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Uteroplacental and Fetal 4D Flow MRI in the Pregnant Rhesus Macaque.

Pregnancy complications are often associated with poor uteroplacental vascular adaptation and standard diagnostics are unable to reliably quantify flow in all uteroplacental vessels and have poor sensitivity early in gestation.

First - line, non - cryopreserved autologous stem cell transplant for poor - risk germ - cell tumors: Experience in a developing country.

The current first - line treatment for non - seminomatous germ cell tumor (NSGCT) consists of four cycles of cisplatin, etoposide, and bleomycin (BEP), which results in 5 - year overall survival < 60% in patients with poor - risk features. Autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (auto - HSCT) as a method for overcoming high toxicity after high dose chemotherapy (HDC) has been explored in different solid tumors, but has remained standard practice only for NSGCT. Our objective was to describe outco...

Treatment of patients with metastatic colorectal cancer and poor performance status: current evidence and challenges.

Patients with unresectable metastatic colorectal cancer live for a median of three years when treated with standard therapies. While the evidence guiding cancer-directed treatment of this disease comes from phase III trials that have mostly enrolled patients with good performance status, some patients present with poor clinical conditions. The best treatment for these patients remains to be determined. We performed a systematic review of the treatment outcomes of patients with metastatic colorectal cancer a...

Comparison of carboplatin plus etoposide with amrubicin monotherapy for extensive-disease small cell lung cancer in the elderly and patients with poor performance status.

Carboplatin plus etoposide (CE) is a standard treatment for elderly patients with extensive-disease small cell lung cancer (ED-SCLC). However, amrubicin monotherapy (AMR) may be a feasible alternative. We compared the efficacies and safety profiles of CE and AMR for ED-SCLC in elderly patients and chemotherapy-naive patients with poor performance status (PS).

Autologous stem cell ovarian transplantation to increase reproductive potential in patients who are poor responders.

To evaluate effects of autologous stem cell ovarian transplant (ASCOT) on ovarian reserve and IVF outcomes of women who are poor responders with very poor prognosis.


The individual monitoring service at the Helmholtz Zentrum München has extended the calibration facilities provided at the Munich IAEA/WHO secondary standard dosimetry laboratory with a new fully automated X-ray calibration facility for the calibration of personal dosemeters according to the ISO 4037 standard series. This work describes the X-ray irradiation system and the automated dosemeter transport system as well as the measurements performed to characterize the photon fields and to ascertain conformit...

Poor statistical reporting, inadequate data presentation and spin persist despite editorial advice.

The Journal of Physiology and British Journal of Pharmacology jointly published an editorial series in 2011 to improve standards in statistical reporting and data analysis. It is not known whether reporting practices changed in response to the editorial advice. We conducted a cross-sectional analysis of reporting practices in a random sample of research papers published in these journals before (n = 202) and after (n = 199) publication of the editorial advice. Descriptive data are presented. There was no ev...

Poor Queer Studies: Class, Race, and the Field.

This study asks, What are the material conditions under which queer studies is done in the academy? It finds a longstanding association of queer studies with the well-resourced, selective colleges and flagship campuses that are the drivers of class and race stratification in higher education in the U.S. That is, the field of queer studies, as a recognizable academic formation, has been structured by the material and intellectual resources of precisely those institutions that most steadfastly refuse to adequ...

High-Dose Chemotherapy and Blood Autologous Stem-Cell Rescue Compared With Standard Chemotherapy in Localized High-Risk Ewing Sarcoma: Results of Euro-E.W.I.N.G.99 and Ewing-2008.

Purpose For over 30 years, the place of consolidation high-dose chemotherapy in Ewing sarcoma (ES) has been controversial. A randomized study was conducted to determine whether consolidation high-dose chemotherapy improved survival in patients with localized ES at high risk for relapse. Methods Randomization between busulfan and melphalan (BuMel) or standard chemotherapy (vincristine, dactinomycin, and ifosfamide [VAI], seven courses) was offered to patients if they were younger than 50 years of age with po...

Psychometric analysis of Epworth Sleepiness Scale and its correlation with Pittsburgh sleep quality index in poor sleepers among Indian university students.

Background The Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS) is an 8-item scale to detect excessive daytime sleepiness. Although its psychometric properties are well established on a number of populations the same has not been done for an Indian population, hence this study was designed to cover this knowledge gap. Aims The purpose of this study was to establish the test-retest reliability, validity and internal consistency of the ESS and its correlation with the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) in poor sleepers in I...

Under-recognised ethical dilemmas of diabetes care in resource-poor settings.

Ineffective diabetes management results in suboptimal glycaemic control and adverse health outcomes. In resource-poor settings, a combination of high burden of medication nonadherence in patients and therapeutic inertia amongst clinicians is largely attributed to the failure to achieve glycaemic targets in diabetic populations. The potential health risks from intensification of medical therapy for aggressive lowering of glucose levels in Type 2 diabetes patients represents an ethical dilemma between avertin...

CD90 expression in human intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma is associated with lymph node metastasis and poor prognosis.

Intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma (ICC) is the second most common primary liver cancer. However, its prognosis remains poor. Expression of cluster of differentiation 90 (CD90) has been identified as an indicator of poor prognosis in many cancers. Here, we examined the importance of CD90 expression in ICC.

Dental markers of poverty: Biocultural deliberations on oral health of the poor in mid-nineteenth-century Ireland.

Despite subsisting on a low-cariogenic diet comprising virtually nothing more than potatoes and dairy products, poor oral health affected the quality of life for the poor of nineteenth-century Ireland. This study investigates potential biocultural reasons that may explain why this was the case.

Implementing the centiloid transformation for C-PiB and β-amyloid F-PET tracers using CapAIBL.

The centiloid scale was recently proposed to provide a standard framework for the quantification of β-amyloid PET images, so that amyloid burden can be expressed on a standard scale. While the framework prescribes SPM8 as the standard analysis method for PET quantification, non-standard methods can be calibrated to produce centiloid values. We have previously developed a PET-only quantification: CapAIBL. In this study, we show how CapAIBL can be calibrated to the centiloid scale.

Predicting poor compliance with follow-up and intrauterine contraception services after medical termination of pregnancy.

Attendance at post-abortion follow-up visits is poor, but little is known about factors affecting it.

EBV colitis with ulcerative colitis: a double whammy.

We report this case of a 21-year-old immunocompetent man presenting with ulcerative colitis and superimposed Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) colitis. He presented for the first time with symptoms of blood-mixed diarrhoea and raised inflammatory markers. His endoscopic and histological appearances were found to be due to ulcerative colitis for which he was started on standard therapy with intravenous steroids. In spite of this, he continued to be symptomatic and his inflammatory markers continued to rise. A virolog...

Standardization of Cu activity.

The complex decay scheme that makes Cu promising as both an imaging and therapeutic agent in medicine also makes the absolute measurement of its activity challenging. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has completed a primary activity standardization of a CuCl solution using the 4πβ(LS)-γ(NaI) live-timed anticoincidence (LTAC) counting method with a combined standard uncertainty of 0.51 %. Two liquid scintillation (LS) counting methods were employed for confirmatory measurements. ...

Imaging in neurointerventional stroke treatment: review of the recent trials and what your neurointerventionalist wants to know from emergency radiologists.

Stroke is one of the leading causes of death and disability worldwide. Standard treatment for stroke is intravenous (IV) injection of tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA) rapidly after symptom onset. However, there are limitations of IV t-PA treatment, such as a short time window for administration and risk for hemorrhage. Recent trials have demonstrated the benefit of endovascular treatment when added to standard treatment to improve outcomes for patients. Advanced imaging was utilized in some trials to ide...

Factors associated with poor balance ability in older adults of nine high-altitude communities.

Poor balance ability in older adults result in multiple complications. Poor balance ability has not been studied among older adults living at high altitudes. In this study, we analysed factors associated with poor balance ability by using the Functional Reach (FR) among older adults living in nine high-altitude communities.

Body adiposity indicators and cardiometabolic risk: Cross-sectional analysis in participants from the PREDIMED-Plus trial.

Excess adiposity is associated with poor cardiometabolic (CM) health. To date, several techniques and indicators have been developed to determine adiposity. We aimed to compare the ability of traditional anthropometric, as well as standard and novel DXA-derived parameters related to overall and regional adiposity, to evaluate CM risk.

Inflammation, edema and poor outcome are associated with hyperthermia in hypertensive intracerebral hemorrhages.

The deleterious effect of hyperthermia on intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) has been studied, however the results are not completely conclusive and new studies are needed to elucidate clinical factors that condition the poor outcome. The aim of this study was to identify the clinical factors (including ICH etiology) that influence the poor outcome associated with hyperthermia on ICH. We additionally tried to identify potential mechanisms involved in hyperthermia during ICH.

Mediastinal angiosarcoma presenting as diffuse alveolar hemorrhage.

Angiosarcomas are malignant vascular tumors. Angiosarcomas arising in the thorax such as angiosarcoma of the lungs, heart and mediastinum are extremely rare. There are no reports of mediastinal angiosarcomas presenting with diffuse alveolar hemorrhage, which is a clinical syndrome characterized by the presence of hemoptysis, dyspnea, hypoxia, diffuse lung infiltrates and anemia. Usually, diffuse alveolar hemorrhage is caused by pulmonary capillaritis. Local invasion is more common with these tumors than dis...

Intraindividual sleep variability and its association with insomnia identity and poor sleep.

Insomnia identity refers to the conviction that one has insomnia, which can occur independently of poor sleep. Night-to-night variability in sleep (termed intraindividual variability [IIV]) may contribute to insomnia identity yet remain undetected via conventional mean analyses. This study compared sleep IIV across four subgroups: noncomplaining good sleepers (NG), complaining poor sleepers (CP), complaining good sleepers (CG), and noncomplaining poor sleepers (NP).

Nutritional interventions in elderly gastrointestinal cancer patients: the evidence from randomized controlled trials.

Literature concerning nutritional interventions in elderly patients with gastrointestinal cancer, with special reference to randomized clinical trials, has been critically reviewed. This segment of oncologic population was found to be penalized by a high prevalence of malnutrition and sarcopenia which translated in an increased rate of toxicity from chemotherapy, poor compliance with oncologic treatments, and, finally, with a poor prognosis. Attempts to reverse this condition included a potentiation of nutr...

Abbreviated Biparametric Versus Standard Multiparametric MRI for Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

The objective of our study was to evaluate the diagnostic accuracy of abbreviated biparametric MRI (bpMRI) versus standard multiparametric MRI (mpMRI) for prostate cancer (PCa) using guided biopsy or prostatectomy histopathology results as the reference standard.

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