

Clinical commissioning of a new patient positioning system, SyncTraX FX4, for intracranial stereotactic radiotherapy.

A new real-time tracking radiotherapy (RTRT) system, the SyncTraX FX4 (Shimadzu, Kyoto, Japan), consisting of four X-ray tubes and four ceiling-mounted flat panel detectors (FPDs) combined with a linear accelerator, was installed at Uonuma Kikan Hospital (Niigata, Japan) for the first time worldwide. In addition to RTRT, the SyncTraX FX4 system enables bony structure-based patient verification. Here we provide the first report of this system's clinical commissioning for intracranial stereotactic radiotherap...

Co-pyrolysis of lignin and plastics using red clay as catalyst in a micro-pyrolyzer.

In the current study, low-density polyethylene and polystyrene were co-pyrolyzed with dealkaline lignin in a micro-reactor at 500 °C with and without low-cost red clay catalyst. The products were analyzed with GC-MS/FID to quantify phenolic compounds, alkanes and alkenes. The synergistic effect between plastics and lignin was studied by comparing the carbon yield of compounds from co-pyrolysis with that from individual pyrolysis. The co-pyrolysis of lignin and polystyrene was also performed at 600, 700 a...

Biomass gasification for hydrogen rich gas in a decoupled triple bed gasifier with olivine and NiO/olivine.

Catalytic steam gasification of biomass has been carried out in decoupled triple bed gasification (DTBG) system which consists of pyrolyzer, reformer and combustor. Olivine and NiO/olivine used as in-situ tar destruction catalyst. The result shows the gasification system with catalytic bed materials allows an option to improve tar removal that enhances H production. A gas yield of 1.59 Nm/kg daf with H concentration of 56.1 vol% and tar content as low as 0.6 g/Nm has been achieved with the presence of N...

Investigation into role of CO in two-stage pyrolysis of spent coffee grounds.

As a way of improving process efficiency of pyrolysis of waste biomass, the effect of carbon dioxide (CO) on pyrolysis of spent coffee grounds (SCGs) was examined using a two-stage pyrolysis reactor consisting of a region with increasing temperature and an isothermal region. It was experimentally validated that CO accelerates thermal cracking of organic compounds formed during the pyrolysis of SCGs. The expedited thermal cracking attributed to employing CO in pyrolysis of SCGs led to changing pyrolytic prod...

Adsorption Characteristics of Biochar on Heavy Metals (Pb and Zn) in Soil.

Three types of biochars, poplar branch biochar (PBC), water hyacinth biochar (WHC), and corn straw biochar (CSC), were prepared in a fixed-bed pyrolyzer at different pyrolysis temperatures (300-700℃). The effects of biochar species, pyrolysis temperature, and biochar addition on adsorption characteristics of typical heavy metals (HMs) such as Pb and Zn in vegetable soil (collected from a lead-zinc-silver mining area, Nanjing, China) were investigated. The adsorption mechanism of biochar on HMs was discuss...

Development of a novel HPLC method for the determination of the impurities in desonide cream and characterization of its impurities by 2D LC-IT-TOF MS.

A novel HPLC method for the determination of the impurities in desonide cream was established and validated for the further improvement of the official monograph in USP. Desonide was well resolved from the photodegradation impurity, which overlapped with desonide in USP method. The method was validated in accordance to the regulatory guidelines recommended by the International Conference on Harmonisation and this validation included specificity, limit of detection, limit of quantification, linearity and acc...

Rapid Separation and Quantitation of Cocaine and its Metabolites in Human Serum by Differential Mobility Spectrometry-tandem Mass Spectrometry (DMS-MS-MS).

Cocaine continues to be one of the most widespread abused illicit drugs in the USA. Rapid methods are needed for the identification and quantitation of cocaine and its metabolites, benzoylecgonine (BE), ecgonine methyl ester (EME) and cocaethylene (CE), in biological specimens by clinical and forensic toxicology laboratories. Presented is a differential ion mobility spectrometry-tandem mass spectrometry (DMS-MS-MS) method for the analysis of cocaine and its major metabolites in human serum that requires min...

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