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Effectiveness of capacity building interventions relevant to public health practice: a systematic review.

This systematic review assessed the effectiveness of capacity building interventions relevant to public health practice. The aim is to inform and improve capacity building interventions.

Characterization of children hospitalized with traumatic brain injuries after building falls.

Unintentional falls cause a substantial proportion of pediatric traumatic brain injury (TBI), with building falls carrying particularly high risk for morbidity and mortality. The cohort of children sustaining building fall-related TBI has not been well-examined. We sought to characterize children hospitalized with building fall-related TBIs and evaluate if specific factors distinguished these children from children hospitalized with TBI due to other fall mechanisms. We secondarily assessed if TBI severity a...

Review of mental health promotion interventions in schools.

The prevalence of mental disorders amongst children and adolescents is an increasing global problem. Schools have been positioned at the forefront of promoting positive mental health and well-being through implementing evidence-based interventions. The aim of this paper is to review current evidence-based research of mental health promotion interventions in schools and examine the reported effectiveness to identify those interventions that can support current policy and ensure that limited resources are app...


This research aimed at exploring the development of the capacitybuilding process in environmental and health impact assessment, including the consideration of subsequent, capacity-building achievements. Data were gathered through questionnaires, participatory observations, in-depth interviews, focus group discussions, and capacity building checklist forms. These data were analyzed using content analysis, descriptive statistics, and inferential statistics. Our study used the components of the final draft for...

Meta-Analysis of Complex Interventions.

Meta-analysis is a prominent method for estimating the effects of public health interventions, yet these interventions are often complex in ways that pose challenges to using conventional meta-analytic methods. This article discusses meta-analytic techniques that can be used in research syntheses on the effects of complex public health interventions. We first introduce the use of complexity frameworks to conceptualize public health interventions. We then present a menu of meta-analytic procedures for addres...

Intergenerational Interventions for People Living with HIV and Their Families: A Systematic Review.

A variety of interventions have been tested targeting people living with HIV (PLH) and their relationships with their children. The purpose of this study was to synthesize evidence on the goals, types, scope, and outcomes of such intergenerational interventions for PLH. Randomized trials targeting PLH alone or together with their children, published in English, with an intergenerational intervention component were included in this review. Thirteen studies met eligibility criteria. The types and goals of int...

Relationship of Mothers' Mental and Physical Health to Characteristics of Mothers and Their Children with Developmental Disabilities.

While empirical evidence shows that mothers of children with developmental disabilities (DDs) are at risk for poor mental and physical health, the relative contribution of maternal and child characteristics, including sleep quality, remain unclear.

Imagery interventions in health behavior: A meta-analysis.

Imagery-based interventions represent an inexpensive, potentially effective technique for changing health behavior and promoting adaptive health outcomes. However, research adopting mental imagery techniques in health behavior interventions has shown considerable variability in effects across studies. In the present analysis we present a quantitative synthesis of the effectiveness of mental imagery interventions in health behavior and tested effects of key moderators.

Developing Treatments for Antisocial Behavior Among Children: Controlled Trials and Uncontrolled Tribulations.

The article describes my research on the development and evaluation of psychosocial treatments for children who engage in extremes of antisocial behavior (e.g., aggression, property destruction, theft). I begin with my "story" of how the focus on interventions started as I worked in various settings (rehabilitation facilities, schools, hospitals, and outpatient clinical services) and with children, adolescents, and adults. The main stream of treatment research and findings with antisocial child behavior is ...

Uses and Meanings of "Context" in Studies on Children's Knowledge: A Viewpoint from Anthropology and Constructivist Psychology.

Though context has yet to receive an unequivocal definition, it is a concept that frequently appears in research in children's knowledge and its construction. This article examines the scope and meaning of context in genetic psychology and social anthropology in order to better understand the relationship between children's construction of knowledge and the context in which it occurs. Meta-theoretical, theoretical and methodological complexities arise when the concept is analyzed in the two disciplines, and...

What implementation evidence matters: scaling-up nurturing interventions that promote early childhood development.

Research in early childhood development (ECD) has established the need for scaling-up multisectoral interventions for nurturing care to promote ECD, for improved socioeconomic outcomes for sustainable societies. However, key elements and processes for implementation and scale-up of such interventions are not well understood. This special series on implementation research and practice for ECD brings together evidence to inform effectiveness, quality, and scale in nurturing care programs; identifies knowledge...

Empirical evidence of the public health benefits of tropical forest conservation in Cambodia: a generalised linear mixed-effects model analysis.

Potential synergies between public health and environmental protection that offer new opportunities for achieving health and sustainable development targets have been postulated. However, empirical evidence of the effect of ecosystem degradation and protection on public health outcomes is scarce, which restricts policy makers' ability to assess the net health effects of land-use change.

Outcomes of psychotherapeutic and psychoeducative group interventions for children exposed to intimate partner violence.

Witnessing violence toward a caregiver during childhood is associated with negative impact on children's health and development, and there is a need for effective interventions for children exposed to intimate partner violence in clinical as well as in community settings. The current effectiveness study investigated symptom reduction after participation in two established group interventions (one community-based psychoeducative intervention; one psychotherapeutic treatment intervention) for children exposed...

Physical Activity in the Context of Workplace Health Promotion: A Systematic Review on the Effectiveness of Software-Based in Contrast to Personal-Based Interventions.

Sports and physical activity interventions are attracting considerable attention in the context of workplace health promotion. Due to increasing digitalization, especially software-based interventions that promote physical activity are gaining acceptance in practice. Empirical evidence concerning the efficiency of software-based interventions in the context of workplace health promotion is rather low so far. This paper examines the question in what way software-based interventions are more efficient than pe...

Does the Structured Operational Research and Training Initiative (SORT IT) continue to influence health policy and/or practice?

The Structured Operational Research and Training Initiative (SORT IT) is a successful model of integrated operational research and capacity building with about 90% of participants completing the training and publishing in scientific journals.

Using Mobile Health to Promote Early Language Development: A Narrative Review.

In this narrative review, we will present a brief overview of known disparities in children's language development based on socioeconomic status (SES) and efforts in the primary care setting to promote children's language development. Next, we will define mobile-health (m-health) and review the limited, published literature regarding the effectiveness of m-health interventions in promoting children's health, in general, and language development, in particular. Finally, we will discuss the potential role of ...

Process Evaluation for Improving K12 Program Effectiveness: Case Study of a National Institutes of Health Building Interdisciplinary Research Careers in Women's Health Research Career Development Program.

Process evaluation is an important tool in quality improvement efforts. This article illustrates how a systematic and continuous evaluation process can be used to improve the quality of faculty career development programs by using the University of Minnesota's Building Interdisciplinary Research Careers in Women's Health (BIRCWH) K12 program as an exemplar.

Using Intervention Mapping for child development and wellbeing programs in early childhood education and care settings.

Supporting children's social and emotional learning benefits all elements of children's development and has been associated with positive mental health and wellbeing, development of values and life skills. However, literature relating to the creation of interventions designed for use within the early childhood education and care settings to support children's social and emotional skills and learning is lacking. Intervention Mapping (IM) is a systematic intervention development framework, utilising principle...

Use of a New International Classification of Health Interventions for Capturing Information on Health Interventions Relevant to People with Disabilities.

Development of the World Health Organization's International Classification of Health Interventions (ICHI) is currently underway. Once finalised, ICHI will provide a standard basis for collecting, aggregating, analysing, and comparing data on health interventions across all sectors of the health system. In this paper, we introduce the classification, describing its underlying tri-axial structure, organisation and content. We then discuss the potential value of ICHI for capturing information on met and unmet...

Young Adult Female Cancer Survivors' Concerns About Future Children's Health and Genetic Risk.

As young adult female cancer survivors (aged 18-35) make family-building decisions, understanding the specific nature of their concerns is important. We evaluated survivors' concerns about potential health risks to future children including genetic susceptibility for cancer with an internet-based survey study (N = 187). Sixty-five percent reported concern about passing on a genetic cancer risk to their children, and scores did not vary regardless of association with cancer at high risk for genetic trans...

Racial-ethnic Disparities in Inflammation: Evidence of Weathering in Childhood?

Building on the weathering hypothesis, we advance health disparities research by assessing racial-ethnic differences in low-grade inflammation, a marker of chronic stress exposure, in young children. Using nationally representative data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey ( N = 6,652) and logistic regression, we find an increased risk of low-grade inflammation among Hispanic and African American children compared to white children. The risk of inflammation appears to be stronger for Hi...

Lack of evidence on mental health and well-being impacts of individual-level interventions for vulnerable adolescents: systematic mapping review.

To review empirical evaluations of individual-level interventions intended to improve mental health or well-being for vulnerable adolescents.

Psychological interventions for anxiety in adult primary care patients: A review and recommendations for future research.

Anxiety symptoms are prevalent in primary care, yet treatment rates are low. The integration of behavioral health providers into primary care via the Primary Care Behavioral Health (PCBH) model offers a promising way to improve treatment options by adding a team member with the necessary skillset to deliver evidence-based psychological interventions for anxiety. We conducted a narrative review of psychological interventions for anxiety applied within adult primary care settings (k = 44) to update the li...

The Sustainability of Evidence-Based Interventions and Practices in Public Health and Health Care.

There is strong interest in implementation science to address the gap between research and practice in public health. Research on the sustainability of evidence-based interventions has been growing rapidly. Sustainability has been defined as the continued use of program components at sufficient intensity for the sustained achievement of desirable program goals and population outcomes. This understudied area has been identified as one of the most significant translational research problems. Adding to this ch...

The role of social and economic factors in the formation of the somatic health level in school-aged children.

Introduction: The article is devoted to a relevant problem - the state of health in school-aged children. Almost 90 % of school-aged children have deviations in their health, and over 50 % have poor physical fitness. Therefore, the problem of early diagnosis, detection and correction of pre-nosologic conditions is an effective means of preventing diseases and improving the health of children. The aim: The aim of the research was to examine the state of somatic health of school-aged children in Poltava and t...

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