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Therapeutic Effect of Acupoint Catgut Embedding in Abdominally Obese Women: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study.

Acupuncture and electroacupuncture have been proved to be beneficial in weight control among obese women. Acupoint catgut embedding treatment, a derivative type of acupuncture, is considered to be more effective than acupuncture and electroacupuncture in reducing weight. This study is to investigate the therapeutic effects and safety of acupoint stimulation by catgut embedding in obese women. The influence of catgut embedding on obesity-related hormones was also examined.

Insulin Reduces Reaction of Follicular Granulosa Cell to FSH Stimulation in Obesity-Related Infertility Women during IVF.

Obese women usually need larger doses of FSH for ovarian stimulation, resulting in poor outcomes; however, the mechanism is still unclear.

Quality of life and sexual functıon in obese women with pelvic floor dysfunction.

This prospective study was conducted in the urogynecology and gynecology outpatient clinics of Istanbul Faculty of Medicine from December 2014 to March 2015. The objective was to identify the association between obesity and sexual function and quality of life in women with pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD). A total of 387 sexually active women diagnosed with urinary incontinence and/or pelvic organ prolapse were included and categorized as obese (n = 200) or non-obese (n = 187). Mean body mass indexes were...

Cardiac function in newborns of obese women and the effect of exercise during pregnancy. A randomized controlled trial.

The prevalence of maternal obesity is rising. Pre-pregnancy obesity is associated with later cardiovascular disease in the child and the underlying pathogenesis begins in early life. Therefore, pregnancy and infancy are key periods for potential intervention. The aim of this study was to study the cardiac function in newborns of obese women compared to newborns of normal-weight women, and to determine if exercise intervention during pregnancy could have an effect on cardiac function of newborns to obese wom...

Clinical observation of electroacupuncture combined with auricular point sticking therapy for anal pain of mixed hemorrhoid after external excision and internal ligation.

On the basis of western medication, to investigate the effect of electroacupuncture (EA) combined with auricular point sticking therapy for anal pain of mixed hemorrhoid after external excision and internal ligation,so as to explore the method of improving its effect.

The psychosocial experience of feeling overweight promotes increased snack food consumption in women but not men.

Self-identification of being overweight has been associated with overeating and weight gain in observational studies, irrespective of whether the individual in question is objectively overweight. The aims of the present studies were to examine whether experimentally manipulating the psychosocial experience of feeling overweight impacted on snack food consumption and to identify mechanisms explaining this effect. In Study 1, to manipulate the psychosocial experience of feeling overweight, 120 women wore an o...

Antepartum Care of Women Who Are Obese During Pregnancy: Systematic Review of the Current Evidence.

Nearly 40% of US women of childbearing age are obese. Obesity during pregnancy is associated with multiple risks for both the woman and fetus, yet clinicians often feel unprepared to provide optimal antepartum care for this group of women. We collected and reviewed current evidence concerning antepartum care of women who are obese during pregnancy.

Effect Of The Auricular Accupoint Associated To Physical Exercise In Elderly People: A Randomized Clinical Test.

To analyze the effect of auricular acupoint associated with physical exercise on balance, mobility and fear of falling in the elderly.

Effects of Different Resistance Training Frequencies on Fat in Overweight/Obese Older Women.

This study compared the effect of different resistance training (RT) frequencies on total, android, gynoid and trunk body fat in overweight/obese older women.

Satiety-induced enhanced neuronal activity in the frontal operculum relates to the desire for food in the obese female brain.

In the present pilot study, we questioned how eating to satiety affects cognitive influences on the desire for food and corresponding neuronal activity in the obese female brain. During EEG recording, lean (n = 10) and obese women (n = 10) self-rated the ability to reappraise visually presented food. All women were measured twice, when hungry and after eating to satiety. After eating to satiety, reappraisal of food was easier than when being hungry. Comparing the EEG data of the sated to the hungry ...

Anti-obesity effect of garlic oil on obese rats via Shenque point administration.

Shenque is an acupoint located in the umbilicus and connected with the meridians. Thus, acupoint herbs applied at Shenque plays a pivotal role in the Chinese traditional medicine due to its sensitivity, permeability, and absorption. Many studies reported the use of Shenque point as a successful therapeutic approach. However, the effect of garlic oil (GO) applied at Shenque point to combat obesity is unmet. Consequently, we investigated the potential benefit of GO applied at Shenque point against obesity.

Effects of weight loss on dynamic hyperinflation in women obese asthmatics.

Obese adults with asthma are more likely to develop dynamic hyperinflation (DH) and expiratory flow limitation (EFL) than non-obese asthmatics, and weight-loss seems to improve the breathing mechanics during exercise. However, studies evaluating the effect of weight-loss on DH in obese adults with asthma have not been performed.

The effect of time-of-flight and point spread function modeling on Rb myocardial perfusion imaging of obese patients.

The effect of time-of-flight (TOF) and point spread function (PSF) modeling in image reconstruction has not been well studied for cardiac PET. This study assesses their separate and combined influence on Rb myocardial perfusion imaging in obese patients.

Effect of Bariatric Surgery on Urinary Incontinence in Obese Women: A Meta-analysis and Systematic Review.

The aim of this study was to explore the effectiveness of bariatric surgery in obese women with urinary incontinence (UI) through meta-analysis.

Activity Behaviours in Lean and Morbidly Obese Pregnant Women.

Interventions to increase physical activity in pregnancy are challenging for morbidly obese women. Targeting sedentary behaviours may be a suitable alternative to increase energy expenditure. We aimed to determine total energy expenditure, and energy expended in sedentary activities in morbidly obese and lean pregnant women. We administered the Pregnancy Physical Activity Questionnaire PPAQ (non-objective) and the Actical accelerometer (objective) to morbidly obese (BMI≥40kg/m²) and lean (BMI≤25Kg/M²)...

Thyroid status in premenopausal and postmenopausal women - A biochemical study on insulin resistance in non obese, overweight and obese type 2 diabetics.

Insulin resistance with altered thyroid status in women is observed in type 2 diabetics and varies with advancing age and estrogen profile. We compared thyroid status between premenopausal and postmenopausal women in obese, non obese and overweight type 2 diabetes.

Placental lipid droplet composition: Effect of a lifestyle intervention (UPBEAT) in obese pregnant women.

Maternal obesity is associated with adverse outcomes. Placental lipid droplets (LD) have been implicated in maternal-fetal lipid transfer but it is not known whether placental LD fat composition is modifiable. We evaluated the effects of a diet and physical activity intervention in obese pregnant women compared to routine antenatal care (UPBEAT study) on placental LD composition. LD were isolated by ultracentrifugation. Total FAs and phospholipids (phosphatidylcholines, PCs; sphingomyelins, SMs and lyso-pho...

Skin Microbiota in Obese Women at Risk for Surgical Site Infection After Cesarean Delivery.

The obesity pandemic in the obstetrical population plus increased frequency of Cesarean delivery (CD) has increased vulnerability to surgical site infection (SSI). Here we characterized the microbiome at the site of skin incision before and after CD. Skin and relevant surgical sites were sampled before and after surgical antisepsis from obese (n = 31) and non-obese (n = 27) pregnant women. We quantified bacterial biomass by qPCR, microbial community composition by 16sRNA sequencing, assigned operati...

Accuracy of identifying the cricothyroid membrane in children using palpation.

Accurate identification of the cricothyroid membrane (CTM) has paramount importance in the event of a 'cannot intubate, cannot oxygenate' scenario. We sought to determine the ability of anesthesiologists to correctly identify the CTM in obese and non-obese children. Anesthesiologists were asked to mark the entry point of the cricothyroidotomy device with an ultraviolet invisible pen on obese and non-obese (BMI 

Effect of weight change on progression of knee OA structural features assessed by MRI in overweight and obese women.

To evaluate the effects of weight change on progression of knee osteoarthritis (OA) structural features by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in overweight and obese women without clinical knee OA.

Long-Term Effect of Modified Incision to Prevent Related Complications in Deep Brain Stimulation.

Skin complications are a frequent type of complication of deep brain stimulation (DBS) neurosurgical procedure and are always observed in the post-auricular area, scalp area and implantable pulse generator (IPG) pocket. Modifications to the surgical techniques for DBS have been proposed as therapeutic options. To prevent skin complications, we modified the surgical incisions.

Cardiac Structure and Function in Morbidly Obese Parturients: An Echocardiographic Study.

The increasing prevalence of obesity worldwide is a major threat to global health. Cardiac structural and functional changes are well documented for obesity as well as for pregnancy, but there is limited literature on morbidly obese parturients. We hypothesized that there are both cardiac structural and functional differences between morbidly obese pregnant women and pregnant women of normal body mass index (BMI).

Dyspnea on Exertion Provokes Unpleasantness and Negative Emotions in Women with Obesity.

While dyspnea on exertion (DOE) is a common complaint in otherwise healthy obese women, less is known about feelings of unpleasantness and/or negative emotions provoked by DOE. We examined whether ratings of perceived breathlessness (RPB) during exercise were associated with ratings of unpleasantness and negative emotions (depression, anxiety, frustration, anger, and fear) in obese women.

Effect of auricular intradermal needling combined with erjian (HX) bloodletting on sleep quality and neuroendocrine level in patients with perimenopausal insomnia.

To compare the effect differences between auricular intradermal needling combined with erjian (HX) bloodletting and oral administration of western medicine, and to explore the efficacy of neuroendocrine level in patients with perimenopausal insomnia.

Effect of high-intensity interval training on body composition and inflammatory markers in obese postmenopausal women: a randomized controlled trial.

This study tested whether high-intensity interval training is a time-efficient strategy for improving visceral adiposity tissue and inflammatory markers in obese postmenopausal women when compared with combined training. Moreover, we tested whether change in visceral adiposity tissue is associated with alterations in these inflammatory markers.

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