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Bridging medical simulation with computer science and engineering: A growing field of study.

Medical simulation has become an essential educational tool in the curricula of healthcare professionals. A literature review revealed a knowledge gap in healthcare simulation education with respect to the technological expertise required to operate highly sophisticated simulation equipment. With this motivation, a case study was designed to determine if implementing on-site technological expertise allows for the facile navigation of high fidelity manikins. Next, a research study was conducted to evaluate e...

Exploring Validation and Verification: How they Different and What They Mean to Healthcare Simulation.

The healthcare simulation (HCS) community recognizes the importance of quality management because many novel simulation devices and techniques include some sort of description of how they tested and assured their simulation's quality. Verification and validation play a key role in quality management; however, literature published on HCS has many different interpretations of what these terms mean and how to accomplish them. The varied use of these terms leads to varied interpretations of how verification pro...

Communicative eye contact signals a commitment to cooperate for young children.

Making commitments to cooperate facilitates cooperation. There is a long-standing theoretical debate about how promissory obligations come into existence, and whether linguistic acts (such as saying "I promise") are a necessary part of the process. To inform this debate we experimentally investigated whether even minimal, nonverbal behavior can be taken as a commitment to cooperate, as long as it is communicative. Five- to 7-year-old children played a Stag Hunt coordination game in which they needed to deci...

Molecular dynamics simulation for rational protein engineering: Present and future prospectus.

Recently protein engineering has been used as a pivotal tool for designing proteins with improved characteristics. While the experimental methods might be laborious and time-consuming, in silico protein design is a time and cost-effective approach. Moreover, in some cases, protein modeling might be the only way to obtain structural information where the experimental techniques are inapplicable. Molecular dynamics (MD) simulation is a method that allows the motion of protein to be simulated in defined condit...

Event simulation and external validation applied in published health economic models for obesity: a systematic review.

This study aims to determine methodological variations in the event simulation approaches of published health economic decision models, in the field of obesity, and to investigate whether their predictiveness and validity were investigated via external event validation techniques, which investigate how well the model reproduces reality. Areas covered: A systematic review identified a total of 87 relevant papers, of which 72 that simulated obesity-associated events were included. Most frequently simulated ev...

Modeling and simulation of different and representative engineering problems using Network Simulation Method.

Mathematical models simulating different and representative engineering problem, atomic dry friction, the moving front problems and elastic and solid mechanics are presented in the form of a set of non-linear, coupled or not coupled differential equations. For different parameters values that influence the solution, the problem is numerically solved by the network method, which provides all the variables of the problems. Although the model is extremely sensitive to the above parameters, no assumptions are c...

The Second Society for Simulation in Healthcare Research Summit: Beyond our Boundaries.

In this article, we report on the Second Society for Simulation in Healthcare Research Summit held in 2017. This meeting succeeded the First Research Summit from 2011 with the goal of advancing the scope of healthcare simulation research. During the one and a half day summit, some of the world's leading experts in simulation, healthcare, and simulation in healthcare convened to discuss ideas about what research goals would be most beneficial to the healthcare simulation community, and what could be done to ...

Tissue engineering for urinary tract reconstruction and repair: Progress and prospect in China.

Several urinary tract pathologic conditions, such as strictures, cancer, and obliterations, require reconstructive plastic surgery. Reconstruction of the urinary tract is an intractable task for urologists due to insufficient autologous tissue. Limitations of autologous tissue application prompted urologists to investigate ideal substitutes. Tissue engineering is a new direction in these cases. Advances in tissue engineering over the last 2 decades may offer alternative approaches for the urinary tract reco...

Deformable Models for Surgical Simulation: A Survey.

This paper presents a survey of the state-of-the-art deformable models studied in the literature concerning soft tissue deformable modeling for interactive surgical simulation. It first introduces the challenges of surgical simulation, followed by discussions and analyses on the deformable models, which are classified into three categories: the heuristic modeling methodology, continuum-mechanical methodology, and other methodologies. It also examines linear and nonlinear deformable modeling, model internal ...

Future type 2 diabetes mellitus scenario estimated with a predictive dynamic simulation model.

Develop a predictive dynamic model to estimate future scenarios for the incidence rate of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM).

Clinical Macrosystem Simulation Translates Between Organizations.

Simulation has become an integral tool in healthcare facility redesign. Immersing clinical experts into their future environment has demonstrated benefits for transition planning. This study evaluates translation of a proven macrosystems testing protocol, TESTPILOT, to an organization with limited simulation experience.

The Many Faces of Patient-Centered Simulation: Implications for Researchers.

Patient-centered simulation for nonhealthcare providers is an emerging and innovative application for healthcare simulation. Currently, no consensus exists on what patient-centered simulation encompasses and outcomes research in this area is limited. Conceptually, patient-centered simulation aligns with the principles of patient- and family-centered care bringing this educational tool directly to patients and caregivers with the potential to improve patient care and outcomes.

Retailer Stackelberg game in a supply chain with pricing and service decisions and simple price discount contract.

This paper studies the Retailer Stackelberg game in a supply chain consisting of two manufacturers and one retailer where they compete simultaneously under three factors including price, service and simple price discount contract. It is assumed that the second manufacturer provides service directly to his customers, and the retailer provides service for the first product's customers, while the retailer buys the first product under price discount from the first manufacturer. The analysis of the optimal equil...

Development of an industrial ultrasonic cleaning tank based on harmonic response analysis.

A small industrial ultrasonic cleaning tank, which is one of the best-selling models, had cleaning problems. Customers sometimes complained that the tank did not completely clean all objects, or that some objects got damaged, so a solution to the problem was urgently needed. The tank has a volume of 18 L, frequency of 28 kHz, eight horn style PZT4 transducers, and a total electric power of 400 W. The cleaning occurs from the cavitation effect which corresponds to an increase in the acoustic pressure. ...

Towards better understanding of industrial cell factories: novel approaches for C metabolic flux analysis in complex nutrient environments.

The quantification of intracellular fluxes via C metabolic flux analysis has become one of the major techniques to support systems-based metabolic engineering of industrial production hosts. Commonly, C studies are conducted using minimal media, however, a great variety of industrial processes rely on complex medium compounds. The use of parallel C tracer experiments as well as analytical multi-readout of labeling data together with model-based simulation offer a great starting point to tackle such complex ...

Gene’s expression profile for breast cancer, clinical and therapeutic approach

The genes assay provides a clearer picture of individual tumor biology, hormonal- receptor and proliferation. Triple negative breast cancer have high proliferation index and no prognostic with this test. The first generation of gene assay (OncotypeDX, MammaPrint) predice recurrence at 5 years. The next generation (Prosigna, Endopredict) have better prognosis value for recurrence and predictive of early relapse. There are no useful genetic tests for tumors hormonal- negative with pronostic and predictive val...

Spectral density of vortex beams propagating in atmospheric turbulence with new simulation method.

We study the spectral density of vortex beams propagating in atmospheric turbulence by numerical simulation and experiment with a spatial light modulator (SLM). It is found that the figures produced by experiment with SLM are quite different from those by traditional numerical simulation. In view of this, we put forward a new simulation method that refers to the theory of beam wander, leading to a consistency between numerical simulation and experimental results eventually. The improved simulation method co...

A new approach to multi-professional end of life care training using a sequential simulation (SqS Simulation™) design: A mixed methods study.

A need for improved education and training for hospital staff caring for patients in the last year of life was identified at an urban UK hospital. Sequential Simulation (SqS Simulation™) is a type of simulation that recreates a patient's journey, considering the longitudinal element of care and how this might impact on the patient's experiences, wishes and needs.

Stroke code simulation benefits advanced practice providers similar to neurology residents.

Advanced practice providers (APPs) are important members of stroke teams. Stroke code simulations offer valuable experience in the evaluation and treatment of stroke patients without compromising patient care. We hypothesized that simulation training would increase APP confidence, comfort level, and preparedness in leading a stroke code similar to neurology residents.

Simulation and Integration Into Patient Safety Systems.

Simulation Faculty Development: Continuing the Dialogue.

Investigating the Extent Realistic Moulage Impacts on Immersion and Performance Among Undergraduate Paramedicine Students in a Simulation-based Trauma Scenario: A Pilot Study.

Many healthcare education commentators suggest that moulage can be used in simulation to enhance scenario realism. However, few studies investigate to what extent using moulage in simulation impacts learners. We undertook a mixed-methods pilot study investigating how moulage influences student immersion and performance in simulation.

Computer-based simulation: Effective tool or hindrance for undergraduate nursing students?

Undergraduate nursing programs continuously strive to improve student learning outcomes within the simulation lab experience. As a result, simulation labs are evaluating computer-based simulation programs to engage the millennial student learner.

Medical simulation in interventional cardiology: "More research is needed".

Medical simulation is being used for training fellows to perform coronary angiography. Medical simulation training was associated with 2 min less fluoroscopy time per case after adjustment. Whether medical simulation really works needs to be evaluated in additional, well-designed and executed clinical studies.

Recent Advances in Metabolic Engineering of Saccharomyces cerevisiae: New Tools and Their Applications.

Metabolic engineering aims to develop efficient cell factories by rewiring cellular metabolism. As one of the most commonly used cell factories, Saccharomyces cerevisiae has been extensively engineered to produce a wide variety of products at high levels from various feedstocks. In this review, we summarize the recent development of metabolic engineering approaches to modulate yeast metabolism with representative examples. Particularly, we highlight new tools for biosynthetic pathway optimization (i.e. comb...

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