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Physical activity and advanced cancer: The views of chartered physiotherapists in Ireland.

To investigate Irish chartered physiotherapists' views on physical activity for patients with advanced cancer.

The Irish DNA Atlas: Revealing Fine-Scale Population Structure and History within Ireland.

The extent of population structure within Ireland is largely unknown, as is the impact of historical migrations. Here we illustrate fine-scale genetic structure across Ireland that follows geographic boundaries and present evidence of admixture events into Ireland. Utilising the 'Irish DNA Atlas', a cohort (n = 194) of Irish individuals with four generations of ancestry linked to specific regions in Ireland, in combination with 2,039 individuals from the Peoples of the British Isles dataset, we show tha...

A cadaveric study of aortic arch variation in an Irish population.

The aim of this study is to investigate the incidence of variation in the branching pattern of aortic arch (AA) vessels in an Irish population.

2015-2016 Influenza Season in an Irish Regional Paediatric Unit: Importance of Influenza Vaccination Highlighted.

Associations of self-reported physical activity and depression in 10,000 Irish adults across harmonised datasets: a DEDIPAC-study.

Depression is a prevalent, debilitating, and often recurrent mood disorder for which successful first-line treatments remains limited. The purpose of this study was to investigate the cross-sectional associations between self-reported physical activity (PA) and depressive symptoms and status among Irish adults, using two existing datasets, The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA) and The Mitchelstown Cohort Study.

Task switching following 24 h of total sleep deprivation: a functional MRI study.

Task switching is a ubiquitous feature of many human activities that involve multitasking. In addition, owing to occupational demands, many individuals are required to engage in task switching under various levels of sleep deprivation, such as those who work in military and medical contexts. Nevertheless, little is known about the effects that sleep loss has on the neural bases of task switching. To address this shortcoming, we administered a cued switching task to participants following a night of normal s...

A world of difference? Domain-specific views on aging in China, the US, and Germany.

Research on cross-national differences in views on aging has often focused on a comparison between Asian and Western countries. However, the results are mixed showing either more positive views in Asia, no difference at all, or even more positive views in Western countries. A potential moderator of country differences that might explain some of the heterogeneity is the fact that views on aging differ in their content and valence depending on life domains such as health versus family relations. Therefore, ou...

'All by myself': interns' reports of their experiences taking consent in Irish hospitals.

Obtaining patient consent is a fundamental process in surgical practice and is integral in respecting and safeguarding patient autonomy. It has been reported that the task of consenting patients frequently lies with junior doctors, who have the least experience of the procedure.

Trends in the treatment of chronic kidney disease-associated anaemia in a cohort of haemodialysis patients: the Irish experience.

Anaemia among haemodialysis patients is treated with iron and erythropoietin-stimulating agents (ESAs). ESAs reduce requirements for blood transfusions but are also expensive and overzealous use may be associated with adverse outcomes. Recent international trends have been characterised by reduced ESA doses and a greater reliance on intravenous (IV) iron. We determined trends in prescribing patterns of ESAs and IV iron for the treatment of anaemia in two representative Irish dialysis centres and correlated ...

Resistive switching of organic-inorganic hybrid devices of conductive polymer and permeable ultra-thin SiO films.

We propose a resistive switching device composed of conductive polymer (PEDOT:PSS) and SiO ultra-thin films. The SiO film was fabricated from silsesquioxane polymer nanosheets as a resistive switching layer. Devices with metal (Ag or Au)∣SiO∣PEDOT:PSS architecture show good resistive switching performance with set-reset voltages as low as several hundred millivolts. The device properties and the working mechanism were investigated by varying the electrode material, surrounding atmosphere, and SiO film t...

Fanconi Syndrome in Irish Wolfhound Siblings.

Three juvenile male Irish wolfhound littermates presented with marked polyuria and polydipsia. The four female siblings were apparently unaffected. Diagnostic testing revealed glucosuria with normoglycemia, generalized aminoaciduria, hypokalemia and metabolic acidosis consistent with Fanconi syndrome. Renal ultrasonographic and histologic findings are presented. Cases were managed with a supplementation regimen based on a treatment protocol for Fanconi syndrome in basenjis. These dogs did not have angular l...

Effect of the 2008 economic crisis on the cardiovascular mortality of the Irish population: an ecological 12-year study of a heart-broken Celtic Tiger.

Ireland has endured a substantial financial crisis in 2008 and we sought to explore the effect of economic recession on Irish cardiovascular mortality. We found an increase by 17.2% in CVA-deaths during the financial crisis years (95% CI 11.1% to 23.6%). In males, we found a notable rise in the annual IHD rate by 7.56% (95% CI 4.73% to 10.46%), in annual MI rate by 2.96% (95% CI 0.16% to 5.84%), and in annual CVA death rate by 20.07% (95% CI 16.13% to 24.14%). In females our findings indicated an increased ...

Lipidomics of Thalassiosira pseudonana Under Phosphorus Stress Reveal Underlying Phospholipid Substitution Dynamics and Novel Diglycosylceramide Substitutes.

Phytoplankton substitute phosphorus (P) containing lipids with non-P analogues boosting growth in P-limited oceans. In the model diatom Thalassiosira pseudonana, lipid headgroup substitution dynamics are well described, but those of the individual lipids, varying in fatty acids, are unknown. Moreover, the behaviour of lipids outside of the common headgroup classes, and the relationship between lipid substitution and cellular particulate organic P (POP) are yet to be reported. We investigated these through t...

Silicon Oxide (SiO ): A Promising Material for Resistance Switching?

Interest in resistance switching is currently growing apace. The promise of novel high-density, low-power, high-speed nonvolatile memory devices is appealing enough, but beyond that there are exciting future possibilities for applications in hardware acceleration for machine learning and artificial intelligence, and for neuromorphic computing. A very wide range of material systems exhibit resistance switching, a number of which-primarily transition metal oxides-are currently being investigated as complement...

Temporal trends in hyperuricaemia in the Irish health system from 2006-2014: A cohort study.

Elevated serum uric acid (sUA) concentrations are common in the general population and are associated with chronic metabolic conditions and adverse clinical outcomes. We evaluated secular trends in the burden of hyperuricaemia from 2006-2014 within the Irish health system.

Viral load and antibody boosting following herpes zoster diagnosis.

Acute varicella zoster virus (VZV) replication in shingles is accompanied by VZV antibody boosting. It is unclear whether persisting virus shedding affects antibody levels.

Valence State of Eu and Superconductivity in Se-Substituted EuSr2Bi2S4F4 and Eu2SrBi2S4F4.

Recently, we reported the synthesis and investigations of EuSr2Bi2S4F4 and Eu2SrBi2S4F4. We have now been able to induce superconductivity in EuSr2Bi2S4F4 by Se substitution at the S site (isovalent substitution) with Tc = 2.9 K in EuSr2Bi2S2Se2F4. The other compound, Eu2SrBi2S4F4, shows a significant enhancement of Tc. In Se-substituted Eu2SrBi2S4-xSexF4, we find Tc = 2.6 K for x = 1.5 and Tc = 2.8 K for x = 2, whereas Tc = 0.4 K in the Se-free sample. In addition to superconductivity, an important effect ...

High speed chalcogenide glass electrochemical metallization cells with various active metals.

We fabricated electrochemical metallization (ECM) cells using a GaLaSO solid electrolyte, a InSnO inactive electrode and active electrodes consisting of various metals (Cu, Ag, Fe, Cu, Mo, Al). Devices with Ag and Cu active metals showed consistent and repeatable resistive switching behaviour, and had a retention of 3 and >43 days, respectively; both had switching speeds of < 5 ns. Devices with Cr and Fe active metals displayed incomplete or intermittent resistive switching, and devices with Mo and Al...

Ag85A-specific CD4 T cell lines derived after boosting BCG-vaccinated cattle with Ad5-85A possess both mycobacterial growth inhibition and anti-inflammatory properties.

There is a need to improve the efficacy of the BCG vaccine against human and bovine tuberculosis. Previous data showed that boosting bacilli Calmette-Guerin (BCG)-vaccinated cattle with a recombinant attenuated human type 5 adenovirally vectored subunit vaccine (Ad5-85A) increased BCG protection and was associated with increased frequency of Ag85A-specific CD4 T cells post-boosting. Here, the capacity of Ag85A-specific CD4 T cell lines - derived before and after viral boosting - to interact with BCG-infecte...

Ferroelectric Field Effect Induced Asymmetric Resistive Switching Effect in BaTiO/Nb:SrTiO Epitaxial Heterojunctions.

Asymmetric resistive switching processes were observed in BaTiO/Nb:SrTiO epitaxial heterojunctions. The SET switching time from the high-resistance state to low-resistance state is in the range of 10 ns under + 8 V bias, while the RESET switching time from the low-resistance state to high-resistance state is in the range of 10 ns under - 8 V bias. The ferroelectric polarization screening controlled by electrons and oxygen vacancies at the BaTiO/Nb:SrTiO heterointerface is proposed to understand this...

Distributed Nash Equilibrium Seeking in Multiagent Games Under Switching Communication Topologies.

This paper investigates distributed Nash equilibrium seeking in multiagent games under switching communication topologies. To be specific, the communication topology is supposed to be switching among a set of strongly connected digraphs, which might suffer from occasional loss of communication due to sensor failure, packet loss, etc. The synthesis of the leader-following consensus protocol and the gradient play is exploited to achieve the distributed Nash equilibrium seeking under the switching communicatio...

Whole grain intakes in Irish adults: findings from the National Adults Nutrition Survey (NANS).

Observational studies link high whole grain intakes to reduced risk of many chronic diseases. This study quantified whole grain intakes in the Irish adult population and examined the major contributing sources. It also investigated potential dietary strategies to improve whole grain intakes.

The introduction of mandatory CPD for newly state registered diagnostic radiographers: An Irish perspective.

Irish diagnostic radiography has undergone significant change with the dual introduction of state registration and mandatory Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in October 2015. We aimed to investigate motivators and barriers around CPD participation, mechanisms of CPD delivery and confidence of radiographers in using e-learning.

Prevalence and Seasonal Variation of Incidental MRI Paranasal Inflammatory Changes in an Asymptomatic Irish Population.

Inflammatory changes in the paranasal sinuses are a common incidental finding on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the head and neck. This study aimed to assess the prevalence and seasonal variation of inflammatory paranasal sinus changes in an asymptomatic Irish population. Retrospective analysis was performed on 221 patients who underwent brain MRI at the time points of winter and summer. T2-weighted sequences were evaluated for paranasal sinus disease. Nearly half the patients in the study exhibited mo...

Exploration of adherence and patient experiences with DOACs one year after switching from vitamin-K antagonists- insights from the switching study.

Current UK and European guidelines recommend anticoagulated patients prescribed warfarin with time in therapeutic range (TTR)

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