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South Korea: in the midst of a privacy reform centered on data sharing.

With rapid developments in genomic and digital technologies, genomic data sharing has become a key issue for the achievement of precision medicine in South Korea. The legal and administrative framework for data sharing and protection in this country is currently under intense scrutiny from national and international stakeholders. Policymakers are assessing the relevance of specific restrictions in national laws and guidelines for better alignment with international approaches. This manuscript will consider ...

The cost-effectiveness of medication, laser trabeculoplasty, and trabeculectomy for treatment of open-angle glaucoma in South Korea.

Open-angle glaucoma (OAG) imposes high disease burden in South Korea. Although various effective interventions are available to manage the progression of OAG, there is limited data on the cost-effectiveness of these treatment strategies in South Korea.

Subglottic stenosis in children: Our experience at a pediatric tertiary center for 8 years in South Korea.

The incidence of SGS has been reported to be less than 8% after endotracheal intubation. Therefore there is an increasing trend in the number of patients with acute acquired SGS due to mechanical ventilation in the intensive care unit. However, there have been no reports describing the treatment of SGS in children in South Korea. The objective of this study was to evaluate the management and outcomes of children with SGS at a pediatric tertiary center in South Korea over an 8-year period.

Post-Marketing Surveillance of Hepatitis A Virus Vaccine (Avaxim 160U) in South Korea from 2011 to 2015.

Hepatitis A, caused by hepatitis A virus (HAV), is one of the leading causes of acute hepatitis in South Korea. Avaxim 160U is an inactivated hepatitis A vaccine that has been proven to be highly effective and well tolerated. It is licensed for use in more than 90 countries, and was approved for use in South Korea in 2011. Clinical trial and approval processes may not fully assess the safety and efficacy of a vaccine. Post-marketing surveillance (PMS) aims to provide a complete safety profile of a vaccine i...

Food price trends in South Korea through time series analysis.

This study analyzed the relative time trends of prices of healthy versus unhealthy foods in South Korea for the 20 years from 1995 to 2015.

A Pilot Project of Systematic Tuberculosis Screening in the Elderly in a South Korean Province.

Tuberculosis (TB) is a major infectious disease in South Korea causing substantial disease burden, particularly in the elderly. This study aimed to identify the case detection rate of mobile TB screening for the elderly conducted in the Jeollanam-do region and to analyze risk factors of active TB.

Mobile Media Device Use is Associated with Expressive Language Delay in 18-Month-Old Children.

The objective was to examine the association between mobile media device use and communication delays in 18-month-old children.

An investigation into internal exposure management needs for nuclear medicine practitioners and temporary visitors through I-131 internal dose assessment: Focusing on large hospitals in South Korea.

To investigate the internal exposure of nuclear medicine practitioners in South Korea.

Recent changes of trans-boundary air pollution over the Yellow Sea: Implications for future air quality in South Korea.

The influence of air pollutants originating from the Chinese region on air quality over South Korea has been a major concern for policymakers. To investigate the inter-annual trends of the long-distance transport of air pollutants from China to South Korea, multi-year trend analysis was carried out for Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD, as a proxy of particulate matter), and CO (a water-insoluble air pollutant) and SO (a partially water-soluble air pollutant), over three regions in Northeast Asia. Air pollutants a...

Comparisons of Health Promoting Behavior, Depression, and Life Satisfaction Between Older Adults in Rural Areas in South Korea Living in Group Homes and at Home.

In South Korea, population aging is advancing at a more rapid rate in rural areas than urban areas, leading to a particularly high percentage of rural-dwelling older adults.

First detection and identification of Candidatus Neoehrlichia mikurensis in South Korea.

Candidatus Neoehrlichia mikurensis (Ca. N. mikurensis; family Anaplasmataceae) is an emerging tick-borne pathogen that causes a systemic inflammatory syndrome with thrombotic complications. We report here the first identification of Ca. N. mikurensis in organ samples from small mammals captured in southwest South Korea. Nested PCR of groEL and 16S rRNA genes was used to confirm the identity of the bacteria present, and successfully amplified fragments were sequenced. All captured animals were identified as ...

Current Status of Tick-Borne Diseases in South Korea.

Bites with tick-borne pathogens can cause various bacterial, viral, or parasitic diseases in humans. Tick-transmitted diseases are known as contributing factors to the increasing incidence and burden of diseases. The present article investigated the epidemiology of tick-borne diseases in South Korea.

Characteristics of Emergency Department Presentations of Pediatric Poisoning Between 2011 and 2016: A Retrospective Observational Study in South Korea.

Pediatric poisoning represents a major preventable cause of morbidity. The epidemiology of pediatric poisoning differs by country and region. This study aimed to characterize pediatric poisoning in South Korea over the last 6 years and to discuss current regulations related to the causative agents involved in pediatric poisoning.

Experiences of undergraduate nursing students on an authentic mobile learning enactment at a higher education institution in South Africa.

Mobile technology has infiltrated our day to day existence through provision of inexhaustible access to communication and information. In education, mobile devices are not only used as tools to reinforce information, motivate and accentuate engagement, but it additionally enables the delivery of course content. The adoption of authentic technological innovations using the variety of distinguishing attributes available on mobile devices could potentially promote a mobile learning enactment.

What are analog bulletin boards used for today? Analysing media uses, intermediality and technology affordances in Swedish bulletin board messages using a citizen science approach.

Analog bulletin boards are omnipresent in Swedish urban areas, yet little systematic knowledge about this communication medium exists. In the shadow of the rapid emergence of digital media the analog bulletin board has received less attention than its digital successors, many of them having incorporated similar functionality with novel technical solutions. In this study we used a citizen science method to collect 1167 messages from bulletin boards around Sweden aided by school children and teachers, with th...

Electronic Cigarette Themes on Twitter: Dissemination Patterns and Relations with Online News and Search Engine Queries in South Korea.

This study examines multiple aspects of e-cigarette mentions on different online media channels during the announcement and implementation of a cigarette tax increase policy in South Korea. It consists of three parts. First, a Naive Bayes classifier was used to sort 59,147 tweets about e-cigarettes into five pre-designated themes - promotion, health, policy, product evaluation, and price - and to determine their relative prevalence. Second, social network analysis was used to identify the themes' disseminat...

Neighborhood environments and self-rated health in Mainland China, Japan and South Korea.

Neighborhood environments are considered crucial determinants of self-rated health. Previous research has documented a positive association between the quality of neighborhood environments and health status. However, the relationship between neighborhood environments and health status in East Asian countries has received far less attention. This study examined the relationship between the three main types of neighborhood environments (built, natural, and social) and self-rated health in Mainland China, Japa...

Effects of Social Media and Mobile Health Apps on Pregnancy Care: Meta-Analysis.

The use of social media and mobile health (mHealth) apps has been increasing in pregnancy care. However, the effectiveness of these interventions is still unclear.

Valuing Mobile Health: An Open-Ended Contingent Valuation Survey of a National Digital Health Program.

Changing population demographics and technology developments have resulted in growing interest in the potential of consumer-facing digital health. In the United Kingdom, a £37 million (US $49 million) national digital health program delivering assisted living lifestyles at scale (dallas) aimed to deploy such technologies at scale. However, little is known about how consumers value such digital health opportunities.

Cost-effectiveness of sofosbuvir plus ribavirin therapy for hepatitis C virus genotype 2 infection in South Korea.

For genotype 2 chronic hepatitis C (CHC), the efficacy and safety of sofosbuvir plus ribavirin therapy (SOF+RBV) was better than pegylated interferon plus ribavirin therapy (PR) at a greater drug cost. This study investigated the cost-effectiveness of SOF+RBV compared to PR for treatment naïve, genotype 2 CHC in South Korea.

Genetic Characterization of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus, South Korea, 2018.

We evaluated genetic variation in Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) imported to South Korea in 2018 using specimens from a patient and isolates from infected Caco-2 cells. The MERS-CoV strain in this study was genetically similar to a strain isolated in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in 2017.

Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza A(H5N6) in Domestic Cats, South Korea.

In December 2016, highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) infection with systemic pathologic lesions was found in cats in South Korea. Genetic analyses indicated that the feline isolates were similar to HPAI H5N6 viruses isolated in chicken farms nearby. This finding highlights the need for monitoring of domestic mammals during HPAI outbreaks.

Media coverage of celebrity suicide caused by depression and increase in the number of people who seek depression treatment.

We examined how media coverage of a celebrity who died by suicide due to depression was associated with the change in the number of people who visited a psychiatrist for depression. For this, of all news articles published in South Korea between 2010 and 2017, we identified all cases in which a celebrity died by suicide due to depression. Further, from the Korean health big data system, we collected monthly data on the number of people who visited a psychiatrist for depression. Regression analyses showed th...

Short-term changes of human acellular dermal matrix (Megaderm) in a mouse model.

Physicians tend to overcorrect when applying the acellular dermal matrix for reconstructive option because of volume decrement problem after absorption comparing with initial volume. However, there are no studies on the exact volume decrement and absorption rate with commercial products in South Korea. To figure out absorption rate of acellular dermal matrix product in South Korea (Megaderm), authors designed this experiment.

The history and future of digital health in the field of behavioral medicine.

Since its earliest days, the field of behavioral medicine has leveraged technology to increase the reach and effectiveness of its interventions. Here, we highlight key areas of opportunity and recommend next steps to further advance intervention development, evaluation, and commercialization with a focus on three technologies: mobile applications (apps), social media, and wearable devices. Ultimately, we argue that future of digital health behavioral science research lies in finding ways to advance more rob...

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