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Women at the helm: Chief executive officer gender and patient experience in the hospital industry.

Health care scholars have recognized the important role leaders play in the improvement of health care delivery systems, yet few have explored the kind of leaders who make a difference or the conditions under which certain health care executives thrive. Recent work in the hospital industry suggests that the role of chief executive officer (CEO) gender may be particularly salient in the context of patient experience (Galstian, Hearld, O'Connor, & Borkowski, 2018).


Are community health centers' chief executive officers' compensation related to clinical performance?

Most research of chief executive officer (CEO) compensation in the health care industry has been limited to hospitals. This study expands our knowledge of CEO compensation into the nonhospital areas of the industry, specifically community health centers (CHCs). CHCs are safety-net providers that are an integral part of the U.S. health delivery system for medically underserved populations. Since the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the federal government has created financial incent...

New Voices, New Power, New Ways of Working: Bringing integrated care to the National Health Service in England.

This issue of Healthcare Quarterly features the third and final instalment in a three-part series developed by Ontario's The Change Foundation featuring international perspectives on health service delivery models that improve system integration and ensure seamless services and better coordination. Part one featured Chris Ham, chief executive of the London-based King's Fund think tank, and part two featured Geoff Huggins, director for health and social care integration in Scotland. In this issue, Helen Beva...

Letter From AMSUS Executive Director Dr. John Cho.

Police officer attitudes towards syringe services programming.

As the United States experiences a drug overdose epidemic, syringe services programs (SSPs) have been utilized to reduce rates of infectious disease and improve treatment outcomes for people who inject drugs (PWID). Police officer support of SSPs is crucial to program success. One way to improve officer support and collaboration is to develop officer training presentations about SSP services and procedures as well as information on officers' roles in program implementation.

Hearing aid review appointment: clients' reasons for attendance and non-attendance.

To investigate hearing aid owners' decisions to attend or not to attend an annual hearing aid review (HAR) appointment. To investigate the possible factors associated with appointment attendance, including age, gender, transportation, travel time, and hearing aid outcomes. A prospective cohort study. Potential participants were notified of their annual HAR appointment in the usual process employed by their clinic. Two months later, potential participants were identified as those who had attended and those ...

Nationalism and human rights: A replication and extension.

A recent article has found nationalism to be negatively associated with government respect for several human rights. In this article, I replicate the original study's findings, I demonstrate that these findings are robust to an alternate model specification, and I then extend the analysis to additional human rights not examined by the original author. Ultimately, I find that in comparison to when the chief executive is not nationalist, when the chief executive is highly nationalist, that state is less likel...

John B Grant and public health in India.

From 1939 to 1945, John Black Grant a Rockefeller Foundation officer and former Professor of Public Health at the Peking Union Medical College served as the Director of the All Institute of Hygiene and Public Health, Calcutta. Grant's India tenure is important for his efforts to ameliorate the condition of public health in India. Much has been written about Grant's contribution to transforming public health in China but his work in India has not received sufficient attention. This article acquaints readers ...

Re-evaluating the relationship between appointment non-attendance and appointment lead time.

Reply to: Re-evaluating the relationship between appointment non-attendance and appointment lead time.

Demolition activities in a healthcare facility: results from a fungal surveillance after extraordinary preventive measures.

Aspergillus spp could be responsible of nosocomial aspergillosis in immunocompromised patients. In 2018, it was decided to demolish a building of Careggi Hospital (Florence, Italy), the Chief Medical Officer ordered a 9-months-long air and surface microbiological sampling and extraordinary preventive measures.

Rate of torque development and the risk of falls among community dwelling older adults in Japan.

Rate of torque development (RTD) is defined as the slope of the torque-time curve obtained during an isometric contraction. Several studies have shown that RTD is lower in fallers than in nonfallers. However, these studies had small sample size and was not adjusted confounding factors.

Nurse experiences and confidence in treating critically ill and injured patients following the completion of the First Line Emergency Care Course.

The geographical vastness of Australia in rural and remote regions provides challenges for hospital nursing staff when a medical officer is not immediately available. Delaying treatment until a medical officer arrives can potentially impact on patient outcomes. Some Registered Nurses in rural and remote New South Wales have received advanced training and credentialing through the First Line Emergency Care Course (FLECC) enabling them to initiate treatment prior to the medical officer's arrival. Despite oper...

Non-locking screw insertion: No benefit seen if tightness exceeds 80% of the maximum torque.

Millions of non-locking screws are manually tightened during surgery each year, but their insertion frequently results in overtightening and damage to the surrounding bone. We postulated that by calculating the torque limit of a screw hole, using bone and screw properties, the risk of overtightening during screw insertion could be reduced. Additionally, predicted maximum torque could be used to identify optimum screw torque, as a percentage of the maximum, based on applied compression and residual pullout s...

The Radiation Safety Officer as an Advocate for Patient Safety.

The role of the radiation safety officer is to maintain radiation exposures as low as reasonably achievable. Traditionally, the focus has been on reducing or eliminating unnecessary occupational exposure to employees and ensuring exposure of visitors and members of the public is maintained below regulatory limits. Over the last three decades there has been increasing concern expressed in the medical literature on the potential risks of radiation exposure to patients undergoing diagnostic medical imaging pro...

Decrease in miR-148a expression during initiation of chief cell transdifferentiation.

Gastric chief cells differentiate from mucous neck cells and develop their mature state at the base of oxyntic glands with expression of secretory zymogen granules. Following parietal cell loss, chief cells transdifferentiate into mucous cell metaplasia, designated spasmolytic polypeptide-expressing metaplasia (SPEM), which is considered a candidate precursor of gastric cancer. We examined the range of microRNA (miRNA) expression in chief cells and identified miRNAs involved in chief cell transdifferentiati...

Comparable walking gait performance during executive and non-executive cognitive dual-tasks in chronic stroke: A pilot study.

Falls are a serious problem among stroke survivors due to subsequent injuries, recovery setbacks, dependence, and mortality. A growing body of dual-task (DT) studies suggests a role of executive functions in gait control and falls, particularly in subacute stroke. However, few studies have compared distinct executive and non-executive tasks, nor their effects on chronic stroke gait.

Fatigue and Discomfort During Spatially Distributed Sequential Stimulation of Tibialis Anterior.

Neuromuscular electrical stimulation is conventionally applied through a single pair of electrodes over the muscle belly (Single Electrode Stimulation, SES). SES is limited by discomfort and incomplete motor-unit recruitment, restricting electrically-evoked torque and promoting premature fatigue-induced torque-decline. Sequential stimulation, involving rotation of pulses between multiple pairs of electrodes, has been proposed as an alternative (Spatially Distributed Sequential Stimulation, SDSS). The presen...

The effectiveness of repeating a social norm feedback intervention to high prescribers of antibiotics in general practice: a national regression discontinuity design.

Unnecessary antibiotic prescribing contributes to antimicrobial resistance. A randomized controlled trial in 2014-15 showed that a letter from England's Chief Medical Officer (CMO) to high-prescribing GPs, giving feedback about their prescribing relative to the norm, decreased antibiotic prescribing. The CMO sent further feedback letters in succeeding years. We evaluated the effectiveness of the repeated feedback intervention.

Profile: Beekeeper John Haley, MD.

When Garland ophthalmologist John Haley, MD, is not wearing a white coat taking care of patients, you might find him in a beekeeper's suit tending to his six beehives.

Effect of an Online Appointment Scheduling System on Evaluation Metrics of Outpatient Scheduling System: a before-after MulticenterStudy.

Online appointment scheduling systems have been designed in response to the problems of the traditional ones. In Iran, most outpatient clinics and our study population suffer from high patient' no-show rate and long waiting times because of not using online appointment scheduling system. In this study, the effect of an online appointment scheduling system was investigated by comparing the evaluation metrics of appointment scheduling before and after the intervention. This before-after pilot study was conduc...

A Review of Language, Executive Function, and Intervention in Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Difficulties with both executive functions and language skills are common but variable in autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Executive functions and language skills are related to one another, such that vocabulary, syntax, and pragmatics are related to domains of working memory, shifting, and inhibition in ASD, although the directionality of these relationships remains unclear. Moreover, interventions that target pragmatic ability have been found to improve executive function skills, and conversely, executive ...

Effects on executive functions of antiepileptic monotherapy in pediatric age.

Cognitive abilities and executive functions in children and adolescents are important indicators of quality of life as well as academic and social achievements. Cognitive and executive functioning are often impaired in patients with epilepsy and can be exacerbated by seizures and antiseizure drugs. The aim of our observational retrospective study was to assess executive functioning in patients with pediatric epilepsy, currently taking a single antiseizure medication.

Response to the HIV Epidemic: Perspectives From a Retired NIH Project Officer.

An informal narrative from a retired National Institute of Child Health and Human Development program officer providing perspective on her time at National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. There are anecdotes and advice about wise approaches to the challenges of writing and managing National Institutes of Health grants.

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