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Isolated Ascites in a Monochorionic Twin after Fetoscopic Laser Ablation Is Not Necessarily Secondary to Recurrence or Anaemia: Bowel Complications in Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome after Fetoscopic Laser Ablation.

We report a case study of jejunal atresia and the results of a systematic literature review of all reported cases of bowel complications occurring after fetoscopic laser ablation (FLA) for the treatment of twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS).

Evidence for gene-environment correlation in child feeding: Links between common genetic variation for BMI in children and parental feeding practices.

The parental feeding practices (PFPs) of excessive restriction of food intake ('restriction') and pressure to increase food consumption ('pressure') have been argued to causally influence child weight in opposite directions (high restriction causing overweight; high pressure causing underweight). However child weight could also 'elicit' PFPs. A novel approach is to investigate gene-environment correlation between child genetic influences on BMI and PFPs. Genome-wide polygenic scores (GPS) combining BMI-asso...

Outcomes of monoamniotic twin pregnancies managed primarily in outpatient care-A Danish multicenter study.

Monoamniotic twin pregnancies are high-risk pregnancies, and management by inpatient or frequent outpatient care is recommended. We report the outcomes of a national cohort of monoamniotic twin pregnancies managed primarily as outpatients MATERIAL AND METHODS: We analyzed prospectively recorded data from the Danish Fetal Medicine Database, local databases, and medical records of all monoamniotic twin pregnancies diagnosed at the first trimester scan or later, and managed at the six major fetal medicine cent...

Doubling down on forensic twin studies.

Inter-twin delivery interval, short-term perinatal outcomes and risk of caesarean for the second twin.

To examine the association between inter-twin delivery interval and short-term perinatal outcomes of the second twin after vaginal delivery of the first twin.

Maternal functional hemodynamics in uncomplicated twin pregnancies: a longitudinal study using impedance cardiography.

Longitudinal studies of maternal hemodynamics in twin pregnancy are scarce and preload reserve in twin pregnancies has not been studied. Thus, we aimed to investigate serial changes in maternal systemic hemodynamics from first to third trimester, and cardiovascular response to passive leg raising to evaluate preload reserve using impedance cardiography in a cohort of uncomplicated twin pregnancies.

The Effect of Chorionicity on Maternal Cardiac Adaptation to Uncomplicated Twin Pregnancy: A Prospective Longitudinal Study.

The objective of this study was to longitudinally evaluate maternal echocardiographic findings in uncomplicated twin gestations according to chorionicity.

Twin-Image-Free Holography: A Compressive Sensing Approach.

Holographic reconstruction is troubled by the phase-conjugate wave front arising from Hermitian symmetry of the complex field. The so-called twin image obfuscates the reconstruction in solving the inverse problem. Here we quantitatively reveal how and how much the twin image affects the reconstruction and propose a compressive sensing (CS) approach to reconstruct a hologram completely free from the twin image. Using the canonical basis, the incoherence condition of CS is naturally satisfied by the Fourier t...

Associations between risk factors for schizophrenia and concordance in four monozygotic twin samples.

Concordance for schizophrenia is high in monozygotic twins but the extent to which concordance varies according to the presence of other schizophrenia risk factors is not well established. We aimed to investigate this in systematically ascertained twin samples. DSM-III-R/DSM-IV diagnoses were made from original data or published case histories from four systematically ascertained monozygotic twin samples. Probandwise concordance for schizophrenia was calculated according to the presence of psychotic disorde...

Parental perceptions of child labour and human rights: A comparative study of rural and urban Ghana.

Considering the inherently hazardous nature of some artisanal fishing and farm work in Ghana, there is sometimes a thin line between what is considered child work and child labour. I drew on literature exploring cultural relativism and human rights and the concept of the margin of appreciation in considering whether child labour violates human rights. I aimed to establish parental perceptions of child labour and human rights in rural and urban Ghana amongst 60 government officials, NGO representatives, and ...

Impact of Daycare Center Attendance on Children's Development.

The number of preschool places outside the family for young children has considerably increased in recent years in Germany. The study investigates how attendance of a preschool affects children's development taking sociodemographic factors into account.

Increased Body Fat Mass and Androgen Metabolism - a Twin Study in Healthy Young Women.

Obesity may alter serum steroid concentrations and metabolism. We investigated this in healthy young women with increased body fat and their leaner co-twin sisters. Design Age and genetic background both strongly influence serum steroid levels and body composition. This is a cross-sectional study of 13 female monozygotic twin pairs (age, 23-36 years), ten of which were discordant for body mass index (median difference in body weight between the co-twins, 19 kg).

Association Between Gestational Weight Gain and Pregnancy Complications or Adverse Delivery Outcomes in Chinese Han Dichorionic Twin Pregnancies: Validation of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) 2009 Guidelines.

BACKGROUND Excessive or insufficient gestational weight gain (GWG) is associated with increased risks of pregnancy complications and adverse delivery outcomes in dichorionic twin pregnancies. The provisional Institute of Medicine (IOM) 2009 guidelines suggested the optimal GWG based on limited epidemiological data collected from Western populations. However, such a recommendation has not yet been validated in a Chinese Han population, the world's largest ethnic group. The objective of this study was to asse...

Sex Differences Along the Autism Continuum: A Twin Study of Brain Structure.

Females might possess protective mechanisms regarding autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and require a higher detrimental load, including structural brain alterations, before developing clinically relevant levels of autistic traits. This study examines sex differences in structural brain morphology in autism and autistic traits using a within-twin pair approach. Twin design inherently controls for shared confounders and enables the study of gene-independent neuroanatomical variation. N = 148 twins (62 females) ...

Long-Term Neurodevelopmental Outcome of Monochorionic Twins after Laser Therapy or Umbilical Cord Occlusion for Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome.

We sought to assess the incidence of severe neurodevelopmental impairment (NDI) in monochorionic twins treated for twin-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) and compare it to the incidence in uncomplicated monochorionic twins.

Heritability of neural reactions to social exclusion and prosocial compensation in middle childhood.

Experiencing and observing social exclusion and inclusion, as well as prosocial behavior, are important aspects of social relationships in childhood. However, it is currently unknown to what extent these processes and their neural correlates differ in heritability. We investigated influences of genetics and environment on experiencing social exclusion and compensating for social exclusion of others with the Prosocial Cyberball Game using fMRI in a twin sample (aged 7-9; N = 500). Neuroimaging analyses (...

Impact of changes in maternal body composition on birth weight and neonatal fat mass in dichorionic twin pregnancies.

Although the impact of gestational weight gain (GWG) on birth weight in twin pregnancies has been demonstrated, the specific components of GWG have not been delineated for twin gestations. Fetal body composition has been shown to be modifiable in singleton gestations based on nutritional intervention strategies and may prove to have similar modifications in twin gestations.

Clinical Factors Associated With Presentation Change of the Second Twin After Vaginal Delivery of the First Twin.

Clinical Factors Associated With Presentation Change of the Second Twin After Vaginal Delivery of the First Twin: Correction.

Twin-to-twin-transfusion syndrome: from amniodrainage to laser.

Postnatal condition of the second twin in respect to mode of delivery, chorionicity and type of fetal growth.

The increased use of assisted reproductive techniques (ART) contributes to the increased rate of twin pregnancies, which are burdened with a higher risk of complications. Factors that affect the condition of the second twin are understudied.

Prenatal screening for Down syndrome in twin pregnancies: estimates of screening performance based on 61 affected and 7,302 unaffected twin pregnancies.

To determine whether assumptions used in prenatal screening for Down syndrome in twin pregnancies are valid, and derive estimates of risk and screening performance in twin pregnancies using observed data.

Fatal Umbilical Cord Strangulation in the Remaining Co-Twin after Selective Foeticide with Radiofrequency Ablation for Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome.

We report a case of a monochorionic diamniotic twin diagnosed with twin-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS; stage 3) with co-existing severe cerebral damage in the donor twin at 18 + 4 weeks' gestation. After counselling, the parents opted for selective foeticide of the donor twin. For the procedure, radiofrequency ablation (RFA) was used. Serial ultrasound examinations at 20 + 1 and 21 + 1 weeks' gestation showed good recovery of the ex-recipient, after which the patient was sent back to the referring hospita...

Percentile charts of twin birth weight.

Birth weight of multiples is naturally lower than that of singletons. Since the incidence of twin pregnancy has risen in recent years, it seems reasonable to create standards of birth weight separately for twins. This could help in the objective assessment of small and large for gestational age twin newborns.

Etiology of Hypomineralized Second Primary Molars: A Prospective Twin Study.

The etiology of hypomineralized second primary molars (HSPM) is unclear, but genetic and environmental factors have been proposed. The aim of this study was to investigate the relative contribution of genes and environment to the etiology of HSPM and to identify potential environmental risk factors in a longitudinal twin cohort. Children from twin pregnancies ( N = 250) were recruited antenatally, and detailed demographic, health, and phenotypic data were collected at recruitment, 24- and 36-wk gestation, b...

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