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ICER Can Do Better for Patients.

No outside funding supported the writing of this article. Mendez is president and CEO of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, which receives greater than 25% of its funding to produce educational materials and for patient research through grants from pharmaceutical companies, including AstraZeneca, Genentech, GSK, Sanofi/Regeneron, and Teva.

Microfabricated blood vessels for modeling the vascular transport barrier.

The vascular endothelium forms the inner lining of blood vessels and actively regulates vascular permeability in response to chemical and physical stimuli. Understanding the molecular pathways and mechanisms that regulate the permeability of blood vessels is of critical importance for developing therapies for cardiovascular dysfunction and disease. Recently, we developed a novel microfluidic human engineered microvessel (hEMV) platform to enable controlled blood flow through a human endothelial lumen within...

NP-led practice improvement: A novice takes the leap.

WHO takes a new approach to Buruli ulcer.

Epidural Spinal Cord Stimulation Takes the Next Step.

It Takes a Village to Raise a Journal.

When Does One Decide How Heavy an Object Feels While Picking It Up?

When lifting an object, it takes time to decide how heavy it is. How does this weight judgment develop? To answer this question, we examined when visual size information has to be present to induce a size-weight illusion. We found that a short glimpse (200 ms) of size information is sufficient to induce a size-weight illusion. The illusion occurred not only when the glimpse was before the onset of lifting but also when the object's weight could already be felt. Only glimpses more than 300 ms after the onset...

Scattering microscopy takes single-particle tracking to the next level.

American College of Radiology takes steps to lower CT scan radiation exposure.

Proteostasis Takes Center Stage in Pulmonary Fibrosis.

One health takes center stage at the 2019 AVMA Convention.

Leveraging Telehealth to Improve Health Care Access in Rural America: It Takes More Than Bandwidth.

The Shocking Time It Takes to Initiate ECT: A Clinically and Legally Complicated Case of Catatonia.

Sr(M,Te)O (M = Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni): A Magnetically Dilute Family of Honeycomb Tellurates.

We report the synthesis and characterization of five new honeycomb tellurates with the PbSbO structure type. These materials, SrMTeO (M = Cr, Mn, Fe) and SrMTeO (M = Co, Ni), are prepared by conventional solid state synthesis. Rietveld refinements of powder X-ray and neutron diffraction data reveal that these materials crystallize in the P3̅1 m space group, in which M and Te are octahedrally coordinated and randomly distributed over the honeycomb sublattice. In three of these materials (M = Cr, Mn, Fe), th...

A Paradigm Shift Has Begun, Diarrheal Disease Takes a New Form.

Tissue Patterning: The Winner Takes It All, the Losers Standing Small.

A new mechanism for the selection and differentiation of a single cell, based on mechanical competition with its neighbors and differential TAZ activity, is shown to be at play during zebrafish oogenesis to prevent polyspermy.

Improved algorithms for quantifying the near symmetry of proteins: complete side chains analysis.

Symmetry of proteins, an important source of their elegant structure and unique functions, is not as perfect as it may seem. In the framework of continuous symmetry, in which symmetry is no longer a binary yes/no property, such imperfections can be quantified and used as a global descriptor of the three-dimensional structure. We present an improved algorithm for calculating the continuous symmetry measure for proteins that takes into account their complete set of atoms including all side chains. Our method ...

Staying safe: Responding to violence against healthcare staff.

This article takes a look at the incidence of verbal or physical violence nurses face on a daily basis and examines the importance of preparedness in handling potentially violent situations in the workplace.

A neural network architecture for learning word-referent associations in multiple contexts.

This article proposes a biologically inspired neurocomputational architecture which learns associations between words and referents in different contexts, considering evidence collected from the literature of Psycholinguistics and Neurolinguistics. The multi-layered architecture takes as input raw images of objects (referents) and streams of word's phonemes (labels), builds an adequate representation, recognizes the current context, and associates label with referents incrementally, by employing a Self-Orga...

Acceleration of spleen segmentation with end-to-end deep learning method and automated pipeline.

Delineation of Computed Tomography (CT) abdominal anatomical structure, specifically spleen segmentation, is useful for not only measuring tissue volume and biomarkers but also for monitoring interventions. Recently, segmentation algorithms using deep learning have been widely used to reduce time humans spend to label CT data. However, the computerized segmentation has two major difficulties: managing intermediate results (e.g., resampled scans, 2D sliced image for deep learning), and setting up the system ...

Chiroptical study of cryptophanes subjected to self-encapsulation.

In 1,1,2,2-tetrachloroethane-d , the Xe NMR spectrum of the Xe@cryptophane-223 complex bearing seven acetate groups (Xe@1 complex) shows an unusually broad signal compared with that of its congeners (Chapellet, LL. et al. J. Org. Chem. 2015;80:6143-6151). To interpret this unexpected behaviour, a H NMR analysis and a thorough study of the chiroptical properties of 1 as a function of the nature of the solvent have been performed. The H NMR spectra of 1 reveal that a self-encapsulation phenomenon takes pla...

Highly-efficient amphiphilic magnetic nanocomposites based on a simple sol-gel modification for adsorption of phthalate esters.

In this work, a novel amphiphilic magnetic nanocomposite (FeO@A-O) used for the adsorption of phthalate esters was synthesized by a simple sol-gel surface modification method, during which hydrophilic amino groups of 3-aminopropyltriethoxylsilane and hydrophobic alkyl chains of N-octyltrimethoxysilane were modified onto FeO nanoparticles. Morphologies and surface structures of as-prepared magnetic nanomaterials were characterized in detail. The preparation, adsorption, and desorption conditions of FeO@A-O w...

A fast threshold segmentation method for froth image base on the pixel distribution characteristic.

With the increase of the camera resolution, the number of pixels contained in froth image is increased, which brings many challenges to image segmentation. Froth size and distribution are the important index in froth flotation. The segmentation of froth images is always a problem in building flotation model. In segmenting froth images, Otsu method is usually used to get a binary image for classification of froth images, this method can get a satisfactory segmentation result. However, each gray level is requ...

Developmental Neurobiology: It Takes Nrg to Separate Dendrites.

The development of sensory receptive fields requires the coordinated spatial patterning of neurites from multiple sensory neuron subtypes. A new study identifies a role for neuron-skin cell interactions in preventing the bundling of dendritic arbors from distinct neurons.

A Novel Matched-pairs Feature Selection Method Considering with Tumor Purity for Differential Gene Expression Analyses.

Tissue-based gene expression data analyses, while most powerful, represent a significantly more challenging problem compared to cell-based gene expression data analyses, even for the simplest differential gene expression analyses. The result in determining if a gene is differentially expressed in tumor vs. non-tumorous control tissues does not only depend on the two expression values but also on the percentage of the tissue cells being tumor cells, i.e., the tumor purity. We developed a novel matched-pairs ...

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