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A healthy dose of chaos: Using fractal frameworks for engineering higher-fidelity biomedical systems.

Optimal levels of chaos and fractality are distinctly associated with physiological health and function in natural systems. Chaos is a type of nonlinear dynamics that tends to exhibit seemingly random structures, whereas fractality is a measure of the extent of organization underlying such structures. Growing bodies of work are demonstrating both the importance of chaotic dynamics for proper function of natural systems, as well as the suitability of fractal mathematics for characterizing these systems. Here...

Household Chaos, Maternal Emotional Responsiveness, and Child Eating Behavior: A Moderation Analysis.

To address calls for a resilience-informed approach to understand the cause and prevention of childhood obesity, the current study aims to investigate the independent and interactive associations between household chaos, maternal emotional responsiveness, and eating behavior in early childhood.

Does morning affect contribute to daily Cannabis use?

Several theories posit that cannabis and other substances are used to reduce negative affect. This daily report study considered whether variations in positive and negative affect, reported each morning, contributed to the likelihood of cannabis use later that day. We also explored whether levels of positive and negative affect reported immediately after cannabis use improved, relative to that day's morning levels. The sample included 183 men and 183 women representing heterosexual, cannabis-using couples f...

Semiconductor-laser-based hybrid chaos source and its application in secure key distribution.

An analog-digital hybrid optical chaos source and a corresponding secure key distribution (SKD) scheme are proposed. An analog-digital hybrid electro-optic feedback loop is introduced to enhance the robustness of the chaotic semiconductor lasers. The source, which can adopt robust digital synchronization strategies, could generate a broadband analog optical chaotic signal of high dynamical complexity. Furthermore, the source reduces the requirement on the processing speed of digital components and simplifie...

Morning and Evening Circadian Pacemakers Independently Drive Premotor Centers via a Specific Dopamine Relay.

Many animals exhibit morning and evening peaks of locomotor behavior. In Drosophila, two corresponding circadian neural oscillators-M (morning) cells and E (evening) cells-exhibit a corresponding morning or evening neural activity peak. Yet we know little of the neural circuitry by which distinct circadian oscillators produce specific outputs to precisely control behavioral episodes. Here, we show that ring neurons of the ellipsoid body (EB-RNs) display spontaneous morning and evening neural activity peaks ...

A healthful home food environment: Is it possible amidst household chaos and parental stress?

This study examines how household chaos and unmanaged parental stress are associated with and contribute to variance in markers of the home food environment (family meal frequency, perceived barriers to cooking, healthful home food availability). Obtaining a better understanding of these relationships could guide more effective family-based interventions to promote healthful home food environments.

Quality of life, salivary cortisol and atopic diseases in young children.

Children with atopic disease may have reduced health-related quality of life (QoL) and morning cortisol. Possible links between QoL, morning cortisol and atopic disease are unclear. We aimed to determine if QoL was associated with morning salivary cortisol at two years of age, and if asthma, atopic dermatitis and/or allergic sensitisation influenced this association. Secondarily, we aimed to determine if QoL at one year of age was associated with salivary cortisol one year later.

Estimating parameters of nonlinear dynamic systems in pharmacology using chaos synchronization and grid search.

Bridging fundamental approaches to model optimization for pharmacometricians, systems pharmacologists and statisticians is a critical issue. These fields rely primarily on Maximum Likelihood and Extended Least Squares metrics with iterative estimation of parameters. Our research combines adaptive chaos synchronization and grid search to estimate physiological and pharmacological systems with emergent properties by exploring deterministic methods that are more appropriate and have potentially superior perfor...

Deep Learning on Chaos Game Representation for Proteins.

Classification of protein sequences is one big task in bioinformatics and has many applications. Different machine learning methods exist and are applied on these problems, such as support vector machines (SVM), random forests (RF), and neural networks (NN). All of these methods have in common that protein sequences have to be made machine-readable and comparable in the first step, for which different encodings exist. These encodings are typically based on physical or chemical properties of the sequence. Ho...

Six Weeks of Morning Fasting Causes Little Adaptation of Metabolic or Appetite Responses to Feeding in Adults with Obesity.

The aim of this study was to determine the effects of sustained morning fasting or breakfast consumption on metabolism, energy intake, and appetite in healthy adults with obesity.

Termination of Scroll Waves by Surface Impacts.

Three-dimensional scroll waves direct cell movement and gene expression, and induce chaos in the brain and heart. We found an approach to terminate multiple three-dimensional scrolls. A pulse of a properly configured electric field detaches scroll filaments from the surface. They shrink due to filament tension and disappear. Since wave emission from small heterogeneities is not used, this approach requires a much lower electric field. It is not sensitive to the details of the excitable medium. It may affect...

Within- and between-person variation in morning testosterone is associated with economic risk-related decisions in athletic women across the menstrual cycle.

Literature suggests that women experience ovulatory shifts in risk-taking behaviours across different domains, which might be partly attributed to changes in testosterone (T). Thus, we investigated associations between menstrual variability in T concentrations and economic risk-related decisions among athletic women. Thirty-five women were monitored across three consecutive menstrual cycles. Testing occurred on day seven (D7), 14 (D14) and 21 (D21) following the onset of menses. The morning (7 to 8 am) as...

Kinetic theory for classical and quantum many-body chaos.

For perturbative scalar field theories, the late-time-limit of the out-of-time-ordered correlation function that measures (quantum) chaos is shown to be equal to a Boltzmann-type kinetic equation that measures the total gross (instead of net) particle exchange between phase-space cells, weighted by a function of energy. This derivation gives a concrete form to numerous attempts to derive chaotic many-body dynamics from ad hoc kinetic equations. A period of exponential growth in the total gross exchange dete...

Morning report innovation: Case Oriented Report and Exam Skills.

Morning report is a valuable educational conference but is often a stand-alone classroom-based discussion which misses the opportunity for bedside education. In this report, we describe an innovative morning report structure - the Case Oriented Report and Exam Skills (CORES) - that addresses this pitfall of the traditional case conference format and brings learners to the bedside. The key components of CORES include highlighting concepts of clinical reasoning, emphasizing evidence-based and hypothesis-drive...

One rogue agent suffices for genomic chaos.

Chaos Outside, Kindness Inside: On Lockdown During Hurricane Florence.

Circadian mismatch and cardiovascular response to a performance challenge: Larks in morning and evening work sessions.

We presented morning chronotype ("Lark") university undergraduate volunteers a more or less difficult Sternberg-type recognition memory task either in the morning (8-11 am) or in the evening (5-8 pm) with instructions that they could win a prize if they were 85% successful. We established morning chronotype using the Composite Scale for Morningness (Smith et al., 1989), employing a tertile split on a pool of scale scores that ranged from 13 (extreme eveningness) to 55 (extreme morningness). Participants...

A placebo-controlled pilot study of a wearable morning bright light treatment for probable PTSD.

Evidence-based treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have poor uptake and remission rates, suggesting that alternative treatments are needed. Morning bright light may be an effective treatment for PTSD given its established effects on mood and sleep, however, there are no published trials.

Chaos, Danger, and Maternal Parenting in Families: Links with Adolescent Adjustment in Low- and Middle-Income Countries.

The current longitudinal study is the first comparative investigation across Low- and Middle- Income Countries (LMICs) to test the hypothesis that harsher and less affectionate maternal parenting (child age 14 years, on average) statistically mediates the prediction from prior household chaos and neighborhood danger (at 13 years) to subsequent adolescent maladjustment (externalizing, internalizing, and school performance problems at 15 years). The sample included 511 urban families in six LMICs: China, Colo...

Artist's Statement: An Imposter Amongst the Chaos.

Chaos theory and artificial intelligence may provide insights on disability outcomes.

Adrenal function of extremely premature infants in the first 5 days after birth.

Background There is limited data on adrenal function in the early days after birth in extremely premature infants. The relationship between plasma adrenocorticotrophic (ACTH) and cortisol hormone is central to the integrity of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis yet there are no studies examining this relationship in prematurity. Methods The aim of this study was to examine the relationship between early morning plasma cortisol and ACTH concentrations during the first 5 days after birth in infants...

Effects of timing of acute catechin-rich green tea ingestion on postprandial glucose metabolism in healthy men.

Green tea polyphenols, particularly catechins, decrease fasting and postprandial glucose. However, no studies have compared the timing of green tea ingestion on glucose metabolism and changes in catechin concentrations. Here, we examined the effects of timing of acute catechin-rich green tea ingestion on postprandial glucose metabolism in young men. Seventeen healthy young men completed four trials involving blood collection in a fasting state and at 30, 60, 120, and 180 min after meal consumption in a rand...

Intergenerational transmission of delay discounting: The mediating role of household chaos.

Adolescence is a period when impulsive decision making may be especially vulnerable to environmental influences. Impulsive decision making is often assessed using a delay discounting paradigm, which measures the preference for smaller rewards sooner over larger rewards with a delay. Research is needed to clarify the relationship between parents' and adolescents' delay discounting and to identify related environmental processes that might facilitate the intergenerational transmission of delay discounting. Th...

Effect of morning blood pressure Peak on early progressive ischemic stroke: A prospective clinical study.

To prospectively evaluate the effect of morning blood pressure peak (MBPP) on early progressive ischemic stroke (EPIS).

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