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Expanding The Paradigm of Occupational Safety And Health: A New Framework For Worker Well-Being.

This article describes the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health's (NIOSH) development of a conceptual framework for worker well-being. While well-being research is growing, there is a need to translate theoretical concepts into practical models for measurement and action.

Patient Drug Safety Reporting: Diabetes Patients' Perceptions of Drug Safety and How to Improve Reporting of Adverse Events and Product Complaints.

Global health care manufacturer Novo Nordisk commissioned research regarding awareness of drug safety department activities and potential to increase patient feedback. Objectives were to examine patients' knowledge of pharmaceutical manufacturers' responsibilities and efforts regarding drug safety, their perceptions and experiences related to these efforts, and how these factors influence their thoughts and behaviors. Data were collected before and after respondents read a description of a drug safety depar...

Complaints About Hospice Care in the United States, 2005-2015.

Complaints are an opportunity for patients and family members to report allegations of substandard care. No prior studies have examined complaints in hospice care and what might be learned from them.

Using mobile technology to increase safety awareness among dairy workers in the United States.

Modern U.S. dairy farm operations present multiple safety hazards which may result in worker injuries, illnesses and fatalities. The U.S. industry trend towards large-herd milking operations, especially in the Western U.S., necessitates an increased number of workers on each farm. The U.S. dairy workforce is comprised of an increasing percentage of immigrant workers with limited English proficiency which presents a safety training challenge. Our objective was to develop, deliver and evaluate safety awarenes...

Validity and reliability of the Cognitive Complaints in Bipolar Disorder Rating Assessment (COBRA) in Brazilian bipolar patients.

In Brazil, there is no valid instrument to measure subjective cognitive dysfunction in bipolar disorder. The present study analyzed the psychometric properties of the Cognitive Complaints in Bipolar Disorder Rating Assessment (COBRA) in Brazilian bipolar patients. We further investigated the relationship between the COBRA, objective cognitive measures, and illness course variables.

What Could Total Worker Health® Look Like in Small Enterprises?

Small enterprises have fewer resources, are more financially precarious, and have higher rates of occupational injury and illness compared with larger enterprises. Interventions that address the promotion of health and well-being in addition to traditional occupational safety and health hazards, a Total Worker Health® (TWH) approach, may be effective in reducing injuries and preventing illness. However, little research has examined the impact of TWH interventions in small enterprises. The aim of this resea...

Interstudy reproducibility of dark blood high-resolution MRI in evaluating basilar atherosclerotic plaque at 3 Tesla.

We aimed to evaluate the interscan, intraobserver, and interobserver reproducibility of basilar atherosclerotic plaque employing dark blood high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging (HR-MRI) at 3 Tesla.

MRI T2 Mapping of the Knee Articular Cartilage Using Different Acquisition Sequences and Calculation Methods at 1.5 Tesla.

This study aims to determine how Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) acquisition techniques and calculation methods affect T2 values of knee cartilage at 1.5 Tesla and to identify sequences that can be used for high-resolution T2 mapping in short scanning times.

Mechanistic Models of Conflict between Ant Colonies and Their Consequences for Territory Scaling.

Territory size in social insects depends on the rules by which border conflicts are resolved. We present three mechanistic mathematical models of conflict, inspired by the behavior of the pavement ant Tetramorium immigrans, to predict the advantage of larger colonies in pairwise contests and the resulting scaling of territory size with worker force. The models track the number of ants in the nest traveling to and from the boundary or engaged at the boundary. Ants at the boundary base their recruitment respo...

Impact of Safety Training and Interventions on Training-Transfer: Targeting Migrant Construction Workers.

Despite substantial efforts to improve construction safety training, the accident rate of migrant workers is still high. One of the primary factors contributing to the inefficacy of training includes information delivery gaps during training sessions (knowledge-transfer). In addition, there is insufficient evidence that these training programs alone are effective enough to enable migrant workers to transfer their skills to jobsite (training-transfer). This research attempts to identify and evaluate addition...

An interview study exploring Tesla drivers' behavioural adaptation.

Partially automated vehicles (PAVs) have been used in real-world environments for several years since the emergence of autonomous driving. It is important to understand the effects of partial automation systems (PAS) on the understanding of drivers and their behaviour during the first months of use. In order to adapt to new vehicle technology, drivers usually exhibit specific behaviours in this stage that are not intended by the developers, namely behavioural adaptation. The present study investigated the b...

Whether to Ask: How Valid Are Memory Complaints in Alzheimer's Disease?

A Community Health Worker Intervention to Increase Childhood Disease Treatment Coverage in Rural Liberia: A Controlled Before-and-After Evaluation.

To assess a community health worker (CHW) program's impact on childhood illness treatment in rural Liberia.

Characterization of prostate cancer with MR spectroscopic imaging and diffusion-weighted imaging at 3 Tesla.

To retrospectively measure metabolic ratios and apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) values from 3-Tesla MR spectroscopic imaging (MRSI) and diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) in benign and malignant peripheral zone (PZ) prostate tissue, assess the parameters' associations with malignancy, and develop and test rules for classifying benign and malignant PZ tissue using whole-mount step-section pathology as the reference standard.

The metagenome of the female upper reproductive tract.

The human uterus is traditionally believed to be sterile, while the vaginal microbiota plays important role in fending off pathogens. Emerging evidence demonstrates the presence of bacteria beyond the vagina. However, a microbiome-wide metagenomic analysis identifying the overall microorganism communities has been lacking.

Task shifting Midwifery Support Workers as the second health worker at a home birth in the UK: A qualitative study.

Traditionally two midwives attend home births in the UK. This paper explores the implementation of a new home birth care model where births to low risk women are attended by one midwife and one Midwifery Support Worker (MSW).

Effect of worker contacts on risk of child maltreatment recurrence among CPS-involved children and families.

The mission and responsibility of child protective services (CPS) is to investigate maltreatment; intervene to protect children from harm; and promote safety, permanency, and well-being (DePanfilis & Salus, 2003; Goldman, Salus, Wolcott, & Kennedy, 2003). In 2015, approximately 7.2 million children in the United States were referred to CPS agencies, and 3.4 million children had an investigation or received an alternative response (US Department of Health & Human Services, 2017). Fluke, Shusterman, Hollinshe...

Ongoing child welfare services: Understanding the relationship of worker and organizational characteristics to service provision.

Ongoing child welfare services are put in place after completion of the initial maltreatment investigation when there is a perceived need to mitigate the risk of future harm. The knowledge of how clinical, worker, and organizational characteristics interact with this decision to provide ongoing child welfare services is not well integrated in the research literature. Using secondary data from the Canadian Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect-2008, this study's primary objective is to understa...

Actual safety performance of the Malaysian offshore oil platforms: Correlations between the leading and lagging indicators.

This study establishes the correlations between performance of a set of key safety factors and the actual lagging performance of oil platforms in Malaysia, hence the relevance of the key safety factors in evaluating and predicting the safety performance of oil and gas platforms. The key factors are crucial components of a safety performance evaluation framework and each key safety factor corresponds to a list of underlying safety indicators.

Estimating the Impact of Diabetes Mellitus on Worker Productivity using Self-Report, Electronic Health Record and Human Resource Data.

We assessed the relationship between diabetes mellitus (DM) and measures of worker productivity, direct health care costs, and costs associated with lost productivity among health care industry workers across two integrated healthcare systems.

Continuation of injectable contraception when self-injected v. administered by a facility-based health worker: A non-randomized, prospective cohort study in Uganda.

The purpose of this study was to compare 12-month continuation rates for DMPA-SC administered via self-injection and DMPA-IM administered by a health worker in Uganda.

What Can We Learn about Workplace Heat Stress Management from a Safety Regulator Complaints Database?

Heat exposure can be a health hazard for many Australian workers in both outdoor and indoor situations. With many heat-related incidents left unreported, it is often difficult to determine the underlying causal factors. This study aims to provide insights into perceptions of potentially unsafe or uncomfortably hot working conditions that can affect occupational health and safety using information provided by the public and workers to the safety regulator in South Australia (SafeWork SA). Details of complain...

Investigation of flashing and intensity characteristics for vehicle-mounted warning beacons.

Reducing the potential for crashes involving front line service workers and passing vehicles is important for increasing worker safety in work zones and similar locations. Flashing yellow warning beacons are often used to protect, delineate, and provide visual information to drivers within and approaching work zones. A nighttime field study using simulated workers, with and without reflective vests, present outside trucks was conducted to evaluate the effects of different warning beacon intensities and flas...

Draft Genome Sequence of an Extended-Spectrum β-Lactamase (CTX-M-15) producing Escherichia coli ST10 Isolated from a Nasal Sample of an Abattoir Worker in Cameroon.

We report here the draft genome sequence of E. coli strain HN503E1II isolated from a nasal sample of an abattoir worker in Cameroon.

Stakeholders identify similar barriers but different strategies to facilitate return-to-work: A vignette of a worker with an upper extremity condition.

Stakeholders involved in the return-to-work (RTW) process have different roles and qualificationsOBJECTIVE:To explore the perspectives of Australian stakeholders of the RTW barriers and strategies for a worker with an upper extremity condition and a complex workers' compensation case.

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