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New insights on innate B-cell immunity in transplantation.

Innate B cells and natural antibodies (Nabs) have been extensively studied in normal physiological conditions as well as in several diseases. However, their significance in the context of ABO-compatible solid organ transplantation is only emerging. This review summarizes recent studies exploring these often neglected innate immune elements in situations related to sensitization and clinical graft rejection. A focus is placed on class-switched IgG Nabs that develop amidst inflammation, rather than IgM Nabs a...

Interaction of PEGylated interferon-beta with antibodies to recombinant interferon-beta.

Because PEGylated molecules exhibit different physicochemical properties from those of the parent molecules, PEGylated interferonβ-1a (pegIFNβ-1a) may be able to be used with retained bioactivity in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients who have previously developed neutralizing antibodies (NABs) to recombinant interferonβ (rIFNβ). Hence, the objective of the present study was to test whether pegIFNβ-1a is less antigenic for NABs in vitro than rIFNβ. Two in vitro assays were used to quantitate NABs in 115 ...

Effects of Neutralizing Antibody Production on AAV-PHP.B-Mediated Transduction of the Mouse Central Nervous System.

Adeno-associated virus (AAV)-PHP.B, a capsid variant of AAV serotype 9, is highly permeable to the blood-brain barrier. A major obstacle to the systemic use of AAV-PHP.B is the generation of neutralizing antibodies (NAbs); however, temporal profiles of NAb production after exposure to AAV-PHP.B, and the influence on later AAV-PHP.B administration, remains unknown. To address these, AAV-PHP.Bs expressing either GFP or mCherry by neuron-specific or astrocyte-specific promoters were intravenously administered ...

Naturally occurring autoantibodies against α-synuclein rescues memory and motor deficits and attenuates α-synuclein pathology in mouse model of Parkinson's disease.

It has been suggested that aggregation of α-synuclein (α-syn) into oligomers leads to neurodegeneration in Parkinson's disease (PD), but intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) which contains antibodies against α-syn monomers and oligomers fails to treat PD mouse model. The reason may be because IVIG contains much low level of antibodies against α-syn, and of which only a small part can penetrate the blood-brain barrier, resulting in an extremely low level of effective antibodies in the brain, and limiting th...

Colostrum transfer of neutralizing antibodies against lumpy skin disease virus from vaccinated cows to their calves.

The objective of the present study was to access the titers and duration of maternally-derived neutralizing antibodies against lumpy skin disease virus (LSDV) in calves born to immunized dairy cows. The study was conducted in a Greek farm of 200 Holstein cows which were immunized with a homologous Neethling strain-based attenuated vaccine. Composite colostrum samples were obtained from 18 selected cows at the day of calving. Blood samples were obtained from each dam-calf pair prior to the first colostrum fe...

Inducements by Pharmaceutical Companies: The Elephant in the Room.

Conserved cysteines in Mason-Pfizer monkey virus capsid protein are essential for infectious mature particle formation.

Retrovirus assembly is driven mostly by Gag polyprotein oligomerization, which is mediated by inter and intra protein-protein interactions among its capsid (CA) domains. Mason-Pfizer monkey virus (M-PMV) CA contains three cysteines (C82, C193 and C213), where the latter two are highly conserved among most retroviruses. To determine the importance of these cysteines, we introduced mutations of these residues in both bacterial and proviral vectors and studied their impact on the M-PMV life cycle. These studie...

Extending the functional characteristics of naturally occurring autoantibodies against β-Amyloid, Prion Protein and α-Synuclein.

Abnormal aggregation of proteins induces neuronal cell loss in neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's Disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease and Parkinson's Disease. Specific stimuli initialize conformational changes in physiological proteins, causing intra- or extracellular protein aggregation. We and other groups have identified naturally occurring autoantibodies (nAbs) as part of the human antibody pool that are able to prevent peptide fibrillation. These nAbs show a rescue effect following exposure...

Optimal Seat Location to Reduce Risk of Thromboembolic Event on Long-Distance Flights: Analysis of 246,766 Seats on the Five Top Airway Companies.

For-Profit Competition From Nonhealthcare Companies: Is Nursing Ready for the Challenge?

Food policy in the era of Trump - limits to deregulation.

Global Climate Change and the "So What?" Issue: Reversing the Impact of Donald Trump.

Progress and Challenges in Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Measurement in the First Year of the Trump Administration.

Methyl dihydrojasmonate and lilial are the constituents with an "off-label" insect repellence in perfumes.

Insect repellents are widely used to fend off nuisance mosquitoes and, more importantly, to reduce or eliminate mosquito bites in areas where viruses and other vector-borne diseases are circulating. Synthesized more than six decades ago, DEET is the most widely used insect repellent. Plant-derived compounds are used in a plethora of commercial formulations and natural recipes to repel mosquitoes. They are also used as fragrances. We analysed Bombshell® to identify the constituent(s) eliciting a previously ...

Sight-over-sound judgments of music performances are replicable effects with limited interpretability.

Virtuosi impress audiences with their musical expressivity and with their theatrical flair. How do listeners use this auditory and visual information to judge performance quality? Both musicians and laypeople report a belief that sound should trump sight in the judgment of music performance, but surprisingly, their actual judgments reflect the opposite pattern. In a recent study, when presented with 6-second videos of music competition performers, listeners accurately guessed the winners only when the video...

Health Policy Was Bustin' Out All Over.

The Trump administration refused to defend important provisions of the ACA in court and pursued rules that could open the door to less-regulated insurance options.

Illusion as a Basic Psychic Principle: Winnicott, Freud, Oedipus, and Trump.

Illusion can be viewed as a creative engagement with the world, and as a central psychic motivation and capacity, rather than as a form of self-deception. Winnicott and other Middle Group writers have understood integrative, imaginative illusion as an essential part of healthy living and psychosocial development. As such, it emerges and presents itself in a variety of ways, in transaction with the realities that support or degrade it. In its absence, varied difficulties in living ensue. To elaborate and ill...

The Environmental Protection Agency in the Early Trump Administration: Prelude to Regulatory Capture.

We explore and contextualize changes at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) over the first 6 months of the Trump administration, arguing that its pro-business direction is enabling a form of regulatory capture. We draw on news articles, public documents, and a rapid response, multisited interview study of current and retired EPA employees to (1) document changes associated with the new administration, (2) contextualize and compare the current pro-business makeover with previous ones, and (3) publicly ...

Transgender And Cisgender US Veterans Have Few Health Differences.

Transgender people have been able to serve openly in the military since June 2016. However, the administration of President Donald Trump has signaled its interest in reinstating a ban on transgender military service. In March 2018 President Trump issued a revised memorandum that stated, in part, that people with a "history or diagnosis of gender dysphoria" who "may require substantial medical treatment, including medications and surgery-are disqualified from military service except under certain limited c...

Shifting echo chambers in US climate policy networks.

Although substantial attention has focused on efforts by the new Administration to block environmental policies, climate politics have been contentious in the US since well before the election of Donald Trump. In this paper, we extend previous work on empirical examinations of echo chambers in US climate politics using new data collected on the federal climate policy network in summer 2016. We test for the similarity and differences at two points in time in homophily and echo chambers using Exponential Rand...

Why articles continue to be cited after they have been retracted: An audit of retraction notices.

Papers continue to be cited by authors even after they have been retracted. Retraction notices provide readers with information about retracted papers and may help minimise post-retraction citation. To date, a review of the quality of retraction notices in nursing science has not been reported.

Immunoglobulin E as a Biomarker in Asthma.

Asthma is a chronic disease that affects children and adults with significant morbidity and mortality. It is multifactorial, with genetic and environmental factors affecting the overall course of the disease. Both specific and total immunoglobulin (Ig)E can be used in specific phenotypes such as allergic asthma. Using IgE as a biomarker for asthma provides a target for management and treatment. Biotherapeutics continue to emerge as important advances in asthma treatment, and their effect on IgE and its biom...

Emotional engagement, educational aspirations, and their association during secondary school.

Previous research has demonstrated the link between school engagement and academic attainment, but there is less understanding of the relationship between school engagement and educational aspirations. Using the Longitudinal Study of Young People in England (LSYPE), this study examines the association between emotional engagement and educational aspirations during secondary school, covering ages 14 to 16. On average, emotional engagement increased over time. A significant proportion of adolescents shifted f...

Sarcopenia: Beyond Muscle Atrophy and into the New Frontiers of Opportunistic Imaging, Precision Medicine, and Machine Learning.

As populations continue to age worldwide, the impact of sarcopenia on public health will continue to grow. The clinically relevant and increasingly common diagnosis of sarcopenia is at the confluence of three tectonic shifts in medicine: opportunistic imaging, precision medicine, and machine learning. This review focuses on the state-of-the-art imaging of sarcopenia and provides context for such imaging by discussing the epidemiology, pathophysiology, consequences, and future directions in the field of sarc...

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