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The appropriateness of current UK training in acute internal medicine.

Doctors training in Acute Internal Medicine (AIM) need to provide evidence that they can effectively manage 20 'top' and 40 'other important' acute medical presentations. However, the presentations considered important in the AIM curriculum do not have an empirical evidence base. This study compared real-life presentations against those in the AIM curriculum. Data on all presentations to the acute medical service at The Royal Free Hospital, London, were collected retrospectively for five non-consecutive wee...

The Harm of Adjusting for Multiple Statistical Testing in Psychiatric Research.

Multiple statistical testing (or multiple comparisons) occurs quite often in psychiatric research since it remains common for a given sample to have multiple exposures and outcomes assessed concurrently . One reason for this is that clinical presentations in psychiatry are complex phenomena whose etiologies appear to comprise multiple environmental and biological factors with small-to-moderate magnitudes . So, although complex etiologies could be modeled using interactions and advanced multivariable stati...

The burden of alcohol-related presentations to a busy urban New Zealand hospital emergency department.

This cross-sectional observational study presents a focused analysis of alcohol-related presentations (ARPs) to a major New Zealand emergency department (ED) with the aim of describing and comparing the profile and outcomes of these presentations.

Reductions in emergency department presentations associated with opioid agonist treatment vary by geographic location: A retrospective study in New South Wales, Australia.

It is not known if the reduction in ED use during periods of OAT occurs across urgent and low acuity presentations. We aimed to compare the incidence and costs of urgent and low acuity ED presentations of people with opioid use disorder (OUD) in and out of opioid agonist treatment (OAT).

Novel Multiple Sclerosis Drugs in the Pipeline.

Digital Therapeutics: Emerging New Therapy for Neurologic Deficits after Stroke.

Digital therapeutics is an evidence-based intervention using high-quality software, with the sole purpose of treatment. As many healthcare systems are encountering high demands of quality outcomes, the need for digital therapeutics is gradually increasing in the clinical field. We conducted review of the implications of digital therapeutics in the treatment of neurological deficits for stroke patients. The implications of digital therapeutics have been discussed in four domains: cognition, speech and aphasi...

Rutgers Center of Alcohol Studies Announces New Name.

Cladribine (Mavenclad) for multiple sclerosis.

Does evidence support vitamin D treatment for multiple sclerosis?

The American Association for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology Announces the First Certificate of Added Qualification in Advanced Diagnostic Bronchoscopy.

The neurobiological basis for novel experimental therapeutics in dystonia.

Dystonia is a movement disorder characterized by involuntary muscle contractions, twisting movements, and abnormal postures that may affect one or multiple body regions. Dystonia is the third most common movement disorder after Parkinson's disease and essential tremor. Despite its relative frequency, small molecule therapeutics for dystonia are limited. Development of new therapeutics is further hampered by the heterogeneity of both clinical symptoms and etiologies in dystonia. Recent advances in both anima...

Multiple endocrine neoplasia: an update.

The multiple endocrine neoplasia (MEN) syndromes include MEN1, MEN2 (formerly MEN2A), MEN3 (formerly MEN2B) and the recently identified MEN4. Clinical presentations are varied and often relate to the overproduction of specific hormones. Understanding the genetics of each syndrome assists in determining screening timelines. Treatments for each manifestation are dependent on location, risk of recurrence or malignancy, hormone excess and surgical morbidity. Multidisciplinary management should include geneticis...

Rapid Regression of Multiple-Site Xanthomas in an Adult With Homozygous Familial Hypercholesterolemia by Triple Lipid-Lowering Drugs.

Concise Review: Targeting multiple cell surface receptors in tumors with engineered stem cells.

Multiple stem cell types exhibit inherent tropism for cancer, and engineered stem cells have been used as therapeutic agents to specifically target cancer cells. Recently, stem cells have been engineered to target multiple surface-receptors on tumor cells, as well as endothelial and immune cells in the tumor microenvironment. In this review, we discuss the rationales and strategies of developing multiple receptor targeted stem cells, their mechanisms of action, and the promises and challenges they hold as c...

Comparison amongst different presentations of venous thromboembolism due to lung cancer.

VTE due to lung cancer has been sufficiently studied, nevertheless, little is known regarding the discrepancy of clinical characteristics and predictive factors amongst different presentations of VTE due to lung cancer.

Prevalence and Risk Factors of Emergency Department Presentations with Methamphetamine Intoxication or Dependence: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.

Methamphetamine intoxication presentations to emergency departments (EDs) including trauma centres, general EDs and psychiatric emergency services have risen world-wide.

Multiple Scrotal Cysts Composed of Combined Syringomas and Epidermal Inclusion Cysts: A Previously Unreported Association.

Epidermal inclusion cyst (EIC) and syringoma are both benign lesions that are primarily asymptomatic and occur at various places on the body. Although both EIC and syringoma are common, their joint appearance has not been previously reported. These benign proliferations target different populations, and with differing clinical presentations. Syringomas tend to develop in young females as smaller multiple lesions, while EICs often present in older males as single or multiple variants that are typically large...

EmoCo: Visual Analysis of Emotion Coherence in Presentation Videos.

Emotions play a key role in human communication and public presentations. Human emotions are usually expressed through multiple modalities. Therefore, exploring multimodal emotions and their coherence is of great value for understanding emotional expressions in presentations and improving presentation skills. However, manually watching and studying presentation videos is often tedious and time-consuming. There is a lack of tool support to help conduct an efficient and in-depth multi-level analysis. Thus, in...


To describe the clinical presentations, diagnosis and management outcomes of clostridial endophthalmitis, and a review of the previous literature.

Measurement of mRNA therapeutics: method development and validation challenges.

The progression of chemically modified mRNA therapeutics through development pipelines is accelerating for many disease indications and the need to assess these analytes is becoming more routine for the pharmaceutical industry and contract research organizations. This article describes some of the challenges and strategies for performing regulated bioanalysis of modified mRNA therapeutics by comparing the two main analytical approaches - quantitative reverse transcription PCR and branched DNA.

Characteristics and outcomes of patient presentations made by police to an Australian emergency department.

To describe and compare characteristics and outcomes of patient presentations brought in by police (BIBP) with those not BIBP (NBIBP) to one Australian ED.

A multi-targeting natural compound with growth inhibitory and anti-angiogenic properties re-sensitizes chemotherapy resistant cancer.

Targeted therapies have become the focus of much of the cancer therapy research conducted in the United States. While these therapies have made vast improvements in the treatment of cancer, their results have been somewhat disappointing due to acquired resistances, high cost, and limited populations of susceptible patients. As a result, targeted therapeutics are often combined with other targeted therapeutics or chemotherapies. Compounds which target more than one cancer related pathway are rare, but have t...

Advances in respiratory virus therapeutics - A meeting report from the 6th isirv Antiviral Group conference.

The International Society for Influenza and other Respiratory Virus Diseases held its 6th Antiviral Group (isirv-AVG) conference in Rockville, Maryland, November 13-15, 2018. The three-day program was focused on therapeutics towards seasonal and pandemic influenza, respiratory syncytial virus, coronaviruses including MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV, human rhinovirus, and other respiratory viruses. Updates were presented on several influenza antivirals including baloxavir, CC-42344, VIS410, immunoglobulin, immune plas...

Diphtheria: new clinical presentations of an old disease.

Diphtheria is reappearing in a typical cutaneous form where pre-existing skin lesions (wounds or insect bites) become pustular and turn into painful non-healing ulcers. This form is more common among migrants and disadvantaged populations. Lesions can be caused by strains of toxigenic and non-toxigenic Corynebacteria and among them the famous Corynebacterium diphtheriae. In this paper we review diphtheria's clinical presentations and pathogenesis, as well as methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

The impact of unintentional alcohol-related falls on emergency departments.

Alcohol is the cause of many injury presentations to the emergency department. There has been little research on alcohol-related falls in the broader adult population, which represent a substantial proportion of the total alcohol-related injury presentations to emergency departments.

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