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The mediating roles of caregiver social support and self-efficacy on caregiver burden in Parkinson's disease.

Most studies in Parkinson's disease (PD) have focused on the direct effects of social support and self-efficacy on caregiver burden. This study aimed to test our prediction that caregiver self-efficacy and social support were two chaining mediator variables on the paths for patient factors affecting caregiver burden, caregiver anxiety, and depression.

A Multisite Case Study of Caregiver Advise, Record, Enable Act Implementation.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania passed the Caregiver Advise, Record, Enable (CARE) Act on April 20, 2016. We designed a study to explore early implementation at a large, integrated delivery financing system. Our goal was to assess the effects of system-level decisions on unit implementation and the incorporation of the CARE Act's three components into routine care delivery.

Preparation of letrozole dispersed pHEMA/AAm-g-LDPE drug release system: In-vitro release kinetics for the treatment of endometriosis.

This paper focuses on the development of a drug delivery system for systemically controlled release of a poorly soluble drug, letrozole. The work meticulously describes the preparation and characterizations of 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate (HEMA) polymerization onto hydrophilic acrylamide grafted low-density polyethylene (AAm-g-LDPE) surface for targeted drug release system. The surface morphology and thickness measurement of coated pHEMA layer were measured using scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The swell...

Caregiver strain among life partners of persons with mild disability due to relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic disorder of the central nervous system with an unpredictable disease course. Life partners often become caregivers, which can be both rewarding and challenging, as the caregiver's physical and mental health is often negatively affected. Previous studies on caregiver strain focused on caregivers of persons with MS with relatively high disability levels, while caregiver strain may already be experienced by life partners living with mildly disabled persons with MS.

Including Family Caregivers In Seriously Ill Veterans' Care: A Mixed-Methods Study.

Family caregivers often serve as unpaid members of the home and community-based care workforce for people with serious illness; as key partners in the home-clinic continuum, they should be included in health care teams. The Campaign for Inclusive Care is an initiative within the Veterans Affairs health care system to improve provider practices for including caregivers of military members in treatment planning and decisions. We defined using a literature review, provider interviews, and a caregiver survey. ...

Assessment of Caregiver Burden in Huntington's Disease.

Huntington's disease (HD) is a rare neurodegenerative disease associated with disability and loss of patient independence. The caregivers of HD patients are at high risk for burnout. We aimed to identify variables that impact caregiver burden, as measured by the Modified Caregiver Strain Index (MCSI) and the Huntington's disease Quality of Life Battery for Carers Short Form (HD-SF). Total functional capacity and being sole caregiver were significantly associated with higher caregiver burden via MCSI. There ...

Caregiver availability and patient access to hematopoietic cell transplantation: social worker perspectives inform practice.

Hematopoietic cell transplantation (HCT) often involves a long hospitalization and recovery period, with patients generally required to have a caregiver. This study aimed to identify transplant center (TC) requirements for a caregiver, describe challenges that impact caregiver availability, and identify potential solutions.

The role of caregiver in patients at risk of difficult discharge: a needs analysis in a medical ward.

the continuous increase in life expectancy and the large amount of elderly population the caregiver become an important figure in domiciliary assistance. He is not often prepared to fulfil this complex role, because he has a great number of unsatisfied needs. For this reason the aim of this study is to identify and analyze the caregiver's educational needs, in anticipation of frail elderly's home discharge.

Optimization of a quantum weak measurement system with digital filtering technology.

In this paper, we propose a post-Gaussian filtering theory for weak measurement in the frequency domain, and propose a highly deformed digital filtering technique that can be used to optimize sensors based on weak-frequency measurement techniques. We completed the experimental verification based on the weak measurement total internal reflection sensor. The experimental results show that digital filtering technology can optimize the system in the working range, sensitivity, and resolution of the frequency do...

Analysis of caregiver burden in palliative care: An integrated review.

The inclusion of caregivers in a holistic care approach represents a basic principle in palliative care. However, many palliative care professionals have a lack of understanding of difficulties or unmet needs among caregivers. To enhance the quality of life of caregivers and the quality of care for patients, healthcare professionals should be better informed about the constructs of caregiver burden. The aim of this study is to synthesize the concept of caregiver burden in palliative care, providing implicat...

A hospital-based study on caregiver preferences on acute seizure rescue medications in pediatric patients with epilepsy: Intranasal midazolam versus rectal diazepam.

About 20 per 100,000 children have convulsive status epilepticus every year, a life-threatening condition. Benzodiazepines are the first-line treatment for prolonged and recurrent seizures. Our study was designed to gain understanding of caregiver perception of acute seizure treatments.

Measurement of the total body center of gravity during sit-to-stand motion using a markerless motion capture system.

In order to evaluate the movement strategy in sit-to-stand (STS) motion, it is necessary to measure the center of gravity (COG). However, there is no established method for enabling this using convenience device in the clinical setting. The purpose of this study was to validate the measurement of the COG during the STS motion using an inexpensive, portable and markerless motion capture system (MLS).

Evaluation of in-line particle measurement with an SFT-probe as monitoring tool for process automation using a new time-based buffer approach.

The Process Analytical Technology (PAT) initiative published by the Food and Drug administration (FDA) describes PAT systems as important tools to optimize pharmaceutical processes in order to ensure the final product quality. Real-time particle size measurements provide a promising approach for process automation of fluid bed granulation processes. This work focuses on the introduction and evaluation of a new time-based buffer approach for in-line spatial filtering technique (SFT) in order to provide a min...

In Vitro Measurement of HS-Mediated Vasoactive Responses.

Isolated tissue chamber bath system and wire myograph were developed for "in vitro" investigation of vasoactive responses on isolated arteries from a variety of animal species and vascular beds. The chapter characterizes the main principles of mechanical measurement of the changes in isometric tension of vascular smooth muscles in isolated rat thoracic aorta and superior mesenteric artery and describes several protocols on how to investigate vasoactive properties of hydrogen sulfide (HS) from the point of v...

Taking Care of the Dyad: Frequency of Caregiver Assessment Among Veterans with Dementia.

This study assessed frequency of caregiver identification and needs of a sample of persons with dementia (PWDs) and their caregivers to determine whether needs were addressed and whether documentation increased with growing levels of self-reported relationship problems and burden.

The Impact of Goal Adjustment and Caregiver Burden on Psychological Distress Among Caregivers of Cancer Patients.

Research has demonstrated that serving in the caregiver role is often associated with increased symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety, but some people fare better than others in managing the burden of caregiving. The goal of the present study was to examine the potential moderating role of goal adjustment (the ability to disengage from unattainable goals and reengage in alterative ones) on the relation between caregiver burden and distress in family caregivers of cancer patients.

Considering the role of early discrimination experiences and the parent-child relationship in the development of disruptive behaviors in adolescence.

Discrimination has been shown to be related to diminished psychological adjustment and greater risk for substance use when personally experienced by adolescents and when their caregivers experience discrimination. Our research considers the impact of primary caregiver experiences of racial- and socioeconomic-based discrimination in early (age 3-5 years) and late childhood (age 9½) on adolescent disruptive behaviors (age 14) with a large sample of diverse caregiver-child dyads (N = 634). In addition, we exa...

The value of tibial mounted inertial measurement units to quantify running kinetics in elite football (soccer) players. A reliability and agreement study using a research orientated and a clinically orientated system.

In elite football, measurement of running kinetics with inertial measurement units (IMUs) may be useful as a component of periodic health examination (PHE). This study determined the reliability of, and agreement between a research orientated IMU and clinically orientated IMU system for initial peak acceleration (IPA) and IPA symmetry index (SI) measurement during running in elite footballers. On consecutive days, 16 participants performed treadmill running at 14kmph and 18kmph. Both IMUs measured IPA and I...

In Vivo Measurement of HS, Polysulfides, and "SSNO Mix"-Mediated Vasoactive Responses and Evaluation of Ten Hemodynamic Parameters from Rat Arterial Pulse Waveform.

The chapter describes protocols and pitfalls in in vivo studies of drug effects on anesthetized rats. It focuses on the preparation of NaS, NaS, and "SSNO mix" solutions for rat intravenous administration, surgical preparation of jugular vein for drug administration, and preparation of carotid and tail arteries for recording of arterial pulse waveform (APW) at high resolution. It describes evaluation of ten hemodynamic parameters from APW and measurement of apparent pulse wave velocity.

Determinants of caregiver burden of patients with haemorrhagic stroke in China.

The aim of this study was to assess the caregiver burden over time of patients with haemorrhagic stroke and the determinants of this.

Roll With the Punches: Applying Resilience to Caregiver's Burden.

Social and economic problems related to population aging are becoming increasingly prevalent in many industrialized nations. Moreover, life-related stresses is causing caregivers to become fatigued and exhausted, with some even choosing to end their life due to their overwhelming burdens of care. Evidence demonstrates that failure to cope effectively with the burdens of care greatly increases the risk of personal physical, mental, and family problems for the caregivers. Therefore, caregiver burden is an inc...

Caregiver Communication About Cancer: Development of a mhealth resource to support family caregiver communication burden.

The aim of this study is to illustrate an evidence-based and theoretically informed mhealth resource (smartphone app) designed to provide communication support for informal cancer caregivers (friends or family members).

Dry Electrode-Based Body Fat Estimation System with Anthropometric Data for Use in a Wearable Device.

The bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) method is widely used to predict percent body fat (PBF). However, it requires four to eight electrodes, and it takes a few minutes to accurately obtain the measurement results. In this study, we propose a faster and more accurate method that utilizes a small dry electrode-based wearable device, which predicts whole-body impedance using only upper-body impedance values. Such a small electrode-based device typically needs a long measurement time due to increased para...

On-chip two-step microwave frequency measurement with high accuracy and ultra-wide bandwidth using add-drop micro-disk resonators.

An on-chip two-step microwave frequency measurement method with high accuracy and an ultra-wide frequency measurement range is reported. A silicon photonic integrated micro-disk resonator (MDR) array is used to coarsely measure the signal frequency via an array of add-drop MDRs with smaller disk radii; then an MDR with a larger radius is used to finely measure the signal frequency, which is done by monitoring the optical powers of the optical signals from the through port and drop port of the MDRs. The prop...

Communication of emotion in home hospice cancer care: Implications for spouse caregiver depression into bereavement.

Family caregivers of cancer hospice patients likely benefit from clinician provision of verbal support and from expression of positive emotions. Our aim was to identify the effects of hospice nurse supportive communication as well as caregiver-nurse exchange of positive emotions on family caregiver depression during bereavement.

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