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Work-Family Balance within the Medical Profession: An Exploratory Study.

The aim of this study is to characterize and assess work-family balance within the medical profession in Portugal.

Endometriosis and Negative Perception of the Medical Profession.

This study sought to identify factors independently associated with a negative impression of the medical profession in patients with endometriosis who were presenting to a tertiary referral centre.

Changes in self-esteem and chronic disease across adulthood: A 16-year longitudinal analysis.

Self-esteem is an adaptive personality factor that has been associated with good physical health. While research has observed that self-esteem and physical health typically decline in older adulthood, there is a paucity of research investigating the associations between changes in self-esteem and physical health across the adult lifespan.

Gender and the surgical profession.

There is ongoing discussion in the literature about the impact of gender in the surgical profession. This article explains the social expectations of men and women and how these create and perpetuate the gender imbalance. Correcting this imbalance is discussed in the context of supporting a positive, inclusive culture change within surgery.

Correlates of self-esteem among the Lebanese population: A cross-sectional study.

To the best of our knowledge, no studies have been conducted in order to assess the correlation of these factors with the self-esteem in Lebanon. Therefore, this study aims to assess risk factors associated with self- esteem among a representative sample of the Lebanese population.

Biopsychosocial predictors of symptoms of depression in a sample of South African women diagnosed with endometriosis.

We examined biopsychosocial predictors of symptoms of depression in women with endometriosis. The sample consisted of 202 women with endometriosis who completed a battery of measures including a demographic questionnaire, Beck Depression Inventory, Stellenbosch Endometriosis Quality of life Menstrual characteristics subscale, Short form health survey Physical functioning subscale, and three modular components of the Endometriosis Health Profile 30, namely the Sexual Relationships, Feelings about the Medical...

Health status of a sample of Beninese seafarers examined on the occasion of medical fitness for work at sea.

In view of the considerable risks involved in maritime work, the medical fitness of seafarers is of paramount importance. A study carried out in May 2018 in Benin made it possible to describe the health profile of seafarers who received a medical examination before boarding and to identify the diseases likely to hinder their medical aptitude for this profession.

Now Is the Time for All Good Compounders to Come to the Aid of Their Profession: What You Do Right Now to Advance Compounding's Advocacy Priorities Can Help Assure Your Profession's Future.

Neurocognitive correlates of self-esteem: from self-related attentional bias to involvement of the ventromedial prefrontal cortex.

Despite growing interest in underlying cognitive mechanisms of self-esteem, its neurocognitive correlates are not fully-understood. Attention bias to self-related stimuli is an example of self-referential processing (SRP) and its association with self-esteem is not well-studied. Moreover, previous studies show that the medial prefrontal regions are involved in SRP which may suggest that it is involved in self-esteem too. We investigated the association between attention bias to self-related stimuli and its ...

Air pollution: The time has arrived for the medical profession to take ownership of the problem and act.

Sarah Orne Jewett's depictions of women in a changing medical profession: Nan Prince and Almira Todd.

Sarah Orne Jewett, who lived from 1849 to 1909, witnessed a revolution in medicine that led to the formation of the medical profession as it is recognised today. By comparing two of the author's works, one written at the outset of her career and the other written much later, this paper discusses how Jewett's views about women's role in medicine changed and developed. In the first novel, , a young Jewett celebrates the new-found power of scientific medicine in the period directly after germ theory was widely...

The Cost of Applying to Medical School - A Barrier to Diversifying the Profession.


The use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) has become increasingly popular in most Western countries. As a result, safety-related issues associated with these practices have become more apparent, including adverse effects and negative interactions with conventional medical therapies. The potential dangers associated with CAM are further exacerbated by the absence of high-quality clinical research on the subject; a lack of a basic understanding of the principles of CAM among physicians; and a re...

Parental Phubbing and Adolescents' Depressive Symptoms: Self-Esteem and Perceived Social Support as Moderators.

Parental phubbing refers to the extent to which parents use or are distracted by their cell phone when they interact with their children. There has been growing scholarly interest in understanding the adverse effects of parental phubbing on adolescents' development. However, it is less clear whether parental phubbing potentially increases adolescents' depressive symptoms, to date, and the understanding of the factors which may affect this relationship is also limited. The current study, therefore, examined ...

2019 United States Osteopathic Medical Regulatory Summit: Consensus, Recommendations, and Next Steps in Defining Osteopathic Distinctiveness.

Osteopathic distinctiveness is a result of professional education, identity formation, training, credentialing, and qualifications. With the advancement of a single graduate medical education (GME) accreditation system and the continued growth of the osteopathic medical profession, osteopathic distinctiveness and professional identity are seen as lacking clarity and pose a challenge.

Physician activism in American politics: The opposition to the Price nomination.

Although a substantial literature considers physician advocacy fundamental to medical professionalism, only a minority of physicians actually pursue it. We analyze the characteristics of 6,402 physicians who engaged in political advocacy by signing the Clinician Action Network's 2016 petition objecting to the American Medical Association's endorsement of the nomination of Tom Price as Secretary of Health and Human Services. These physicians were matched to the NPI (all physicians) and PECOS (largely Medicar...

One Size Does NOT Fit All: The Effectiveness of Messaging for Hand Hygiene Compliance by Profession in a Tertiary Hospital.

To determine the effectiveness of our messaging for hand hygiene compliance by profession we conducted a hospital-wide survey followed by profession specific focus group discussions to investigate impact, perceptions, and areas for improvement. Results showed a good understanding that hand hygiene was a crucial part of the infection prevention programme however the acceptance and impact of messages varied between professions and required tailoring. Motivation, use of influential role models and social cohes...

The Joy of Being a Surgeon - How to Generate Enthusiasm in Undergraduate Medical Education - A Local Example: The "Göttinger Aufschneidertag".

Offering a full-day program including practical courses and the possibility of direct exchange between medical students and university teachers, the "Göttinger Aufschneidertag" was launched to generate enthusiasm for surgery. Workshops comprising four surgical disciplines enable participants to gain insight into the craft of surgery. The program aims to create interest in surgery among medical students at an early point of their studies and to make them enjoy their profession.

Examining the role of body esteem and sensation seeking in drunkorexia behaviors.

The purpose of the present study was to examine the role of body esteem (BE), sensation seeking (SS), and their interaction in drunkorexia, a behavior pattern marked by calorie restriction/compensation in the context of alcohol consumption. While previous research on drunkorexia has focused on a range of variables, the present study examined two novel variables and their potential interaction: body esteem (weight, appearance) and sensation seeking.

Self-Esteem Change During the Transition from University to Work.

The current study examined whether the transition from university to work, a major developmental milestone in young adulthood, was related to stability and change in self-esteem.

Cognitive behavior therapy in early psychosis with a focus on depression and low self-esteem: A randomized controlled trial.

Patients in early phases of psychosis often struggle with depressive symptoms and low self-esteem. The main aims of the present study were to examine whether cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) compared to treatment as usual (TAU) would reduce depressive symptoms (primary outcome) and increase self-esteem (secondary outcome). Furthermore, we wanted to examine whether CBT reduces symptoms measured with the PANSS (positive, negative, cognitive, or excited symptoms) or increases general functioning compared to TA...

Survey of male college students' perceptions and knowledge of speech-language pathology.

When considering the paucity of males in the speech-language pathology field and the continued interest to increase the diversity within the profession, the current study seeks to identify variables that may deter male students from choosing communication sciences and disorders as a major. Survey responses from 290 males from two universities were analyzed. Findings indicated male undergraduate students have minimal awareness of the speech-language-pathology profession. This was seen in overall knowledge as...

Medical electives: exploring the determinants of placement and access variables between 2010 and 2016 at the University of Auckland.

Medical electives undertaken during sixth year at medical school provide an opportunity for students to work in an overseas or New Zealand health facility to gain exposure to a health system outside their training facility. Previous work suggests that the elective experience can be profound, exposing global health inequities, or influencing future career decisions. This study assessed patterns within elective choice by students' socio demographic and programme entry characteristics.

Lack of Routine Health Care Among Resident Physicians in New England.

Although physician health promotes retention to the profession and encourages higher quality patient care, residents may face challenges seeking routine medical care. Erratic working hours, time constraints, easy access to informal health consultation, and a culture of self-reliance may deter help-seeking behavior. Despite national focus on physician burnout and efforts to promote wellness, little is known about the self-care habits of residents. The goal of this study was to evaluate the routine healthcare...

Brain regions in response to character feedback associated with the state self-esteem.

Research on the Sociometer theory of self-esteem have demonstrated that manipulations of interpersonal appraisal reliably influence an individual's state self-esteem and that state levels of self-esteem correlate very highly with perceived acceptance and rejection. However, how social feedback from different sources (e.g., appearance vs. character) affect the state self-esteem and its neural underpinnings have not been explored. To address this, participants underwent functional magnetic resonance imaging (...

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