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Epilepsy video animation: Impact on knowledge and drug adherence in pediatric epilepsy patients and caregivers.

Insufficient of knowledge of epilepsy causes poor drug adherence and seizure control. Leading us to create video animation to educate epilepsy patients and caregivers and evaluate the benefit of this video.

Where Animation and Science Meet.

Animation is the collision of art and science. How does an animation studio like DreamWorks Animation use scientific principles and engage in science education to make our films better? By facilitating scientific master-classes, demos, and lectures we give our creators a fundamental understanding of reality that enables them to create the animation caricature known as the Illusion of Life. We leverage principles of biology and physics to create believable performances. I will share insights about our custom...

Educational animation about home care with premature newborn infants.

to elaborate and validate animation on the care of premature newborn infants at home.

Home video telemetry in children: A comparison to inpatient video telemetry.

Home Video Telemetry (HVT) combines ambulatory EEG with simultaneous video recording. No previous reports have compared HVT and inpatient video telemetry (IVT) in a purely paediatric population. This study compares HVT and IVT in this group in terms of diagnostic efficacy, recording quality and acceptability to parents/carers.

Alnylam launches era of RNAi drugs.

Observation of an optical spring with a beam splitter.

We present the experimental observation of an optical spring without the use of an optical cavity. The optical spring is produced by interference at a beam splitter and, in principle, does not have the damping force associated with optical springs created in detuned cavities. The experiment consists of a Michelson-Sagnac interferometer (with no recycling cavities) with a partially reflective GaAs microresonator as the beam splitter that produces the optical spring. Our experimental measurements at input pow...

Spring Ligament Instability.

The crucial role of the spring ligament complex within the pathologic process that leads to flatfoot deformity has evolved recently. There has been improvement in the anatomic knowledge of the spring ligament and understanding of its complex relationship to the deltoid complex and outstanding advances in biomechanics concepts related to the spring ligament. Optimization of flatfoot treatment strategies are focused on a renewed interest in the spring ligament and medial soft tissue reconstruction in concert ...

Video game addiction, ADHD symptomatology, and video game reinforcement.

Up to 23% of people who play video games report symptoms of addiction. Individuals with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may be at increased risk for video game addiction, especially when playing games with more reinforcing properties.

Developing a three-dimensional animation for deeper molecular understanding of michaelis-menten enzyme kinetics.

The mathematical models that describe enzyme kinetics are invaluable predictive tools in numerous scientific fields. However, the daunting mathematical language used to describe kinetic behavior can be confusing for life science students; they often struggle to conceptualize and relate the mathematical representations to the molecular phenomena occurring at both macroscopic and microscopic levels. Students with less developed abstract and mathematical thinking skills may benefit from a visual learning appro...

Video analysis for the evaluation of vaginal births: a prospective observational study.

Video documentation is nowadays well established in many fields of medicine, but mostly in unreal situations such as simulation training. We here present the application of video for teaching and learning purposes during the birth process. The aim of video documentation during labour is to provide an observational tool for obstetric care by midwives and obstetricians, with the opportunity for evaluation and education afterwards, especially in absence of the woman in labour and her family.

Evaluation of automatic video captioning using direct assessment.

We present Direct Assessment, a method for manually assessing the quality of automatically-generated captions for video. Evaluating the accuracy of video captions is particularly difficult because for any given video clip there is no definitive ground truth or correct answer against which to measure. Metrics for comparing automatic video captions against a manual caption such as BLEU and METEOR, drawn from techniques used in evaluating machine translation, were used in the TRECVid video captioning task in 2...

Video Imprint.

A new unified video analytics framework (ER3) is proposed for complex event retrieval, recognition and recounting, based on the proposed video imprint representation, which exploits temporal correlations among image features across video frames. With the video imprint representation, it is convenient to reverse map back to both temporal and spatial locations in video frames, allowing for both key frame identification and key areas localization within each frame. In the proposed framework, a dedicated featur...

The Relationship Between Video Gaming, Gambling, and Problematic Levels of Video Gaming and Gambling.

The relationship between video gaming and gambling was examined in a large cross-sectional sample of 3942 Canadian online panelists who responded to a solicitation recruiting individuals who regularly gambled or played video games. Most past year video gamers reported gambling in the past year (78.5%) and most past year gamblers reported playing video games in the past year (70.7%). However, frequency of involvement in gambling as well as all individual types of gambling was only weakly correlated with freq...

Implant preloading in extension reduces spring length change in dynamic intraligamentary stabilization: a biomechanical study on passive kinematics of the knee.

Dynamic intraligamentary stabilization (DIS) is a primary repair technique for acute anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears. For internal bracing of the sutured ACL, a metal spring with 8 mm maximum length change is preloaded with 60-80 N and fixed to a high-strength polyethylene braid. The bulky tibial hardware results in bone loss and may cause local discomfort with the necessity of hardware removal. The technique has been previously investigated biomechanically; however, the amount of spring shortening...

Synthesis of Helical Analogue of Kekulene: a Flexible π-Expanded Helicene with Large Helical Diameter Acting as a Soft Molecular Spring.

A π-expanded helicene, that is the helically twisted analogue of kekulene, was synthesized using a 6-fold ring-closing olefin metathesis (RCM) reaction as a key step. The π-expanded geometry with large helical diameter ( d = 10.2 Å), consisting only of carbon and hydrogen atoms (CH), was unambiguously determined by single-crystal X-ray analysis. We found that the π-expanded helicene with large helical diameter will act as a soft molecular spring with a small spring constant. Interestingly, the mechanica...

A convex optimization framework for video quality and resolution enhancement from multiple descriptions.

Transmission and compression technologies advancement over the past decade led to a shift of multimedia content towards cloud systems. Multiple copies of the same video are available through numerous distribution systems. Different compression levels, algorithms and resolutions are used to match the requirements of particular applications. As 4k display technologies are rapidly adopted, resolution enhancement algorithms are of vital importance. Current solutions do not take into account the particularities ...

Self-debriefing Model Based on an Integrated Video-Capture System: An Efficient Solution to Skill Degradation.

Video-based teaching is considered highly effective in debriefing, especially in minimally invasive surgeries. In this study, the benefits of using a new integrated video recording system, were investigated and compared to those of the standard basic skills robotic training procedure.

Opinions on Treatment of Breast Animation Deformity with Selective Nerve Ablation.

Treatment of Breast Animation Deformity in Implant-Based Reconstruction with Selective Nerve Ablation.

Breast animation deformity is a known complication of subpectoral implant placement that is usually corrected by repositioning the implant to the prepectoral position. Other less common treatment options include performing the muscle splitting biplanar technique, triple plane technique, neuromodulator injections, and secondary neurotomies via transection of the pectoral muscle. We report a patient with animation deformity successfully treated with direct identification and ablation of the medial and lateral...

A New Automatically Fixating Stone Basket (2.5 F) Prototype with a Nitinol Spring for Accurate Ureteroscopic Stone Size Measurement.

Intraoperative assessment of stone size is crucial for the successful and safe extraction of stones. The first automatically fixating measuring stone basket prototype showed a mismatch between the steel spring and the nitinol basket; therefore, to improve this prototype, the steel spring was replaced with a nitinol spring and a modified scale was implemented on the basket handle for accurate intraoperative stone size measurement.

Joint Video Object Discovery and Segmentation by Coupled Dynamic Markov Networks.

It is a challenging task to extract segmentation mask of a target from a single noisy video, which involves object discovery coupled with segmentation. To solve this challenge, we present a method to jointly discover and segment an object from a noisy video, where the target disappears intermittently throughout the video. Previous methods either only fulfill video object discovery, or video object segmentation presuming the existence of the object in each frame. We argue that jointly conducting the two task...

Endovascular Treatment of Ethmoidal Dural Arteriovenous Fistulas-Neuroendovascular Surgical Video Demonstration of 2 Cases: 2-Dimensional Operative Video.

Tailor made robotic anterior resection and hysterectomy - video vignette.

In this video we describe a standardized approach to a technically difficult procedure (Low anterior resection and en - bloc hysterectomy) using the Da Vinci Xi. Along with the video there is a detailed commentary of the steps, the possible pitfalls and advice for the most effective approach to this operation. The patient is a 55-years- old lady with Adenocarcinoma. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

Video Synopsis in Complex Situations.

Video synopsis is an effective technique for surveillance video browsing and storage. However, most of the existing video synopsis approaches are not suitable for complex situations, especially crowded scenes. This is because these approaches heavily depend on the preprocessing results of foreground segmentation and multiple objects tracking, but the preprocessing techniques usually achieve poor performance in crowded scenes. To address this problem, we propose a comprehensive video synopsis approach which ...

First Aid Toolkit for Anal Fistulas, a Detailed Treatise for Trainees (Video Vignette ESCP Trainee Video).

Fistula surgery is often performed by trainees. However, an inexperienced trainee may lay open a fistula that could be treated by a more conservative approach. There is considerable national and international variation and the present video will not attempt to define superior methods, but rather highlight matters of debate. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

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