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Comparison of consumers' perspectives on different health information exchange (HIE) mechanisms: an experimental study.

Consumers' willingness to allow the distribution of their health data is a prerequisite for the success of any health information exchange (HIE) initiative. Several mechanisms are being used by healthcare organizations to exchange health information electronically. Our goal is to investigate how patients' preferences regarding information exchange (i.e., privacy concern, opt-in intention, and perceived health information sensitivity) are affected by different HIE models and exchange architectures.

Rapid detection of the presence of diffusion exchange.

Diffusion exchange spectroscopy (DEXSY) provides a detailed picture of how fluids in different microenvironments communicate with one another but requires a large amount of data. For DEXSY MRI, a simple measure of apparent exchanging fractions may suffice to characterize and differentiate materials and tissues. Reparameterizing signal intensity from a PGSE-storage-PGSE experiment as a function of the sum, b=b+b, and difference b=b-b of the diffusion encodings separates diffusion weighting from exchange weig...

Examination of gas exchange and blood lactate thresholds in Paralympic athletes during upper-body poling.

The primary aim was to compare physiological and perceptual outcome parameters identified at common gas exchange and blood lactate (BLa) thresholds in Paralympic athletes while upper-body poling. The secondary aim was to compare the fit of the breakpoint models used to identify thresholds in the gas exchange thresholds data versus continuous linear and curvilinear (no-breakpoint) models.

Hospitals' adoption of intra-system information exchange is negatively associated with inter-system information exchange.

U.S. policy on interoperable HIT has focused on increasing inter-system (ie, between different organizations) health information exchange. However, interoperable HIT also supports the movement of information within the same organization (ie, intra-system exchange).

Impact of Feeding on Resting Metabolic Rate and Gas Exchange in Critically Ill Patients.

Feeding is understood to alter gas exchange and resting metabolic rate (RMR) in critically ill patients, but there are limited data describing such changes.

Genetic data sharing: a new type of capital.

Over the last three decades, various biotech companies, mostly in North America, have become experts in the production, processing and analysis of large volumes of genetic data. They have surpassed the performance of traditional academic platforms, by appropriating a new economic model: the two-sided market. Thus, by applying web 2.0 ideas, these biotech companies have made it possible for millions of users to produce and "share" data including genetic data, with each other and with third parties through a...

Production of dynamic lipid bilayers using the reversible thiol-thioester exchange reaction.

Thiol lysolipids undergo thiol-thioester exchange with two phenyl thioester-functionalized tails to produce phospholipid structures that assemble into liposomes with differences in exchange rates, temperature sensitivity, permeability, and continued exchange behavior. This in situ formation reaction imparts dynamic characteristics into the membrane for downstream liposome functionalization and mimics native membrane remodeling.

Research on adsorption of Cr(Ⅵ) by Poly-epichlorohydrin-dimethylamine (EPIDMA) modified weakly basic anion exchange resin D301.

A novel composite, EPIDMA/D301, with high adsorption capacity and particular affinity toward Cr(Ⅵ) was well prepared utilizing cationic polyelectrolyte poly-epichlorohydrin-dimethylamine (EPIDMA) impregnated in the networking pores of the styrene macroporous weak basic anion exchange resin D301. The physicochemical characteristics of EPIDMA/D301 were characterized by the Brunauer-Emmett-Teller (BET), zeta potential, FTIR, SEM-Mapping and XPS. The adsorption properties were researched via the influence of ...

Capturing exchange using periodic radiofrequency irradiation.

The dynamics of spin system coupled by chemical exchange between two sites with different chemical shifts during periodic radiofrequency (RF) irradiation was here investigated. When the instantaneous π-flip of effective frequency during the course of frequency sweep was applied, a significant increase of exchange-induced relaxation rate constants was observed for small tip angle of magnetization in the laboratory frame of reference. This increase of the rate constants corresponds to the side bands generate...

The Kärger vs bi-exponential model: Theoretical insights and experimental validations.

We revise three common models accounting for water exchange in pulsed-gradient spin-echo measurements: a bi-exponential model with time-dependent water fractions, the Kärger model, and a modified Kärger model designed for restricted diffusion, e.g. inside cells. The three models are compared and applied to experimental data from yeast cell suspensions. The Kärger model and the modified Kärger model yield very close results and accurately fit the data. The bi-exponential model, although less rigorous, ha...

The reHISS Three-Range Exchange Functional with an Optimal Variation of Hartree-Fock and Its Use in the reHISSB-D Density Functional Theory Method.

In the present study, we have reparametrized the HISS exchange functional. The new "reHISS" exchange provides a balance between short- and mid-range Hartree-Fock exchange (HFX) and a large total HFX coverage, with a fast convergence to zero HFX in the long range. The five parameters in this functional (according to equations 3 and 4 in the main text) are c = 0.15, c = 2.5279, c = 0, ω = 0.27, and ω = 0.2192. The combination of reHISS exchange with a reparametrized B97c-type correlation functional (Chan et...

Subunit Exchange in Protein Complexes.

Over the past 50 years, protein complexes have been studied with techniques such as X-ray crystallography and electron microscopy, generating images which although detailed are static and homogeneous. More recently, limited application of in vivo fluorescence and other techniques has revealed that many complexes previously thought stable and compositionally uniform are dynamically variable, continually exchanging components with a freely circulating pool of "spares". Here, we consider the purpose and prev...

Amber in prehistoric Iberia: New data and a review.

Provenancing exotic raw materials and reconstructing the nature and routes of exchange is a major concern of prehistoric archaeology. Amber has long been recognised as a key commodity of prehistoric exchange networks in Europe. However, most science-based studies so far have been localised and based on few samples, hence making it difficult to observe broad geographic and chronological trends. This paper concentrates on the nature, distribution and circulation of amber in prehistoric Iberia. We present new ...

Protein Dynamics Revealed by Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry: Correlation between Experiments and Simulation.

Hydrogen deuterium exchange mass spectrometry (HDX-MS) is a powerful technique for studying protein dynamics, which is an important factor governing protein functions. However, the process of hydrogen deuterium exchange (HDX) of proteins is highly complex and the underlying mechanism has not yet been fully understood. Meanwhile, molecular dynamics (MD) simulation is a computational technique that can be used to elucidate HDX behaviour on proteins and facilitate interpretation of HDX-MS data. This article ai...

Site-Specific Hydrogen Exchange in a Membrane Environment Analyzed by Infrared Spectroscopy.

Hydrogen exchange is a powerful method to examine macro-molecules. In membrane proteins, exchange can distinguish between solvent accessible and inaccessible residues due to shielding by the hydrophobic environment of the lipid bilayer. Herein, rather than examining which residues undergo hydrogen exchange, we employ a protocol that enables the full deuteration of all polar hydrogens in a membrane protein. We then measure the impact of hydrogen exchange on the shift of the amide I vibrational mode of indivi...

Exchange Coupling in Soft Magnetic Nanostructures and its Direct Effect on their Theranostic Properties.

Exchange coupling between hard and soft magnetic materials at the nanoscale exhibit novel or improved physical properties for energy and data storage applications. Recently, exchange coupling has also been explored in core/shell magnetic nanostructures (MNS) composed of hard and soft magnetic spinel ferrites but applications has been limited in biomedicine due to the presence of 'toxic' cobalt based ferrites as hard magnetic component. We report core/shell MNS where both core and shell components are soft m...

The Performance of two silica based ion exchange resins in the separation of Bi from its parent solution of Ac.

The performance of two inorganic ion exchange resins, Isolute SCX and Isolute SCX-2, were compared to the performance of the organic resin AG-50X8 in the separation of the radionuclide bismuth-213 from its parent solution of actinium-225. The breakthrough of the actinium-225 for all three columns was well below the toxicity level but the Isolute SCX and Isolute SCX-2 produced less of the bismuth-213 available on the column.

Arboreal crops on the medieval Silk Road: Archaeobotanical studies at Tashbulak.

During the first millennium A.D., Central Asia was marked by broad networks of exchange and interaction, what many historians collectively refer to as the "Silk Road". Much of this contact relied on high-elevation mountain valleys, often linking towns and caravanserais through alpine territories. This cultural exchange is thought to have reached a peak in the late first millennium A.D., and these exchange networks fostered the spread of domesticated plants and animals across Eurasia. However, few systematic...

Complete Chain of the First Global Kidney Exchange Transplant and 3-yr Follow-up.

Global Kidney Exchange (GKE) offers an opportunity to expand living renal transplantation internationally to patients without financial means. These international pairs are entered into a US kidney exchange program that provides long-term financial support in an effort to identify opportunities for suitable exchanges for both these international pairs and US citizens.

Chemical Tuning of Magnetic Exchange Couplings Using Broken-Symmetry Density Functional Theory.

With broken-symmetry Kohn-Sham density functional theory calculations, it is demonstrated that the ferromagnetic or anti-ferromagnetic character of two prototypical binuclear copper complexes can be modified, both in the sign and in magnitude, by means of chemical substitutions operated on the bridges connecting the two magnetic centers. The level of detail provided by the magnetic exchange decomposition in terms of direct exchange, kinetic exchange, and core polarization puts forward the relative importanc...

Root-soil structure inspired hydrogel microspheres with high dimensional stability and anion-exchange capacity.

Ion exchange materials show great advantages in water purification, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc. However, the ion exchange capacities of ion exchange materials, especially for anion-exchange materials, at present are still relatively low. Hydrogels own abundant functional groups and show high hydrophilicity, and thus are recognized as high-potential ion exchange materials, but may deform and even crush in use due to their low mechanical strength and unavoidable swelling behavior. In this stu...

GSA: Genome Sequence Archive.

The Genome Sequence Archive (GSA), a new data repository for raw sequence reads in China, has been developed in compliance with the International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration (INSDC) standards. It supports data generated from a variety of sequencing platforms ranging from Sanger sequencing to single-cell sequencing and provides data storing and sharing services freely for worldwide scientific communities. Since it went online in late 2015, GSA has archived more than 500 TB data and been acknow...

Effect of currency exchange rate fluctuations on Aid Effectiveness in the Health Sector in Zambia.

Development assistance for health (DAH) remains a significant and important source of health financing in many low and lower middle-income countries. However, this assistance has not been fully effective. This study explores the effect of currency exchange rate fluctuations on volatility of DAH in Zambia using a mixed methods approach. Data covering the period 1997-2008 were collected from various financial and programmatic reports, while six key informant interviews were conducted to validate and translate...

Atomic Force Microscopy Nanomechanical Mapping Visualizes Interfacial Broadening between Networks Due to Chemical Exchange Reactions.

The interfacial broadening between two different epoxy networks having different moduli was nanomechanically mapped. The interfacial broadening of the two networks produced an interfacial zone having a gradient in the concentration and, hence, properties, of the original two networks. This interfacial broadening of the networks leads to the generation of a new network with a segmental composition corresponding to a mixture of the original two networks segments. The intermixing of the two, by nature of the e...

White matter intercompartmental water exchange rates determined from detailed modeling of the myelin sheath.

Magnetization exchange (ME) between hydrogen protons of water and large molecules (semisolids [SS]) in lipid bilayers is an important factor in MRI signal generation and can be exploited to study white matter pathology. Current models used to quantify ME in white matter generally consider water to reside in 1 or 2 distinct compartments, ignoring the complexities of the myelin sheath's multicompartment structure of alternating myelin SS and myelin water (MW) layers. Here, we investigated the effect of this b...

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