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Clothing Landmark Detection Using Deep Networks With Prior of Key Point Associations.

This paper considers a problem of landmark point detection in clothes, which is important and valuable for clothing industry. A novel method for landmark localization has been proposed, which is based on a deep end-to-end architecture using prior of key point associations. With the estimated landmark points as input, a deep network has been proposed to predict clothing categories and attributes. A systematic design of the proposed detecting system is implemented by using deep learning techniques and a large...

Predicting dermal exposure to gas-phase semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs): an improved description of SVOC mass transfer between clothing and skin surface lipids.

Dermal exposure to indoor gas-phase semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) has recently received a great deal of attention, and this has included evaluating the role of clothing in this process. Several models have been developed to assess dermal exposure to SVOCs, based on the transient mass transfer of SVOCs from air to dermal capillaries. However, these models assume either that clothing completely retards SVOC transport, or that there is an air gap of constant thickness between the clothing and the sur...

Clothing and professional identity in the training of nurses in the city of Juiz de Fora.

To understand the meaning of the transformations that occurred in the clothing of EEHB students and their role in the construction of a professional identity of nurses in Juiz de Fora.

Impact of Wearing and Washing/Drying of Permethrin-Treated Clothing on Their Contact Irritancy and Toxicity for Nymphal Ixodes scapularis (Acari: Ixodidae) Ticks.

Permethrin-treated clothing is available as consumer products to prevent bites by tick and insect pests. We used bioassays to examine the impact of wearing and washing/drying of permethrin-treated shirts, pants, and socks, and wearing of treated shoes, on their contact irritancy and toxicity for nymphal Ixodes scapularis Say (Acari: Ixodidae) ticks, the primary vectors in the eastern United States of the causative agents of Lyme disease, human anaplasmosis, and human babesiosis. Pristine permethrin-treated ...

Shelter, clothing, and fuel: Often overlooked links between soils, ecosystem services, and human health.

There are clear connections between ecosystem services (ES) and human health, as well as between soils and human health. However, studies to date have not investigated links between soil ES and human health. Viewing the relationship between soils and human health through the ES lens reveals that soil ES such as the provisioning of shelter, clothing, and fuel have been overlooked in the soil and human health literature. Shelter is important to human health because it provides protection against inclement wea...

A pilot study: The effects of repeat washing and fabric type on the detection of seminal fluid and spermatozoa.

In sexual assault cases and more specifically those involving childhood sexual abuse (CSA), victims may have had their potentially semen-stained clothing washed multiple times before a criminal investigation commences. Although it has been previously demonstrated that spermatozoa persist on cotton clothing following a single wash cycle, items of clothing washed multiple times are not routinely examined in these cases because of the assumption that the laundering process would have removed all seminal fluid ...

Wearer and non-wearer DNA on the collars and cuffs of upper garments of worn clothing.

During an investigation, the question of interest might be whether or not a person has worn a given garment. Wearer DNA studies have contributed to our knowledge and understanding of DNA transfer and persistence on items of worn clothing. However, there is currently no extensive dataset on DNA profiling outcomes from a variety of upper garments. Therefore we investigated the DNA profiling outcomes from the collars and/or cuffs of forty-four upper garments of worn clothing and determined the quantity of wear...

Development of a novel isolation unit for entomophthoralean fungi.

Entomophthoralean fungi are important natural enemies of pests and highly co-evolved with their hosts. However, successful isolation of entomophthoralean fungi can be difficult due to their fastidious culture requirements; this is an important obstacle to research on Entomophthorales. In this study, we designed an isolation unit and evaluated it against the conventional 'descending conidia' isolation method. There was no difference in contamination rate between the methods (78% and 76% clean isolations) des...

Factors associated with unplanned early discharges from a dual diagnosis inpatient detoxification unit in Israel.

Currently, Israel has a single governmental inpatient dual diagnosis detoxification unit. We provide a cross-section of patient profiles in this unit, as well as explore possible associations between clinical/demographic factors, and the unplanned early discharge of patients from the unit, aiming at improving rehabilitation success rates.

Muscle-Tendon-Enthesis Unit.

Injuries to the muscle-tendon-enthesis unit are common and a significant source of pain and loss of function. This article focuses on the important anatomical and biomechanical considerations for each component of the muscle-tendon-enthesis unit. We review normal and pathologic conditions affecting this unit, illustrating the imaging appearance of common disorders on magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound. Knowledge of the anatomy and biomechanics of these structures is crucial for the radiologist to mak...

Influence of Clothing on Thermoregulation and Comfort During Exercise in the Heat: Erratum.

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: An Unusual Presentation of Diabetic Myonecrosis.

The maximum evaporative potential of constant wear immersion suits influences the risk of excessive heat strain for helicopter aircrew.

The heat exchange properties of aircrew clothing including a Constant Wear Immersion Suit (CWIS), and the environmental conditions in which heat strain would impair operational performance, were investigated. The maximum evaporative potential (im/clo) of six clothing ensembles (three with a flight suit (FLY) and three with a CWIS) of varying undergarment layers were measured with a heated sweating manikin. Biophysical modelling estimated the environmental conditions in which body core temperature would elev...

Reproducibility of motor unit number index and multiple point stimulation motor unit number estimation in controls.

Reproducibility of the multiple point stimulation motor unit number estimation (MPS-MUNE) technique was compared to the recently developed motor unit number index (MUNIX) technique.

Influence of supply-side factors on voluntary medical male circumcision costs in Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, and Zambia.

In this study, we described facility-level voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) unit cost, examined unit cost variation across facilities, and investigated key facility characteristics associated with unit cost variation.

Soldiers and Leaders With Combat Experience: Unit Health and Climate.

The present study investigated the association between previous deployment experience and somatic symptoms, mental health, unit climate perceptions, anger, and risk taking among junior-enlisted soldiers who were preparing to deploy or who were in garrison, or home duty station. The study also investigated potential differences in these variables based on unit leader deployment history.

Social Networks and Health in a Prison Unit.

Although a growing body of research documents lasting health consequences of incarceration, little is known about how confinement affects inmates' health while incarcerated. In this study, we examine the role of peer social integration and prisoners' self-reported health behaviors (smoking, exercise, perception of health, and depression) in a prison unit. We also consider whether inmates with similar health characteristics cluster within the unit. Drawing on a sample of 132 inmates in a "good behavior" unit...

Tuberculosis on the intensive care unit.

Patients with tuberculosis admitted to the intensive care unit represent a small (1-3%) yet significant subset of the global tuberculosis burden. This article reviews current evidence supporting the diagnosis and management of patients with tuberculosis admitted to an intensive care unit from a combination of cohort studies and national and international tuberculosis guidelines. This review considers admission, diagnosis, mechanical ventilation, infection control, treatment and prognosis of patients with tu...

Total Synthesis of Notoryne.

The structure of notoryne comprises of a halogenated 2,2'-bifuranyl moiety along with a terminal cis-enyne unit. In this manuscript, we document the first total synthesis of notoryne confirming its assigned relative and absolute configurations. The devised route comprises of a glucose diacetonide derived chiral pool intermediate as the starting point and 5-endo bromo-etherification for making the key bis-furan unit, anomeric C-allylation as well as a relay cross metathesis to install the cis-enyne unit.


Synthesis of a proline-rich cyclic hexapeptide - diandrine A [VI] was accomplished by coupling of tetrapeptide unit Boc-Gly-Pro-Trp-Pro-OH with dipeptide unit Tyr-Phe-OMe followed by cyclization of linear peptide unit [V] under alkaline condition. Structure of newly synthesized cyclopolypeptide was elucidated by means of spectral techniques including FTIR, 'H NMR, "C NMR, MS analyses. VI was subjected to pharmacological screening and found to exhibit good antifungal activity against dermatophytes. Further, ...

Clinical Nurses' Perceptions of a Senior Capstone Dedicated Educational Unit.

Clinical nurses' perceptions of a senior capstone dedicated educational unit (DEU) model to transition to practice was evaluated in a pilot study. Nursing students were placed in the traditional capstone and the DEU senior capstone unit with clinical nurses. Staff nurses completed an online survey to compare and contrast satisfaction and effectiveness of the models. The results of the study revealed no perceived differences in the outcomes of a DEU experience as compared to the traditional preceptor model. ...

The motor unit number index (MUNIX) profile of patients with adult spinal muscular atrophy.

Objective of this study is the comprehensive characterisation of motor unit (MU) loss in type III and IV Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) using motor unit number index (MUNIX), and evaluation of compensatory mechanisms based on MU size indices (MUSIX).

Which children account for repeated admissions within 1 year in a Brazilian pediatric intensive care unit?

While studies have focused on early readmissions or readmissions during the same hospitalization in a pediatric intensive care unit, little is known about the children with recurrent admissions. We sought to assess the characteristics of patients readmitted within 1 year in a Brazilian pediatric intensive care unit.

Implementation of an Interdisciplinary Communication Workgroup on an Acute Psychiatric Unit.

Communication among Interdisciplinary Healthcare Teams is an essential component of providing optimal patient care. Staff members at one U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs on an Acute Psychiatric Unit identified fragmented communication on the unit and expressed interest in forming an interdisciplinary communication workgroup. This quality improvement (QI) project was designed to enhance communication among the Interdisciplinary Healthcare Team on the Acute Psychiatric Unit. A workgroup was formed and met...

Muscle strength and size are associated with motor unit connectivity in aged mice.

In older adults, the loss of muscle strength (dynapenia) and the loss of muscle mass (sarcopenia) are important contributors to the loss of physical function. We sought to investigate dynapenia, sarcopenia, and the loss of motor unit function in aging mice. C57BL/6J mice were analyzed with cross-sectional (males: 3 vs. 27 months; males and females: 8 vs. 12 vs. 20 months) and longitudinal studies (males: 10-25 months) using in vivo electrophysiological measures of motor unit connectivity (triceps surae com...

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