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HIV co-infection in HTLV-1 carriers in Spain.

Human retroviruses HIV and HTLV share transmission routes. HIV widely spread in Spain during the 80 s through injection drug use and sex, and nowadays HIV rates in Spain account for one of the largest in Europe. In contrast, HTLV-1 is not endemic in Spain, despite hosting huge numbers of migrants from highly endemic regions. Herein, we report the rate and main features of the HIV-HTLV co-infected population in Spain.

Efficacy of the tobacco tax policy in the presence of product heterogeneity: A pseudo-panel approach applied to Spain.

This paper focuses on the substitution effects between different comercial presentations of tobacco in Spain. Concretely, on cigarettes, cigars and RYO. When taxing policies increase tobacco prices these effects might lead changes from more expensive to cheaper products instead of reducing tobacco consumption. We use micro-data for the years 2006 -2012. We estimate a complete model of demand. The own-price, the income and the cross elasticity of each good are estimated. The results show that the own-price e...

German Heart Surgery Report 2018: The Annual Updated Registry of the German Society for Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery.

Based on a longtime voluntary registry, founded by the German Society for Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery (GSTCVS), well-defined data of all cardiac, thoracic, and vascular surgery procedures performed in 78 German heart surgery departments during the year 2018 are analyzed. For this period, a total of 174,902 procedures were submitted to the registry, 98,707 summarized as heart surgery procedures in the classical meaning. The unadjusted in-hospital survival rate for 33,999 isolated coronary artery bypa...

Asymmetric impact of oil prices on stock returns in Shanghai stock exchange: Evidence from asymmetric ARDL model.

This study scrutinized the asymmetric impact of oil prices on stock returns in Shanghai stock exchange with data (January 2000 to December 2018) by using asymmetric ARDL model. The examined results of asymmetric autoregressive distributed lag model indicate that cointegration exists between the oil prices and the stock returns. Results of asymmetric autoregressive distributed lag model confirm that both in the long run and the short run increase in oil prices have a negative impact on the stock returns of S...

The Impact of Price Negotiations on Public Procurement Prices and Access to 8 Innovative Cancer Medicines in a Middle-Income Country-The Case of Mexico.

To mitigate the effect of high prices, in 2008 Mexico established a commission that negotiates single procurement prices for patented medicines in the public sector.

Impact of updated pediatric hypertension guidelines on progression from elevated blood pressure to hypertension in a community-based primary care population.

In 2017, definitions for pediatric hypertension were updated. A threshold of 130/80 mm Hg was introduced for stage 1 hypertension in adolescents, and children with obesity were removed from the reference population, lowering the 95th percentile, compared to the 2004 Fourth Report. The impact of these changes on care for youth with elevated blood pressure has not been well described. The objective of this study was to compare the 2017 and 2004 criteria for hypertension, evaluating how they impact estimates ...

Unmet Needs in Ophthalmology: A European Vision Institute-Consensus Roadmap 2019-2025.

To define unmet needs in ophthalmology that can realistically be addressed in the next 5 years (2019-2025) and describe potential avenues for research to address these challenges.

Evaluation of prices, availability and affordability of essential medicines in Lahore Division, Pakistan: A cross-sectional survey using WHO/HAI methodology.

Inadequate access to medicines affected by un-controlled prices is a major concern in developing countries, including Pakistan, which lacks comprehensive data on medicine prices. Thus, the objective of this study was to evaluate the prices, availability and affordability of essential medicines in Lahore division, Pakistan. The survey was undertaken from November, 2016 till March, 2017 by including 50 medicines, 14 from the WHO/HAI core list and 36 supplementary medicines from national essential medicine lis...

Variations in external reference pricing implementation: does it matter for public policy?

External reference pricing (ERP) seeks to rationalize prices and contain costs using foreign prices as a reference for the determination of domestic prices and is often used as the starting point for the facilitation of negotiations between health authorities and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Treatment outcome in dually HIV-1 and HIV-2 coinfected patients living in Spain.

Whereas HIV-1 has spread globally, HIV-2 is mainly found in West Africa where dual HIV-1/HIV-2 coinfection is nowadays uncommon. Herein, we report the rate, main characteristics, and treatment outcomes of all dually infected patients living in Spain.

A 1-Year Cost Analysis of Spinal Surgical Procedures in Spain: Neurosurgeons Versus Orthopedic Surgeons.

To evaluate the direct costs of various spinal surgical procedures within 1 year of follow-up and to compare the profiles of neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons.

Beyond asking: Exploring the use of automatic price evaluations to implicitly estimate consumers' willingness-to-pay.

Explicit consumers responses are often adverse for the validity of procedures used to estimate consumers' willingness-to-pay (WTP). This paper investigates if price evaluations occur automatically and to what extent these automatic processes can be used to implicitly estimate consumers' WTP. An adapted version of the task-rule congruency (TRC) paradigm was used in two studies. Results of the first study provided evidence for the notion that prices are automatically evaluated. However, the used procedure had...

Retrospective cohort study of 925 OAGB procedures. The UK MGB/OAGB Collaborative Group.

Mini-One Anastomosis Gastric Bypass is a new operation that provides comparable outcomes to the common bariatric procedures. Revisional surgery is still needed after a number of MGB-OAGB procedures. The aim of this study is to report the causes and management of these revisions.

Calibration and evaluation of Quigley's hybrid housing price model in Microsoft Excel.

Quigley derived his hybrid price model to improve the precision of predicted prices of sold homes by statistically merging data of resold homes in a repeat sales model with that of once-sold homes in a single sales hedonic price model. The literature has few applications of the hybrid model aside from those by Quigley and his collaborators. Two reasons for this underuse may be its computational intensiveness and its marginal empirical improvement in comparison with two other models. This paper first demysti...

The drug price iceberg: more than meets the eye.

When it comes to the political iceberg of drug prices, there is more below the surface. Policies that reduce prices but do not lower consumers' out-of-pocket costs will not address the main challenge facing most Americans.

The 2018 Guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis in Greece.

We report the updated guidelines for the management of osteoporosis in Greece, which include guidance on fracture risk assessment, diagnosis-pharmacological treatment-follow-up of osteoporosis based on updated information, and national evidence from Greek clinical practice and the healthcare setting.

Updated decay data evaluation for Ga.

The updated evaluation of the decay data for the radionuclide Ga is presented. The evaluated data have been obtained using the methodology adopted in the Decay Data Evaluation Project (DDEP). Particular attention is paid to obtaining the recommended value for the Ga half-life from the discrepant data set. The recent half-life measurements do not improve the data consistency of this data set. The different statistical procedures are used to select the recommended value of 67.77 (14) min for the Ga half-life.

Using electricity prices to curb industrial pollution.

In this study, we show that changes in electricity prices in China have significant environmental consequences through its effect on industrial pollution emissions concentrations. To investigate this relationship, we pair a novel dataset of hourly smokestack-level pollutant emissions of industrial plants in Anhui, China with changes in hourly electricity prices. Using a difference-in-differences (DID) regression model, we find that pollution emissions from these plants have an inverse relationship with elec...

Mycobacterium abscessus infection following home dermabrasion.

With an ever-increasing prevalence of cosmetic treatments, there also have been increasing rates of skin and soft tissue infections due to cosmetic procedures and other popular procedures such as acupuncture. We report a case of a 32-year-old woman who presented with a tender lump on the face of 6 weeks' duration that developed acutely after using an at-home microdermabrasion device. She was eventually diagnosed with a skin infection due to Mycobacterium abscessus, which is part of a more specific group kno...

Early emergence of mcr-1-positive Enterobacteriaceae in gulls from Spain and Portugal.

We tested extended-spectrum β-lactamase producing bacteria from wild gulls (Larus spp.) sampled in 2009 for the presence of mcr-1. We report the detection of mcr-1 and describe genome characteristics of four Escherichia coli and one Klebsiella pneumoniae isolate from Spain and Portugal that also exhibited colistin resistance. Results represent the earliest evidence for colistin-resistant bacteria in European wildlife. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

Gasoline prices and economic policy uncertainty: what causes what, and why does it matter? Evidence from 18 selected countries.

In this paper, we examine asymmetric causal relationships between gasoline prices and economic policy uncertainty in a panel of 18 countries over the period 1998-2017, using the recently introduced panel causality approach of Hatemi et al (Appl Econ, 48:2301-2308, 2016) that accounts for asymmetric dynamics and is robust to both cross-sectional dependence and slope heterogeneity. Empirical findings reveal asymmetric causal relationships between gasoline prices and economic policy uncertainty in the sampled ...

Forecasting stock prices with a feature fusion LSTM-CNN model using different representations of the same data.

Forecasting stock prices plays an important role in setting a trading strategy or determining the appropriate timing for buying or selling a stock. We propose a model, called the feature fusion long short-term memory-convolutional neural network (LSTM-CNN) model, that combines features learned from different representations of the same data, namely, stock time series and stock chart images, to predict stock prices. The proposed model is composed of LSTM and a CNN, which are utilized for extracting temporal ...

An updated European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) protocol for pathological evaluation of sentinel lymph nodes for melanoma.

The sentinel lymph node (SLN) biopsy is a highly accurate staging procedure and the most important prognostic factor in melanoma patients. The European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) Melanoma Group aimed to design an updated evolved SLN protocol for the histopathological workup and reporting. We herein recommend extending the distance between steps according to the short axis dimension of the lymph node and optimise both conventional sectioning and staining procedures including im...

Chagas screening and treatment among Bolivians living in Madrid, Spain: The need for an official protocol.

It is estimated that around 52,000 people live with Chagas in Spain, but only 10% have been diagnosed. Migrants from Bolivia bear the burden of Chagas infection in Spain. However, little is known about their current management of Chagas diagnosis and treatment patterns. This study aimed to assess the Chagas related disease perception and health behaviour of Bolivians living in Madrid.

A Novel Concept and Device for Holding the Rotational Hemostasis Valve during Neuroendovascular Procedures.

Hemostasis valves are commonly used in neurointerventions. We propose a novel concept for fixing hemostasis valves to the operating table during procedures. Moreover, we report our preliminary in vitro experience using these new devices created using three-dimensional printer.

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