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Racial Disparities and Factors Affecting Michigan Colorectal Cancer Screening.

The objective of this study was to investigate the various factors that influence colorectal cancer screening in Michigan using 6091 participants in the Michigan Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System representing adults ≥ 50 years old.

Distribution of Anterior Chamber Parameters in Normal Chinese Children and the Associated Factors.

To describe the distribution of anterior chamber depth (ACD), anterior chamber volume (ACV) and anterior chamber angle (ACA) and establish the associated factors in the pediatric population in Shanghai, China.


To compare clinical outcomes of combined pars plana vitrectomy (PPV) with anterior chamber intraocular lens (ACIOL) placement versus scleral fixation of a posterior chamber intraocular lens (PCIOL) using Gore-Tex suture.

Normative Values of the Michigan Hand Outcomes Questionnaire for Patients with and without Hand Conditions.

The Michigan Hand Outcomes Questionnaire has been widely used for nearly 20 years to assess patients with a variety of hand and upper extremity conditions. However, normative data have not previously been collected, limiting interpretation.

A portable precision ionization chamber: The transfer ionization reference chamber.

A portable instrument was developed at the Institute of Radiation Physics (IRA) for on-site radionuclides measurements. It will enable the measurement of short-lived radionuclides in nuclear medicine departments or isotope production centres. The system involves an ionization chamber read directly by an electrometer and it was optimized to ensure a good reproducibility through the selection of an appropriate vial, filling volume and source position in the well chamber, as well as monitoring the external bac...

Geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate synthase facilitates the organization of cardiomyocytes during mid-gestation through modulating protein geranylgeranylation in mouse heart.

With the maturation of placenta, ventricular chamber maturation enhances cardiac contractile performance to adapt to the metabolic demand of growing embryo. The organization of cardiomyocytes is required for the morphological remodeling in ventricular chamber maturation. However, the mechanism governing the establishment of cardiac cytoarchitecture during ventricular chamber maturation is still poorly studied.

Serum Polybrominated Biphenyls (PBBs) and Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) and Thyroid Function among Michigan Adults Several Decades after the 1973-1974 PBB Contamination of Livestock Feed.

In 1973-1974, Michigan residents were exposed to polybrominated biphenyls (PBBs) through an accidental contamination of the food supply. Residents were enrolled in a registry assembled after the incident, and they and their children participated in follow-up studies to assess subsequent health outcomes.

Determination of absorbed dose to water from a miniature kilovoltage X-ray source using a parallel-plate ionization chamber.

Electronic brachytherapy sources are widely accepted as alternatives to radionuclide-based systems. Yet, formal dosimetry standards for these devices to independently complement the dose protocol provided by the manufacturer are lacking. This article presents a formalism for calculating and independently verifying the absorbed dose to water from a kV x-ray source (The INTRABEAM System) measured in a water phantom with an ionization chamber calibrated in terms of air-kerma. This formalism uses a Monte Carlo ...

Antimicrobial Drug-Resistant Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli Infections, Michigan, USA.

High frequencies of antimicrobial drug resistance were observed in O157 and non-O157 Shiga toxin-producing E. coli strains recovered from patients in Michigan during 2010-2014. Resistance was more common in non-O157 strains and independently associated with hospitalization, indicating that resistance could contribute to more severe disease outcomes.

Standardization of (67)Cu and calibration of the ionization chamber. Impurities and decay scheme problems.

This paper describes the standardization of (67)Cu by the 4πβ(PC)-γ coincidence method, and the calibration of ionization chamber. The difficulties were. (i) One of the excited levels of (67)Zn has a half life of 9.10μs. (ii) A recent publication reconsiders the decay scheme parameters. (iii) The solution had a significant content of impurities. The conclusions were that the result of absolute standardization is less influenced by the decay scheme parameters and impurities than the measurements by ioniz...

Novel echocardiographic method to assess left ventricular chamber stiffness and elevated end-diastolic pressure based on time-velocity integral measurements of pulmonary venous and transmitral flows.

The detection of increased left ventricular (LV) chamber stiffness may play an important role in assessing cardiac patients with potential but not overt heart failure. A non-invasive method to estimate it is not established. We investigated whether the echocardiographic backward/forward flow volume ratio from the left atrium (LA) during atrial contraction reflects the LV chamber stiffness.

Evaluation of the Effect of Moist Chamber Spectacles in Patients With Dry Eye Exposed to Adverse Environment Conditions.

To evaluate the effect of moist chamber spectacle wear on the ocular surface and tear functions in a controlled wind exposure environment.


The article presents the advantages of the radon chamber with volume of 17 m3, that belongs to Silesian Centre for Environmental Radioactivity and its applicability for calibration of equipment designed to measure the radon concentration and its short-lived decay products. The chamber can be operated under controlled conditions in the range from -20 to 60°C and relative humidity from 20 to 90%. There is also discussed the influence of aerosol concentration and their size distribution on the calibration res...

Emissions of Organic Compounds from Produced Water Ponds II: Evaluation of flux-chamber measurements with inverse-modeling techniques.

In this study, we apply two different dispersion models to evaluate flux chamber measurements of emissions of 58 organic compounds, including C2-C11 hydrocarbons and methanol, ethanol, and isopropanol from oil and gas produced water ponds in the Uintah Basin. Field measurement campaigns using the flux chamber technique were performed at a limited number of produced water ponds in the Basin throughout 2013-2016. Inverse modeling results showed significantly higher emissions than were measured by the flux cha...

Challenges of Using Probabilistic Linkage Methodology to Characterize Post-Cardiac Arrest Care in Michigan.

To improve survival of patients resuscitated from out of hospital cardiac arrest (OCHA), data is needed to assess and improve inpatient post-resuscitation care. Our objective was to apply probabilistic linkage methodology to link EMS and inpatient databases and evaluate whether it may be used to describe post-arrest care in Michigan.

Cultivable anaerobic and aerobic bacterial communities in the fermentation chambers of Holotrichia parallela (coleoptera: scarabaeidae) larvae.

As important pests, scarab beetle larvae survive on plant biomass and the microbiota of the fermentation chamber play an important role in the digestion of lignocellulose-rich diets. However, the cultivable microbes, especially the anaerobic cultivable microbes, are still largely unknown. Here, both cultivable anaerobic and aerobic bacterial communities associated with the fermentation chamber of Holotrichia parallela larvae were investigated. In total bacteria cells directly enumerated by the 4', 6-diamidi...

Effect of anterior chamber depth on the choice of intraocular lens calculation formula.

To investigate the effect of anterior chamber depth (ACD) on the refractive outcomes of the SRK/T, Holladay 1, Hoffer Q and Haigis formulae in short, normal, long and extremely long eyes.

Who was Dr. William C. Baum?

The first discovery of primary hyperaldosteronism secondary to an aldosterone-secreting adrenal adenoma has been credited solely to Dr. Jerome Conn, an endocrinologist at the University of Michigan and for whom, Conn syndrome was named. Dr. William Baum, a urologist at the University of Michigan, however, was instrumental in the appropriate operation and historical aldosteronoma resection. Despite Dr. Baum's important role in this discovery, he was never included as an author in any of the subsequent papers...

A Bayesian procedure for estimating the causal effects of nursing home bed-hold policy.

Nursing home bed-hold policies provide continuity of care for Medicaid beneficiaries by paying nursing homes to reserve beds so residents can return to their facility of occupancy following an acute hospitalization. In 2001, Michigan implemented bed-hold policies in nursing homes. We investigated the impact of these policies on mortality and hospitalizations using 1999-2004 quarterly data from nursing homes in Michigan and nursing homes in 11 states that did not implement such policies. Synthetic Control ha...

Sensory evaluation and chemical analysis of exhaled and dermally-emitted bioeffluents.

Conditions in which exhaled and dermally-emitted bioeffluents could be sampled separately or together (whole-body emission) were created. Five lightly-dressed males exhaled the air through a mask to another, identical chamber or without a mask to the chamber in which they were sitting; the outdoor air supply rate was the same in both chambers. The carbon dioxide concentration in the chamber with exhaled air was 2,000 ppm. Chamber temperatures were 23°C or 28°C and ozone was present or absent in the supply...

Superconducting magnet based Faraday rotation spectrometer for real time in-situ measurement of OH radicals at 10^6 molecule/cm^3 level in an atmospheric simulation chamber.

Atmospheric simulation chambers play vital roles in validation of chemical mechanisms and act as a bridge between field measurements and modeling. Chambers operating at atmospheric levels of OH radicals (10^6-10^7 molecule/cm3) can significantly enhance the possibility for investigating the discrepancies between the observation and model predications. However, few chambers can directly detect chamber OH radical at ambient levels. In this paper, we report on the first combination of a superconducting magnet ...

In situ benthic flow-through chambers to determine sediment-to-water fluxes of legacy hydrophobic organic contaminants.

Contaminated sediment can release hydrophobic organic contaminants (HOCs) and thereby act as a secondary source of primarily legacy hazardous substances to the water column. There is therefore a need for assessments of the release of HOCs from contaminated sediment for prioritization of management actions. In situ assessment of HOC sediment-to-water flux is currently done with (closed) benthic flux chambers, which have a sampling time exceeding one month. During this time, the water inside the chamber is de...

Ion recombination and polarity correction factors for a plane-parallel ionization chamber in a proton scanning beam.

To evaluate the effect on charge collection in the ionization chamber (IC) in proton pencil beam scanning (PBS), where the local dose-rate may exceed the dose rates encountered in conventional MV therapy by up to 3 orders of magnitude.

Changes in the anterior segment after cycloplegia with a biometer using swept-source optical coherence tomography.

The aim of this study was to investigate changes in the anterior segment of the eye after cycloplegia. A biometer combined with swept-source optical coherence tomography (SSOCT) was used for measurements. Patients with strabismus or amblyopia who underwent cycloplegia were included. The axial length, central corneal thickness, anterior chamber depth, and lens thickness were measured with the biometer-SSOCT system before and after cycloplegia. Altogether, 10 eyes of 10 patients (mean age 7.20 ± 3.08 years, ...

Employment Status and Health Characteristics of Adults With Expanded Medicaid Coverage in Michigan.

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